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Pierre Lafond Wine Bistro
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2014-10

516 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 962-1455

  • Category: American
  • Hours: Mon-Sun 7am-10pm
  • Chef: Nathan Heil
  • Price: < $10
  • Serving: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner
  • Reservations: No
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Reviews by the General Public

Avoid, 6/16/2012
Reviewer: Jennifer from Santa Barbara, CA
Do NOT eat here! I had a late lunch yesterday (6/15/2012) the ham, turkey & goat cheese panini with salad. The salad was 1/3 old, rotten lettuce (which I did not eat) and the sandwich was not worth eating. Staff service is poor as well, due to it being slow, even though there were only a few tables with customers. Our waitress brought me lemonade with no ice - ridiculous. The staff needs to be trained in proper food handling - that's all I can say due to the restrictions of posting on this site.

a good weekend that ended bad., 5/21/2012
Reviewer: Amar from Los Angeles CA
My girlfriend and I were visiting in Santa Barbara to top off a weekend getaway. Being LA locals, we have become use to higher priced bistros. At first Pierre Lafond's seemed like suitable choice. But we are sadly disappointed. My lady ordered the steak entree and i ordered blackened chicken salad. The food portions were small which we somewhat expected from a french bistro. But after taking a few bites the steak which was ordered a medium was definitely rare and was almost cold in the center. The quality of meat was fatty and tough which was surprising being that it was one of the higher priced items on the menu. My salad seemed more like a curried chicken than a blackened chicken and it was so over powered by the feta cheese that it became too much to bare by the end of the dish. Both meals seemed thrown together in a fashion in which care and quality were completely abandoned. Our server seemed more interested in impressing ladies at the bar. To the point that we were pawned off on other servers and had to wait a quite bit of time to receive the check. In short, over priced, small portions, bad quality cuts of meat, poor preparation and lack of attention to detail. Don't eat here if you are looking for a memorable experience in dining unless it's a bad memory your looking for.

Pierre Lafond: Please do not call yourself a wine bar, 11/24/2011
Reviewer: sally from Santa Barbara, CA
Review of Pierre Lafond by a SB local: I was wanting a class of wine on a holiday, every restaurant was closed EXCEPT this one. I'm a local and should know better to succumb to desperation, but I did. They offer two brands of wine: their own label (BLAH!) and Santa Barbara Winery (double BLAH!). As a rule I don't eat/drink on lower State st. as this is for tourists and the quality is poor and prices high.

O.K., 1/9/2011
Reviewer: edward from Santa Barbara, CA
brunch: eggs and sausage and coffee very good, soggy potatoes - re-heated - I hate soggy potatoes - a restaurant of this class should know better service good , but was not interested in criticism of poatatoes

Espresso Drinks are WORST in SB, 9/14/2010
Reviewer: SB Native and Downtown Local from Santa Barbara, CA
Good food and nice servers BUT... the espresso coffee drinks are the WORST (weakest) in SB. They used to be pretty good a year or so ago, but as a SB native and downtown resident and business owner I love to head out for coffee mid-morn or mid-afternoon I avoid this place and even prefer Starbuck's to it. Some of us locals joke about it, but its not that funny as Pierre's is one of the few old-time local SB businesses remaining on State Street. Management/owners would do well to get a decent NON-auto espresso machine and actually TRAIN staff on the proper preparation of espresso drinks and how to froth the milk properly. Sure hope they fix this aspect.

Most Enjoyable, 8/23/2010
Reviewer: Sandra & Grant from Santa Barbara, CA
First time in Santa Barbara, walking down State Street and we stopped in the Wine Bistro at the start of Happy Hour... the best thing that could happen on a friday afternoon! Our server, Aaron was most pleasant and our wines... OMG and the cheese plate... OMG! We just might jump on Amtrak from Naperville, IL and visit SB again... on a lazy train ride instead of busy flights!

Bad outweights Good - A Lot!, 8/21/2010
Reviewer: Steven from Santa Barbara, CA
My wife and I have been here a few times before, and love the large windows and shaded terrace, but we've also come away thinking that this would be our last time. But this last visit is definitely our last time. First the good. We were seated promptly, brought waters and a basket of two types of warm bread, along with soft butter and dipping oil. The server seemed nice, and promptly returned with our cold draft beers (although $7 drafts seem pricey). When we were having trouble with entree selection, she placed our order for two bowls of French onion soup. The soup itself was dark, rich and full of flavor, but the gruyere cheese did not cover the full circumference of the bowl. My wife ordered the Greek shrimp salad, which was a heavily dressed, chopped romaine mess; still, despite too many bottled roasted red peppers, it was edible. By contrast, the seared salmon I ordered was so coated with a horrible tangerine ketchup sauce, that I decided to order something else after two small bites. The disappointing salmon was only made worse by the pile of undressed watercress and the simply weird quinoa/cucumber molded tower. Yuck. Now, when I placed the alternate order, the server was very kind to say that the first entree would be comped, but then the service changed altogether. A man (the manager?) came to the table to see what I wanted to order, and I requested the blackened chicken salad. After 20 minutes or so, I asked about the status of the order, and the guy said it was up next in the queue (I grumbled that they could have knocked out a salad in five minutes). When it did arrive about 10 minutes later, my wife had mostly finished, so I was left to eat alone. This salad was also heavily dressed, and the scattering of red peppers and black beans seemed haphazard. The chicken itself was nicely cut on the bias, but was dry and coated with bitter paprika. No one came by to see how things were, and I suppose they were glad when we left.

Continues to be Excellent, 7/2/2010
Reviewer: Krista and Tony from Goleta
This was our fourth time dining at the PL Wine Bistro. Luckily we made it during happy hour 4:30-6:30 and found that they do have a fantastic one. $5 SB winery wines by the glass (including their Pinot Noir) and some of their great flatbreads as app. specials. They've also got a small but good selection of tap beers. My wife and I had the excellent smoked chicken and roasted pepper flatbread to start, wonderful flavors and a very decent sized portion. I had planned on ordering the double-cut pork chop which I know is excellent but ended up just getting the Italian meat panini, which featured salami, prosciutto and spicy soppressata. Excellent. I'd definitely order it again. My wife had the spinach salad which featured pears, bleu cheese and roasted pumpkin seeds. We definitely didn't order any thing particularly sophisticated but both meals were prepared well and tasted great. Pierre Lafond has a great wine list which is (not surprisingly) heavy on their own brands (La Fond and SB Winery). Luckily those labels are generally quite good and there are definitely other options by the bottle or glass if you like. My only complaint here is that non happy-hour wine prices have gotten a bit steep. They may have just raised them to capitalize on summer tourists but $15, $16 and $17+ glasses of wine are getting a bit out of hand (IMO). After all were not talking about SQN, Caymus or LaTour here, these are local wines that RETAIL for $15-$25. FWIW their online menu doesn't reflect the current "summer" prices as of this writing. OK enough wanking about that though, I really like this place, they've got a great little patio and a lot of indoor seating as well. Indoors its really nice and light during the day owing to the high ceiling and huge wrap-around front windows which also make it intimately dark but not claustrophobic at night. We've always had good to great service here and the only knock is that occasionally our servers don't have complete knowledge of the items on the menu. We tend to ask a lot of questions about dishes and it can be difficult if you don't know what a particular ingredient is and neither does the staff. Thats minor though and in all other aspects, service has been wonderful.

Strata?, 5/30/2010
Reviewer: karen smith from Santa Barbara, CA
Had breakfast here this morning. I love this place for lunch, dinner and just a glass of wine. Disappointed in my choice of the strata...I would probably have described it as a monte cristo.

Breakfast, 5/16/2010
Reviewer: Anna from Santa Barbara, CA
We came here for an early morning weekday breakfast and were suprised by the fact that no one else entered the restaurant while we were there. We had the cheese blintzes and french toast and they were served hot and full of flavor. Also the heaping cup of coffee was great too. The waitor made sure our cups were always full and that we did not have to ask for anything. I will defintely go back for their evening menu as I liked the atmosphere and food.

Totally enjoyable, 4/24/2010
Reviewer: karen smith from Santa Barbara, CA
Had a great evening here. The flatbreads are to die for..we had the mushroom and brie.

Fantastic Happy Hour, 2/15/2010
Reviewer: CAP from Santa Barbara, CA
Terrific time at happy hour. Great wines by the glass for $5.00. Cheese plate was delicious with generous portions. Jenna was our server. She was attentive and professional. Definitely my new favorite place!!

Great Find on State Street, 2/6/2010
Reviewer: Krista and Tony from Goleta
I've seen this place down on State Street for years but for some reason I never ventured in. Well I finally tried it out and boy I'm glad I did. My wife and I have been there twice now in the past few weeks and each time we received fantastic service and excellent food. From appetizers to entree's I think Pierre Lafond has it down. It's really a very mellow place, not overly glitzy but rather quiet and elegant (which is a bit unusual at that end of town). On top of that they do have a very nice wine list (as you may expect) with a good selection of local and international wines. I've always though SB needed a nice wine-bar that also had great food and it turns out that we do. T

Loved our sever! and the food!, 8/28/2009
Reviewer: Marie Gold from Santa Barbara, CA
The second we walked in the door we were greated by the nicest young server, she was cute funny and really got us in a positive state of mind. The food took kind of a long time to arrive but we didnt mind because our server kept us happy. When it did arrive everything was great! the server recommended the mushroom pasta to me and I was happy I chose to order it, delicious. I recommend this to anyone who is looking for a great server and good food

Very happy to have found this restaurant, 8/3/2009
Reviewer: Holly from Palo Alto, CA
We stumbled upon this restaurant while walking down State Street. The outside dining area is very nice with plenty of shade. We were seated quickly and the service was spot-on. Our server was pleasant and very attentive. The menu had a very nice selection - I had a hard time deciding what to order it all sounded so good. We thought our food was delicious and reasonably priced. When we return to the area, we will surely eat there again.

Cheerful, 5/11/2009
Reviewer: Marie burton from Eureka, CA
My daughter and I came here for dinner on a Thursday. We had such a good time! We are traveling downbthe coast and this is the place we keep talking about. The food was delicious we are vegetarian and they offered a delicious selection. We had the stuffed bellpepper and spinach salad. Out waitress was a charming young lady who entertained us with great stories and recommended great local places to visit. We felt very welcomed and look forward to stopping by onnoit way back up the coast.

Great potential, service needs major help, 2/12/2009
Reviewer: Ann from Santa Barbara, CA
The place looked really nice so we decided to stop in for some dessert and drinks one evening. We ordered 2 lattes and 1 hot tea, and both lattes came to the table lukewarm, nearly cold. We politely asked our server to heat them up or steam them some more (we even said a microwave would be fine), he curtly told us thats the hottest drinks could get but he would try to warm them. He returned with them the exact same temperature. We repeated that the drinks were nearly cold and he again calmly told us we were mistaken and perhaps that wasnt the drink for us. It was a really bizarre episode and we both ended up switching to hot teas because at least that water was hot! Wow, such a difficult order and in such a pricey place youd think theyd have hot drinks down or at least employ people with customer service skills.

Loving the Changes!, 10/27/2008
Reviewer: Evelyn from Ventura, CA
I had dinner at Pierre Lafond last Saturday after enjoying their new tapas and wine which they serve between 3 and five before dinner. I heard there was new management and new menu. The place looks beautiful. (Pictures above are not accurate)Dinner was delicious! I loved the Short Ribs and Wild Mushroom Sachetti! Seriously Delicious! The wine list has also been expanded to a global variety vs. purely local. The ambiance was very pleasant. Candles, music, employees, aroma and I also love the big windows for people watching outside. I have been here before and loved Joshua Keatings menu, and I was reluctant to come and try the new menu. I'm glad I did.

What a wonderful evening., 10/26/2008
Reviewer: Veronica from Santa Barbara, CA
After spending the day wine tasting at local Wineries we were delighted to find this restaurant. We were greeted as we were passing by and decided to look at the menu. The Mushroom Sachetti drew us in, although we decided to give the Evening's Special a try. Lemon Pepper crusted Halibut served over angel hair pasta with a putanesca sauce. Our server even entertained us with a fun history of this marinara sauce. She was also very honest and helpful with our wine selection. All the meals came out in a timely fashion. Absolutely delicious! ands down. I ad to throw my napkin over the rest, because I didn't want to stop eating and it is served as a very generous portion. The ambience in the restaurant is great. We loved the candlelight illuminating the place including local art work. The place is very spacious with large windows and filled with an assortment of fresh flower bouquets. The music selection was very pleasant and refreshing. I'd also like to point out that the staff I met were exeptionally kind and good hearted. Especially our waitress who's beautiful smile and warm humor we enjoyed very much.

Great menu, great charm, service not so good, 10/20/2008
Reviewer: Kim Hutton from Santa Barbara, CA
On a day trip to Santa Barbara we stopped for brunch at Pierre Lafond. Looking at the menu I thought everything sounded wonderful particulary in lgiht of hte fact that I am neither a breakfast nor and eggs person. We sat down at 11:00 - my son's pancakes arrived at 11:50, he never ecevied any craysons, kids menu, etc... Our fruit and cheese platter arrived almost an hour later and the smoked salmon and cream cheese never arrived. The food did taste wonderful but Iwould probably not go back. the restaurant was busy but not packed. I overheard our waitress apologizing to at least 5 - 6 other tables that day. Seems like this is not so unusual. Too bad - the menu is fantastic!

Oh how Pierre LaFond has changed!, 9/11/2008
Reviewer: Susanne from Santa Barbara, CA
I have dined at this restaurant before and the experience has not been that great however, I decided to give them another chance. Boy am I glad I did because this time around was GREAT! I ordered a farmers salad to start, followed by chicken scallopini. Delicious and prompt. The staff was attentive and the food was excellent! I told my waitress about my previous bad experience and she said the restaurant was under new management which had improved quality of both food and service. I would highly recommend this restaurant.

Won't ever go back, 8/19/2008
Reviewer: Casey from Santa Barbara
We called in the afternoon to reserve a table for nine people for a rare and special family gathering. What they didn't tell us was that there was going to be a party of about 100 loud and intoxicated people in one side of the restaurant yelling at each other. The whole restaurant was so loud that no one in our party could have a conversation. The whole place is like one big echo chamber. We could all hardly wait to get out of there. We told the waitress we were disappointed we weren't warned when we called for our reservation and her reply was that she would mention it to a manager later. I couldn't even tell you how the food was, it was impossible to enjoy.

Food arrived more than 1 hour after ordering and was cold, 7/16/2008
Reviewer: Anna from San Francisco, CA
Four of us went for dinner just before 8PM. Waited several minutes while several waiters rushed by and I had to flag down a waiter so we could get seated (plenty empty tables). We were seated, did not receive menus until 5-10 minutes later, waited 5-10 minutes for orders to be taken. Ordered one steamed seafood appetizer to share, it arrived 45 minutes later and cold. At that point, we were too hungry to care that the appetizer was cold. No silverware on table when we were seated, waiter didn't notice that we didn't have silverware when we received the appetizer, had to ask for silverware to eat the appetizer. Waiters were inattention, didn't bother to check on customer's wellness, busy running around not serving customers. After an hour in the restaurant, entrees still had not arrived. From our table, we could see 2 of our entrees ready to be served and waiting on the counter area getting cold. These 2 entrees were already on the counter for at least 10 minutes while waiting for the remaining entrees to finish cooking. Staff never applogized for slow service, cold food, or explained that food would arrive shortly. After an hour's wait, we decided we had waited too long and would receive cold entrees anyways. Paid the bill and left without the entrees arriving. Inattentive staff, slow service, slow kitchen, not worth the price or the wait. Went across the street to Thai restaurant where we ordered, were served and finished eating within 20 minutes.

Good Food, a little slow service., 7/13/2008
Reviewer: eric from SB
Had Breakfast here today, food was good, service was a little slow if your in a hurry, so relax a while. Prices are a kind of high but so is rent on State St.

Horrible service, 7/8/2008
Reviewer: Madhura from Los Angeles
The service was bad. They were not rude, but just ignorant, unexperienced and slooooow. We waited longer than expected at this kind of restaurant, just to get the menus. The servers were confused who was serving our table. The food was nice but I will not go there again.

Great food, poor service, 7/4/2008
Reviewer: Sarah from Santa barbara, CA
While the food has never been disappointing, I have experienced horrible service twice in a row. Each time has been during lunch on a weekday. They are slow to serve and there are hardly any waiters around. I had to wait over 15 minutes just to give my waiter the check (after hunting him down that is). I would not recommend this place if you are on a time crunch! I would visit more often if the service was better.

Pretty Good Lunch-AMAZING DESSERT, 6/2/2008
Reviewer: Sarah from Santa Barbara, CA
I've been to the Pierre LaFond cafe/deli that was in Paseo Nuevo (not sure if it's still there) and it was pricey but good. This time my office ordered lunch at this Pierre Lafond. I got the chicken caesar wrap. It was alright, not nearly enough chicken, and the dressing could've been better. I decided to treat myself by getting a cheesecake slice to go. And I must say this is some of the best damn cheesecake I've ever had!!! I've always been a fan of the Pierre LaFond desserts, but was highly impressed. The cheesecake is thick, moist, sweet and oh my gosh just an amazing dessert. Thank you Pierre Lafond for the amazing cheesecake!!!

INCREDIBLE french toast...HORRIBLE service. Mixed review..., 3/17/2008
Reviewer: Melody from Van Nuys, CA
Seriously... THE. BEST. FRENCH TOAST. EVER. Our 1st time here & it was absolutely worth the repetitive snubbing & complete lack of customer service skills. On everyone's part! From the hostess, to our server, to the bussers, it was one of the worst service experiences I've had. And I eat out a lot! On top of that, it takes forever to get your food - even if you're 1 of only 3 other parties eating there. BUT (in CAPS on purpose) the food somehow, made it worth it. And this is coming from a girl who highly values positive customer service as part of the overall experience. I'm telling you, the most incredible french toast, bacon, mimosa, (husband's) breakfast burrito, salsa, etc. I've ever eaten. I will return & not expect good service. Just great food.

Good food, but not worth the wait or the price, 1/27/2008
Reviewer: Holly from Goleta, CA
My husband and I dined at this restaurant prior to seeing a screening at the SB Film Festival. We ordered the wasabi salmon salad with the asparagus and goat cheese pizza. We asked our server to bring the salad first as we were going to share both entrees. The salad was great, but not worth the 25 minute wait. There was also some "problem" with our pizza, and we waited an additional 30 minutes for it to arrive. The explanation was "it's taking longer than expected" - how informative. The pizza was good, but again, not worth our wait. We had hoped that due to our excessive wait we would have received our pizza for free, or at least a discount, but we did not. The restaurant was not too busy by the time we were finished, but we had to ask another server to tell our waitress we were ready to pay. She had been chatting at the counter, ignoring us for several minutes. I had high hopes for this place, but we will not be eating here again.

Will not go back, 12/8/2007
Reviewer: Sarah from Goleta, CA
My husband and I were excited to eat here; it looked promising and the menu looked good. The waitress was attentive, and helpful. Our Sunshine beers were SO GOOD! Everything after that was kind of downhill. We ordered the french onion soup as an appetizer, and I had many problems with it. The onions were still crunchy, and they were hard to eat because they were big rings that weren't cooked enough! It also almost tasted like Lipton's instant mix because of the dried onion they threw in there (they were floating on top). I would never have served a soup like that. Honestly. My husband ordered the seared ahi which was good and the seasonings were not overpowering. The sauce was good, but not sure if it went with the fish very well. The side dish to that was GOOD! potatoes with a relish and avocado. However, this dish was definitely NOT worth $18. I had the brie and prosciutto panini which was just pretty good, but the "Air fries" tasted like Albertson's deli fries. I didn't eat them all and I love fries! At this point, we wanted dessert but my husband said "not here." Since our seared ahi took forever to come out of the kitchen, the server offered a free dessert. SWEET! She suggested the creme brulee. First of all, I am a bit biased because I am a pastry cook and know how to make a creme brulee. In any case, this one was very under par. It was very thick, and a little curdy. The sugar on the top wasn't thick enough. The flavor was ok, though. I would NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS order this creme brulee for $8.50! If they didn't charge so much for their food, I would have accepted it. I was expecting much, much more. It's hard to say that we came on a bad day, because we had problems with almost everything.

Also believe overrated, 11/26/2007
Reviewer: Darrel Stickler from San Mateo, CA
We went there 10a Sunday after Thanksgiving on the way home from further south. We vacation in Santa Barbara so have eaten at PL before. Noticed they were trying to go upscale. Bakery selection (THE reason to stop in before) is essentially gone. Not busy but we heard the [very good] waitress apologizing to the next table for delays. I ordered the corn pancakes w/ blueberries, which were ok, but the syrup was served in a covered plastic container (like hot sauce) and was cold. My wife ordered the veggie benedict, which was awful. In addition to having bell peppars not listed on the menu, the spinach was not cooked but served on the muffin diced like a salad (!), the asparagus (the featured ingredient) was diced up too much and buried in a mush, and there was no avocado or roasted tomatoes (also featured ingredients). The potatoes had zucchini and string onions--all of which was cold and a mush. Wait staff was professional in the face of poor kitchen support but this isn't the first time the food didn't meet expectations. We sent back the benedict and weren't charged. My impression is the menu is too complicated and they're not letting simple, good [organic] ingredients do the talking. Why mention the farm a vegetable comes from if it's not delivered in a visible and fine manner? You should look at the plate and "see" the menu.

the best breakfast you'll find in santa barbara, 10/14/2007
Reviewer: julo c martinez from alhambra,Ca
my wife and i went to santa barbara and she had mentioned that there was a place she was highly recommended. so we ate one morning and i was hooked for "life"! seriously, the breakfast is one of the reasons i visit santa barbara.For those that havent been there, i recommend this place since i always dine with a picky eater (wife).

Good food, but portions too small and WAY too expensive, 10/13/2007
Reviewer: Camilla from Santa Barbara
My husband and I dined at Pierre Lafond for the second time last night. We had been there when it first opened for dinner -- at that time, we thought it was a great deal for the quality of the food. However, last night we were quite disappointed. We ordered the shrimp and mango roll -- for NINE DOLLARS -- and we were presented with not two rolls (as you would get at any other reasonable restaurant) but ONE ROLL FOR NINE DOLLARS. Shrimp may be expensive, but it is not THAT expensive. The roll itself was a little bland for my tastes. After that we received our dinners -- the shrimp and scallop picatta (about three scallops and three shrimp), and the beef filet and shrimp (four shrimp and a TINY cut of beef, about two ounces). We both enjoyed our dinners, but ended up paying 60 dollars for a meal that left us unsatisfied. Don't go here. We won't be again.

None too pleased (see Joshua below), 8/29/2007
Reviewer: Cassie from CA
So I went to Pierre LaFond with Josh (below) with the hearsay that this was some of the best dining I could get on State Street. This was not the case FOR ME. We did get a table right away, but it took 10-15 mins for a waiter to even acknowledge us, then I thought he'd forgotten us again when he spent another 10-15 mins getting us water. The place was by no means busy (4 other tables full...TOPS), so I don't know why this took so long. Josh failed to mention that the waiter not only forgot our appetizer once, but TWICE. The waiter brought out our lunch without ever giving us our appetizer. I politely asked about the appetizer, he apologized and offered to bring it out while we ate our lunch. When he came back again with no appetizer I mentioned it once more. He did NOT apologize, said he'd bring it out, but ultimately it never came. My food was cold and bland, the salad was made of finely shredded Iceberg with a watery ranch dressing, and a pitcher of beer was $16. I did not enjoy this lunch. This was possibly the worst service I have EVER had.

Overrated, 8/19/2007
Reviewer: Josh Felsinger from Santa Barbara, CA
With a location and structure like the one of the Pierre Lafond Bistro I had nothing but high hopes. However, my waiter took ten minutes to bring me water, another ten minutes to bring me menus. The best part of the the time was having fat tire on tap. The food... 3rd rate at best, id rather eat a panini from a fast food restaurant. My meat was chewy and cut very poorly. I'll never return again, its been the only time i've ever refused to tip someone.

i love the food , 5/10/2007
Reviewer: cathy from alhambra,ca
my husband and i love the 'huevos rancheros' excellent.the service is good.. we always go back because we love the food

great food, restaurant needs remodelling, 4/9/2007
Reviewer: Jackie from Redlands, CA
My boyfriend and I were in the area for the weekend and saw the amazing menu so we decided to check out this restaurant. Our server was very helpful and friendly at first, but seemed to be working on both sides of the place which is a difficult task (if you want to serve your customers well). Many people seemed confused about whether they should go up to the front to order or stay seated. This also didn't help with the cafe style front, set up right in the middle of the place. While the servers were great and the food was top notch, the set up of the restaurant makes the experience confusing and difficult for the customers and servers, but if you're in the mood for amazing cuisine, you ought to check out this establishment.

Slow service -> No breakfast!, 1/31/2007
Reviewer: Ben from Santa Barbara, CA
We came in for a late breakfast during the weekend. They gave us breakfast menus and were slow to take our order. Several minutes after taking our order, the server told us they weren't serving breakfast anymore. We left. I've had good food there before though.

Great food!.... Great Service!....., 11/2/2006
Reviewer: Penelope H. Rowan from Carpinteria, CA
My husband and I visited Pierre Lafond's for the first time a few days ago. We read the menu on the sidewalk and opted for veggie wraps, however this did not appear on the house menu. Our waiter (Stephane) was very diligent in ensuring that we got what we wanted, the wraps were enormous and delicious, lots of avacado and cheese. The service we received was speedy and efficient, and we also enjoyed their fresh croissants enormously! We thoroughly enjoyed the experience!

Great food, worst service in town, 10/30/2006
Reviewer: Jen from Santa Barbara
I've been here a lot and agree that switching to full-service was a bad move. I love the salads and sandwiches here, but where did they get their servers? Time and again it has been horrible (but yes, I go back for the food). Like the review says below, they literally stand around at the counter socializing. One time while being ignored, I could see my server at the counter staring into space twirling a pen around in his fingers. If you're going to give horrible service and ignore your tables, at least PRETEND to be busy doing something else! There are so many people willing to work, fire these servers and get some new help!

Be prepared to WAIT, 7/27/2006
Reviewer: Stephanie Wagner from Brentwood, California
We sat inside on a Thursday afternoon at 2pm, not exactly the rush hour. My husband had to get up and ask the 3 people behind the counter if we could get someone to wait on us. Actually, my husband had to wait while the 3 employees finished their social conversation and laughing before they would even look at him. When we finally had someone come over, she looked bewildered and didn't recite the specials. I asked for a Smoothie--big mistake. I could see the wait person atatempt to prepare the smoothie; she didn't have a clue and had to ask 3 different people how to make it. The amusing thing was when she put the ingredients in a blender she used a paper plate instead of the blender's top. She also asked 3 waiters to taste my smoothie before she served it to me. When she served the beverage to me, she didn't give me a napkin and I had to ask her (second time) to wipe the table clean; there don't seem to be any bus staff, just young, inexperienced, "waiters" who stand behind the counter enjoying each other's company. My husband ordered a sandwich (chicken and avocado) which was tolerable. The restaurant doesn't look clean. The Executive Chef came out from the kitchen scratching himself in his groin area for all of us sitting inside to see---very appealing. There is no one supervising a very inexperienced staff who could care less about service or customers.

Great food, great waiter!, 7/17/2006
Reviewer: James Sampson from Milwaukee, WI
Passing through town from Milwaukee, WI on a pleasant, tho busy July Saturday afternoon--time for a glass of Syrah and dinner...treated to an excellent waitperson, Eric, who tho very busy, still had time to create excellent rapport. He directed me toward an outstanding surf/turf type entree and substituted wildly tasty roasted veggies in lieu of the garlic mashed potatoes. In fact, it was so good, I order a second entree of the same minus the "surf" for a mere $6 more. I felt compelled then to try another Syrah type. Then went across street to a local pub and heard a fiery New Orleans-style instrument/vocal ensemble playing to a packed house. Thanks, Pierre LaFond--and Eric!

Great Place, Great Service, 5/8/2006
Reviewer: Denise from Montecito, CA
In response to 'Alice' I think you have to realize that Pierre Lafond is a Cafe style Deli - and by no means should be categorized as a full scale restaurant with waiters, bartenders and hostesses. Each and everytime i've been there, i've been greeted with very cordial service, and respect which makes me come back even more often. Also - at any given time, the place is packed!!! Yea, i've had to wait 5 to 10 minutes - do i complain??? NO - because there's like 20 people who have come before me. Just FYI! lol

Too long to wait, 5/8/2006
Reviewer: Alice from Santa Barbara, CA
I've eaten at the sit-down part of the restaurant twice in the past two weeks, and both times the service was outrageously slow. Both instances were for breakfast, and while I was in no rush, the fact that it took 2 hours from start to finish (both times) was extremely frustrating. I had to flag the waitstaff down several times for fairly basic things like menus, check, etc. I actually started to wonder whether the management had some sort of deal with the parking lot folks....keeping everyone more than 75 minutes to increase profits. I will say the food is wonderful and inventive. I love the location and can't complain about the quality of any dish/drink I've gotten here. But honestly, I'd encourage you to get counter service or a to-go order, unless you like paying $1.50 or more for parking.

Great!, 5/3/2006
Reviewer: Rachel from Santa Barbara, CA
You all are just haters - this is a great place!

hot waiters, 5/3/2006
Reviewer: Alicia from Santa Barbara, CA
I liked going to pierre lafond because I enjoy the food and I like seeing these 3 young hot hispanic waiters.

Pierre LaFond's New Format Going Downhill......., 4/19/2006
Reviewer: Kurt M from Santa Barbara, CA
My girlfriend and I love the food at Pierre Lafond, but after our breakfast today, we're very disappointed. As usual, the food was great. However, Lafond is now a full service sit down restaurant, which is a horrible move, judging by my 1 hr. 10 min experience at brunch today. Instead of being cafe-style as it previously was, now it is sit-down, with waiters, and our particular waiter "Eduardo," ruined the experience for us. It took about 10 minutes for someone to even notice that we had been seated, although the sign now tells customers to seat yourself and you will be waited on. Our waiter was very un-enthusiastic, I ordered my dish, without onions, and a "deluxe" hot cocoa (which was deliscious) and my girlfriend ordered her dish, with a Chi Tea Latte. This is where things went downhill. Our waiter then dissapeared for at least 10 minutes, only to return and inform me that they were out of croissants for my meal, and I substituted sourdough, no big deal, although I wish it wouldn't have taken so long just to figure that out. We still had not recieved any water or placesettings, and he disappeared again. Another 10 minutes later we got our drinks, 2 coffees instead of a Chi Tea Latte and a Cocoa, so we had to send them back. Still no water, while we waited. 10 min later, he then returned to our table with our food, and my sandwich HAD onions on it, and my GF did not recieve her english muffin which should have came along with her order.... at this point I was starting to wonder if he was listening to anything that came out of my mouth. Right about this time, the couple finishing up at the table next to us stood up and left, muttering "What horrible service." I then asked our waiter for water, and ketchup for my GF's food.....he disappears for another 10 min (and every time I say disappear, I mean he went somewhere inside, and was NOT busy helping other tables)......he then returns and gives my GF and I one (1) glass of water for the two of us.....and no ketchup. The entire time he was very quiet and didn't seem too interested in pleasing the customer (obviously). Now, for the second time, and at the end of our meal, MY drink was delivered, without my gf's drink.... my drink was correct......and once again when it finally arrived, my girlfriend's was wrong, not a Chi Tea Latte..... our ketchup was delivered, with our drinks, as we were finishing our meal. I then had to go inside and find our waiter in order to even get the check. All in all, to have a sandwich each, and a drink, this took us 1 hr. 10 minutes, with our waiter never once asking if everything was ok, and seeming quietly indifferent the entire the old format this meal has taken only 30 or 40 min total. There was hardly any presence from the waiting staff ourdoors, sans one waitress who was often present. My previous experiences at Pierre L. have been great, and I think that it is very important to have astute waiters, if they are going to change up their previous successful format....even the best food is ruined by bad service. Don't mess with a good thing, leave the format cafe-style.

delicious breakfast, 3/15/2006
Reviewer: Aia from Goleta
This is one of my favorite place to eat. I always go here for the breakfast menu. Waffles, pancakes, and french toast are the best! The panini on the other hand are somewhat blah, no real flavor to it. Price is a little bit expensive. Good for saturday or sunday brunch.

Wonderful Service, 7/26/2005
Reviewer: Elizabeth from Buellton
I am in Pierre LaFond almost everyday of the week; I come back because the service is great and the food tasty!

Paseo Nuevo too bad to describe., 6/19/2005

My sisters and I stopped here for lunch because the sandwiches/wraps sounded good. After a long wait(at least 15 minutes or so), one look at the food was all it took to squash our appetites. The Thai chicken wraps were full of at least 1 cup of rice and not much else but some chicken and bland, slimy cabbage. Who has ever heard of a Caeser chicken wrap with avocado and olives. The food was so bad that very little of it was eaten. Would not recommend!

Love the Air Fries, 6/6/2005

The food at Pierre Lafond is very good especially the Anacapa with the Air Fries. The fries are baked not fried which is even better. I agree with the other reviewers regarding the service, not very friendly.

Good Food but Bad Service, 1/31/2005

The food was good when I got the correct order, the service has not been good and they seem very unhappy to wait on customers there, I feel like I am bothering them by ordering something.

good, 12/17/2004

Expensive but the sandwiches will keep u full. They taste good, service was cool. Went there every other day.

Quality of food, 12/13/2004
Reviewer: Michael La Barbera from San luis Obispo
I visit Pierre Lafond everyday 7.00 is competative. If you want to eat for 5.00 you should go to Subway.

Prices went up a lot!, 8/11/2004

I used to eat at Pierre Lafond all the time, but what used to cost me $5 now costs $7, so I don´t go as much anymore. The service is usually pretty good, although sometimes my order gets messed up and they act like it´s a big hassle when I ask them to fix it.

expensive, 8/9/2004

Great Food . . . High Prices, I have been here several times and each time I am never disappointed with the food . . . the service is mediocre and the prices are a little high, but for once in a while itīs great Ditto

Great Food . . . High Prices, 3/5/2004

I have been here several times and each time I am never disappointed with the food . . . the service is mediocre and the prices are a little high, but for once in a while it´s great

Best bread pudding!, 2/25/2003

The bread pudding at Pierre Lafond is the best I´ve ever eaten! We weren´t hungry enough to eat a meal, but based on the delicious bread pudding, I can´t wait to sample more from this restaurant. I also like that is has outdoor seating as well as indoor. We´ll be back.

Good, but a little expensive for everyday, 12/27/2002

I had breakfast at Pierre Lafond a couple of times and the waffle wit strawberries and whipped cream is great. Pancakes with fruits are also delicious. Itīs not cheap, though. Not a place I would eat so often. Sometimes it takes a while to order. Menu is not very easy to understand and when you need info is not easy to get it. Youīre mostly on your own there. But I liked what I had and I recommend it.

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