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Pane e Vino
1482 East Valley Rd, Montecito
Phone: (805) 969-9274

  • Category: Italian
  • Hours: Lunch: Mon-Fri Noon-2:30pm, Dinner: Mon-Sun 5pm-9pm
  • Price: $10 - $20
  • Serving: Lunch & Dinner
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Reviews by the General Public

We Were So Disappointed...
Reviewer: Kathy from Santa Barbara, CA
Last night when our friends invited us to Pane e Vino, my husband & I were excited, because we havent eaten here in years, and we always considered it an authentic Italian classic. Well, I wish I could say it was still good. While I know they've been through several chefs and it's hard to keep good ones, they must do something soon to right the ship. The chicken was overcooked & dry while the halibut was almost undercooked and bland. The spinach looked & tasted like it was leftover from yesterday. They called the special chicken a "half chicken with rosemary & garlic." But it was chopped up into little pieces on bones that were very hard to cut any meat off of, was very dry (even though the waiter said it would be moister than the roasted chicken menu item!), and had no taste of rosemary or garlic. Since the waiter never asked us how our meal was, it's no wonder the owner doesn't know the problems. The Risotto and Tirimisu were fine, but we won't be returning here any time soon. : (

excellent food
Reviewer: Daniel Medzyk from Santa Barbara, CA
Reminded me of having dinner in Sienna, Italy . outdoor ( kinda ) seating ,the hustle and bustle of the wait staff, even the owner roaming the floor talking to the patrons. My review, Great food , Great ambiance, Great place for DATE NIGHT,

My favorite...
Reviewer: Minot from Santa Barbara, CA
Very welcoming, warm and delicious food. Their veal raviol in sage and butter is the best anywhere. The service is excellent. It is where we take friends and family when they come to visit. And where we go alone for a cozy, always wonderful meal.

Inconsistent, Euro Rude, and Who's in the Kitchen?
Reviewer: Montecito Local from Santa Barbara, CA
Living in M., have tried this spot a few times over past 5 years. Time to try again, and have a good dinner on my own so have to take my wife following week:: ordered same cristini (this time have to use a steak knife to cut through overtoasted bread), bucatini a week later was preprared with too little liquid and dried out. Euro staff seems unhappy that a paying customer shows up, just plain rude and uncarrying. If I was investor, fire most of the front staff. Some nights food is good, last week just aweful.

Pasta Perfection!
Reviewer: Dawn D'Haeze from Lake Oswego, OR
This is an intimate little restaurant with excellent food and service. The pasta dishes are to die for.... I recommend the pasta with smoked mozzarella, grilled eggplant and spicy tomato sauce.

Perfect service....Close to perfect food
Reviewer: Ryan Barnhill from Santa Barbara, CA
My wife and I went here for the first time for our 4th anniversary and we were not disappointed. I had tagliatelle verdi alla bolognese (sp?) and she had penne w/ mushrooms and pancetta (don't know the name of the dish). Mine was good but hers was fantastic. The penne was perfectly cooked and all the flavors were well balanced. We will be fighting over the leftovers tomorrow (the portions are large). The only fault we could find was our appetizer. We split the stuffed artichoke which we found very bland in comparison to our entrees. Additionally, the service was very accommodating, truly deserving of 5 stars. The wait staff was attentive and gracious, tolerating our indecisiveness and requests to switch tables. We have rarely found service this good in Santa Barbara. We would not hesitate to recommend Pane e Vino to any of our family or friends.

molto buono come da noi in italia!
Reviewer: Patricia e Luca from CUNEO ,ITALIA
Abbiamo cercato un ristorante italiano perché non c'e la faccevamo pui,dopo 7giorni,di mangiare dei scheesburger... Che gioia di aver trovato questo posto,bellisimo tra l'altro,con ottimi piatti italianni e con un ottimo servizio. Abbiamo parlato molto con il responsabile che è stato sinpaticissimo. Da consigliare a tutti quelli che vogliono mangiare bene,anzi,benissimo!

Very good Italian in Santa Barbara
Reviewer: Curt from Santa Barbara CA
I am a regular visitor to Italy and greatly appreciate the culture. I can recommend the zuppe di pesche and the spaghetti alla vongole.

At Your Own Risk
Reviewer: Todd from Santa Barbara
I am a native Montecitan. (I say this not because I think the title holds some particular lustre, but simply to demonstrate that, on the occasion of my brother's recent birthday dinner at Pan E Vino, I had memories of the establishment that date back prior to the conception of our server.)

The Good: Clearly, this place is doing something right. The business has been astoundingly successful, from an outside viewer's standpoint, for many years longer than most all of the other area non-hotel-affiliated restaurants have been in business period, with the exceptions of Peabody's (long-established, with new ownership) and, possibly, Piatti (chain, may or may not have been in business in Montecito prior to Pan E Vino). The owner/managing partner/whatever is extremely congenial, as others have noted, and in our instance he made every effort to repair what was already an impossibly broken situation, though I might suggest that although he is ideally suited as an appeaser, he might better serve his role by preventing such issues from arising in the first place. To complete this section, I am not by any means an authority on the 'authenticity' of any Italian restaurant, as I have never traveled in Italy, but I've eaten a ton of good Italian food in the States, and have no bones to pick with what they serve up at Pan E Vino.

The Bad: Unfortunately, here in the States, we tend to view the overall dining experience as being at least equally important to the quality of the food we are presented with. As I mentioned, I am not particularly familiar with 'authentic Italian rustic' cuisine, but if it involves being served by someone who not only seems indifferent to the most rudimentary expectations of guests, but also appears to regard diners with thinly-veiled disdainful contempt, I'll have no part of it, thank you. Pan E Vino is authentic in that it employs Italian waitstaff. It wasn't a busy night (maybe 70% capacity) when our server finally graced us with her presence, but she fast conveyed the notion that we ought to consider ourselves extremely fortunate. Service is intrinsically an intangible in so many respects and responses to it subjective, but suffice to say that we did not receive good service the entire evening by our server. I suppose the tip-offs for her were, we didn't order the bottled mineral water instead of the regular still water, and I asked for the beer selection as opposed to a wine recommendation. She almost seemed to delight in telling me that the only beer available was Michelob before abruptly walking away (I began to ask her about it, out of surprise, because it was the first time in my life I'd encountered such a situation and so I was wondering why they only had Michelob available [not that I have anything against Michelob], but she apparently couldn't be bothered with addressing my question, and so off she went). From the time that she brought us the drink order until the moment the dishes arrived, not once did she return to check on us, although this was an extensively long period of time. What's more, for my brother's birthday dinner, although he had ordered a gnocchi dish off the daily specials list with a particularly-described sauce, he received-- you guessed it-- gnocchi in marinara sauce. When questioned, the server replied that the kitchen had run out of the sauce for the gnocchi on the specials menu, so they had simply elected to replace the order with gnocchi with marinara sauce. Now, every time I've been at Denny's or Carrow's and have inadvertently ordered an item they'd run out of, the server has always returned immediately to inform me and offer me the opportunity to make an alternative selection. I was amazed that Pan E Vino couldn't manage as much. As my brother said when his birthday dinner arrived (a dish varying significantly from what he'd ordered), "I could've just made gnocchi with marinara sauce at home!" Wrap Up: We were, overall, very disappointed with out most recent experience at Pan E Vino. I have no doubt that this restaurant is frequented by a loyal cadre of fans who sustain it year over year and that it takes care wonderfully of these people (many of which, I imagine, consider Coast Village Road a drive into town). For those others of you who may be considering Pan E Vino for a special occasion, I'd advise you to look elsewhere, unless, perhaps, you're planning on definitely ordering plenty of the sparkling mineral water and a $200 bottle of wine.

Yuppies Only.
Reviewer: Kay from Ventura
Alright, so I realize that by my title I'm stereotyping a certain group of people, but the reason why is because at this restaurant it seems to matter. I guess if you are in your early 20s and interested in exploring something new, maybe authentic and are okay with iced teas (not a fancy bottle of wine) it's not okay.

I had an Italian friend who worked at Pane Vino not too long ago and after hearing him talk about it so much, I suggested that my boyfriend and I go out and give it a try. I suppose I have had worse dining experiences before, but in this case we truly felt like we were ignored and put off until the surrounding tables had all their nice bottles of wine opened for them. It goes without saying now, we had to wait a good 15-20 minutes before our drinks came. I don't see why the server couldn't have just asked a busser to bring us two iced teas before he ran off to attend to everyone else, but like I said I guess if we aren't able to spend the same kind of money as everyone else then we are not as important. I don't care where you go, this is not acceptable and any owner or manager who really cares about his or her restaurant and his or her customers would know this. It doesn't matter who orders what, it's about everyone walking away with a positive experience, with something good to say that they will hopefully share with others, with an intention to come back. It's a shame we walked away feeling none of these things.

On top of everything, I've had much better gnocchi in my day and I thought the caprese appetizer was extremely bland.

On a good note: the hostess was extremely nice and helpful in trying to find us a table where we were comfortable and the busser at least apologized when he didn't get around to filling our iced teas right away. The Panna Cotta (sp?) dessert was also delicious.

I'm Italian and this is authentic Italian food!
Reviewer: Jennifer Adler from Montecito CA
This place rocked. I took my Sister and Mom here for a birthday treat. I was highly recommended by a passer by. The pasta is truely al'dente and so full of flavor. This is what we had: I had roasted chicken with veg and it was cooked to perfection with just the right amount of spice - not too over spiced and not too under spiced. Veggies were tender and not mush yet not under done either. My Mom had the Ravioli which was just the right size - so you didn't feel guilty when done, just satisfied. My Sister had some kind of pasta with mushrooms. Yum-Oh and perfectly done. We also had a spinach salad with panchetta, eggs and balsalmic which was terrific. The service was incredibly attentive by our Italian waiter who spoke mostly Italian and he sang Happy B-Day in Italian. So - to sum up, this place is like any cafe/resturaunt you would find in Italy with authentic food and service. I give it a 5**** and thank the person who recommended me to this place where ever she may be. . . : )

Skip this place!
Reviewer: Gail from Montecito
I have not been to this place in many years. This is not a foreign country where when one receives poor service and orders which are incorrect one just tries to be accepting and understanding. This place is in MONTECITO. Negatives: Beverage orders which didn't arrive (until someone at our table actually spoke to the owner); a dish served which was totally incorrect and when this was pointed out we were told the one ordered was not available. (I can't ever remember such a thing happening even in a foreign country!) When one goes out for a meal one doesn't see the positives when there are SO many negatives. I do not recommend this place to ANYone. I will NEVER go there again.

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