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Rudy's - Calle Real
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2011-07

5680 Calle Real, Goleta
Phone: (805) 681-0766

  • Category: Mexican
  • Hours: Mon-Sat 8am-10pm, Sun 8am-9pm
  • Price: < $10
  • Serving: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner
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Reviews by the General Public

Rudys in Goleta still open and the best!, 4/10/2013
Reviewer: Christianna from Santa Barbara, CA
It is still in business just moved to larger location in same area. Food still great

training servers!!!, 9/18/2012
Reviewer: elizabeth lafont from Santa Barbara, CA
So i have eaten @ Rudy's many times . The food is pretty good. Went for lunch for the first time (no lunch menu!!!) The server/waiter replaced my fork (after handling the money from the table next to us, holding on to the prongs!! Thank you!I do not know where his hands were before touching what I was going to put in my mouth!!!

Rudy's has reopened down the street, 9/12/2011
Reviewer: John Dickson from Santa Barbara, CA
Rudy's new location is 5764 Calle Real in Goleta.

Excellent Every Single Time, 3/22/2011
Reviewer: Nicole from Santa Barbara, CA
The potato taquitos are to die for at this nice chain of restaurants. What you can expect from Rudy's is to go to any of their stores and have the same experience with the food. Oh and Gay Marie, that is incredible that you have never made a mistake! Here's a tip, contact your credit card company or bank and ask for an investigation on the charge. Much simpler way to solve the issue.

OMG overcharged $504, 3/22/2011
Reviewer: Gay Marie from Santa Barbara, CA
Just wanted to let you know the owner reimbursed my overcharge plus the bank overdraft fees today..thnx Rudy.

OMG overcharged me $500!!!, 3/21/2011
Reviewer: Gay Marie from Santa Barbara, CA
I eat here regularly and food is decent for the cost--but just came home after having bank overdraft issues to find that Rudy's had charged me $500 for a taco and now I can't seem to get anyone to call me back. I have the receipt and it shows only the $5.94 so am confused how this could happen????

Awesome, 3/19/2011
Reviewer: Eric from Bakersfield, CA
A step above Taco Bell? Who was that retard?? This is some of the best "fast food" mexican I've ever had. This is awesome food no matter what you order. From taquitos to burritos, you can't go wrong. If you compare taco bell to Rudy's, you're an idiot. If you like Rudy's, you'll love del taco! (sarcasm)

Hey Joel, 3/3/2011
Reviewer: Amanda from Santa Barbara, CA
Maybe the guy was just BUSY. You should try it sometime.

horrible service, 3/1/2011
Reviewer: Joel Winston from Santa Barbara, CA
These people need to work on the customer service, I was put on hold for 10 min. until I hung up. Either the guy was lazy or worthless.

Perfect, 2/25/2011
Reviewer: Kimberly from Goleta, CA
The food is always so good and their prices are really reasonable. They are also super friendly and fast. Awesome!

Good Food, 12/2/2010
Reviewer: Abraham from Santa Barbara, CA
So I Order From Here All The Time. Awesome Food I Love The Americanized Style Of Mexican Food They Serve Here. My Only Constant Headache With This Place Is How Hard & Stressfull It Is To Just Phone In An Order, Nonetheless I Will Continue To Enjoy The Food That Is Served At This Location.

Excellent Food & Excellent Service, 5/2/2010
Reviewer: Adriana from Santa Barbara, CA
Rudy's Goleta is the BEST!!! Awesome salsa bar! Extraordinary customer service. When Rudy is there, he greets you with a smile & calls you by name! You cant get better service than that!

Great Food and Fast Service, 9/20/2009
Reviewer: Scott from Goleta, CA
We phoned in our order for pick-up and was given a pick-up time in 15 minutes. We arrived 15 minutes later and the order was just finished being packed up. The food was great but the prices seemed high.

Better than before!, 8/7/2009
Reviewer: Dave from Goleta, CA
We have ordered here off and on over the past several years and I could take it or leave it for the most part. I don't what they did but the last couple of times this food has been amazing!!!

ALWAYS GOOD!, 5/28/2009
Reviewer: VIVIANA from Santa Ynez,CA

Consistent, great food., 4/27/2009
Reviewer: Maureen from Santa Barbara, CA
I've been dining at Rudy's in Goltea for many years. The food and service is always great. I love the poblanos tacos, chicken fajita bowl and taco salad. Rudy is often there and always greets you with a warm "hello". Prices are reasonable.

Good Food, 9/26/2008
Reviewer: Goleta Local from Santa Barbara, CA
never been disappointed yet. fresh food, good service!

Ok food a step above Taco Bell, 6/24/2008
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Ok food and a step above Taco Bell with the price bump of course. Good salsa bar. If you don't have the cash go down the street and take a right to the North Fairview Taco Bell which is also good(Avoid the South Fairview Taco Bell). My chicken taco reminded me of a bigger taco bell burrito supreme(w/o sour cream), you need to add the sides in the salsa bar as they don't put a lot in it, chicken, beans cheese. The Buellton Rudy's is much much better if up that way. Baja Fresh Carnitas tacos a better bet.

Not good, 6/5/2008
Reviewer: mateo from santa barbara, ca
Some of the most bland mexican food i have ever had. my buddy agreed. we were both severely disappointed and vowed not to return.

slow , 1/20/2008
Reviewer: martha from goleta,ca
I called in my order and the waitress told me it was going to take 10 minutes. When I arrived there 15 minutes they hadn't even started on my food and I had to wait an extra 15 minutes. They didn't even get my order right! They didn't apologize. This was at the Goleta Calle Real location.

carnitas?, 11/15/2007
Reviewer: greg from sb
i tried there carnitas tacos the other day.....i was so excited they started selling carnitas i asked to get them in my favorite combo burrito...they say "oh we can't do that" they have carnitas but only in the soft tacos? doesn't make sense i'll stick with the other rudy's round town.

Prettty good stuff, 11/11/2006
Reviewer: Evan from Santa Barbara
I have lived near two different Rudy's while I've lived in Santa Barbara. At my current location it's the only restaurant around and so I end up eating there every day. I gotta say I'm getting a little tired of the food and wished they had a little more of a selection (I eat there every day) but besides that they make a fine burrito, taco, tostada salad. if you are on a budget and need some food, try the cheese enchilada. I swear they put a pound of cheese in that thing and is only $4

Great place!, 9/22/2006
Reviewer: Ryan Paul from Goleta, CA
The food is awesome, taste good and comes in a decent portion. Atmosphere is always welcoming and freindly, eating-in is always an option. This is where i come for mexican food... no others satisfy like Rudy's!

died and went to heaven, 7/26/2006
Reviewer: Bill from Santa Barbara, CA
try the combination burrito, there's nothing better. fills you up for a day.

sooooo goood, 1/10/2006
Reviewer: sam from santa barbara ca
i love love this place i have been going there since i was little and it the best mexican food in town

Rudy's is in my dreams..., 10/26/2005
Reviewer: Samantha from Santa Barbara, CA
I dream about their burritos day and night. Mmmm, I want one NOW!

Mexican Food for the hungry..., 10/18/2005
Reviewer: Ella from santa barbara, ca
If you are hungry and want good warm food to enter your stomach after a long day, then RUDYS is the place!!! I suggest Burrito and chips!!! Really goooooooooood!!!

Best Burritos in the WORLD!!!, 8/24/2005
Reviewer: Emma from Woodland Hills, CA
I have dined at Rudy's many times. They have always been friendly and their service has always been the best! There burritos are number 1!!! They need to open a Rudy's in Woodland Hills so I can go everyday!!

The salsa, 8/14/2005
Reviewer: keith dacosta from buellton,ca
The salsa, the salsa, the salsa. I can drink the stuff.

Great Food and Quick Service, 5/12/2005
Reviewer: Linda from Santa Barbara
The food is outstanding here! Limited dining space so it´s a great place to order out. We can´t wait to get it home!

Simply the Best, 4/20/2005
Reviewer: Vanessa from Louisville, KY
I love Rudy´s. I can´t wait to come home and get me a buritto. They just don´t make the same Mexican Food here in Kentucky. See you this Summer.

Fresh all the time, 4/12/2005

Love the taquitos!

Best Enchilada Sauce in the whole wide world!, 12/16/2004

Their wet burritos are the best remedy for a hangover. You´ll bounce back in no time!

Always fresh, Always good!!, 11/10/2004
Reviewer: ln from goleta, ca
Absolutely wonderful food! The food is made to order and it´s always delicious! I particularly enjoy the chicken, beef, and potato taquitos--MUY BUENO!

Excellent, 4/16/2004

Fajita burrito is as good as it gets. If breakfast is goal, machacha and chile verde are my favorites. Staff are very concerned with customers needs and meat is of the highest quality I´ve seen. They don´t fill you up with rice & beans to save money.

nice!, 3/18/2004
Reviewer: PATY from San Fransisco, Ca
Its a nice, clean atmosphere. It was my first time there. I will most likely stop by on my next visit. Good food too.

#1 on my list, 3/17/2004
Reviewer: Alba / Lorena from San Jose, California
Thanks for great burritos, your #1 clients Alba and Lorena. I recommend Rudys to everyone. Hi, Juan, Gordo and Chuy-thanks for your service!

great service!!!, 3/17/2004
Reviewer: Maribel Contreras from San Jose, California
The cook, Jesus makes the best burritos. The service is great!!!

Great price, great food. , 3/11/2004

I really recommend this place, I am from Mexico and am very picky. This place is absolutely great.

This was good, 6/27/2002

Oh, this was good. Quick (but not dirty) and now I have a gut-ache.

Fajita burrito, best in SB, 5/28/2002
Reviewer: Dennis from Goleta
The fajita burrito is not loaded down with rice & beans. It is just high quality meat and excellent vegetables and salsa. I am a regular and I reccomend it often.

Best Mex in SB..., 4/20/2002
Reviewer: Robert
You can´t have a good Mexican Restuarant w/o stupendous salsa. Rudy´s has the salsa and if your hungry try the chicken chimichanga...It´s the Best!

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