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Panda Express - Paseo Nuevo
605 Paseo Nuevo, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 568-3688

Reviews by the General Public

Decent Food and Service
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
The Decor inside is nice, beyond that your typical panda food. After going to all four Pandas in town this one probably ranks second behind the Upper State in quality/food out and is Ok to go to, Fairview and UCSB ones don't do it for me.

Excellent Food!
Reviewer: Franny from Santa Barbara, CA
I go here all the time! This fast-food is restaurant-food good. Always walk in hungry, always walk out satisfied and full!

You people know nothing!!!!!
Reviewer: jocelyn from California
you people know nothing who are complaining about this food!!!! panda is one of the best fast food retaurants there is out is kept extrmely clean and i know for a fact that the vegetables are cut fresh every night no!!! they are not canned carrots or peas....people work hard their and are as friendly as they could be its not nice to say they annoy you when you are being greteed! It is the best chinnese food out there with a great attitude

This is the worst Panda Express I've ever eaten at
Reviewer: Sara from Santa Barbara, CA
I've tried a lot of Panda Express restaurants and they are pretty edible to very good. Not this one! I've been several times, whatever they do to their mixed vegetables should be illegal, they taste awful. The entrees are okay at best and both the rice and the chow mein are awful. I've always ended up throwing out most of everything after a few bites. If they got rid of the current cook I'd consider going back.

Very bad.
Reviewer: Valerie Hart from Boise Idaho
The nice employees and clean cheery atmosphere was the best part of this experience. The fried rice had canned peas and carrots in it. The Orange Chicken was in tiny hard chewy bite sizes. The Chicken Eggroll was inedible. My 21 year old son who eats anything wouldn't even take a second bite. The sweet and sour sauce was dreadful, and actually tasted "bad". I left with a headache and felt awful until the next day. I felt as if I had been chemically assaulted. I don't know what's in this stuff, but I'll not return.

Get off your high horse
Reviewer: Andru from Irvine, Ca
I am sick and tired of these people crying about how Panda Express is not real chinese food. Please, that is like whining about how taco bell isn't real mexican food. Its fast food people, what do you expect? BTW I think the orange chicken is way too heavy but the mandarin chicken is great. I would definitely take panda over most national fast food chains.

Great for lunch and dinner
Reviewer: Joseph from Columbus, OH
Panda Express is one of my favorite chinese fast food resturaunts, aside from Dragon China. It's great for when I'm in a hurry. What I really love in there is Mandarin Chicken, &Kungpao chicken.

Definetely not fit for human consumption
Reviewer: Hajir Sailors from Santa Barbara, CA
Panda Express is praised by many people, but i've been in panda expresses from chicago to LA, including this one...and let me tell you, it's not an enjoyable experience...the best possible dish is orange chicken and that's bad. Everything else is just terrible. In paseo nuevo you have sooo many choices...while ruby's next door may be greasy, there's CPK across way...and if you want asian fast food go to sakura express i think it's called, they have medicore sushi and other stuff and it's near california pasta and rudy's, all far superior to panda express.

some say its generic chines food but i say its love:)
Reviewer: Dioela from elk grove, CA
i loved the fact that the food was fresh and it was available everywhere i went. i could get it in elk grove san jose walking distance after school EVERYWHERE. the price is fair and you get the amount of food you pay for and might i say its delicious. especially the sweet and sour pork when its extra crispy and fresh like it always is

It's the best
Reviewer: Lori from Rochester Hills, MI
The closest Panda Express is 20 miles a way but it is so great that I would drive that far out of my way to get it. The orange chicken is fantastic.

Good Food, Good Service
Reviewer: Phillip from Madison, WI
How come there is no Panda meat at Panda Express? HUH?! I am just kidding....well, I enjoy dining at all Panda Express, nice environment, excellent service (hmm...but I think that "Welcome to Panda" greeting slogan is a bit annoying), great food and affordable price. I especially like their Orange Chicken and Mandarin Chicken. For Mandarin Chicken, you'd better ask for the Mandarin Sauce in a seperate container rather then on top of the chicken, trust me, it tastes better without the sauce (or maybe just a little bit of the sauce)

Reviewer: chad from kelseyville, ca
Some of you do not speak english very well. I certainly hope you are not competitors.

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