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Q's Billiards
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2009-01

409 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 966-9177

Reviews by the General Public

No More Sushi Here, 12/31/2008
Reviewer: Barr from San Luis Obispo, CA
I called to get a Reservation for dinner, alas they stopped serving sushi. The person who greeted me on the phone was curtious and polite and quickly offered up the other special they were having. But I really just wanted some fish.

Awesome Security., 9/15/2008
Reviewer: Darren from Omaha, NE
The bouncers here are among the most elite in the nation. Some punks were up to no good out back and the crew came and handled it like professionals. I will always feel safe there.

Awsome Place, 9/12/2007
Reviewer: Niklas Barreto from Santa Barbara, CA
Q's Is a great place to have Sushi, play pool, have events, and party in general. The staff is hot and takes care of you if you take care of them.FRom my experience around this country, if you didn't leave a tip don't be surprised to be charged gratuity. I recommend to anyone for a place to have VIP bottle service or events b/c the staff looks after you.

No Problem with Credit Card - Reputable Establishment, 8/29/2007
Reviewer: Frank Bernadett from Santa Barbara, CA
Food is Great! Service was just fine! I had No problem what-so-ever with my credit card statement, and I have been a customer for a long time. All my friends eat there too, and they too had no problem at all. This is a reputable place, and I trust them with my credit card. I do try to pay while I am still sober, though ;-)

Really like this place, 7/31/2007
Reviewer: Dana Alexander from Santa Barbara CA
Q's is a lot of fun and if you go at the right time, the prices can't be beat. I just like to play pool with family and friends and have some food and drinks, and for that it's great, especially at happy hour where the pool is free and drinks and food are discounted. Service is terrific, considering it's a two floor hike to bring stuff up.

Credit Card Issue at Bar, 2/2/2007
Reviewer: Mark from Isla Vista
I like the music, especially on college night. The one thing I have noticed is that friends of mine have been ripped off on their credit card billing due to a charge for a tip that is greater than what they left. My roommate even had the receipt from the night before and had to contest it with the bank.

Hey Buyer Beware, 5/10/2006
Reviewer: Biggie from Santa Barbara
How wasted were you when you signed out on your card? The bartenders don't make the mistakes, they are the sober ones.....

Good music, 12/22/2005
Reviewer: Dana from Santa Barbara/Ca
Music is better than in most other clubs.

buyer beware, 5/14/2005

Q´s was my favorite bar/club in Santa Barbara. In the past I always used cash, until last Thursday night when I used my ATM card. The amount I indicated on the receipt did not match my banking statement. Q´s overcharged me and I have lost a lot of trust in the establishment. It´s a great place, but stick with cash so you don´t get taken advantage of.

The place to be as long as your´e under 40, 4/6/2005
Reviewer: Mike from Isla Vista
Drinks...great, food...okay (but thats not really their thing), atmosphere for partying (best in SB by far), staff (look like theyre straight off the runway (especially the girls). As long as you can handle loud music and lots of people this is the place to go out at night.

Great fun!, 2/15/2005

We often stop by to dine at Q´s with their all you can eat sushi deal before starting off the nights. Sushi quality is mediocre, other food is pretty good. But for all you can eat at 16 bucks, it´s a deal. Great drinks, gets packed Friday and Saturday nights, decent service. You can play pool upstairs for free as long as you´re ordering food and drinks. Nice concept and place overall.

some good times, 6/23/2004
Reviewer: j-vee the white samuri from in the depths in the valley of the sun
Q´s provides a great fun atmosphere. It allows for great social( drunkness) memories. It is a definate location to meet up with freinds to discuss the past, party in the present, and meet in the future. There is no place like Q´s!!! Nobody does it like the Duce Duce!!!

Funky Fun, 2/26/2003
Reviewer: Jenelle from Santa Barbara
Q´s has a great, funky atmosphere, great service, and even better food. Where else can you munch on edamame and eat you fettacini with chopsticks? This place is definately one of my downtown favorites!

fun, 7/20/2002
Reviewer: angela from ca
good food

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