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No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2012-05

1198 Coast Village Rd, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 969-0834

  • Category: American
  • Hours: Mon-Sun 7am-Midnight
  • Price: < $10
  • Serving: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner
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Reviews by the General Public

An old employee, 9/25/2012
Reviewer: Joel from Mason MI
I had the pleasure of working at Peabodys about thirty years ago. I was a cook and the food at that time was quality, I remember making the soups from scratch! Not to many places do that. I have many fond memories of not only being employed there but also being a patron. Those of us who worked there were like family! I hope things haven't changed.

Montecito version of Derf's, with much better food, 6/17/2011
Reviewer: Justine from Santa Barbara, CA
I've been to Peabodys twice for lunch and both times the food was good, the service was efficient and pleasant, and the overall experience exceeded my expectations. The first time was a burger out on the patio on a sunny day, and today the chicken fajitas in a cozy corner booth. Definitely a local hangout with a colorful vibe. I'll be going back!

Met my expectations..., 5/17/2011
Reviewer: Sadie from North Carolina
After reading some of the negative reviews I wasn't sure whether to give it a try...but decided to eat there anyway...the food was comfort food and good, the service was adequate for the type of establishment it glad I gave it a try.

Service?, 2/27/2011
Reviewer: Jeff from Santa Barbara, CA
Had a late breakfast there Sunday. I have not stiffed a waitperson in 15 or 20 years but left $2 on a $58 dollar ticket. The only way to describe it is with a list. 1. Sat down and no one acknowledged us or brought menus for 5 minutes(no big deal really, it is not fine dining). 2.Ordered coffee, OJ and three waters, got two waters, the coffee and OJ but had no utensils or spoon for the coffee. 3. Ordered 3 meals plus 2 breakfast burritos to go, asked for utensils from the waitress but still had to flag a busser for the utensils. 4. Two of the three meals came on small salad plates, when I asked about that she said they ran out of regular size plates.... 5. The runner hands one plate across the table and there is sauce all over the bottom of the plate from the overflowing huevos rancheros sauce which got all over my hands and dripped on to my pants. The waitress comes by and we ask for more napkins, she simply states "no problem", nothing more. 6.At this point no one has refilled the coffee so we have to flag the waitress for coffee and asked for catchup and the other water. The coffee gets refilled, she drops the cathup but no water. 7. Food was nothing special, she drops the check but has forgotten the 2 burritos so she has to put that in. 8.We wait another 10 minutes after we needed to leave. What is interesting is that the waitress, who was probably isaround 20 years old, really had no idea that there was anything wrong. She was nice, just seemed like she was not trained on how to serve and was oblivious, which is why I am taking the time to write this. I think the owner manager would like to know, and the server should be made aware and trained so she can make a better living by giving at least basic restaurant service.

Great place, 7/19/2010
Reviewer: Laura and Michael from Toronto, ON, Canada
We've been coming to stay at the Coast Village Inn twice a year (five days each spring and five days each autumn)for many years to visit my mother-in-law in a nearby retirement centre. We've eaten our complimentary continental breakfasts ten mornings a year at Peabody's, and have always been impressed by the kindness and attentiveness of the wait staff, the pleasant atmosphere, and the good food. We've come to think of our favourite waiter (Ruth) as a friend, and we happily recommend this quiet breakfast spot to other visitors.

Never going back, 5/30/2010
Reviewer: Rob from Santa Barbara, CA
Went with three others when it was dead slow. We came to find out why it was so dead. Two burgers w/ salads, turkey club w/ fries, an order of chicken tenders & fries, and chips w/salsa & quacamole. Chips and dips weren't even worth half the cost they are, the turkey club was dry and bland, the "salads" were really just lettuce w/ a tiny bit of dressing (not even enough to cover 1/4 of the lettuce), and the burgers came out RAW (we both ordered them "so theres just a tiny bit of pink"). The waitress was extremely rude and was trying to argue that the burgers were cooked medium. Told her if she didnt go back and have the cooks remake them, we were going to leave w/o eating and paying. We heard her talking to the cooks about the burgers, then finally heard her say "Just burn the f***ing burgers" loud the entire restaurant heard. And they came out so burnt we nearly chipped our teeth. No discounts on the bill, no free meals. Rated the food so high (half a star) because the chicken strips were "ok", and to emphasize the horrible service. Of the four of us, NONE of us are ever going back.

The breakfast at Peabody's is the best, 12/21/2009
Reviewer: Vince from Topanga, Ca.,
They make a mean spinach, mushroom, and swiss cheese omelette that I love, with hash browns, toast and coffee at a reasonable price and the service is top notch. Whenever my work calls me to the area, I head to my favorite breakfast spot, Peabodys.

Worth checking this out!, 11/1/2009
Reviewer: Dotty from Minnesota
Having a continental breakfast at Peabodys comes with staying at the Coast Village Inn. I really enjoyed the fresh melon and coffee was delicious! I would have enjoyed the choice of a whole wheat bagel, however! I also had lunch there and it was outstanding! Service was outstanding and waitpersons (especially Ruth) were friendly and very accomodating! I would definitely like to go there for dinner on my next visit!

Loved it for years., 10/6/2009
Reviewer: Rolf Bensonhurst from Santa Barbara, CA
I'm shocked at the bad reviews here, and suspect that many of these people are complaining a little too loud. Peabody's is a fun, laid-back pub style environment that is full of colorful locals and many tourists that stay at the Coast Village Inn. It is one of the last "down to earth" places in Montecito. The food is consistently great and the service in my experience has always been stellar. Sure, every restaurant has their "days" - but I can tell you from many many years of experience at breakfast, lunch, and dinner that Peabody's is an old favorite of mine that rarely, if ever... disappoints ! Thanks Peabody's gang!

Thank goodness...., 10/4/2009
Reviewer: Francis from Santa Barbara, CA
Peabodys seems to have improved. The past few experiences made me never want to return. I was in the neighborhood the other day thought I would give it another shot. Thankfully, the server was polite and attentive and the food was fantastic! Phew! Nice save.

A faithful Montecito Standard, 10/2/2009
Reviewer: Martin Logé from Montecito, CA
I have been eating at Peabody's for over 20 years now and overall it has been a warm, friendly, and inviting place were one can go and have an informal and reasonably priced meal. So much of Montecito/Coast Village Road has strived to become Rodeo Drive North and they have lost the small town charm and Peabody's is a family style restaurant that remains a consistent fixture in our community. I go in the morning and usually walk in the door and my ice tea is already being prepared and on the way to my table. The morning manager Ruth and the chief Martin are always there with a smile and excellent service. It is great also for an impromptu meeting or gathering place as they really know how to handle larger groups. The food is consistently good.

Completely Casual, 9/29/2009
Reviewer: Mary Anne from Sacramento, CA
Halibut taco is one of best meals I've ever eaten in SB. (In and out of SB since '79) Peabodys is comfortable, non-pretentious and aesthetic. I like the patio dining there best although there are cozy spaces inside. I had read the reviews about the inattentive waitress and the guy with the large party who was disappointed but decided to have my Birthday celebration there anyway. I liked the fact the waitress didn't hover. Remember they keep the prices reasonable by NOT having a lot of minions around. If you don't have time to unwind, this is not the place to dine!

Poorly managed with staff that doesn't seem to care, 7/26/2009
Reviewer: Mike from Santa Barbara, CA
I don't understand how an owner / manager can let this place operate the way it is. Kitchen staff and bus staff watching a soccer game and conversing in the dining room. Server is so overwhelmed that she forgets what she's doing for who, and she only had three other tables. We didn't get our food for 45 minutes and there were only three other tables occupied. The food was good and basic, priced at the usual inflated Santa Barbara standards. I have been here before and received the same poor service. I doubt that three time's the charm with this place, so I won't be back.

Ist time, not going back, 5/31/2009
Reviewer: Richard from Santa Barbara, CA
So, new to the area, thought I'd try breakfast here. Very dissapointed, chorizo scrambled eggs were bland (very little spice), hash browns were cold (not even lukewarm!) and then I found a piece of plastic wrap in the scrambled eggs! The waitress was like 'oh'. no apology, no discount on the bill. nothing! Sorry, I went with an open mind and I won't be back!

mediocre at best, 1/20/2009
Reviewer: Marcia from Santa Barbara, CA
Peabody's restaurant has been one of our favorite family restaurants in the past, but it has gone decidedly downhill. It is a casual homey restaurant and we don't expect gourmet food or super professional service. Last night, however, it was very under par. The service was O.K. The food was quite awful. Mushroom burger? I could practically count the amount of mushrooms on one hand. Caesar salad? I would forgive the fact that they spell it wrong in the menu if it was decent, but it was so sad (no croutons, barely tossed, old lettuce, cheese, dressing, only) I had to fix it at the salad bar. The fajitas and the soft tacos looked exactly the same. I was embarrassed for them. I may bring my family back for breakfast and give Peabody's one more chance for old times sake, but that's it.

Terrible service, 1/16/2009
Reviewer: Charlie from Santa Barbara, CA
I have been coming regularly to Peabody's for years. I will never return again. I have had terrible service experiences consistently over the past couple of months that make me realize that the owner does not care about improving the restaurant. I came in one afternoon for a quick bite, and it was not busy at all. I had to go get my server to order after waiting for 20 minutes watching her talk with all of the regulars at the bar (the bartender had to get my drink order). My server brought a hamburger and fries to my table after I ordered a hamburger and salad...normally no big deal, but she said, "Oh, this is not what you ordered, I guess you won't eat it all" placed it on the table and left to talk with the regulars again. She never offered to get me a salad. I am not too fussy, but the way she handled that was outrageous. Peabody's used to have a pretty solid staff, but besides the bar staff now, it is hopeless as it is.

A great experience, very friendly and helpful staff, 1/3/2009
Reviewer: Diane & Mike O'Toole from Manchester, England
We arrived in Montecito after a six hour drive and what a pleasure to be able to drop off our luggage at the Coast Village Inn and to walk straight into the quaint and very friendly Peabody's; it was a real surprise to find such a great Inn right on the doorstep of the motel. We found the whole experience really enjoyable. We had dinner and breakfast and can't fault any aspect of the food, service or the staff. What we really enjoyed was the evening we spent enjoying drinks and a good chat with the locals, especially the bartender (Jake? Josh?) apologies, can't remember his name, who was very attentative, helpful and a pleasure to know. It was our first trip to Montecito and one that we'll certainly be repeating. I would also add that the Coast Village Inn was very comfortable, extremely clean and perfect for nipping into Peabody's - all in all, not one negative comment to make! Thanks to the staff of Peabody's for making our short stay in Montecito a memorable one.

we will never go back because of the waitress, 12/28/2008
Reviewer: LBen-Sasson from Santa Barbara, CA
Our family has frequented Peabody's for YEARS. Being easy-going people, we have enjoyed the informal atmosphere--we have the menu pretty much memorized etc. Also, it is one of the few places we can bring our three large full-grown sons and feed them well. We have come in with other couples on a whim--the location is close to us. Up until last night, it was probably the restaurant we enjoyed as a family more than any other place in town. We were solid faithful customers. And then there was last night. We overheard our waitress chatting happily away to the table next to us while it took us one and a quarter hours to get ONE PLATE of food. She also had a lovely ten minute conversation with another table while we waited and waited and waited. The only reason we didn't walk out was because the CAL game was on and we could watch it--not that enjoyable since the sound was off--but one of our kids went to CAL so we stayed. After half and hour and no food, we asked for our salad first. She brought it with no dressing. When we asked for dressing she said, "Well you didn't tell me what kind you wanted." We sat for another five minutes and then had to remind her that our plates of lettuce would still like dressing. Twenty minutes after that, I said to her, "I don't mean to be rude, but is your cook catching the fish?" (We had ordered salmon.) She laughed and said, "No. Somehow your order didn't go through." Ten minutes before that she had randomly walked over to our table and asked, "Are you the people with the burger?" to which, of course, we answered, "No." ?? After one entire hour the salmon came. It was great as usual but the vegetables, which are usually great, tasted like the cook forgot to put anything on them. Normally we would have blown that off--we're easy-going, but after waiting and hour to eat, we had very low blood sugar. We asked the waitress for a little butter. She said okay but never returned with any. We usually order quite a bit when we come in--(3 big boys/families with us etc) but last night when we walked in, we explained to the waitress we'd eaten a lot over Xmas and wanted to only order Salmon and a side dish. I guess she figured for that small an order she wouldn't lose much of a tip by being inattentive, but silly of her. My grandparents owned and ran two successful restaurants and I am very sensetive to anything to do with food service. We always tip double when we order less in consideration that we are taking up a table. By the way, the hispanic people that work at this establishment are always saints--friendly, attentive-warm. That's something we've always noticed. Waitresses come and go, but this is a consistant thing. Yay for that! But after all these years, we will not be dining at Peabody's anymore--not with our kids, our friends--nada. In wonder simple inconsiderate-beyond-belief swoop, the waitress from Napa has soured our Peabody experience forever we're afraid. We're sorry for the owners of this establishment that they are stuck with such a terrible terrible TERRIBLE waitress. One hour (and it wasn't even busy) to get our meal--with no real apologizes. Ouch. We really did LOVE this restaurant before this hellish experience.

Great Experience, 2/20/2008
Reviewer: Chris from Santa Barbara, CA
I come to Peabody's often, and I love the food, the people and the service. It is like a family there. The bartender sees you coming in the door, you are greeted by name and your drink is ready before you sit down. The food has improved. I was there when Jason Campbell played a few weeks ago and the place was packed...the servers and bartenders handled the situations great. Need more fun bands to play. I will continue to frequent this great family restaurant.

Yummy!, 2/20/2008
Reviewer: Jessica from Santa Barbara
Peabodys is wonderful! My girlfriends and I have breakfast & lunch here and it is always so yummy. The club is tasty as well as all of there other sandwhiches. WE always sit outside on the patio and have a wonderful time. Food is amazing and its just GREAT PLACE !

waited & waited., 2/18/2008
Reviewer: kelly from santa barbara, ca
we spent over an hour in the restaurant and still never got our food. we twiddled our thumbs for 5 minutes waiting for menus. 10 minutes later she came to take our drink order. another 10 went by before she brought the drinks. (plus another 5 before i reminded her that she forgot one of them.) and then another 10 minutes before she came back to take our order. then we waited patiently for 30 minutes (!!) and still never got our food, so we just paid for the drinks and left. not recommended whatsoever.

Won't Return, 1/30/2008
Reviewer: Elizabeth from SB
It's too bad since I use to enjoy going here till this last time. At a time when the restaurant wasn't busy, my husband & I waited 15 minutes for service till we got fed up and left. Won't return.

great food ,5 stars , 1/27/2008
Reviewer: ryan from santa barbara ca
the food was great. they were nice always got our order correct

Would not recommend: Waitress was not friendly , 11/11/2007
Reviewer: Anja from Santa Barbara
This is the second time we had breakfast there on a Sunday morning. We were helped by the same waitress both times (the receipt shows her name is Stefani). First time she seemed to have a bad day and was clearly annoyed. The food was fair and already a little cold when we got it. We decided to give it a second try today but were disappointed again. The (same) waitress seemed to have a better day (was friendlier at first) but still fulfilled our order wrong. We ordered "an egg and toast" from the kids menu ($ 3.95) for our toddler and got egg, toast and 2 slices of bacon. I thought I might have misread the menu and started to feed my toddler. We ended up eating some of the bacon ourselves since the kid didn't care for it while waiting for our own food (which came 5 minutes later for whatever reason). When we got the bill, we were charged $ 6.95 for the kids plate (instead of $ 3.95). She charged us for another kids menu item with bacon although we hadn´t ordered it that way. I approached the waitress and told her we just ordered an egg and the toast for $ 3.95. She said "but that´s not what you got". She also said "...and you ate the bacon". Not in the mood for making a big deal out of it, I paid the bill and left quite frustrated. This waitress needs to get a crash course in customer service and friendliness ! I wouldn´t recommend the place or go back there because of the lack of good service.

Montecito's Best "New" restuarant !, 9/5/2007
Reviewer: Richard Hayes from Montecito
Peabody's has my vote for Montecito's best. We've had our lucky days, our time in the cave and been thrown into the stonehouse for years. Now we have a truly great new place for dining at very reasonable prices in an area full of good dining. Keep up the good work and we'll be back frequently.

THE "COUNTRY CLUB" RETURNS (some of us at least), 8/30/2007
Reviewer: Jackie Treehorn from Laguna Beach, Ca
Well, it has been many years since two or more of the "Club" have gathered. The "Country Club" that is. This Labor Day weekend, six of the old club members will be arriving in the city that "Sleeps in" for a R & R. A stop off to be exact, as a few of our members will be heading over to Thailand to teach the greatest language in the world, English! And to you Peabody's, we look forward to filling your bar with empty glasses, and your ash trays with spent "DI" butts. See you soon old friend.

Excellent, 6/6/2007
Reviewer: Patti from Ventura, CA.
Our Group of 9 had a late bite last night- Tuesday, June 6th- Our waitress was a true professional- memorizing our orders and drinks perfectly. Nachos, casadillas, burgers were all excellent. Thank you Peobody's for continued good food, atmosphere and staying open late!!

disappointed, 5/26/2007
Reviewer: Ashley S from Santa Barbara, CA
We have been coming to peabodys for years now and were patient through the transition of ownership. I think the food has changed for the better but the service seems to be inconsistant. We were there friday night and our waitress must have been new because we had never seen her before. We believe she was drunk and could not serve her customers properly. I dont know what happened but she walked out and left us completely unfinished with our meal. A male server took over our table. He was very polite and took care of us for the rest of our dinner. We like to come to Peabody's to have a fun relaxed dinner but with employees like our waitress it not only makes our dining experience uncomfortable and bad it reflects poorily on the ownership and management of the restaruant.

Ole' Favorite, 3/3/2007
Reviewer: Margaret J from Santa Barbara,CA
Another sentimental favorite... My boyfriend had a steak sandwish two Fridays ago, and could not stop raving about how good it was! I am a vegetarian, so I could only relate that my veggie burger was good in its own right. It can get a bit loud, but most of the time the atmosphere is real mellow, and its even kind of cozy. There is also a male server we have had on a few Friday evenings that is always super pleasant and professional.

Wonderful, 9/19/2006
Reviewer: Danny Pinnock from Redondo beach,CA
Peabodys is a wonderful place with a great hotel / inn connected to it that I would recommend to anyone in the heart of this truely beautiful place called Montecito. Good food,excellent drinks and the Italian a few blocks down is out of this world if you want to pay a little extra. I miss this place and will return as once you have seen this kinda beauty part of your heart will be left there forever as mine is. D.P

The Body is so much more than just a restaurant., 9/14/2006
Reviewer: Teddy Maurer from honolulu, HI
Singing songs together, french dips, George creating drinks that we pretend to like. Good friends, good times, always a memeorable hideout for Westmont class of 2002. The memories are too much to count. Country music, d.i.'s, flaming moe's, laughter gallor and setting up to bail your eight o clock class because you "didn't really need to go anyhoo" It's a restaurant, a gathering of friends, a welcomming, and often times a hole for blacking yourself out in. DI's on the lanai, Ri's in the ride. No troubles. To the guy that gave the Body one star = glad to not see your unknowing pessemistic train at our stop, don't come back, scrub. For everyone else, Let's hit the body for some Good old montecito conversation.

PEA BODIES...Dahhhhh, 4/21/2006
Reviewer: Sam Goody from Jacksonville, OR
Once upon a time ol Peabody's was the finest "joint" this side of the wooded area below Armington. They had this young bartender who served a good dirty joke with each cold beer and could be seen taking a shot himself behind the bar. The chicken nacho's are the only thing worth eating, but any drink will be made to perfection. Once I saw Ace from the A-Team enjoying coffee while a young lad whistled the A-Team theme song from the bar. In a word, this place is CLASSIC. A grande lil liberal arts college sits just up the hill and Peabody's is often frequented by these kids who will most likely drink even an old sailor under the table. P.S. The salsa is disgusting

Nothing like free booze, 4/20/2006
Reviewer: Tom Juker from Byram, CT
My wife and I stopped by on our honeymoon up and down the coast of this little known state called california to find a cozy shack amidst the pretentiousness of montecito downtown. I cant say we could be more pleased... after our nachos came out cold the bartender said, just hang out and when this place closes we'll turn this mother out. All the free booze more than made up for a bit of cold tortilla chips. And the college kids.... what fun! they were drinking jager like it was no tomorrow. we ended up singing songs until the wee hours of the morning. if your interested in really seeing the local scene, check out peabody's!

Many a Night and some times a morning at the old Body!, 4/20/2006
Reviewer: Joey Hirsch from Laguna Beach, Ca
I have been eating, drinking, laughing and spitting (game that is) many a day at our Westmont watering hole. Although most of us have moved on, whenever we make it back around the 805 we always seem to find ourselves stopping by the bar whacking back a stiff gin & tonic and big fat plate of Chicken Nachos. I can say for sure the staff is fantastic and the food is great. Stop in early morning after a long night down town for a great ham and cheese omelet and a sturdy Bloody Mary...Be sure to give Joe the cook a whistle. He’ll be sure to look up. Tell him Joe says what up! Thanks for all the good times Peabody’s!

Great Food Even Better Drinks!, 1/5/2006
Reviewer: Rachel from Thousand Oaks
I enjoyed eating here,and their drinks were great. It is one of the lesser expensive places on Coast Village Road to eat a good meal and enjoy the ambiance of Montecito!

Always loved it but the changes made it GREAT!, 6/8/2005

I have been going to Peabody´s for a while and yes, the drinks are great but the food used to leave a lot to be desired. As of late, they have changed their menu and the food is so much better. I love the atmosphere (very laid back and friendly) and although it is very much a local hang out, even an out of towner would feel very much at home.

Locals only?, 6/6/2005

The "locals" were really loud and annoying. The bartender didn´t seem to care and neither did the waitress. The only way I knew my waitress was waiting on us was by the apron she had barely tied onto her waist. She looked like one of the other girls that was just hanging out at the bar and she acted like it too. Maybe they should have shirts printed for the staff. The service was rude as if they were doing us a big favor by serving us. The food wasn´t great eigther, old fries, dirty plates and silver etc...Good drinks bad food.

Reviewer: Matt Kuhn from Montecito, CA
Fantastic Cajun Salmon Tacos! Fantastic Chicken and Wild Rice Soup! Fantastic Burgers! You can sit by the fireplace for a romantic dinner with your sweetheart. Waitresses AND patrons are very friendly. Highly Recommended.

Food Sucks, Drinks are GREAT!, 8/8/2003

Food is HORRIBLE! Drinks are AWESOME! Don´t go there to eat, go there to socialize and have an after-work or pre-dowtown drink.

Don´t waste your time, 7/26/2002

It looked like an interesting place from outside, but the service was terrible. We waited for some time before the waitress came. The table was dirty and it took her some time to clean it. After cleaning it, she left the dirty wet rag on the table (where it stayed the entire time we were there as did the menus). We decided to pass on eating and just had drinks and chips and salsa. The chips were slightly stale and the salsa tasted like bottled. All in all a real bad experience.

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