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Santa Barbara Brewing Company
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2018-10

501 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 730-1040

Reviews by the General Public

High priced beer, 7/2/2016
Reviewer: Butt brown beer from Santa Barbara, CA
Just paid 14$ plus tip for half ass beerWTF!! Won't b back

Only good sports bar in SB, 11/25/2015
Reviewer: JJ from Santa Barbara, CA
Tons of tvs, good food, good service, worst beer ever...ever

Done Here…Never Going Back, 2/16/2014
Reviewer: Rob from Santa Barbara, CA
Yesterday at around 6:15pm went here with my wife, 2 boys, and visiting grandparents (party of 6) and were essentially turned away by the hostess. The main dining room was packed, but the Lounge was empty. We'd been seated in the Lounge a few times in the past and told the hostess we'd be happy to sit back there. We were told we couldn't sit there because we had the kids, and then she told us there was only one table where she'd seat us and pointed to a table of 8 near the door, but she didn't know how long it would be. I said, "So you're basically telling me this is the only table we can have, there are no other options?" She nodded with a blank, clueless stare, and we left. I've been going there since 1998, I've also walked out of here 3 times over the years due to unreasonably crummy service (we were completely ignored on 3 separate occasions after being seated, while people seated 5-10 min after us had drinks, place settings, and appetizers before anyone even acknowledged we were there), and I'm officially done with the Brew Co. I can get better food and better beer at a dozen other places in town, done wasting my time here.

Open on X-Mas day!, 12/26/2012
Reviewer: Karen from Santa Barbara, CA
We were pleasantly surprised to find the SB Brewing Company open on X-Mas day. The place was hopping but we had excellent service beginning with the hostess. We were pleasantly greeted by the hostess who admitted she didn't think she had had a moments break since she started working. Our waitress was also very pleasant. The food and drinks were yummy and for a day when people could be grumpy about working the atmosphere was very upbeat.

Service has gone down hill, 12/2/2012
Reviewer: peter from Santa Barbara, CA
My buddies and I use to go and watch the football game for over 4years. The service was great. Food Awesome. But Today 12/2/2012. There was NO Service. We sat there for almost 2 hours. OH wait. We did get ice tea served but that was it. The waitress Never came back. To take our order,not even to refill the Ice tea. So we are never coming back.

GOOD CHOICE, 4/13/2012
Reviewer: rich l from MONROVIA, CA

Short, shorts, and bad service, 4/13/2012
Reviewer: Riley from Santa Barbara, CA
We came here thinking that this was going to be a good lunch, but we were wrong. The service wasn't very good, we had to wait 40 minutes to get our food . Although I highly recommend the Santa Barbara pizza. It was delicious. The waitresses were hardly wearing anything. Ours was wearing something close to a daisy dooke and a shirt that had an open back. I think they need to get faster service. If they do I would definetely go there again. Although the waiters were kind, they surely need a dress code.

Average food...overpriced everything else., 10/23/2011
Reviewer: M. S. Boxer from Santa Barbara, CA
I've been to many micro brewerues and I don't expect exceptional food, because I'm really there to taste the local beer. I had a blonde micro and the pale ale. The blonde I couldn't finish because it had an awful after taste. The Pale Ale was just as bad and bitter. Then came the food..Garlic Parmesan fries..ok but I was still trying to get the bad beer taste out of my mouth. This place needs to find food that complements the beer people order. I'm sure there may be people who like their beer, but there are many micro bars that will list certin menu items to match your beer of choice.

Visit everytime I'm in town, 6/17/2011
Reviewer: Pauline from Newport Beach, CA
By far the best fish and chips and the blue cheese mushroom burger is the best in town. The tarter sauce for the fish and chips is amazing. The wings are spicy and meaty. I always have a great time and meal. Easy location right on the corner and I can walk to the stores and bars after lunch or dinner. I would recommend this brewery to anyone who is visiting Santa Barbara.

Average food horrible service, 4/30/2011
Reviewer: Anthony from Santa Barbara, CA
Lived in SB my whole life and went here for lunch with some friends since I haven't been in years. The food was decent, not great not bad, and the prices are fine for what it is. The worst part was the waitress. She acted like we were a big inconvenience to her and seemed completely ambivalent and uncaring about our group. If you work in the customer service industry, you need to at least appear like you care.

Great late night eat, 3/16/2011
Reviewer: Rachel from Santa Barbara, CA
Downtown on a tuesday night, pretty late and saw this was one of the few places that was serving food after 10pm. Stopped in and ordered the filet Mignon steak bite appetizer. Literally, it was so good the steak could have melted in my mouth. It was an excellent choice! My friend got the chicken tenders and the chicken was very dry though. Not such a good choice. I also tried their wheat ale beer which was very satisfying. I always have a pleasant experience here, but the steak bites were so good that I had to write a review!

Great Sports, Good Food, Good Atmosphere, Good Service, 2/1/2011
Reviewer: Josh Tuner from Santa Barbara, CA
The food here is pretty solid but nothing to write home about. The burgers and tacos are definitely the go to items. Bear in mind it is bar food. If I feel like watching sports this is the spot. Any large sporting events you are lucky to find a seat unless you arrive early. TVs everywhere. Typical Brewery / Restaurant atmosphere: loud, brick, lots of guys, lots of female employees. I can never see this being a place the girls would pick for a "night out." Service is good not great. Most employees seem very into themselves minus the bus boys.

Good Food, Interesting Place, 12/10/2010
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
This place really has some decor flavor. Many TVs on the wall too. Interesting place. Food was good, especially the fish special. They have their own beer vats. More of a finer dining presentation over bar food and not a big college late nite hangout place but was open late for good food/beer. A bit pricey. There are pool tables and a back bar in the back of the place out the restrooms then back in behind the kitchen. Looks like a nice place to play pool/drink w/o crowds. Food did take a while to come out and had a possible mouse sighting.

How do you screw up a pizza?, 9/29/2010
Reviewer: Beverly from Santa Barbara, CA
We were one of two tables at the SB Brewing Company Lounge (aka Fig and Haley). Our server came by once to get us drinks and drop off a food menu, but never returned. Finally she resurfaced to clean a table nearby. My date got up to order food from her. When the food arrived (in a timely manner, at least they have that going for them), he rather enjoyed his French Dip. My vegetarian pizza was frozen. No, not cold; FROZEN. I usually go to Madison's for all my sports bar needs but figured I'd give this place another chance. What this proved to me is that I really need to stick to Madison's.

Hit & Miss, 7/13/2010
Reviewer: Karen from California
My husband and I visted for the first time on 7/11/2010. It was not very busy, but was still really loud inside with drunk patrons. But, what do you expect - it is a bar! Ordering at the bar is really no big deal. They were very friendly and bring your food to your table. You just have to remind them to bring you everything because they forget your side dishes. My husband had a BBQ chicken pizza that was delicious. I had the tri tip dinner. It was disappointing. It was dry and tough. I thought the cheesy bacon grits were awesome, and I don't even care for grits. The sweet potatoe fries had the potential to be great, but they were served cold :(

Great time, awesome fish dish, 6/4/2010
Reviewer: Sue from Valdosta, GA
My husband and I visited SBBC for the first time on May 29 and had a fantastic time watching the Lakers v. Suns game, even though we aren't basketball fans. The service was great... our hostess sat us right away and had to boot some people off a table because they had gone ahead and seated themselves. Our waitress was very pleasant and bubbly, and just a joy to deal with. I ordered the sole, but she came back to let us know that they had run out of it, but she suggested anther fish dish and that turned out to be awesome! My husband enjoyed the beer and his steak very much also. We really enjoyed it and will return if we're ever in Santa Barbara.

WAISTE OF TIME!, 4/21/2010
Reviewer: Bob Simmons from Santa Barbara, CA
our waitress only came to take our order and give us our check... the busser did a BETTER job then she did, he re filled our drinks and came by and asks us if we needed anything.... the waitress was being dumb because the place wasn't even packed... Will NEVER go their again... they treat you like crap!

I want the old Brew Co back...., 12/5/2009
Reviewer: Damon Claussen from Ventura, CA
This USED to be a place where I'd go to enjoy hot waitresses, good food, and great beer. I went there to hang out with a buddy, drink some beer, and enjoy my favorite appetizers, the Steak bites with veggies, and a side or rosemary garlic fries. The Santa Barbara Blonde beer was fine, the service was fine, but WTF Brew Co....what happened to the way you used to cook steak bites, and where is that delicious sauce that used to accommodate the bites? The bites were a lot smaller, and on the verge of being burnt. Bad steak bites and no sauce did it for me. Upon asking the server what happened, she said there's a new kitchen crew. Hmmmmm.... well the changing of the guards at Brew Co. was a bad idea. Sad to see such a cool place change. Perhaps they'll get enough feedback and realize the new chefs don't have what it takes to do simple things such as appetizers.

Best Burger in Santa Barbara, 11/28/2009
Reviewer: Travis Wilson from Santa Barbara, CA
The Santa Barbara Brewing Company is reborn! The New Burgers are about the Best in Town now(best at medium rare!).They are better than even the local beloved Habits burgers. Also their fish is some of the best,freshest in Town(loved the Alaskan Halibut).Sure you can get an over cooked burger in any restaurant.SEND it back!I have been back several times since Summer,and has been very good each time,and even all my Beer loving Buddies say the Beer is great, probably due to their new Brewer(I hear!).Where are the "BEER" Reviews!

It used to be incredible., 10/21/2009
Reviewer: Brandon from Santa Barbara, CA
In the last couple of weeks or so it fell off a cliff. I confirmed that they got a new chef in that time and, though the new menu seems to have the old food on it, it's the most plain jane cooking I've ever had. For ex: the steak bites, which used to be lightly seasoned, cooked as rare as you wanted, and delicious on their own (with the sauce making them even better) are now guaranteed to be medium at minimum and smothered in a different barbecue sauce that doesn't complement their flavor at all. The burgers were also medium or medium-well when ordered medium-rare. My sister was a giant fan of the chicken tenders but apparently they're now more like over-battered nuggets from McD's. I haven't been back because I've been worried about what other past favorites they've changed. Please please *please* bring back the old chef or have him teach the new guy or something. It's nothing personal. It's about me coming back in my usual 2-3x per week with all of my housemates.

Trashy sex toy party., 4/7/2009
Reviewer: Brittany from Santa Barbara, CA
Last tuesday I went to the lounge to watch the Laker game with my boyfriend, what I didn't realize was I was going to a stip club. The waitresses hardly had any clothes on. Not only that, but they were hosting a sex toy party. I came in that night for the basketball game and food not to have a bunch of sex toys at the table next to me while I am trying to eat. I know the economy is bad but I don't know what kind of crowd the ownership of this restaurant is trying to bring in. I know I will not be back.

Much Better Than Previous Visits, 3/18/2009
Reviewer: Nicole from Santa Barbara, CA
Last night (St. Patrick's Day) I stopped by Dargans and saw a line extending almost all the way to The Habit. I decided to keep walking and saw SB Brew co. I remembered previous bad visits but my bf really wanted to go so I went. Boy, was I surprised! The service has improved a lot and I had a great time. I went to their back room, sat at the bar and the bartender (Chris) was great. He took our food order, drink order and let us get up several times to play pool, video games, etc and watched our stuff for us. We had an amazing time, the fish and chips were pretty good and the fries are excellent. The only thing was the tartar sauce is actually more of a mustard sauce. I don't like mustard or tartar sauce so I wasn't keen on that. However, I had a great time and will definitely be back!

Great brew pub!, 2/19/2009
Reviewer: Paul from Goleta, CA
I try to go downtown once a week. I always visit the Brew Co. while I am there. Sports, fresh beer and great food. The bartenders and servers all know me and are great. It's hard to believe some of the reviews, maybe those people work for the other brew pubs in the area......

Great beer, atmosphere, poor service and food, 12/2/2008
Reviewer: Nicole from Santa Barbara, CA
SB Brew Co has great pitcher deals and their room in the back is a wonderful place to start a night of fun downtown. I go there with the guys often and they love watching sports, getting pitchers of beer and catching an occasional game of pool. The food there is ok, it's not terrible, I mean, it's bar food! But it is overpriced so I'd avoid ordering it. The waitresses are cold and seem to think they're being paid to wear skimpy clothing instead of serving customers. The girls there are beautiful (well...mostly) but need to be told that looking good isn't enough in a customer service oriented position. I will continue to go back for the beer but always place my order at the bar in the back.

Go for the beer, skip the food, 12/1/2008
Reviewer: Mark from San Diego, CA
seems like this is fairly consistent with everyone else's opinions. I ordered the fish and chips and and it was average at best. just not a lot of taste. and the "garlic fries" weren't all that great either. my wife had a crab cake sandwich and she stated it was just OK. we were pretty disappointed with the food. the 2 beers I had (Rincon Red) were tasty but overall, pretty poor experience. service was OK, nothing spectacular but it's just a brew pub, not a 5-star restauarant.

Very unimpressed - it's like they don't even care, 10/15/2008
Reviewer: Sonny from Santa Barbara, CA
I came here once before and had a good meal. My second trip, however, was much, much worse. The hostess was actually very nice and with little trouble the lady and I ordered our meals. When they came, the order (both plates) was obviously wrong. We told the server who brought out our food and he, obviously within earshot - he was RIGHT next to me - simply walked off as if nothing had happened. After flagging down our waitress the food was brought out again and one of the two was still wrong. We finally got the right order after 2 attempts but I was very disappointed with the food. The bleu cheese wrap was absolutely tasteless - there was no bleu cheese in it at all, it was smothered in some Caesar dressing. I kid you no, I had to ask the waitress if she was sure this was the right order and she said that they didn't even have a Caesar warp. Didn't even finish my food before paying and leaving. Highly doubt I will ever go there again, I don't know if it was just a fluke or new staff, but after being ignored like that, they don't deserve my money.

Long story short: Good beer, lousy service, tasteless food.

Took us 15 minutes to pay, 10/10/2008
Reviewer: Chris from Santa Barbara, CA
Average American food, but the service was terrible. We felt like we did all the work. I usually am not picky about service. We had to wander the restaurant to find someone to bring us more water. Again for tartar sauce. When we were all done, our waitress gave us the check and didn't come back. We approached the hostess who told us to go sit down and some one would help us. We waited 15 more minutes! My dad finally had to go all the way into the kitchen to find anyone who was interested in taking our money. We seriously considered leaving without paying, it was that hard.

Bad service, 8/26/2008
Reviewer: Mike from Los Angeles
Went up to Santa Barbara for the first time for my 1yr anniversary. I talked my wife into going here because I wanted to try some of their beers. Ugh. Big mistake. I'm not gonna knock the food because everyones taste buds are different. But I know bad service when I see it and this cant go unnoticed. The female server just greeted us with a very dry "How you doin?" and then silence. Didn't offer to start us off with drinks or anything or tell us her name! It was very awkward. We were only sitting for about 2mins and we werent ready to order food yet. But if she offered a drink we woulda taken it. So I order a beer and my wife orders a water. My wife liked my beer so I gave it to her and asked the server if I can order a 2nd one. She said sure. About 5mins go by and I look over to the bar area and I see my beer sitting on the bar table. The server was not to far away in the server area gossiping with the other servers. I point at my beer and say to my wife, "my beer is ready but its getting warm on the bar." The server sees me point to my beer. This definetly reminded her that it was for me and she brings it over and hands the beer to me over the rail. She was too lazy to walk around to the table and hand it to me. If the beer was in a closed container, she probably wouldve said "Here, catch!" and tossed it to me. She then went back to gossiping. Our food arrives and it wasn't even brought by our server, it was brought by some guy that was cleaning off the bar 2mins earlier. If I remember correctly, this girl was our server and was the one working for a tip, not the guy cleaning tables. This has to be the most dissapointing dining experiences I've ever had. I'm usually a generous tipper and my wife told me that I better not even leave the girl a tip. This was the only time I agreed with her regarding tips but instead of leaving zero. I left 1 cent for her.

A waste of gas and very insatisfying, 7/23/2008
Reviewer: Sarah from Goleta, CA
The food was unimpressive, the fried fish was tasteless, the beer was boring, the service was terrible (she just walked away to punch it in without getting my husband's order. He had to run after her.) We thought we might stay for pool, but the pool area left much to be desired and it was full of college kids who apparently don't like good food. The music SUCKED. Everything about this place SUCKS. I just don't want to think about it anymore.

Good food/Bitchy waitresses, 7/3/2008
Reviewer: Meredith Lake from Santa Barbara
I used to go to the brewing company. Lovingly called "The Brew Co." by locals. The food is good- they have excellent burgers and sandwhiches, etc. But seriously, they need to get some new talent in there. I'm all for hot chicks serving me food, but please! Can you hire a few who can force a smile and some service once in a while? Brew Co.: there ARE pretty girls out there who have attractive attitudes to match. Attention hetero male tourists: Go to Madison's! The girls are just as hot- and they'll give you a smile with that milk shake.

Sad from the service, 3/27/2008
Reviewer: Shannon from Santa Barbara
I have eaten here a few times and am never that impressed with the food. I undertstand it's bar fare, so I won't complain much about the food (because it may just be my taste). But the service is seriously lacking. The few times I have been there, the service was not too bad, but this last experience was awful. I cannot believe how rude one of the servers was. I asked her a simple question about something, and the reply I received was accompanied with the most disgusted look I have ever seen. She was condescending and acted quite unprofessionally. I understand we all have our days, but she was just plain old rude. Unfortunately this last visit leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Great Beer and Food - Perfect Combination!!, 2/19/2008
Reviewer: Jen from Riverside, CA
We went on a Friday night and the food, beer and service were excellent. My grilled sandwich was tasty and the garlic fries are DELICIOUS!! The beer was good and there was a nice assortment. We were seated as soon as we walked in and our waitress was wonderful during our entire visit. A must try if you are a beer drinker visiting Santa Barbara.

new brewer makes better beer, 8/26/2007
Reviewer: John from Santa Barbara, CA
The food is the best compared to the other breweries in town. Stay with burgers, sandwiches, and wraps. The apps are good bar food too. The beer is great, especially the IPA. They got a new brewer a while back and the beer is much better in my opinion. I guess the old brewer started the Hollister Brewing Co. Overall they have great beers, good food, and a cool place to hang out. New TV's too it should be a great place to watch sports especially with the new lounge in back too...

The Beer was Great...The Service/Food was Not!, 6/14/2007
Reviewer: Connor Randall from Goleta, CA
We showed up to have dinner and we were told it would be 10 minutes until we were seated. About 45 minutes later after waiting outside and after complaining a few times we were finally seated. We were seated at a table right in front of the side door which was being opened constantly so we might have been sitting outside in the cold. We waited at least another 45 minutes for our burgers to arrive which were very plain and the fries were one of a kind (not very good). The beer was good which is the reason I gave them any points for the food. Their manager although was nice to us but after complaining and waiting so long it seems like he would have apologized and offered a discount but instead there were many excuses. I understand sometimes things get backed up but you still have to explain whats going to the customer and offer a discount if necessary. You can go check it out but I will not be returning!

I Always Return..., 6/12/2007
Reviewer: Jim Pettit from Naples, FL
I've visited the restaurant perhaps three dozen times, and have *never* been let down by the food or the drinks. I've tried pretty much everything on the menu at least once, though my favorite has got to be the plain old Brewery Burger. Anyone who calls it "just another bar hamburger" clearly hasn't established a firm basis for comparison; to me, eating a medium rare Brewery Burger is about as close to gastronomic Heaven as a guy can get. And the beers? I love 'em all, but by far my favorite is the Rincon Red. It's an incredibly rich and smooth brew that'll have even the most ardent Budweiser lover throwing that six-pack of red-and-white cans in his home fridge into the recycle bin. Yes, it's that good. The service? Yeah, it can suck. Badly, at times. As others here have said, the kitchen staff is always superb and quick, while the male and female models--er, members of the floor staff--often appear disinterested and bored (perhaps because they *are* disinterested and bored?) I have often wished the management would maybe just sit one of the pinup girls on a stool near the front entrance to reel in the State-cruising fraternity brothers, but populate the floor inside with attentive and professional waiters and waitresses who really give a darn about the service they're providing. But even if that doesn't happen, I'll be back for another fat and juicy Brewery Burger and a tall ruddy glass of Rincon Red.

Good beer, decent food, so-so service, 6/8/2007
Reviewer: Jason Koivu from Carpinteria, CA
Good selection of tasty beer to choose from which they do there on the premises. That's the main reason for coming here. The food is typical pubgrub (burgers and fried...everything) but it's good for what it is. The service could use some work. The hostess always looks bored out of her mind, which isn't good cuz she's the first thing you see walking through the door. And usually it takes a while for our server to take our order and then you don't see her forever afterwards. The waitresses are pretty, but give me a plain jane (or joe) who pays attention to the customers everytime. This sort of place seems to be getting popular around here even though is "wine country". There's now Downtown Brewing and Hollister up in Goleta, not to mention the best place of all, The Brewhouse.

Come for the beer and only the beer, 4/1/2007
Reviewer: Mark from Agoura
Went early on Friday night, because my lovely companion craved a burger and beers. I should've done a better job convincing her that the Paradsie Cafe was the pick of the litter... oh well. The service was okay, no Noble prize for effort but it barely effected the evening. We split an app of boneless Buffalo wings and they were well overdone... rubbery. We both had burgers... hers was fine, mine was overdone... wanted mediun rare, got medium well. If I'd wanted hockey pucks I would've called the NHL. The beers were good, though the Red needs a little more taste. If you want beer and burgers, this shouldn't be a first choice.

Bartender saves the day...., 1/20/2007
Reviewer: Jessica from Santa Barbara, Ca
My first trip to the Santa Barbara brewing company would have been ruined if not for the bartender John working that night. My server would rather hang out with her friends in her server station then take care of her tables. John took care of us and made us feel welcome and because of him we will be making return visits. Servers need to be more intentive.

Beer: Great! Food: not so much..., 1/12/2007
Reviewer: Justine from SB
Only having had beers and a few bites of an appetizer here and there at the Brewing Co, I went there tonight for a couple beers and some dinner. I was by myself so sat at the bar. The service was okay, not overly friendly or attentive... but when my fish & chips came, I was definitely underwhelmed. The portions were generous, but almost every bite of the fish was tough and the battered coating did not seem freshly fried. The "garlic fries" had no discernible taste of garlic to them, and they also seemed to have been sitting for a while before being served. The worst part is that when I mentioned very politely and diplomatically to my server (maybe I should have said something before I was finished... ate less than half) that it was not very good and didn't seem fresh, I got a blank stare and a small shrug before he turned away. After getting my check, I saw that in addition to receiving not one word of apology or even acknowledgement, I'd been charged full price. I will not be eating there again.

A very regular brew co local review :), 12/23/2006
Reviewer: shelly from Santa Barbara
I love the SB Brew Co!! This is the "Cheers" of SB! Much like one of the best running sitcoms in history, it is a place where everybody knows you name. The food is great, thanks to Migal and all the boys in the kitchen. The staff ROCKS and yes, much like anybodies day to day life, they may have better days than others.......who doesn't? The food is top notch for the price and the beer is out of this world. My suggestion would be to get somebody to sit with the owners and have them goast wright the true story of how it all started, have them "tell their story", if you will. Then maybe shrink it down and put it in table tops, for customers to read while injoing the atmosphere. Or add it on the back of the next updated menue. Point being its a GREAT story, one for all to injoy, and that will help others who don't know, understand why it is what it is........that being, GREAT! I suggest the locals continue to support one of the best spots in town. As for as the rest of the ones that don't see threw colored glasses, well its simple........get colored glasses cuz' life is to damn short , and your really missing out on what its all truley about.

Bad Food Worse Service, 12/11/2006
Reviewer: Leah from Santa Barbara, CA
Let me take you through what happened:
--- She refused to split the check for our party, we had 4 couples not that complicated and we asked before ordering

--- After she brought the bill she came over 4 times to ask if we had finished dividing it yet. (she was obviously really annoyed and impatient) Never offered us a calculator or help.

--- She then stood right next to our table with her arms crossed waiting for us to finish staring angrily at us. (she already had her 18% tip at this time so I guess she figured she could do what she likes)

--- We gave her our cards with the amount for each. She came back and THREW it across the table.

--- She went back to talk to all the waitress about what a tough time she was having and how horrible we all were.

--- Everyone seemed to really agree with her so there was no one I could complain to there.

So I'd figure I'd just let all of Santa Barbara know how unprofessional and rude the staff is at Santa Barbara Brewing Co. It's sad because the chefs seem to work really hard to bad no one else does. They brought all of our food out a the same time and it was all hot. There are so many great place to relax and eat in Santa Barbara I have no idea how a place with service this bad can even exist here.

Reviewer: CS AND RB from WHITTIER, CA
We've been there three times and the food is always hot and good. My partner loves the beer. Its close to everyhing and the people are really nice. gREAT PLACE TO GET ALWAY

good food for when you are really hungry!!!!!, 9/11/2006
Reviewer: katy from Santa Barbara, CA
can i just say that the garlic fries are heaven in my mouth. i take all of my out of town friends there when they want to have fun and good food. this place is great, i love it. there's no place that makes a better wrap. i recommend it to everyone!!!!!

OK Food, Decent Beer but Crappy Service, 9/7/2006
Reviewer: kathy from santa ynez
I went there for lunch with my teenage boys and was basically ignored the entire time. The waitress spent most of the time flirting with the guys at another table and couldn't even find time to get me a beverage. My boys enjoyed the girls for a little bit, but when they were getting ignored too, they saw the uselessness of them. sad, has a pretty cool atmosphere

Good food.Service?When was that?, 8/22/2006
Reviewer: Paul from Carpinteria,Ca,
I've always enjoyed the food here.Whoever splits the tips should give the proceeds to the guys in the kitchen though.The girls who work there do nothing but hang out at the end of the bar and talk to eachother most of the time.Apparently they're there for limited appeal and nothing more.Meanwhile these guys are busting their humps delivering food and clearing tables.Shame that the emphasis is placed on getting you in...not back.Won't waist my time there again.

FUN TIME!!, 6/23/2006
Reviewer: Christina from Santa Barbara, CA
I had a great exprience today at the sb brew co. I had a delicous monterey chicken sandwich and the best best fries I've ever had. Great location, fun and friendly staff, and great beer selections. This microbrewery impresses me everytime. My waitress was helpful, friendly and consistently checked on our status. This place definetly gets busy during the big games, but it adds to the fun atmosphere. Recommended to anyone who is out for a fun, friendly meal.

Could be so much better, 6/23/2006
Reviewer: Darryl from Santa Barbara
The service is extremely poor. Look girls all you do is take peoples orders, you don't even have to serve the food to the table. At least stop by to see if we need anything else after the food is brought to the tables. I should have to walk to the bar to get my drinks or grab you as you pass by. If you've got time to chat with your friends you have time to see how your paying customers are doing.

Reviewer: Sharon from Goleta, CA
I went here last week with my friend hoping that we could catch a game and eat a nice meal. Instead, we found ourselves (along with other couples) pushing our way through the bar very crowded bar area only to find no seats at the bar, but plenty of dining tables (that seat 4 ppl) completely empty!!!! We took a seat at one of them thinking that maybe the hostess overlooked that there were empty tables and that we could start eating. Instead, the hostess came and told us that we couldn't sit down and order food because the owner instructed her that partes of 3 or more can only sit at the dining tables and parties of 2 or less should not be seated. Couples had to find a place at the bar but C'MON it's Playoff season and it was packed at the bar!! There were at least 3 other couples waiting for a table when there were at least 4 tables open, but too bad they didn't bring a third wheel with them!!! What a horrible owner for not letting couples sit and eat and having the hostess take the heat from patrons for not being able to eat when there were tables available!!

Great Beer ..., 4/3/2006
Reviewer: Michael from Santa Barbara
Beer at Brew Co. Is great! Servers are to young to be polite and have no knowledge of the menu...too bad. As young men with an eye for beauty..the staff is eye candy but nothing else. What a sad thing. Not willing to waiste my hard earned money again... Michael C. and Friends

used to be great..., 2/16/2006
Reviewer: John from santa barbara
Atmosphere was good. Location is perfect. My friends and I used to eat and hang out here all the time. Unfortunately the las FOUR times we have eaten at brew co have been horrible as far as service goes. I usually bring clients for lunch as well and was very embarrased at the fact that the young waitress chewing gum did not know that jack cheese was not yellow..? I was charged gor the incorrect order as well as the correct one. The manager on duty was drunk at the bar. The staff seems to get younger and less intellegent. My boys and I will not return...for times "shame on me"

Great beer, good food, 12/28/2005
Reviewer: Jeff from Isla Vista, CA
This is one of my favorite places in town. The beer is fresh and tasty, and there's always something new on their bar menu. The pacific pale ale is absolutely amazing! With respect to their food, I would put it in the "above average" category for breweries. Similar to the Rock Bottom chain, but with a very Santa Barbara flair (fish/veggies/etc). I always stick to appetizers and burgers, so I can't speak for the entirety of their menu, but the blue cheese burger is definitely unique. Don't expect a quick in and out, but enjoy the brews and ball games... you won't be disappointed.

Love It, 9/30/2005
Reviewer: Sarah from Santa Barbara, CA
I come here all the time. The food, beer and atmosphere is well above the other like restaurants. The kitchen is open late which works out great. Waitresses and bartenders are always nice. I highly recommend this place.

Hottest bartender ever, 6/3/2005

I think her name is Jess. Best fish and chips in town.

Beer is good...that´s about it., 5/24/2005

I love the beer at the SB Brewing Co., but the food is horrible. All of my friends feel the same, I´ve been there a few times, and have never gotten any good food. My friend got chicken instead of fish in his dinner, my boyfriend´s pizza wasn´t all that great, and my bleu cheese wrap tasted nothing like it. Go for the beer, nothing else!

Yummy Beer, 3/30/2005

I love their beer! It´s so original and you can´t find it anywere else. That´s what keeps me coming back for more. Only in Santa Barbara...

Reviewer: Jaime from Anaheim, Ca "Disneyland Country"
I love the atmosphere here. As far as service, I was told once "sorry we´re closing, please come back tomorrow." Guess what? I came back tomorrow before I left town and enjoyed the food, atmosphere, and their tasty beers. I´ve been here three times and I´m looking forward to the forth. I only visited Santa Barbara three times and every time I have to stop by and try their beers. Great place!

Sports and more, 12/16/2004
Reviewer: G Man from Santa Barbara, CA, USA
Excellent for sports, beer, good looking guys & gals (whatever your fancy). Menu pretty good too. Sit near the front and watch all the beautiful people of Santa Barbara walking down State Street.

Best Beer in Town!, 12/11/2002
Reviewer: pete noble from Monterey Ca
The tastiest brews in town! Food is reasonable and good portions! Sporting events on TV´s, a must stop for husband/boyfriends on Santa Barbara shopping days!

fries fries fries, 9/2/2002

love the fries

Love it, 9/1/2002
Reviewer: Casey from SB
We eat here all the time and love their food and beers. I hope they never change their menu. The lobster appetizer is tasty and the halibut never disappoints. I must say, I think that they might have the best burger in town. The staff is very friendly, the reason that they only get 4 stars is that sometimes (their staff is rather neglectful. That is to say, we´ve waited 10-15 minutes, on a slow day, to get a waitresses attention. Other times, it´s fine. We would definitely recommend.

And don´t forget the fries!, 8/20/2002
Reviewer: Honeyman from Newport beach, CA.
Great place with a menu that is varied enough for everybody. Grab a table near the door and people watch while watching sports on one of the t.v.´s. And the garlic rosemary fries are to die for!

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