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Due Lune Cucina

No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2015-10

1026 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 564-1985

  • Category: Italian
  • Hours: Mon-Thu 11:30am-3pm, 5:30pm-11pm, Fri 11:30am-3pm, 5:30pm-Midnight, Sat 11:30am-Midnight, Sun 11:30am-11pm
  • Chef: Chef Julian Santa Maria
  • Price: $10 - $20
  • Serving: Lunch & Dinner
  • Reservations: Yes, recommended
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Reviews by the General Public

Bottom of the barrel, 5/10/2015
Reviewer: Michael from Santa Barbara, CA
Went last week with a group. Ordered from lunch specials. Several orders came barely above room temperature. The plates were pewter so the server had to know the food was not hot. Meat would have been nice in the meat dishes. Seemed like bottled/canned tomato sauce with too much crunchy veggies. Several people ate a quarter of the meal, offered a take-out box, most declined as I did.

BAKO girfriends weekend, 4/28/2015
Reviewer: Sandy from Bakersfield, Ca
Love this place great food and service----

High Expectation meets Huge Disappointment!, 6/16/2014
Reviewer: Ollie from Carmel, CA
"Sistine Chapel" ceiling and overall decor is attractive. But that can't offset the noisy room, unbelievable slow service of huge servings (which equate to obscene food waste), wrong menu items served, two of the same menu item (Alfredo) tasting different, over dressed (vinegary) salad (spinach, walnuts, etc). Only our patience and very good drinks kept us from walking out without paying. The dining room is understaffed and there seems to be mis-communication between dining room and kitchen. And the kitchen is not paying attention to what they are preparing. This was our first and last time at Palazzio.

Disappointing, 10/7/2012
Reviewer: Ed from Santa Barbara, CA
Haven't been here in while. Probably wont again. First of all no lunch menu on weekends? The web pages doesn't say that. So very expensive $70 for 3 half size meals which were bland and tasteless? Btw that's just the meals with no drinks. Chicken, meatloaf , and gluten free pasta. Service was slow and spotty.

Feeding College kids, good times!, 5/9/2012
Reviewer: Walter from San Diego, Ca
2nd time eating here. The food is great. More pasta dishes than I have ever seen. Hugh servings, great for feeding the college girls & their friends. (family style) Well recommended by friends. Fun place !

10% fee for takeout!!!!, 4/18/2012
Reviewer: Julie E. from Santa Barbara, CA
We are native Santa Barbaran's and have been eating at Palazzio since it opened. We thought we would treat ourselves to take out, after being on hold for several minutes the man on the other end of the line told me that there was a 10% fee for takeout meals. I have heard of a nominal fee for the to go containers before and of course a delivery charge, but a 10% fee if I am going to pick up the food myself?!? In this economy I would think you would want to encourage local business, it will be a while before we return to this resturant.

Good food, good service., 2/26/2012
Reviewer: Virginia Paxton from San Francisco, Ca.
We have eaten here a few times, have been happy each time.

Amazing and Gluten Free!!! , 1/14/2012
Reviewer: Jane from Santa Rosa, CA
It is not often I think of Italian food as healthy but this place offers a pasta substitute that is AWESOME! I ordered the "Roma" which was absolutely wonderful. Be careful when you order though not to fill up on rolls because the portions are huge!! The half is huge but the servers will warn you ahead of time that "people don't leave here hungry!" They also have a really good brandy Creme brulee (which is a must at ANY restaurant in my book)

Awesome food, great service!, 12/31/2011
Reviewer: Brian H from Santa Barbara, CA
Had dinner at Palazzio for the first time last night and it was great! They brought us delicious fresh garlic rolls immediately, which was great 'cause I was starving! Waiter was attentive, food only took about 20 min to arrive and was awesome! We also had the cookie w/ vanilla gelato desert mmmmm! Will definitely be going back! Thx Palazzio :)

horrible waitress, 12/20/2011
Reviewer: Kris from Santa Barbara, CA
We went to Palazzio last night to celebrate my Dad's birthday. The service started out ok, but went downhill until it hit rock bottom. First, my Dad ordered lasagna and was served the vegetarian lasagna which he didn't order. The waitress told him she would have them make the correct lasagna but she would box up the veggie lasagna if he wanted to take it home. Well... that boxed up veggie lasagna never made it back to our table and either did our waitress. About 15 minutes later the correct lasagna was brought to our table... kind of a long time. Then we sat with our almost empty plates in front of us for about 45 min waiting for her to come back to see if we wanted dessert, boxes, etc. which we did since as I said, it was my Dad's birthday. We finally got tired of waiting so my mom and I had to to go to the front of the restaurant where she saw us but still chose to ignore us and another server had to come over to print out our check. Not a good place to spend a birthday and after that experience I don't think we will go back even though it used to be one of our favorite, if not our favorite, restaurant. Thank you for ruining Palazzio for us... they sure are lucky to have you on their staff... NOT!

Not going back again..., 11/14/2011
Reviewer: Kim from Santa Barbara, CA
Went Sat. night for my sons 20th Birthday. Took a really long time to get our drinks and when I asked for some bread the waitress told me that it would arrive when the rest of the party showed up. Finally got our drinks and rolls (which were very good). Our first order came to our table (ordered 6 full meals for twelve people to share)and as we all shared we were told that it was NOT our order. Next the manager said that he would "add" it on to our bill or take someones order off before it was prepared and then told me that I had five minutes to decide! I've been in food service for 25 years and NEVER would of handled this situation as they did! I was sooo disappointed because I had heard that Palazzio's was a nice place...I dine out a few times a week and understand that sometimes a problem will arise but they way our dinner went I am sad to say that I will NOT be dining there again. Any restaurant will not charge you for THEIR mistake and it was not at all about the money but how they dealt with the situation...

Just amazed!!!!!, 6/26/2011
Reviewer: Pooja Sharma from Santa Barbara, CA
Best place to have Italian food in Santa Barbara ... Me and my bunch of friends from LA fell in love with the food....and not to forget the service tooooo........ It's worth eating here....

cute spot!, 2/15/2011
Reviewer: Amanda from Santa Barbara, CA
This restaurant has great curb appeal! The inside is small and the tables are very close to each other, so if you like your space this is probably not the place for you. And if you are one of those people who like to talk really loud, be respectful of the people dining around you. The food here is great! I recommend the steamed mussels to start, unlike other mussels i have had they had great texture and were cooked fabulously. The portions here are huge! you can easily share a half portion between two people if you get a salad or appetizer. The service is not the greatest, our waitress only checked in once and we were without water for a good deal of time, but in their defense it was very busy.

Terrific, 2/12/2011
Reviewer: Tim from Santa Barbara, CA
One of my favorite restaurants in town. Good service, great food and salad, and I like how you're allowed to draw on the tables. Keep people entertained. My friend and I are in love with the place especially with those garlic bread rolls.

Amazing..., 1/30/2011
Reviewer: Ian Deleon from Santa Barbara, CA
great friendly service, amazing food

Good service, overcooked pasta. Flavorful shellfish, 1/24/2011
Reviewer: Toni Dell'Olio from New York, NY
One of the measures of good Italian cooking is the pasta. It should be cooked "al dente." that is not soft, but chewy. My angelhair pasta was spaghetti that was overcooked, no angelhair as stated, which would have been nice. The mussels and shrimp in the dish, Seafood Con Amore, were good. the chunks of fish tasteless. The red sauce was good, on the heavy side, but fine. I'd like a lighter touch in this place's cooking but it's on the heavy side which means it caters to tourists and not Italians or Italian Americans, or those who favor and know good Italian cooking. The garlic buns were tough on the inside and good and garlicy on the outside. They should be light and fluffy inside, the dough not so compressed.. Service was super as it should have been on a slow Sunday night at 7:30. The place was about 1/4 full. The waitresses served well and were sweet and helpful and very caring. One thing, the half portions are abundant. We took half of our chapped salads and pasta dish home with us and the waitresses were so pleasant about this. Marked them so that my dinner partner knew which was his and which mine.

Just Fair, 1/21/2011
Reviewer: Eryn from Santa Barbara, CA
My mother and I had dinner here last night. We used to eat at the Montecito location many years ago and loved it, but hadn't eaten at this location for close to 10 years. I would rate it simply as fair, nothing to write home about. I had the manicotti, which tasted ok, but I wouldn't go so far as to rate it good. My mom did like her chicken dish. The rolls were pretty good, but a bit on the dry side. The service was just ok as well. There are much better Italian restaurants in town than Palazzio, including the Chase and Ca Dario.

Pretty good food; great service, 1/4/2011
Reviewer: Donna from Santa Barbara, CA
We hadn't been in quite a few years, because the acoustics cause it to be quite loud. With more than 2 people, it's hard to hear each other. We tried again the other night and, yes, still loud, but bearable and worth it. The service was great; we were interested in but unsure of the gorgonzola mac 'n cheese which was a special that night. The server brought us a sample of the sauce and it was tasty (mild gorgonzola) so we ordered the dish, which was fabulous. Of course we split it and there was plenty for 2. Yes, pastas are super oily, so not a place if you're watching the calories. The caesar salad is ho hum, but the rolls are to die for. Highly recommend.

No Christmas welcome here!! , 12/22/2010
Reviewer: Maggie from Santa Barbara, CA
The Saturday before Christmas we were enjoying a rainy shopping day and had just seen a wonderful presentaion of the Nutcracker Suite. Loaded with presents and with money to spend the three of us decided to go into Palazzios for a late lunch early dinner at 4:45 only to be turned away because they "don't serve until 5:30" The restaurant was 2/3 full with empty tables!!!! With the economy in the pits and people wanting to spend money; who in their right mind turns away business and insults customers. You might want to take some of your reviews seriously. You have lost us and as many people we can tell as customers for life.

slightly disappointed, 12/4/2010
Reviewer: Kim from Santa Barbara, CA
I had been looking forward to coming to Palazzio. Although I didn't order any entrees, I did order dessert. I heard a lot of positive things about the Presidential Tiramisu, but it wasn't my favorite. I think the tiramisu at CPK tasted better. The cookie-pazookie thing was better but the cookie was kinda dry. I will probably go back to try the food. Service was great. We had a blonde server who was really nice and attentive.

Terrible service and management, 11/7/2010
Reviewer: Kim from Santa Barbara, CA
I used to love this place but it has really gone downhill. I had a terrible experience here on Friday night. Long wait for a table and long wait for food. When they finally brought the food, they had gotten my order wrong. Instead of redoing it quickly, it took longer to redo than the first time. When it arrived 30 minutes later, everyone else at my table had completely finished eating! To add insult to injury, the server told me we wouldn't be charged for my order, but then the manager overruled her, saying that I still got the food and he was afraid of losing money! Terrible way to run a business!

Conceptually Floored..., 9/17/2010
Reviewer: Brendon Gerrard from Santa Barbara, CA
When you sit down for dinner at Palazzio, the atmosphere is good, tables are full, expectation is high. The restaurant is proud of its 'no one leaves hungry' reputation & anyone who has had a full size order of pasta here will have to agree. The portion sizes are unusually large, indeed $24.95 will get you a meal for anywhere from 2-4 people. On my last visit, our group of 10 people shared only four of these entrees & could not finish almost half of what was on the table. Unfortunately, the pastas were overly rich & at the bottom of each of these gigantic bowls was a mess of oily, cheesy stodge. My biggest concern with this last visit was the sloppy service. Yes, a group of 10 can be time consuming, but 20 minutes to order drinks, another 20 for the server to bring the bottles of wine we ordered. Soups and salads were delivered after the mains were delivered & only after asking for their whereabouts! Ironically, the salads were light & crisp, the Caesar is excellent. Of course, no room for dessert, but to finish, an espresso barely room temperature & with no crema. My advice to Palazzio is to freshen up the concept. If I wanted a never-ending pasta bowl I could go to Olive Garden for $10. Its time for Palazzio to change its core value from 'no one leaves hungry' to 'no one leaves here unhappy'! Shrink the portions, improve the service staff & you will sell more entrees, sell more appetizers, sell more desserts & save on to-go boxes!

Needs Improvement, 9/8/2010
Reviewer: Amanda from Santa Barbara, CA
Yes the garlic rolls are amazing, however the rest of my dinner, not so much. It has been hit or miss at Palazzio and when they get it right it is really good, however I am tired of risking it and crossing my fingers for the food to be good. Our stuffed mushroom appetizer came out cold and my overcooked pasta was swimming in the sauce like a soup, and so I couldn't even finish it. My partner ordered the half chicken with potatoes and the chicken was dry and chewy, they hadn't even cooked the potatoes all the way though, and I could taste the almost raw texture of potato when I tried a slice. The servers were really nice and attentive once you had them at your table but they seemed really understaffed so it was hard to find anybody if we needed anything. I know that Palazzio is famous for their huge portions but I really think they need to work on the quality and not quantity of their food.

for the price,best in Santa Barbara, 7/31/2010
Reviewer: Sarah Reinwand from Denver/formerly Santa Barbara
We love the never ending hot from the oven garlic rolls that just keep coming to supplement the huge family style bowls of outrageous pasta. What idiot would rate this place three and a half stars? Couldn't find McDonald's?

Not bad at all!, 2/26/2010
Reviewer: Justine from Santa Barbara, CA
I've seen many bad reviews here. Ate at Palazzio last night for the first time in a long while. The service was very good: personable, helpful and prompt. My spinach salad (on specials menu) and my friend's tomato basil cream soup were excellent. When she got her Caesar salad (claimed to be "award-winning"), she started to eat it but eventually sent it back after finding too much brown-edged lettuce in it. Our server was very gracious about this. I ordered the sausage/penne/red pepper dish recommended to me by our server. It was fine but just not quite what I was in the mood for. That's not their fault. Overall, it was mostly a good dining experience and I might go back just for another chance at that salad. Also, I see they have Happy Hour specials from 4-6!

looks like i'm not the first to post about the bad service, 12/23/2009
Reviewer: mike from Santa Barbara, CA
My girlfriend and i used to be regulars here. The food was awesome, service prompt and friendly. Then something changed--be it management or new waitstaff or new chef--but everything was worse. Our favorite dishes tasted worse (dishes we've ordered many times), we were waiting a long time before being helped, and mid meal help was totally non existent. We actually chalked the first experience up to a bad night. Next visit same thing, and we essentially vowed to not go back. But, low and behold your faithful customers gave you yet another chance, and what did we get? Almost one hour of waiting from the time we placed our order to the time we got our food. Our waiter couldn't be stopped for anything unless i actually put my arm in his way, and this was just to get a refill of water. The bread rolls came once and never again (and for the first time were burned as another reviewer said). I physically stopped our waiter after 30 mins to see if there was something wrong, he assured me it was on its way. 15 more minutes we get our single dish of fettucine, completely over cooked. A dish that should have taken 10 mins, and had taken that long in the past, took an hour? With no apology from the waitstaff and no explanation no less. All of this happened while the people next to us ordered multiple dishes immediately before us, ate, paid, and left before we even got the reassurance that our food was coming. This is the third strike. We won't be coming back. And we used to even bring out of town guests and recommend it to friends. No more, I plan on telling as many people as possible how bad its gotten. So what say you, Palazzio? There are tons of bad reviews here--would love to hear the the other side from the owners. How can a restaurant go down hill so quickly? Or i'm guessing they don't care enough to comment.

Everything was amazing except for the the hostess, 11/16/2009
Reviewer: Taylor from Santa Barbara, CA
Been to Palazzio twice in one month and everytime the food and service are great. Very large portions and very yummy. The only disapointing thing was the greeting you get when you get there. Each time I've been was with a large group and the hostess (differnt ones each time) were very rude, short and just unprofessional. Since your hostess is the director of first impressions I think they need to get a little training from the rest of the servers.

Not a way to run a business, 11/11/2009
Reviewer: Ben from Santa Barbara, CA
Was out Saturday night, mind you a very busy night downtown. We had our name on the list at Pascucci, but they said it was an hour wait. So while we were waiting, we called Palazzio. A friendly voice said that for our party of 6 it would only be a 15 minute wait. I asked her to put me on the list, but she said she could not until I got there. Told her we were on our way. We cancelled our Pascucci listing and walked down. When we got to Palazzio, the hostess said they do not quote times and no one would have told me 15 minutes. There were 5 other 6 tops ahead of me. We waited patiently for almost an hour, but was told by the hostess that they would seat us when they seated us. I explained the conversation again, and her response was "oh well". Needless to say, we left having never eaten. Won't be going back any time soon.

Great food, good service , 10/3/2009
Reviewer: Kathy McClelland from Santa Barbara, CA
The atmosphere was nice, though the restaurant was a little empty when we arrived, the staff seemed bored and restless. The food was good, I got the fusili with chicken that is prepared in a delicious cream sauce and my husband got angel hair pasta with shrimp that was also pretty good. The service was decent, our waiter was a nice, older gentleman, Tommy, who seemed to stop by every 5 minutes, but too much attention is better than none. They also have a nice mix between itilian and california wines.

Celebration dinner disappointment, 9/23/2009
Reviewer: Edy from South Orange County, CA
When we had our daughter's college graduation dinner at this restaurant we were very disappointed. We made the reservation 6 mos. in advance & were told they would try to put our 2 tables of 12 people each next to one another. A week before the grad. dinner in June the owner/mgr. assured us the 2 tables would be next to each other. However when we arrived there was a large table of 16 in between our 2 tables! This was so disappointing since we had to keep going back & forth between the tables to visit with our guests, some of whom came from out of state. When we asked to speak to the owner/mgr. he was mysteriously not there, on a night that he claimed was the busiest of the year. We're convinced he hires very rude young girl pitbull-types to handle customer complaints, which they don't do very well. Whatever you do don't plan a big celebration at this restaurant.

Charge for Take Out, 8/25/2009
Reviewer: Danny Garcia from Santa Barbara, CA
I enjoy the same plate every time I come here Papa Ruby's Rigatoni! but the last time I placed an order for take out and couldn't understand why there was a 10% service charge and a charge of 50 cents per container. Not that it adds up to a lot, but no other restaurants charge for take out? The worst part of it all is when I asked the girl in the front why this charges she gave me attitude about it. Food is great but that's about it.

Salty Disappointment, 8/14/2009
Reviewer: Steven Appleton from Santa Barbara, CA
Let's start at the bottom and work our way up. Salty salmon, chewy calimari, and cold overcooked veggies were not helped by a failure to keep water glasses full. The stuffed mushroom cap app was tasty, but with such a nice bed of leafy greens, a dash of olive oil would have been nice. Should I nitpic about fusilli refugees in the penne pasta, or the overall limpness of the presentation? piling on? Well, the dishes looked piled on... At least the drinks were stiff, the martini came with a gorganzola stuffed olive, and we were comp'ed for the salty fish. But c'mon...

A Once Great Restaurant Gone Bad, 8/3/2009
Reviewer: Brian from Santa Barbara, CA
What happened to the Palazzio 10 years or so ago when they had the Montecito location too? Since then, this restaurant has slowly been going downhill. Tonight my friends and I visited Palazzio for the first time in several years and were sorely disappointed by a mediocre experience at best. It took over 5 minutes before we were even acknowledged after being seated, and over 40 minutes for our entrees to arrive after ordering. The once-beloved garlic roles were over oiled, too salty and burnt. Food was bland. On the positive, the waitstaff was very friendly. I hope the management can restore Palazzio to what once was an SB favorite!

Reviews misleading....Wonderful Experience!, 7/15/2009
Reviewer: Marie T from Santa Barbara, CA
Wasn't expecting much after the below reviews; however, after going for a late night dinner I'm a believer. This place is great! The waiter was excellent and very helpful explaining everything and offering suggestions. Good martinis and house wine, the pasta was amazing and filling - like 17 dollars for a 'half order' for 2 people! Definitely will be back - soon!

fantastic meal, awful service. , 4/4/2009
Reviewer: M from Santa Barbara, CA
Parking on State street is terrible, so my husband dropped me off at the curb to put our names down while he parked in a nearby parking lot. The restaurant wasn't full, but the server WOULD NOT seat me until my husband was standing next to me. Their delicious garlic bread rolls came around once every 10 minutes, and we had to wait 40 minutes for our food to come. While the meal was delicious, their service is TERRIBLE and needs major improving. Oh, and they don't have pizza, which baffles me.

Al dente not an option at an Italian restaurant?, 3/1/2009
Reviewer: Nancy from Santa Barbara, CA
I asked the waitress to have my spaghettini cooked "al dente" big deal, right? It IS an Italian restaurant, is it not? She said, "we don't have that". Incredulous, I asked why not, do they cook the pasta in LA and ship it up there?...I guess her English speaking skills were lacking, but she was only able to repeat, "we don't have that". To be fair, the dish came out okay, not as mushy as I'd had the last time I was there - about 7 years ago - the reason I'd stayed away. The clams and shrimp were excellent in the dish, however the salmon had an odd taste that made me leave most of it on the plate. All in all, a decent meal, but $19. is way too high for the quality of my dinner. Not crazy about $9 worth of wine in a tiny highball glass but I suppose that's part of the "ambiance". On the plus side, it is nice to be in a restaurant that is spacious and airy, with a decent noise level for a friday night. Probably won't go back at those prices. I can have wine & and properly cooked pasta for two at home for way less than $60 + tip.

Try the Penne Chicken Marsala, 2/21/2009
Reviewer: Hilary from Santa Barbara, CA
I love the penne chicken marsala from Palazzio's. Its the only thing I order when I go because the few other things I have ordered weren't that memorable. This pasta dish is amazing but it doesn't really taste like any chicken marsala at all. The service isn't that great and the prices are definitely high--although you do get quite a helping of food--but its worth going to to at least try the Penne Chicken Marsala. It's unbelievable.

Very Disappointing..., 2/19/2009
Reviewer: Amanda from Santa Barbara, CA
My boyfriend and I decided to try Palazzio last week; our server explained to us that the portions were large "family-style" dishes. I have been to multiple family-style restaurants and I expected that the appetizers would also be a generous size. We went ahead and ordered the stuffed mushrooms (for $10.95) and what came out to us was a plate of 5 white mushrooms, the common type you get at the market, sitting on some wilted lettuce. I wrote an e-mail to the restaurant expressing our dissatisfaction of the dish; I thought that this had to be a mistake but the owner wrote back to me and told me that it was not a mistake. I then responded and nothing has been done to correct this. I guess they feel it's OK to get away with this? We don't mind shelling out good money for a dinner but we hate being ripped off and this is how we felt. I've worked in Customer Service for large companies and don't feel like this is a good way to make things right with an unhappy client.

What happened?, 2/16/2009
Reviewer: Ash from Santa Barbara, CA
This use to be our favorite place and the food has gone so down hill. The prices have skyrocketed with nothing to show for. When my hubby and I went to lunch today, we were so sad. The garlic rolls that we use to love were burnt and over salted. The Cesar Salad USE to be delicious; today it was so overcoated with a runny dressing and had an ick taste to it. My favorite pasta has also gone downhill. After talking it over, my husband and I came to the realization that it tasted like unfresh, day-old food. We are so disappointed and unfortunately, we won't be back anymore. :(

Spaghetti Western with the Good, the Bad, and The Ugly, 9/8/2008
Reviewer: Mark Garcia from San Diego, Ca
The food is good. The portions are generous and the bread (garlic rolls) that come with the meal are quite tasty and you get a generous portion of those as well. The Bad. In late August 2008 I got an order to go. My order was ready in a reasonable amount of time but when it came time to pay the tab I was somewhat shocked that I was charged extra for getting an order to go and I was also charged for the containers for the to go items. This seems like a ridiculous way to make a little extra money or offset the expense of to go orders. I paid the tab and left. The Ugly. I enjoy the painting on the ceiling of Palzzios. It looks like a very bad repilca of the Sistine Chapel where I have never been by the way but I would like to go some day. I have no artisitic ablility and the painting looks like it was painted by someone like me. In actuality I don't even think I could paint that well. I like it because it makes me laugh and the world needs a sense of humor.

Good Memories - great creme brulee, 8/14/2008
Reviewer: Kris from Rocklin, CA
I haven't lived in SB since the early 90's but everytime I visit I have to stop in to Palazzio. The service is not great but it's not bad either. But my favorite is the chocolate creme brulee.

You won't leave hungry...but you won't leave happy either, 8/12/2008
Reviewer: Hajir Sailors from Santa Barbara, CA
Palazzio's apparent slogon "Our Customers Never Leave Hungry" or whatever it is along those lines is very accurate. However what they serve you, other than the bread and caesar salad is soooo subpar, that unless that's all you eat there's no point in going there. In past years I remember service being attentive, however this time when I walked in it took a good 8 minutes to get someone to acknowledge us, not very warmly either. We were seated in the interestingly set restaurant with not the greatest ambiance and not asked what we would like to drink for a good while. Then when the drinks came and the bread came (which is not great but very good) I was ready to order, and I did, the FEttucine al Pesto, a creamy pesto sauce with proscuitto and peppers and pine nuts. I ordered a quarter order of it and a side caesar. When all my tables entrees came out, all quarter orders, I looked and was slightly dissapointed, no great smell, no great taste, even looked bland, except the salad which was quite fresh and good. WE of course were not asked how we enjoyed our food, the servers couldn't think to string that many words together from the experience I had with them, however I left full, but not very happy.

Costing extra to take it away?, 7/9/2008
Reviewer: Mike G from Santa Barbara, CA
Since its the only family style around and we had visitors with 2 kids, it seemed like a good idea. Then we find that there is an extra 10% take out charge as well as a container fee? There is cheap, and then there is Palazzio. The fusilli Ooga Ooga is good, the salads ok, and the lasagna over cooked. We sat at the bar for 10 minutes before even the bartender acknowledged us, but the food was hot and we were out the door with more garlic knots than we knew what to do with. Atleast those you can guarantee will be awesome!

Oily Food, year after year., 6/1/2008
Reviewer: Nick from Santa Barbara, Ca
I have been to this place several times with my wife. We used to enjoy take out on a weekly basis. We stopped because we began noticing that food was VERY oily. For instance, when you would reheat the leftovers, you would see all of the coagulated oil in the pan....far more than needed. We decided to go there the other night after a 2 year absence and the food was the same. We ordered the "Papa Rubys" and a similar dish with Fusilli and italian sausage. Both dishes were so oily! I can only hope that the oil is olive oil, but even if it is you don't need that much! Plus, the flavor was to be desired and the quality of the ingredients was low. In summary, this is not authentic italian, this is "filler" food for tourists or for people who don't appreciate quality food.

very welcoming , 5/25/2008
Reviewer: Lauren from Santa Barbara, CA
I don't think our first time dining here would have been as great had we not had our server- She immediately asked if we had been there before, stated the portions are extremely generous, and recommended we share something. She was knowledgable about the dishes and the wine, smiled often, and had great timing. It was great for a place to welcome sharing a large dish, without a split charge. Hope the place is just as good without the same server!

So Bad... we won't return, 3/15/2008
Reviewer: tiffany cooper from santa barbara, ca
The service was horrible and the food not good either. The manicotti was described with a white sauce and it had a red and white sauce together. Being from NY and knowing good Italian food, that is just weird, it seemed frozen and not had crafted. The rolls were hard. Caesar salad for a dinner portion was too small, but the pasta dish was so large, when I was finished, it didn't even look like I had touched my dinner. My mother in law sent back her salad that came with prosciutto and which looked and tasted like bad bacon, and the server said, “I'm, sorry, did you know what prosciutto was when you ordered the salad”. It was very rude. The restaurant wasn't crowed, the food and the service was bad. I am a local and I will not return

What happened??, 2/21/2008
Reviewer: Mike from Santa Barbara
I was surprised as I've been here before when the servers were attentive and enthusiastic, and you'd enjoy fresh, generous portions of delicious food. Tonight it was bored servers and really bland food with no sense of presentation from the kitchen. The tables around us seemed as baffled as we were at the lack of any enthusiasm from the staff.

I cannot believe it....., 1/4/2008
Reviewer: Jon from Scottsdale, AZ
I visited Santa Barbara over New Years with my wife and we dined at Palazio one of the first nights of our stay. The food and service was so good that we decided to visit again on our final evening and found much the same. We were seated promptly (we waited for maybe 5 minutes at the bar where the service was great). Once we were seated, the service was great and the food was even better. We both enjoyed our experiences at your establishment and will be back next time we are in town. As for the title of my review, I simply cannot believe that all of these people have so much negative energy and comments to say about the restaurant. If you don't want wine in a juice glass, maybe you should not order all you can drink. If you don't like garlic, don't eat the GARLIC rolls. And, maybe, just maybe, if the restaurant is busy, maybe you can exude some patience for the wait staff...they are doing there very best to serve you and earn a decent wage - there is no excuse for rudeness by staff or PATRONS. And i would say, finally on the extra charge for take out - that is the policy. If you don't like it, maybe you should dine in or open your own restaurant with your own policies. For me, I can't say I necessarily agree with it, but it is what it is - their policy. All in all, we will be back and will make it a point to visit the restaurant on our next trip to Santa Barbara.

Wow...where do I start??, 12/5/2007
Reviewer: Huyen from Santa Barbara, CA
Waited at the bar that needed to be cleaned off desperately. 2 out of 6 people's drinks were actually ordered and delivered as we waited. Tried to seat us a table for 4 by adding 2 chairs at the ends. Hostess explained that it was Tuesday and they get soOo busy and we would have to wait 30 minutes to be served because our section was not yet open and there was no server in our section. We asked if they could add another table and she seemed hesitant to ask the manager so we wandered to the front to decide where to go eat..she rushes to the front about 2 mintues later and says it's okay to add the table, so we stay because we're hungry. This is all before 6 PM. We get drinks and appetizers before 6:30 which was not bad. Then we waited and waited and waited and waited. Watched 6 to 7 other parties around get seated, get there food and CHECK before we even got our 2 main courses. Our food came around 7:20 or so. We finished in less then 10 minutes. Keep in mind this is our friends birthday so we ordered her the bread pudding..bad idea..another 20 mintues for that to come out and even longer for our checks. Even after talking to the young, young woman who was "Manager of the evening" we still had issues. She tried to explain they were short staffed and the crowd was soOoo unexpected because it was a, totally contradicting was your hostess told us..but ook. After 7:30 they weren't nearly as busy, so I don't understand what the hold up was. We weren't rude, but I'm sure the vibe wasn't fantastic. We dine out on occassions like this to celebrate and have fun. But service such as Palazzio's almost killed it. I hardly ever write negative reviews, and I love the food bargain you get here. But there is no excuse for what happened. We were there over 3 hours, it was exhausting. After reading the other reviews here, take a hint! Train your staff, and have Back Up. You are a profitable, established, tourist money mine driven business. You have the extra money and time to make your staff presentable, knowledgeable, and professional. What we experienced here was far from. I love the bread boys though!! They kept us filled up with bread and humor while we waited, that was a nice highlight of the evening.

Good food, bad service, 10/5/2007
Reviewer: Mike from Los Angeles, CA
Went here with some friends and had to take the food back twice, and i'm not one to send something back. This was probably not the norm since my freinds' food was great. Service was serious amateur hour. The manager told us that we were trying to get free food when we asked to just take it back for good and take it off the bill. Is it unreasonable to ask them to do that after sending the food back twice? Anyway, as the title says: Good food, bad service

Service is better at the bar or patio, 8/2/2007
Reviewer: Marie from Santa Barbara, CA
My husband and I had dinner on a Friday night, and sat at a table on the patio. The service was much better there, for some reason. Dan was our server, and he was great!

Cheap food and OIL, 7/20/2007
Reviewer: Charles from Goleta, CA
My experience: First Bread smothered in OIL and garlic. Next Muscles, 18 total, 4 of which were closed (meaning they were dead and inedible). When I asked the server about the closed muscles by saying "you cant eat the closed muscles right? Cause that means they are dead, right?" (HUGE hint... not taken...) she just looked at me and confirmed my statements for me yet nothing was done. Finally Butterfly shrimp pasta in a taquilla lime sauce. This is the point at which I became pretty irritated because I literally tilted the pasta bowl and poured about 3 tablespoons of excess oil from the dish. In summary: dead muscles (meaning not fresh) with very oily bread, complimented by 3 extra tablespoons of oil with your pasta. Flavor was not bad so if they cut the oil and increase quality that would help but until that happens I know of many, many better Italian restaurants that I would prefer.

Great food, big portions, 7/20/2007
Reviewer: Marie from Santa Barbara, CA
I love the gorgonzola walnut salad with chicken. The half size is enough for 2 people. I also recommend the lemon chicken picatta pasta dish. The bread is always yummy. Service could be better - each time that we have gone there, we never seem to know who our server is because they never checked on us after taking our order. Seems unorganized - last time we went there, they gave us someone else's check. I heard that the service is better at the bar.

Great food & service at Palazzio !!!!, 7/19/2007
Reviewer: Ron from Fremont, Michigan
We ate here twice in May and loved it. We had dinner here 2 out of the 3 nights we stayed in SB. We never waited more than 5 minutes for anything. The dishes are so big that my Wife and I split our dinners both nights.

Rude Service and Dry Chicken, 7/15/2007
Reviewer: Natasha from Santa Barbara, CA
I ate here last night and was thoroughly disappointed with both the food and the service. I ordered the Chicken Marsala and the chicken tasted like cardboard and the sauce was bland. Our other dish, the Seafood con amore was just okay. We ordered our food and then sat for 15 minutes before they brought us bread. The service was ridiculously slow and we when we reminded the girl that we were still waiting for some crushed red pepper, she rolled her eyes and then upon returning, slammed it on the table and walked away. I also didn't like how the wine was served in little glass cups. I do not recommend this restaurant at all

So Good!!!, 7/9/2007
Reviewer: Pat from Santa Barbara
I was in Palazzio this past weekend, and I must say that I had the best time!!! The service was awesome, the atmosphere was so fun and the food was great. I definitely recommend this place if your looking to have a good time!!

Wonderful, 7/7/2007
Reviewer: CC from Goleta
The food and service is consistently wonderful.My only complaint is that the tables are at times very close together, making it slightly awkward. The decor and ambiance is great and their garlic yeast rolls are beyond reproach.

Excellent food., 6/22/2007
Reviewer: Brian from Redding, CA
Some of the best Italian food we have had. We had the lasagna and spagetti. The rolls were to die for. Went early and had great service.

Not worth the money!, 6/19/2007
Reviewer: Lindsay from Santa Barbara, CA
I went here for a graduation dinner- approximately 8 people total for our party. Service was OK, food was bland as usual at Palazzio's.... mainly went for the atmosphere since it's loud but still a small restaurant. We finished our meal and were talking amongst ourselves when the waitress kindly informed us that "maybe we should get going".... who does that? we were not being obnoxious or loud and had spent maybe 20 minutes after the bill had come visiting amongst ourselves--- it is a GRADUATION dinner, spending time with family. I wanted to kindly ask her to "maybe give us our tip back" because she was so rude, but instead we left and i will never go back. Don't waste your money here.

Great Service!!, 6/10/2007
Reviewer: Gisselle from Santa Barbara
I just ate here a few days ago and I must say everything was yummy! The service was amazing once we were seated.

Not so much..., 5/18/2007
Reviewer: Kristen from Carpinteria
I don't get the fascination. The pastas are always either way too flavorful (anything with smoked mozzarella, which only needs to be used very sparingly to flavor a whole dish) or way too bland (pretty much everything else.) The rolls are covered with so much stuff that I never even want to pick them up, the oil and garlic gets all over me. They are usually too hard as well. The one good thing is the salad with candied walnuts and apples. It's not as bad as Aldo's or Pascucci, but it's not that great.

Rude Service, 5/11/2007
Reviewer: Gwyneth from Santa Barbara
Don't bother with Palazzio. Although the food is decent, the policy of charging 10% extra on all take out orders, as well as a $.50 container fee is simple greed. The staff is always rude, the service slow and the take out portions are indeed "down sized" from the dinning room size portions.

Ok food with horrible service, 4/22/2007
Reviewer: Robert from Santa Barbara, CA
After being seated for nearly 45 minutes we had to flag down one of the bussers to go get our waiter. Then it took another hour after we ordered to get our food, which was satisfactory to say the least. The restaurant wasn't even half full.

Not Bad....., 3/29/2007
Reviewer: Shelly Peterson from mission beach
I'm so impressed. I ate here at palazio last week with my husband and was actually pleasantly suprised! Although the portions were huge they were so flavorful! Great atmosphere, all the employees were so friendly. Definetly a place that I would recommend and return too.

Completely Overrated, 3/26/2007
Reviewer: April Hoffmann from Santa Barbara, CA
I've lived in SB for years and I've never understood everyone's fascination with this restaurant. It is SO over rated. The roles are too garlicy, the pasta dishes - while huge - have the kind of flavors that you get tired of eating after a few bites. The flavors are either too loud, or too mild. Absolutely NOTHING SPECIAL about their food.

great food, great service, 2/19/2007
Reviewer: sue from la
I dont know what you people are saying, you're crazy! I went to palazzio for my first time last friday night and I loved it. the service was great and the food was so good. the people who work there should be proud of their restaurant because they worked their butts off when I was there. And the chefs should be proud of the food they prepare, because i loved it!

Great Food Horrible Service, 2/17/2007
Reviewer: Marc from Santa Barbara, CA
With regards to Nima and Michael's review, I do not know how they treated the wait staff. I do know that I have a similiar experience every time I go. The portions of food in the restaurant are huge, and it is super-tasty. However, when you order to-go, they definitely downsize the portions significantly (I have to order a full order to be full, when a half will do in-house). They also charge you for to-go containers! What is that all about! Then, they charge you for the delicious garlic rolls and the container they go in as well! I am always nice to the help but notice that they don't seem to care about my business. They are rude and take a long time to serve you. When in the restaurant, the service is apalling. My wife and I will often sit for five or ten minutes before a waiter even comes over, and service is horribly slow. I am always upset because the food is amazing, and I wish the service was up to par. Take note you will get a delicious meal, but will probably leave frustrated.

Great Food... Lousy Lousy service and managers!, 1/16/2007
Reviewer: Nima and Michael from Santa Barbara, CA
The only thing i like about this place is the food. The chefs should be proud of what they put out there. The Service is LOUSY! It takes 30 minutes to pick up food there! Also people that are reading this, if your ordering to go, just know your paying for your containers they put it in and you have no choice to pay tip and a 10% take out tax! What is that! Who charges you for a togo container? Also i wanted to speak with the girl that took my order, her name was alona and the manager had the guts to tell me she left for the night after already being very very rude to me. I called the place when i left and just as i thought alona was there. Goes to show there has to be a flaw when there is good food involved. A note to people wanting to go there, Dont, its not worth the annoyance of bad people.

Palazzio writes: Hello Sean, Nima or Michael. John Dickson's forum is a great avenue for people to write truthful comments. However, I just can't hold my tongue when someone is less than honest. I am hopeful the readers of this fine forum can read through your disguise as you hide behind a fake name to make a few points that are so untrue. I hate even reponding. If the people reading this only knew how absolutely rude you were to our ever-caring staff, shame on you. Kenneth Boxer, Owner (real name)
Horrible..don't go..., 12/21/2006
Reviewer: Genevieve from S.b. ca.
First of all Im originally from l.a. and they totally copied "trattoria" in venice... but the problem is they will never ever be as good as "trattoria"!!!! we orderd our food to go and they charged us $8 bucks for ordering to go!!! i dont care about 8 dollars its just so tacky to do that and it the principal!!! plus the food was BLAND no flavor!!! did they get can food from costcos????

very dissapointed!, 12/13/2006
Reviewer: Jessica P from Santa Barbara, CA
The first few times i went it was so amazing. i fell in love with the rolls they serve, so tasty and the ooga ooga( i recommand this)is delicious. But it had to come to this, about 3 weeks ago my boyfriend and i went to palazzio for dinner and i was very dissapointed. The rolls tasted as if they were drenched in oil and with no garlic flavor, that was not all, our food was not cooked all the way through(they seem to have this problem alot). And so we had a few bites, but our stomachs couldn't handle anymore,( i mean our stomachs were hurting) so we left, and we were so dissapointed.

garlic?, 11/27/2006
Reviewer: karen smith from ventura
I had dinner there this week for the first time in years. It was crowded but that's wasn't a surprise. I was disappointed with the amount of garlic that was used "as garnish" that was liberally thrown over the entire entree. After I scraped the garlic off, I found the food tasteless and disappointing. The wine by the glass was awful as well.

Awesome Food but get a bartender, 10/31/2006
Reviewer: Sharon from Castro Valley, CA
Ordered a Grey Goose Martini dry and up and my husband ordered a beer. He got his beer right away, but 10 minutes later I got a citron Grey Goose martini. When I nicely pointed out the error, the waiter tried to remake it with Kettle One since they had no non-flavored Grey Goose, but failed to shake it, so I got a glass of warm vodka - YUK. When I asked for a glass of ice, it took one reminder to get it. I also don't care for wine being served in a juice glass, which is what I eventually switched to after the martini debacle. If you're going to serve drinks, have an experienced bartender on staff. Food was the best & huge portions though.

Going Downhill: this longtime patron will not be back!, 10/30/2006
Reviewer: Jen from Santa Barbara
I've been to Palazzio frequently over the last 5 years or so and have always been pleased with the staff, food, and especially hosts. The food has always been pretty decent for a GREAT price. I was there for dinner recently and it was the WORST experience I've had out in a long time. We ordered an appetizer (brie and fruit plate, I think) and a full order of pasta to share. My iced tea tasted very strange and I wanted to switch to Diet Coke, but our server NEVER checked in with us after getting our order. After waiting quite a while, we received our pasta (no app). I was astonsished at how skimpy it was. I understand there being only a few shrimp-- they're expensive, but I had to pick around for the sundried tomatoes and artichoke hearts and in the end there was a very big plate of plain noodles. Seems like they are scrimping more on ingredients. Come on, cant you throw in a few more tomatoes? I'm not even asking for meat here. The service was atrocious. Our waiter NEVER checked in with us after getting our order (food was brought by someone else), then we got our appetizer AFTER finishing our meal and asking for the bill. No apology or explanation. We had to point this out to him to have it taken of our bill. In his defense though, he seemed very frazzled and I think was maybe new and overwhelmed. Poor quality and bad service: I can't forgive both, I need at least one thing to come back for. Palazzio is NOT worth your time.

Great Food, Great Service, Tacky Owner, 10/29/2006
Reviewer: Charlie from Santa Barbara, CA
Just because I like your food and have always enjoyed the service doesn't mean it's ok for you to tell people NOT to write negative reviews of your restaurant. That's why this website is here, for people to write what THEIR experience was at your restaurant, not yours. And giving a star rating to your own restaurant? Tacky. The garlic rolls were fresh, hot and delicious. The portions were huge (which is NEVER a bad thing), and the server was friendly and informative. I would go back to Palazzio again and again, but that's my choice, not yours. Don't insult your patrons by telling them what they are supposed to think of your restaurant. You also need to learn what a cheap shot is. A cheap shot would be to say that "the garlic rolls were stale because the owner is stupid". This would be irrelevant, untrue (obviously, or you wouldn't have a successful restaurant), and cheap. Saying the garlic rolls tasted stale is a matter of opinion and is in no way slanderous or cheap. Treat people with a little respect. Still, food was great, service great.

Very Tacky!, 9/29/2006
Reviewer: Jenny from Santa Barbara
I ordered food to go from here and was shocked to hear about the to go charge for each container! Their food is already way overpriced for soggy noodles and then to get hit with being charged for the to go boxes? That is insulting. They also include a tip on all to go orders. Whatever! I will never go back.

Dine at the bar, 9/20/2006
Reviewer: Kristin from Santa Barbara
My roommates and I quite frequently dine at Palazzio's. We used to wait for a table, but recently found our nitch at the bar. Our bartender, Zack, always has amazing suggestions and great conversations. The food is always great and the service is top notch. Even in passing, we will stop by to have drink or two just to catch up with our favorite bartender in town. At Palazzio's we know we will always be greeted with a warm smile and leave with a full stomach... Thanks Zack!

Lost a customer for good this time!, 9/12/2006
Reviewer: ingram from simi valley
I lived in SB for several years and always loved dining at the Montecito Pallazio and occasionally on State st. After moving away, I would eat on my way through or if friends/relatives were visiting. The service just keeps going downhill. I went this past weekend and it took 1/2 hr to get bread and once it was delivered we had to ask for more than one tiny roll at the time. I was given a funny look by the waitress when I asked for my merlot in a wine glass instead of the juice glass it was served in. Our waitress in general was slow ( there were 3 tables going when we went) and very rude giving annoyed facial gestures because we kept having to ask for service. I am too embarrased to take people here any longer...its such a shame as the pasta is usually good.

ginormous portions, 5/4/2006
Reviewer: lemonjelly from santa barbara
I first ate at the Montecito location, when that guy used to offer neck massages while you waited in the queue going out the door. I see the queues now at the State Street location. The fare is a step and a half above chain store Italian food, and has a local feel to it, so if I have visitors who are not adventurous eaters, I like to bring them here. The food is just interesting enough to make them feel they tried something new, and they are very pleased with the huge portions and fresh oily herby bread balls. My menu item of choice is the italian sausage rigatoni, and the tiramisu (if I have 4 friends to share it with). My service, once seated, has always been great.

Santa Barbara's Best Family Style, 4/14/2006
Reviewer: Robert from Santa Barbara
You can't beat Palazzio for good food, in large portions, for a decent price. By comparision, Olive Garden is 1 star, and Pascucci is 3 stars. We take our out of town visitors there, and almost everytime they love it. No, the food is not 5 star italian, but it's not meant to be. We are laid-back Santa Barbarans who enjoy sharing food and conversation, and this restaurant caters to that style. I agree the old Montecito location was better (not sure why), and they do have an occasional "off" day, but this is a restaurant worth visiting. Some of the critiques are apparently by pretentious snobs, who I am glad won't be dining anywhere near me.

To Lisa below, 3/14/2006
Reviewer: Gerald from Carp
If the menu listed chicken as an ingredient of the fettucine alfredo dish, then: 1) you are at fault here because you did not read the menu before ordering. 2) the delay occurred because you did not read the menu and they had to fix your mistake. 3) you are not deserving of any compensation, because it was your mistake (though a gesture of somekind would have been a polite move by the restaurant).

Disappointing service and cuisine from a long-time customer, 3/14/2006
Reviewer: Lisa Northrup from Buellton, CA
The letter below was sent to the restaurant owner on 2/3/06 and a reply has not been received. *****************************************************************
My husband and I ate at your restaurant last night (Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2006) and had an unusual experience. As I am employed by Santa Barbara County and work downtown, I have eaten lunch, dinner and our department has arranged group events at your restaurant over the past several years. Each of those occasions was met with wonderful service and fine food. Our experience last night was, as I said, unusual. I asked for fettucine alfredo. When my dish arrived it contained chicken. I indicated to the waiter that I had not requested chicken. Our waiter apologized and said he would make the change. Accordingly, my husband waited for my new dish to come out before eating his. Our watches indicated it took 20 minutes for my dish to arrive. Yikes! We were surprised that some form of compensation wasn’t offered for the delay and that I was being charged for having a dish with chicken. In approaching the waiter, I asked if he would consider reducing the price of my dish for these reasons. His reply was that in the future if I ordered fettucine alfredo, I should tell the waiter “without chicken” because they (restaurant staff) assume that that is what a customer wants. He added that he would need to take this up with the manager. Another gentleman (I believe this person was a manager), came to our table and indicated that if this was the restaurant’s fault, he would be able to do something. My thwarted attempt to explain the situation was met with him repeating over and over, that it was not the restaurant’s fault. Consequently, we left after paying the unaltered bill in full. We are exceedingly disappointed with the attitude and service of that evening and felt that no efforts were made to provide good customer service. We thought perhaps you might want to be made aware of this occurrence as your standing in the community is highly regarded.

Delicious!!!!, 2/10/2006
Reviewer: Miranda from Los Angeles, CA
This Italian one of the best places I have ever eaten and to tell you that my boyfriend and I drive from Los Angeles just to eat here. The food is amazing..fresh as can be! Whoever says this rest. is okay is crazy! I will be there for Valentines Day and am looking forward to it...My boyfriend and I are counting down the days! If I could eat there everyday...I would! Best Rest. in SB!

Doesn't get any better than Palazzio, 2/6/2006
Reviewer: Catherine from Santa Barbara, CA
This is the best restaurant on the face of the earth. Anybody who doesn't like it is pretentious. I wish I could eat here every day.

I would give more stars if I could..., 1/21/2006
Reviewer: Pat Harper from Vertua, CA
Never had a bad experience here. Outstanding! Keep up the great work. DJ Pat Harper

Italian Experience, 1/4/2006
Reviewer: Kristin from New York
Warm and Friendly environment. The atmosphere made me feel at home in Little Italy in NYC. I was impressed with genuine service we received. Everything was served timely but I did not feel in any way rushed. You have to love the complimentary garlic rolls. ALL of the appetizers were awesome. The portions were extremely generous and the menu offers a variety of choice. What more could you ask for. I will be visiting Palazzios every time I am in town.

Cheap & Tasty, 10/24/2005
Reviewer: Mario from Santa Barbara, CA
Hey paisano, it'sa de best! Me and my'a brother Luigi love to eat'a here after a hard day of fixing pipes and jumping on koopa's! When I finally rescue the Princess I'ma taking her here for sure! Some'a'times I take'a de extra garlic rolls home in my overall pockets! My'a only complaint is that there aren't enough mushrooms in'a the pastas for us though...and someone tried to'a cook Toad when we'a went in July.

bad customer service, 10/22/2005
Reviewer: Rina from santa barbara, CA
I called to check on some menu that my mother might have allergy with it. Unfortunatelly, one of the server on the phone thought that I was looking for a job. He told me that they were very busy at that time and hung up. I believe a good customer service is not only face to face interaction. But also on the phone communication.

Cheap Shot?, 9/16/2005
Reviewer: Erica from SB
Seems like there were three "cheap shots" all written by different people saying the exact same thing. Anyone who is an experienced diner and has a sophisticated palate knows that Palazzio is just a half step above Olive Garden. In their defense their target market is tourists who don't know about all the real Italian restaurants in SB. The owners shouldn't be so defensive but look at what guests are saying and try to change for the better, especially when more than one person are complaining about the same thing. What difference does it make if you know my name or not? It's Erica... now do you care what I say? Whoever the author from Palazzio is... you are making the business look bad. I wouldn't have written but this rediculous response had to be addressed.

cheap imitation, 9/16/2005
Reviewer: ... from santa barbara, ca
This is a cheap imitation of C&O Trattoria in Venice, CA. The last time I went there, the garlic rolls were stale! My dish was really greasy and had way too much cream and cheese. It didn't really taste like anything. I won't go back again.

Palazzio writes:
nice expeirence, 9/14/2005

Great food & wine - wonderful special service, 9/12/2005
Reviewer: Sara from Irvine, CA
Palazzio's service is wonderful! When trying to organize (from a distance) a special dinner for friends of mine visiting Santa Barbara, Palazzio's went the extra mile in service. After speaking with the manager over the phone, a gift card was mailed to the couple, in case the card did not arrive in time, the manager offered to create a new card to present to the couple upon arrival for their reservation. The manager, Ken, helped me decide what amount would be appropriate to cover the entire meal and sent a mini-map and menu along with the card (which arrived on schedule). The couple said they loved the atmosphere, the wine and the food portions were delicious & huge! They had a lovely wedding anniversary celebration thanks to the help of the Palazzio staff.

Used to be good, now is terrible, 7/12/2005

The garlic rolls were stale! The appetizers and entrees were drowning in fat and oil, as if that was the only way to make this heavy, bland food palatable. The food was so heavy and greasy with butter, I felt nauseous after eating, and I didn't eat that much. More flavor, less fat and cream. Quality control anyone? Their standards have slipped.

Used to be good, 7/3/2005
Reviewer: Disappointed from Ventura,CA
This place used to be consistently good...but it has gone downhill. I went there this Friday and the cappellini shrimp was terrible, the rolls were stale (you could tell that they were reheated a few times)and my white wine was warm. It´s too bad that the Montecito location closed because they always had their act together. I hope that the food and service will improve soon.

Just not good. , 6/15/2005

Sure, the portions are enormous, but I don´t want even a small portion of the oily, over-cooked, bland pasta dishes they serve here. I do enjoy their service and those tasty little garlic rolls, but it´s not enough to counteract the pasta. For a similarly priced dining experience of much better food, Pascucci is the way to go: you don´t get buckets of food (literally, buckets), and the service isn´t as attentive, but the food, man, the food is hands above Palazzio.

Great food!, 5/14/2005
Reviewer: Barbara from brea, ca
We really enjoyed the food here! We ordered a penne pasta with artichokes that was simply wonderful! Ordered the stuffed mushrooms too! Very good! Whatever you order is enough to split between two people. Service was good too! Go early because it gets busy and it´s quieter before 5 p.m.

this place is da bomb diggity!!!!!!!!!!!!!, 4/17/2005

The food is excellant! Especially the rosemary chicken and the papa ruby´s. And not to mention the service, it´s the best in town by far. Awsome waitstaff all around, and beautiful blondes. I love the place.

Great place!, 3/28/2005
Reviewer: Edward Lira from San Francisco, California
Palazzio Trattoria is a wonderful restaurant There’s a pleasant lively inside room and a few outside tables at the side of State Street, from where you can watch the passing traffic on foot, while you enjoy the wonderful treats of the menu. The staff is friendly, obliging, attentive and always ready to deliver a plate full of warm from the oven garlic rolls. Palazzo’s is not to be missed.

yummy and nice, 3/15/2005
Reviewer: chloe from Isla Vista, CA
We went to Palazzio on a Tuesday night. The restaraunt was not crowded, the server attentive and pleasant and the food absolutely delicous. Nice view from the high-seat chairs at the big window under the heat lamps -- watch people go by. The only thing I´d recommend to the management would be to lose the hokey checkerboard tablecloths. We had the Penne with Roasted Italian Sausage, which was serves in an excellent mozzarella cream sauce with red bell peppers. We will be returning.

Awesome!, 3/6/2005

The food was superb. Did not expect the portions to be so big and easily filling. My friends could not even finish their half-order.

alfredo sauce, 2/21/2005
Reviewer: Mary
Your alfredo sauce tastes like your are stepping into heaven! It is just fantastic!

Garlic Rolls!, 2/21/2005
Reviewer: KC
All around wonderful. The garlic rolls are simply AMAZING and you get as many as you WANT!!!!!

mmmmm... starchy, 2/15/2005

Palazzio has a good balance of quality, quanity, and price. It´s not the best food, but it´s better than Pascucci, and the portions & prices mean that you shouldn´t insist on fabulous gourmet food. The first few times I went I thought it was fabulous but now I get tired of whatever I ordered before I´ve finished it. And I don´t mean that in reference to the large portions (great for leftovers the next day) but just that I think the food is kinda boring. If you want Italian food downtown and don´t mind spending a *little* more than Palazzio I´d go across the street to Aldo´s.

Old Complaints Now Fixed, 2/11/2005
Reviewer: Jay from Carpinteria, CA
Reading some of the old complaints about Palazzio´s and having recently dined there a few times, it leads me to think these issues have been accounted for and remedied. The service has been good (aside from the new trainees), the pasta dishes are still huge and delicious, and those garlic rolls are worth the trip alone.

Great Memories!!!, 2/2/2005
Reviewer: Jacob from Lodi, Ca
I love this restaurant!!! My girlfriend and I have a long distance relationship, so When I do get to see her we try to make our time very special. So on my last trip down there we went out for dinner and we were told that Palazzio´s was an alright place to eat. Boy when we got there the place was just a buzz. We loved the atmosphere and our waiter was excellent. Our food came to us and we both couldn´t believe our eyes. The bowls were sooo big we couldn´t even make it look like we tried eating some of our pasta, (and mind you my girlfriend and I are not light eaters). The icing on the cake was when the whole restaurant sang along to "That´s amore" (we both love Dean Martin). I can´t wait till I visit her again so we can enjoy another great evening.

the best, 10/26/2004
Reviewer: from Santa Barbara. CA, USA
this place is fun and great

NO CLASS - WARM WINE! , 10/11/2004

I went here with high hopes, I left in disgust. The only good thing about this place was the service. The food, in a huge helping, was utterly tasteless. The infamous rolls were soggy and gross and tasted nothing like garlic rolls. Not to mention the WINE IS WARM!!! That was terrible and remains a terrible problem. Also if you go here expect to be seated at picnic tables and sit in plastic chairs. This place has no class!

Reviewer: Kristy from Not in Santa Barbara :-(
I´m a Westmont alum and my husband and I and are so in love with this restaurant that we go back once a year. Given, we just adore Santa Barbara in general, but we absolutely HAVE to have the rigatoni tender chicken and a half order of the caesar salad when we are in town. For seven years we have been eating the same dishes and they are excellent every time. Of course, the rolls are so absolutely wonderful that I eat so many of them we have to take most of the pasta home. It is just as good the next day, too! As poor college students we could still afford to get Palazzio take-out and eat it over the glow of our halogen lamp in a dorm room. Thanks for the memories, Palazzio! We will see you in a couple of weeks! P.S. The mints are fabulous, too. Sometimes I sneak more than one.

Nicole, 8/21/2004

I love the food there! their rolls are to die for and its all u can eat rolls! the pastas are great no mater what type of sause you like! I always split my meal and we always both stuffed and sometimes even have left overs. you get alot of food for your money.

If you don´t like it, you prefer Americanized Italian food, 8/12/2004
Reviewer: Elizabeth from Santa Barbara, CA
Wow all you people are like "Pascucci is so much better! The portions are huge so it is crap!" Do you have any clue that the style is true Italian rather than Pascucci´s overly flavored items? Pallazio uses the best ingredients and just enough to give each dish its own flair. You can even do substitutions and additions at no cost. Try the Cappelini with chicken and brie for something light or the Rigatoni with vegetables and add chicken. MMM! The whole idea of the restaurant is large sizes so you get your money worth. Look around you, it is all eaten family style. Pallazio wants you to have fun at dinner.

Great food, 8/3/2004

While in Santa Barbara on vacation in 2003, we tried Pallazios, and talked about it for the next year until we were able to go back during our trip this past May. I most definitely understsand that everyone has their individual tastes regarding Italian. That´s why some people like the Olive Garden, which is very popular here in Texas, and other Italian restaurants that I do not care for. I must say that on both occasions, my boyfriend and I couldn´t say enough good things about the food. I had the Papa Ruby´s pasta, and they were more than happy to add peas to it for me, which would never even be an option at some more typical Italian restaurants. Yes, the garlic rolls will make you smell offensive for a good while after consumption, but when they are that good, who cares. Again, it´s all a matter of personal taste. Neither of my experiences have been negative and I would recommend the restaurant to anyone. Considering we couldn´t wait to get back to SB to eat there again, it´s obvious we were impressed. My only complaint is that I live in Texas and can´t eat there more often. Not the owner/restaurants fault! :-)

Get Real!, 7/28/2004
Reviewer: Bernard from Santa Barbara
Ken Boxer, the owner, admits this is not high-end cuisine. Yet he rates the place 5 stars. How disengenuous! The restaurant attempts to be a good "all-you-can-eat" kind of place. No false pretenses, so at best it might compete for 3 stars. Realistically, I think this genre of dining can never get better than 2 stars, and they do alright with that expectation in mind. Frankly, the food is OK, large portions, but no effort is made to procure best ingredients.

best Italian restaurant in SB, 7/9/2004
Reviewer: Ardy from Holland
It has been 4 years now since I was in SB. I lived there for a year. The thing I really miss is This restaurant. I´m from Europe so I know what good Italian food taste like!!!! It really is good food for a nice price

service bad. food so-so, 5/30/2004

Just ate here last night, and was not impressed. We asked for bread several times and never recieved it. The pasta had a pool of oil in the bottom of the bowl, and was not that flavorful. The addition of singing "that´s amore" couldn´t make up for this. The waitor was quite friendly, however.

Another average italian!!, 5/30/2004

My husband and I took our friends from San Diego yesterday. Waited about 30 minutes which wasn´t that bad. Anyway, our waiter was good, the food was OK for such reasonable prices. However, the portion was LARGE.

killer drinks n´ bomb ass food, 5/28/2004
Reviewer: Manuel Azevedo from Turlock, CA
pallazzio is the shiznit. from the drinks to the food, you can´t go wrong at pallazzio. I´m from Turlock, CA (where the finist dining is at McDonald´s), and I drive over three hundred miles to come visit freinds in SB, and I never leave without going by pallazzio. The bar tender is cool as hell, and the service is excellent. Anyone who doesn´t have a good time at pallazzio needs to have a few more drinks and just be happy.

Just not as tasty as it should be, 5/12/2004

The service is good, the rolls are great, the servings are HUGE, but the dishes are really pretty dissapointing-bland, gummy,greasy flavorless pasta. I am totally not a food snob, I like the way this restaurant is run, and I REALLY want to like this place, but the food just isn´t tasty. If quantity is more important than quality this is the place. Otherwise, go to Pascucci.

Abbadonza, 5/4/2004
Reviewer: Cristina Caruth from San Diego, California
The atmosphere reminds me of dining in Pompeii. Enormous amount of Garlic Bread speaks to my heart. The half portions always fill two people .Food is always a bonding element in relationships and communication. My friend Justin took me out many years ago. I never go hunger when I came to your Resturant There was a family when we always dine in Palazzio. Even if I am a slave in a Santa Barbara plantation it makes me feel like a princess.

Good prices, bland food, 5/4/2004
Reviewer: Jess from Santa Barbara, CA
I truly appreciate that Pallazio has reasonable prices for a lot of food. However, I would prefer not to eat any size portion of it. As someone who´s eaten around the world and eaten a LOT of Italian food (it´s by far, my favorite!), I am constantly disappointed by the bland food at Pallazio. My friends all seem to like it, but I always leave disappointed. I prefer Pascucci--the service sometimes sucks, but the food actually has flavor, and I always leave happy.

If you didn´t like this place your crazy!!!!!!, 4/18/2004
Reviewer: ryan bonson from santa barbara california
It was great!The hostess´ were efficient, honest, and not to mention good looking. this is my favorite place in town. Go to the Biltmore for your snobby, stuck up versions of restaraunt hospitality.And everyone I know loves it too!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Taste is taste, but complaints of the service are crazy., 4/12/2004
Reviewer: Rob in SB from Santa Barbara
The food is great, but that is my personal ´taste´. But compliants of the service are unfounded, the service is so efficient, perhaps the authors of these bad reviews are either folks you can NEVER make happy or do not understand you can freely ask anyone for something in this place and get it. ´Their´ server was probably helping many other tables besides their own. Just grab any server, they will help anyone. If you want a decent meal cooked in 1 minute, go to Presto Pasta, unfortunatly for some of these reviewers, they seem to forget a good meal takes a bit of time to prepare, especially in a constantly packed restaurant. The rolls are excellent and there to hold you off while they personally prepare your meal.

Exemplary service and a fun, energetic atmosphere, 4/6/2004
Reviewer: Justin from SB local
I love eating at Palazzio. Everytime I go, the staff is always prompt and friendly, even when they are completely packed. The last time I went, my dish was a little on the salty side, but the second I told my server, the problem was quickly remedied and my pasta was back up to the usual standards. That was the first time I ever had a problem with my food, and I was not surprised to see how quickly it was handled. My girlfriend loves all the cute guys that work there, and I enjoy the female scenery myself. The atmosphere is always upbeat, giving you the energy you expect out of a restaurant on State St. The raspberry mojitos flow like water and go nicely with a big bowl of capellini chicken and brie. But don´t skip the appetizers and save room for dessert because these are two of the best kept secrets in SB. If you are looking for a fun place to have dinner, start with the bartender at Palazzio and make your way through the restaurant.

Enough is Enough Already, 4/3/2004
Reviewer: Kenneth Boxer from Santa Barbara
As the owner of Palazzio, I must respond to these critiques, which I find to be truly unfair and borderlining on the absurd. First, Palazzio has never claimed to be a "high-end" restaurant. We offer excellent food and service at very affordable prices. It is not by accident that both the Santa Barbara Independent and the Santa Barbara News-Press Reader´s Polls have consistantly voted Palazzio as the "Best Italian Restaurant" in Santa Barbara. We, at Palazzio, work very hard to make the dining experience memorable. I believe that those individuals who criticize Palazzio do so because they would enjoy their dining experience much better if we increased our prices and cut our huge portions sizes down to what most other restaurants offer. If we double our prices, and cut our portion size, we would then be considered "true" Italian. This is absurd, of course, since our ingredients are identical with every other so called "high-end" restaurant; however, while our competition charges twice as much as we do, and offers a quarter of the portion size, somehow this is now looked down upon by the pundits of food dining in Santa Barbara. For sure we have some off days. However, my managers are on the dining room floor throughout the serving hours insuring that our customers are taken care of. They are trained very adroitly in solving dining problems which may occur. Everyday our customers are given comment cards to evaluate their dining experience at Palazzio. Each day we review the cards to see if there are any areas for improvement. They are totally anonymous and the evaluation cards really assist us in our being able to provide the best possible dining experience for our guests. The previous critique says that our Garlic Rolls are "like 2-day old balls of clay tossed in olive oil, garlic and parsley." This is an example of what I´m talking about. They are made fresh, from scratch, every ten minutes. There is a lot of work and planning that goes into the making and delivery of our Garlic Rolls. I´m very proud of our kitchen staff who must prepare well over 200 pounds of dough on a daily basis. People come and visit Palazzio just for these rolls. So, I take offense when I hear a "cheap-shot" critique like this. Our policy at Palazzio has always been, and will always be, that the dining experience at Palazzio will be memorable. If something goes wrong, let us have an opportunity to fix the problem. Our staff and management have been trained to care for our guests´ needs during the dining experience. Your comments are always welcome. Please feel free to contact me if you so desire. My email address is displayed above. Respectfully written, Kenneth Boxer Owner of Palazzio and Go Fish and Chips

Bad service; nothing special about the food, 4/1/2004

I have eaten there three times, none of personal choice but of friends´. I must say that the first time I visited, despite the ´raves´ people have made about this place, there was nothing special about the food as it was not real Italian food. The garlic rolls were ok if you like 2-day old balls of clay tossed in olive oil, garlic and parsley. The other two times... let´s just ask the waiters what the heck they do with the orders? Both times I had to wait more than 30 minutes for my meal because both times the waiters "accidentally misplaced" my orders, or they blamed it on the kitchen staff. It is a shame the place is beautifully decorated to impress, but the food and service brings down the excitement.

So So Bad it all tastes the same, what a waste, 3/26/2004
Reviewer: Matt Merola from Santa Barbara, CA
I love italian food. I could name a number of great italian restaurants in SB but this is certainly not one of them. The chefs have absolutley no clue how to prepare italian food. Everything tastes the same. The waiter we had was so bad, we were so hungry and he just could not manage to get anything to us drinks or rolls. Took 1/2 hour to get anything and they were not even that busy. It was obscene. Pass on this one for sure. I know when you see that many diners waiting in front you think "wow it must be good" but just think of them as stupid sheep waiting outside a slaughter house. They don´t know any better but now you do!

What a waste of good real estate, 3/17/2004
Reviewer: SBlocal from Santa Barbara
I came in at about 9pm on a Sunday with a friend, and was relieved to see that a restaurant in SB was still serving. We were very hungry and had heard good things. The service was generic, but not bad by any means. The garlic rolls were edible, if not good. The portions were very sizable. Why then, you ask, do I rate it one star? Simple: the entree was inedible. Terrible Americanized Italian, perhaps one of the worst dishes I have had served in years. Despite being ravashingly hungry, my friend and I left the majority of the oversized entree on the plate. If you crave large portions of bad food, this is the place for you. In essence, the garlic rolls and mediocre but not unpleasant service are not enough to make up for the absolutely atrocious food.

GREAT EVERY TIME!!!, 2/11/2004
Reviewer: Adam from california
I consistantly eat here and I am not sure what these other review people are talking about it not being real italian food. It tastes quite Italian to me and I have had great food and great service every time. I will continue to go here if it keeps up the "Good Stuff".

wonderful!, 12/1/2003
Reviewer: scott coleman from Montecito
Excellent pasta. This place is packed everynight. People are lined up to get in. Great atmosphere and courteous service. Best Italian in SB.

spaghetti factory, 11/30/2003

Plain, badly done Italian. This is great if you think the Olive Garden is good. If you know anything about food, look elsewhere.

First time at State Street location., 10/22/2003
Reviewer: Chris from San Diego
I live in San Diego and my wife was nice enough to stop by Pallazio (State Street location) and bringing home pasta. My wife went to the Monticino location to find out it is closed. I have been going to Pallazio for over 7 years now and although I have never been to the State Street location the food tastes just as good. Still my favorite

Go to Monticeto NOT State Street, 9/4/2003

I love this place! However, I would advise anybody going here to pick the Monticeto location over the State Street location. I have been to the Monticeto Palazzio´s a number of times and really enjoyed myself. My boyfriend wanted to give the State St. Palazzio´s a try, so we went there and the service was horrible. I am a UCSB student and it seemed that all the waiters and servers were students as well. They thought they would treat us like a student rather than adults trying to enjoy a pleasant meal. I will never return to the State St. location of Palazzio´s. I still think that the restaurant is fantastic, but only at the Monticeto location. I bet most of the negative reviews are from the State st. location. Too bad they both couldn´t be excellent, but if you would rather eat on State st. then go to Pascucci´s.

It was better before, 9/2/2003

The food has been inconsistant over the last few years. I´ve been to Pilazzio on and off for the last five years. The Montecito restaurant had far better service and food with a more intimate setting. Once they made the second restaurant on State Street the management seemed to target the tourists and student crowd. The food began to suffer and all they were interested in was a quick turn around. The wait staff are mostly young students instead of older professionals with better social skills. I was disappointed they closed the Montecito location but I will continue to go to the State Street location as long as the food continues to be reasonably good. If you avoid the Friday and Saturday night crowds and go for lunch around 2:00 the quality is much higher.

Bad Service, 9/2/2003

While the food at Palazzio is not terrible, it is definitely not something to rave about. The atmosphere is fun if you go during the week, otherwise it is too crowded and the service is absolutely horrid. I have waited for a table for way too long and been seated to have to wait even longer for service and my food. As a waitress, I understand what a busy restaurant entails, but their service is terrible and has ruined the restaurant for me even after I gave them a couple extra chances.

What a Great Dining Experience, 9/1/2003
Reviewer: Mark from Goleta, California
My wife and I have gone to Palazzio so many times, and everytime we are treated excellent food, and the service better than most restaurants where you´re paying high prices for terrible service. I think that too many people have been critical of Palazzio. They have consistantly been serving some of the best pasta that I´ve ever tasted. I especially like going on Saturday nights to hear everyone singing "That´s Amore." Don´t be mislead by some of these other reviewers. My wife and I know that this is a great restaurant.

Overpriced for gummy pasta. Save your money!, 8/27/2003
Reviewer: Natascha from Santa Barbara
I spent $35 for a lukewarm slice of brie with stale crostini and a bowl of carbonara with a greasy sauce and hard peas. To top it off there was a creme brulee whose consistency was that of the paste I used to eat in kindergarten. My taste buds have become more discerning since then. I have vowed that this was the last time that I let a friend talk me into going here. For $35 I can get a fabulous meal atTupelo Junction or even treat a friend to Pascucci which in my opinion has better pasta and is reasonably priced.

fanno un buon pane. fidatevi, 8/26/2003
Reviewer: Federico from Italy
Devo dire che come ristorante italiano americano è molto buono, certo non è eccezionale come i nostri ristoranri italiani. Per chi avesse voglia di pasta lo consiglio. Da provare è il pane con olio e pesto genovese è veramente molto buobo!!!!!!! buon appetoto but is better enjoy. good vacation. italian guy!

Best Pasta, 8/10/2003
Reviewer: John from Local
If you looking for the best pasta in SB, I would imagine that Palazzio would be the place to find it. You have to go there really hungry to enjoy yourself though. Even when I go hungry, I always leave with food. The service is ok, depending on how crowded the resteraunt is. But overall, good food and atmosphere.

DON´T GO!!!!!, 8/7/2003

They discriminate........ we went there 3 dif. times at first at thought well maybe is me but after going 3 times I realize that it is true. I order our food and we had to wait 30 minutes and then the waitress comes and tells me that they didn´t have what I had order.......while waiting other people came in and they started eating way before we did, I think that was really unfair.

lively atmosphere, beautiful people, and delicious food, 7/29/2003

I am a student at the university of santa barbara and my buddies and I have never ceased to be amazed at the the wonderful evening we have at Palazzio´s. Last friday night three buddies of mine and I strolled into Palazzio around 8:00 and we could hardly get in the door with all the people packing inside and putting their names down on the list. So the wait was a little over an hour for a party of 4 so we decided to squeeze into the bar. The bartender was awesome: incredibly friendly and energetic and we were amazed at the kind of increrdibly beautiful women there were having a cocktail, standing out front, and sitting at the tables. No wonder this place is so popular. Great drinks, great service, gorgeous girls, excellent rolls, and delicious pasta. This place is definately the scene.

Downhill, 7/10/2003

When we first moved here a year ago we ate here and were hooked, but the service and quality has gone consistently downhill since then. One night after putting our name on the list we waited forever (no one ever came out to call us), while people that arrived after us got tables before us. Food was poor, messed up our orders... Some friends came to town and we had been raving about it, took them there, food was the worst we´d yet experienced. Rolls were old/cold, caesar salad brown/wilted, and pasta very poor. That was 4 months ago, we won´t be going back.

consistently annoying, 6/30/2003

loud, wastefully large bland meals, and poorly serviced.

I found the place exceptional, 6/7/2003

I´ve read all the recent reviews, and I must say that our dining experience was truly a wonderful dining time for all of us. Our service was attentive, the rolls were delicious and steaming hot, and the food was very flavorful. I really liked the flan dessert. The best flan I´ve ever tasted.

don´t waste your time, 6/6/2003
Reviewer: Mira from Santa Barbara, CA
The food is average, ambiance is lacking, and the service is consistantly poor. I like to give a place a few tries, but palazzio is just not up to par. The rolls are good, but are usually very hard. Portion sizes don´t make up for mediocre taste. I have heard the service at the montecito resturant is better. There are too many other interesting and tasty places in SB to waste your evening (and cash!) here.

Not worth the wait., 6/2/2003
Reviewer: Lisa from SantaBarbara,CA
Highly over-rated. Average food and very poor service. Nothing special about this place. All hype.

Don´t go, 5/18/2003

2 out of 3 dishes I ordered were terrible. I don´t know how that Caesar salad was voted best Caesar salad in Santa Barbara. My Penne was cold and salty. One of the waiters pretty much threw our plates on our table, while for another table he placed them down nicely with a big smile. Being that my party was not white, perhaps they were racist. Don´t go.

My Manicotti drowned!!, 5/10/2003

I ordered Manicotti and was expecting a more or less al-dente version, instead it was swimming, no drowning in the sauce and was pretty much falling apart. I had to rescue my little Manicotti by spooning out the sauce. It turned out to taste just okay, but no better than a TV dinner Manicotti. Stouffers or Palazzio´s? Vote Stouffers. I will say that the restaurant´s atmosphere is fun for get togethers and the the noodle pasta dishes are generous enough to split with a friend.

not italian, 5/5/2003

I liked the precooked water logged pasta the least, and the fact that they give you A LOT of it, adds insult to injury. Don´t waste your time waiting for this italian food, especially if you have EVER tasted real italian food

Stinks, 5/5/2003
Reviewer: Sami from Santa Barbara, CA.
What can i say? We waited and figured that everyone waiting must be right. They were not. What a mistake. Nothing even romotely real Italian about this place. Don´t let the lines fool you.

I would give 0 stars if I could, 4/30/2003
Reviewer: Eric Chapman from San Jose, CA
First of all, the wait is just not worth it. You would think after waiting an hour and a half for a table of four, that the service would be great, but I was wrong. No wonder it took that long to get our table, the waiter took FOREVER to get our order in. Then, when the poor chap brought our food out, we had to send him back to get our server b/c, of course, our order was wrong. After this 45 min process, we decided we needed to let the manager know what was going on. You would think that being a manager of a restuarant that you would need people skills huh?Wrong again. Some advice, if you need to talk to the manager, DONT, you´ll only regret it, trust me. So we finally got our check and luckily got out of that place. I will never, ever eat here again. If you want good food, try Aldo´s across the street. They have way better service anyway.

Great Restaurant!, 4/22/2003
Reviewer: Abagail Winston from Santa Ynez, CA
The team service, especially the "roll" players, no pun intended!!, who also grated parmesean cheese for us, is an excellent idea. Those handsome gentlemen truly made the night for me and my friend. I can´t wait to return to Palazzio- Santa Barbara´s finest Italian spot.

awesome food, 4/22/2003
Reviewer: Danny from Southern California
I thought this place was so awesome..the food was so great and the service was great. If you really like Italian food then this is the place to go and eat. The ceiling was pretty cool because of all of the paintings and stuff on it. The atmosphere was nice and clean. That was the first time that I ate there and I plan on eating there again!

What a great Italian Restaurant, 4/21/2003
Reviewer: Casey from Tijuana, Mexico
What a great experience. The food was great, the service was top-notch and the atmosphere is awesome. They have team-service, which means that you can ask anybody for anything. (No waiting for your server to get back)I would highly recommend coming here, but if you go on the weekends, make sure you have a 5:30 reservation, or else you maybe walking up and down state street for awhile. 5 stars, especially for their great and dependable service.

Heaping portions, 4/12/2003
Reviewer: emaciated man from SB,CA,USA
Are you tired after a long, difficult week at work and haven´t eaten since the day before? Well, here are some vital instructions>invite your favorite people/person(s)>make reservations>order a "full" serving of Penne Alla Bella Ginna (what gives if I misspelled it) for "yourself">thoroughly enjoy until there is a minute lump in the center of your dish.

Very hip, happening restaurant and bar!!! 3/10/03, 3/10/2003
Reviewer: Steve from San Diego, CA USA
I was standing on the sidewalk with the other people on the 1 hour wait list at 6:30 on Saturday night. I caught a break when 2 people left the bar and moved inside. I ordered their signature drink, "Italian Margarita" which I highly recommend over the house wine that most people order. The bar also serves full menu which a lot of people outside waiting are not aware of. I am not a heavy drinker at dinner but the "Italian Margarita´s" and the great service from the bartender was the best part of the evening. I was given a table after a 1 hour wait and the server gave me great service with a lot of charisma. The food was only average, but I´ll take great atmosphere over great food with no atmosphere on vacation every time. If you are looking for better food without the party, try Paoli´s on state street across from the amtrak station. I ate dinner on Sunday before going home on the train and the food was great, as well as the service and ambiance. Make sure you don´t eat too many of Palazzio´s signature "garlic balls", you´ll lose your appetite. So get off the street and into the bar before you eat dinner and you´ll have a great overall dining experience in the hub of state street.

What a Wonderful Dining Experience, 3/6/2003

My family and I had the most wonderful dining experience at Palazzio. Not only was the service exceptional, but the waiters all seemed to be helping eachother and not missing a beat to our needs. The food was a mountain full which allowed my family to dine there relatively inexpensively because we were all able to share in a family-style manner. We sang That´s Amore with the the Staff during the night and the Garlic Rolls are to die for. The honor system "help yourself service" Merlot decanters throughout the diningroom was terrific. In fact, I met some nice people while pouring a glass of merlot for myself. I would definately recommend Palazzio to everyone of my friends.

this place is a joke............, 1/24/2003
Reviewer: Sean Murphy from Santa Barbara
you wait to long for .........terrible service and average food........big bowls of pasta...big deal

LOUSY SERVICE!!!!!, 1/5/2003
Reviewer: john metaxas from sacramento CA USA
Difficut to get a table on New Years Eve, but, not impossible. The seating was actually easier to accomplish than getting the waiter to show up for the order, water, other than one brief"how is it?" Getting any thing else proved to be an exercise in futility! Our waiter was busy greeting his friends and aquantices as well as most of the other employees were busy with their friends and school mates! The check proved to be next to inpossible to acquire, we had to ask the hostess to fetch the waiter, after about 20 minutes of waiting. She seemed purturbed that we made that request! He then shows up, gives us the bill, wishes us a happy new year! and we waited another 10 minutes and gave our money directly to the hostess. Still seemingly irritated, she relunctantly gave us our change. They really don"t seem to care!!! The food was good---Not Great.. We were not in a hurry, and we very rarely complain, about anything!!!

Pathetic, 1/2/2003

I mean, c´mon folks--if monster portions and all you can eat rolls are enough to get 5 stars then hell lets just name Sizzlers restaurant of the year, which is about the category I put Palazzio in--in fact Sizzler might be a better italian restaurant on some nights... Palazzio is not an authentic Italian restaurant--I´m Italian, I´m from Italy, I´ve eaten everywhere all over Europe--Palazzio is a gimmick restaurant--tons of oily garlic rolls, portions that flow over the edges and pink lights--the food is greasy and overdone and the carafe wine is one step from vinegar... If you know anything about food or having any sense of fine food, then what are you doing here?!!!

Good food, good price, huge portions, great atmosphere, 12/27/2002
Reviewer: Lucie from Brazil
Everyone who likes good italian food MUST try Pallazio. Great garlic balls served all the time, hot and smelling so good! Great plates, meaning BIG, one never leaves hungry! Salads, pasta, whatever you order will be tasting good! A casual energetic festive atmosphere completes a great meal.

The first & only place my wife I and I will eat while in SB, 11/19/2002
Reviewer: Anthony from Rancho Cucamonga, CA
To those visiting, be patient. Any good restaurant on State street will be busy, at least 1/2 hour wait. But Palazzio´s is worth the wait. A great casual dinning atmosphere, the garlic rolls are tasty but the main dishes and salads are equally as good. The spicy sausage and rigatoni are excellent and the chicken alfredo is mouth watering. Will be celebrating out 1st year anniversary this month SB and will start with diner at Palazzio´s. This is a very special place and the waiters and waitresses are very pleasant. All will enjoy. If you are in a hurry then no good restaurant on State street will make you happy.

Great food @ an affordable price, 10/22/2002
Reviewer: Victoria from Woodland Hills, CA
I really enjoyed the portions and the reasonable price, however I felt as though the service was bad for my first and second experience.

BEST OF THE BEST, 8/18/2002

Bravo!, 8/5/2002
Reviewer: MahaLo LoVes You from Santa Barbara, CA
I don´t give out 5 stars this easily but I gotta hand it to Palazzio. My friends brought me here for my birthday dinner, and I must say that I was very impressed by the service, food, and the environment. I don´t exactly remember what I had for dinner but what stood out was the free garlic rolls. It´s very addicting so try not to consume to much. Your options for the food can be ordered on a half size or full size because the latter is served in a big portion. Your server will remind of this. It is COMPELLING that you bring a romantic affair in here. By romantic, I mean someone you have been seriously dating because ths place is absolutely gonna blow her away. The dim lights over a candlelight is the killer touch. There´s plenty of room for intimacy and good stuff like that during the course of your dinner. The prices are very reasonable and definitely worth it. Make sure you make a reservation because this joint is quite popular among dining connoiseurs.

Garlicly Treats!, 8/3/2002
Reviewer: Bohemia from Los Angeles
My favorite thing of all was the little garlic bread rolls. They were hot, delicious, and all you can eat. They atmosphere was nice and the service was very prompt. The Penne Bolognese is so delicious! Just make sure not to fill up on the garlic bread rolls or else you won´t want to eat which is a shame since the food is tasty.

no doubt about it, this is the best damn restaurant in SB, 7/4/2002
Reviewer: erin halverson from aspen, colorado
The food here is so awesome, I still dream about it even though I have moved from santa barbara out to aspen, CO. If you are visiting this beautiful town, make a point of stopping by for a delicious, hearty, top- quality meal. Enjoy! And try not to eat too many garlic rolls before your meal gets to you... otherwise, you won´t have any room for it :)

Garlic Balls Rule, 6/26/2002
Reviewer: Red Man from San Diego
All I have to say is that their garlic balls rule. For a cheap date, order some wine and let the free garlic balls roll!

Dining guide, 6/4/2002
Reviewer: Alexandre . A . Palazzi from São Paulo , SP Brazil
I think this place is the best Dining place in Santa Barbara. The food and the wine is very good . The service and the atmosphere is incredible. In my lest weeking in Santa Barbara I went here three times. Palazzio Trattoria Italiana is my favourite dining place.

Poppy was a little sloppy, 4/11/2002
Reviewer: from santa barbara
This restaurant can fool you. Certain dishes like the chicken caesar salad was excellent, but other dishes were terrible, like the meatballs and the chicken picatta. The house wines, red and white weren´t suitable to drink. The garlic balls are what make this place popular, but watch out, poppy is too sloppy with a lot of the dishes. Go across the street to Aldo´s!

Chicks on the loose, 3/24/2002

The food there was great. Our service was fast and efficient. The waiter was really nice.

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