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Ca Dario

No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2011-10

516 San Ysidro Rd, Montecito
Phone: (805) 969-7520

Reviews by the General Public

Smaller and smaller portions, limited menu, over priced, 5/8/2011
Reviewer: Mimi from Santa Barbara, CA
We've been dining at Piatti for many years but will not return after our visit for Mother's Day, 2011. Portions keep shrinking.while prices.escalate. Fewer and fewer menu items. I ordered risotto, which I've had many times over the years. This time, it was about 1/3 the portion I used to get, but costs the same. They spread it around a small plate to make it look like more than it was. We all noticed how little food was on the plate, so I questioned our server. He argued with me stating that the food is weighed a.dit's allways been the same amount. I found this funny since I've been dining there longer than he's been working there, so his statement was a bit ridiculous. He continued attempting to prove I was wrong. Tbis kind of tbing never happened before. They used to care about their customers, as well they should given their inflated prices. The assistant manager preferred to argue in an attempt to prove me wrong. At $25 for a tiny plate of seafood risotto, I expect to be treated better. Take my advice, save your money and grab something to eat next door.It''s just as good, far less expensive and they care about their customers. Piatti in Montecito is a mere shadow of what it once was. They ruined my Mother's Day.

Terrible service, 12/27/2010
Reviewer: Marissa from Santa Barbara, CA
We made a reservation for a quiet table for our hard of hearing grandfather. Upon arriving our table was not ready and when it was 15 minutes later we were seated in the loudest section. Service was extremely slow which seems to have been the result of our server having too large of a section for himself and an unhelpful manager. A simple meal turned into a two hour ordeal that left us all in a bad mood. The food was tasty but I would not come back simply because of the poor service.

Panini a little too salty, 9/30/2010
Reviewer: Elena from Santa Barbara, CA
The service was excellent as always. I ordered the Panini for the first time and the bread they used was too salty. The veggie filling with the goat cheese was okay but very messy to eat. I'll stick with their pasta or pizza next time.

great spot, food just okay, 8/10/2010
Reviewer: Beth from Santa Barbara, CA
Just got home from Piatti. As always, the environment is fantastic, just wish I could say the same about the food. I had a mixed drink from the bar and it was nice - not too strong, not too weak. I ordered the "special" chicken/artichoke hearts risotto. It was clear that they cooked the plain rice first before adding things to it. There were little pockets of plain white rice in the mixture. It had big chunks of chicken - texture was nice but pretty tasteless. Overall, it was okay but not worth what I paid. Others in my party seemed to enjoy their food but there was a lack of high praise for the food around the table - quite unlike my family of foodies. On the plus side, my husband had the house merlot and I enjoyed finishing it off for him.

WOW. Amazing dinner, 1/25/2010
Reviewer: JF from Santa Barbara, CA
I went to Piatti for the first time last night on a whim. Boy were we pleasantly surprised! All three of us absolutely loved our meals. I got the daily special braised short ribs with sweet potato pudding (amazing), my brother got the daily special seafood pasta (delicious, spicy with a kick!) and my boyfriend got the Osso Buco (so good), and we got the Pomodoro Fritti to start, which was incredible. We were oohing and ahhing the entire time. I loved the relaxed and elegant atmosphere, our server was knowledgeable and polite, the wine was excellent, and even the bread basket was fabulous. We will be returning for sure.

Great specials and great service, 8/11/2009
Reviewer: Steven from Santa Barbara, CA
I'm not sure where "Peter" has been eating for 30 years, but I was there last week and Piatti is celebrating their 20th anniversary this year... We sat out on the open patio, or "Island" as they call it, and it was fantastic. Nice little patio under the trees. I had an amazing spinach salad and my wife had a brilliant chicken parmesan (just ask for some more sauce and you are good to go). Server was friendly and attentive, and the new water bottles are a nice touch.

What a change!, 3/1/2009
Reviewer: Peter from Santa Barbara, CA
I've been going to Piatti's for about 30 years. It was one of my favorites, but since moving away from Santa Barbara, I hadn't eaten there for about 4 years. What a change! The menu was severly curtailed from what they used to offer. In better days, they had a fantastic osso bucco, veal dishes, etc. -- all gone. Mainly various pastas, pizzas, salads, & a couple of soups. Almost all the food there was tasteless. We had clams, potato-leek soup (must have been water-based), a so-called "Italian meatloaf" (very dry & rubbery), eggplant parmiganna, etc. Wait staff was friendly, but rather slow. When we spend $100 / person, we expect something better than a college coed. Perhaps turning into a chain outfit has done them in. We will not go back.

YUMMY!!, 5/15/2008
Reviewer: Jeanne from Summerland, CA
I don't much pasta anymore and usual pass on Italian restaurants. Stopped by here and really loved the pasta! So much so I have keep going back.

Not bad for a chain, 5/8/2007
Reviewer: Dimitri from Pasadena, CA
I happened upon this restaurant after spending a day at the Mission and Botanical Gardens. Everywhere I *really* wanted to eat was unable to take a reservation. So it was a pleasant surprise to just walk in here off the street and be seated. My expectations were low, but they were exceeded. The food was good - better than Macaroni Grill, but not up to the level of a true gourmet restaurant. There were only a couple of interesting selections on the spartan menu, but they were well prepared. The wine list was okay - again, better than I hoped to expect. Service was a bit lacking. Although the server was friendly, the food took a long time. The best part, though, was the price. Including wine, the bill came to less than $100, and we don't tend to skimp on the bottles of wine we buy. When I eat out, I usually spend three times that. Maybe there was no caviar or lobster, but I really had a good time here. By the time we left (8pm) the place was full of people - from families with kids to adults in semi-formal attire - looking for a casual place out a notch above Louise's Trattoria. As a neighborhood restaurant I think it does quite well. It's not really a destination restaurant, though, if you're visiting from outside Southern California.

Great food, great service, 5/7/2007
Reviewer: Dana Alexander from Santa Barbara
What a wonderful dining experience. From the gracious hostess to the attentive server, to the delightful ambiance, to the wonderful food -- all in all a stellar time.

Always wanted to try and finally did!, 2/21/2007
Reviewer: Jon from San Diego
Went here for a very early dinner, @4pm, and was very pleased. Very few people in the restaurant made it appear unpopular, but they all must have been waiting for their main course of the evening. They made us feel welome (baby and 2.5 yr. old in tow) and even though the portion was small by my liking, the taste made up for it!

yum!, 1/25/2007
Reviewer: joy from los angeles, ca
my first time eating here and it was great! i went with my family and everyone one of us enjoyed the entire evening. the place is cute and clean and the staff was very nice. i will definitely return whenever i make a trip up to the area.

YumYum!, 7/31/2006
Reviewer: Leslie from Santa Barbabra
This was my first time eating here and I must say that it was very delicious! Their menu wasn't quite as extensive as I had hoped (not to mention that they didn't have any specials on hand either) but the food was still tasty. The lemon/lime ravioli was to die for and the service was very attentive. My only complaint would have to be that it was overpriced. But I guess that's the price tag you have to pay to dine in Montecito.

A delightful dining experience, 2/24/2006
Reviewer: David from Short Hills, New Jersey
Not knowing what to expect,we found this place warm and comfortable. The menu had some interesting choices which rewarded us by their fine preparation. The fireplace adds extra ambience on a cold evening and the overall experience left us feeling we would love to return. Very nice indeed.

It´s a Moray, 1/12/2005

I thought the food was wonderful. The Italian food was great. The pizza was crisp and tasty. My girlfriend had the pasta and it was aldente ! Exceptional environment.

Don´t let this artsy food chain fool your wallet..., 7/22/2004
Reviewer: Milton San Padre from Brooklyn, New York
Each and every time I went for Piatti´s I thought I could give these guys another chance. And each and every time I left, I promised myself it was the last time I got caught in this Italian food superstore. Don´t let this badly kept chain fool your wallet. Food is definitely above average, but the service is unbelievably slow. Ciao a tutti

excellent service everytime!, 1/7/2004

sit in the patio and enjoy the scenary and atmosphere. the rigatoni, osso buco, and salmone are wonderful. this is the type of place where you will always receive excellent service from the polite and professional wait staff. no attitude from wait staff here. if you want attitude then you can go to pane e vino nearby.

Delectable dishes, amazing ambiance, & perfect hosts!, 11/17/2003
Reviewer: Terry from Los Angeles
I brought my boyfriend here to celebrate his 31st b-day, and when we left, I realized I could not find a more wonderful and romantic (the table was next to the crackling fireplace on the patio) place for the occasion. Our server was warm and personable, and the food was just delicious. The subtle b-day dessert was a true treat and a surprise (I didn´t realize they had read my email requesting it!).

A little shi-shi, but excellent food and service, 8/14/2003

I have been here a handful of times and each experience included fabulous food.

outstanding, 8/13/2003

I have visited this resturant over 10 times and have never been dissapointed with the food, service or atmosphere. Its tucked just inside of moniceto so the pace is thankfully slower then that of state streets resturants. Anything on the menu will be outstanding and freshly prepared. After a great dinner you would expect a huge hole in your check book but not here. Meals are quite inexpensive and large portioned.

so good, 3/20/2002

best italian. homemade pasta. lemon ravioli melts in your mouth. take a date there, get laid.

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