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Sizzler Restaurant
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2012-12

5555 Hollister Ave, Goleta
Phone: (805) 964-6769

Reviews by the General Public

An old favorite gone terrible, 12/27/2012
Reviewer: Anthony from Santa Barbara, CA
I don't usually write reviews but I had too for this restaurant. I remember going as a kid there for every occasion and I really enjoyed myself it was full of people and well lit but sadly time passed and it's just so run down and dirty now. The patio area was once used and now its depressing to see it all closed up and with no life and green, just a sad old tree. As we were ordering it was too expensive I was shocked at the price . I had a small party of 5 and it was $96 . When it arrived the quality was terrible i just felt so ripped off. There was no bowls for desserts/ greasy greasy "hot" foods in the salad bar. The salad bar itself Is a joke I remember it having fresh apples and bananas . There's none of that just canned veggies. The only thing really good there was the soup and bread (if i dabbed about 2 lbs of butter off the top of it) i really hope sizzlers fixes itself up or I else I can see this restaurant closing soon.

Service was horrible. Restaurant was filthy. , 11/12/2012
Reviewer: Candy from Santa Barbara, CA
The owner was there and he was the cashier and also the server. My daughter is only 4 and she hardly eats. So I didn't order her food and gave some of my steaks to her. She didn't have a fork and I asked for a fork. That owner gave me a bad attitude and reluctantly gave me the fork and made me feel really bad. I just could not believe it! I have never been so humiliated in my life! I couldn't finish the food because I was so mad and wasted my money. Another things I have noticed were: The windows were filthy dirty,,, carpets disgustingly dirty and there were some flies flying around the salad bar. Really disgusting experience overall!

Not bad for the price...., 10/8/2012
Reviewer: Alma from Santa Barbara, CA
Came here for a Bday dinner, I ordered the streak and shrimp. The steak surprised me it was actually pretty darn good. I would suggest you order under for it to come out the way you want. I ordered medium to get a med/well. I got a baked potato as one of my sides and the was also very good. It's so hard to find a good backed potato...who would have thought....the salad bar is far from being the best I've ever had but again considering the price it's decent. Would def come back :-)

Worst service ever, 9/24/2012
Reviewer: ROSALBA MONREAL from Santa Barbara, CA
I made a reservation for 20 people+ Waiter too busy to take care of the group. No drinks for some of my guess until I got up and asked the cashier for them. 45 minutes to serve the food to half of the group. I had to clean up the tables in order to make room for dessert (We brought cake and flan)No refills offered, three Steak and Unlimited shrimp orders, only two of them were provided with a second plate of shrimp. Planning a big group dinner? go somewhere else. Ladies restroom dirty and one of them out of service. :(

wasn't too bad, 12/20/2011
Reviewer: sofia from orange county, CA
I was in this location only once I usually love any sizzlers, this place was good but could be better

Is it me, or is EVERYTHING at sizzler stale??, 7/31/2010
Reviewer: Darla from Santa Barbara, CA
I come here once in a while because its pretty much the only option for a salad bar in town. Most of the items at the salad bar are pretty decent, you can tell that some of the veggies are from a can though. The croutons are always stale and that's a bummer because who doesn't love them on there salad. The hot food section is disgusting. The chips are stale, the onions rings taste like they have been sitting for days, their nacho cheese has some weird chunks in it, their potato wedges are burnt to a crisp. The manager here really needs to step it up. They even has a sign next to the ice cream saying "Sorry there are no bowls available for ice cream" haha. I always just use my soup bowl. Once I needed another one and asked a server for it and he had to make sure the manager wasn't looking and seemed very nervous. Also its kind of weird that there are no girls that work there. I think if they served fresher food this would be a much better place.

laugh, 7/12/2010
Reviewer: Anthony from Santa Barbara, CA
I went to this place since it was close by and i order the malibu chicken and once it came i laugh at it. I actually compared it with a McChicken and they were almost the same size. Biggest rip off ever. I mean i won't complain if it was high quality meat or tasty but sadly it wasn't. I had to fill up on the fries and toast both witch are easy to make

Wish I could praise, 3/5/2010
Reviewer: stuart from Santa Barbara, CA
Not having been to a sizzler in 10 years this visit reminded me why. The salad bar at the student cafeteria at SBCC is much better (and open to the public). The "hot items" were cold. The choices of salad uninspired but the Clam Chowder soup was good. The staff did sing Happy Birthday to my friend and gave him a complimentary Root Beer Float. The soft serve dairy dessert was good too.

Time to come back to Sizzler, 6/21/2009
Reviewer: Chris from Goleta
We avoided this site for months maybe a year because the salad bar had gone way down hill. We know places have "off" days, maybe due to different staff or manager's day off or something, but it was consistently bad for a long long while. I think they must have new ownership because we gave it a try again last week (Thursday dinner) and were really happy with the food, the cleanliness, and the freshness of the offerings. they have a value menu that includes the salad bar that makes the price in line with most restaraunts in the area. We had the steak and the salmon. The salmon was real close to being overcooked, and for a fish purist, I suppose it was, but it was still tender and delicious with a little char flavoring. The steak was tender and delectable. I can once again recommend this place - it is so lovely when the weather permits sitting outside under the big tree.

Pleasantly Surprised, 4/23/2009
Reviewer: Steve from Santa Barbara, CA
I was pleasantly surprised by my first visit to the Sizzler's in seven years of living in this town. Great atmosphere with the open and airy dining room and the service was on the ball today with refills and extra plates. The salad bar was fresh and good and my friend's fish and chips looked pretty decent as well. The price is pretty reasonable; somewhere in between a Carls Jr and a Chilis, and overall I think this place is highly underrated. I will be back.

Ok Service/Food, 2/3/2009
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
The Malibu Chicken was a joke for the price. Only thing that saves Sizzler is if you were really hungry and got the all you can eat salad bar and were somehow able to eat your money back. Does have spacious insides for seating and the menu is pretty easy to choose from, service Ok.

Going down hill fast, 9/21/2008
Reviewer: DeZee from Lompoc, CA
I remember when this place was good..but...Prices going up, quality going down. Now rationing soup bowls and no dessert bowl. We had lemon herb chicken that came with a disgusting brown sauce with no hint of lemon on cold dry chicken and cold veggies. Salad bar offered far less than other Sizzlers. Hot bar was barely warm,cheese sauce crusted over and iced tea was almost clear water! ....take a hint from other Sizzlers who are much better, offer more in a less depressing atmosphere..

Yes its a chain but......., 5/10/2008
Reviewer: Jon from Santa Barbara
Wanted to take some friends to dinner for a steak or seafood and with 8 of us total I did not want to fork out $300.00 plus for dinner. All 8 of us ate for $140.00 and this included a nice fresh salad bar with great ingredients. Yes its old school but we had a great time and the food was average or better for sure. Server could not have been more helpful and attentive..With $5.00 gal gas, support this place that gives great value

Howzit Sizzla, 12/6/2007
Reviewer: Tankan Buto from Wai'lua, HI
Steak and all you can eat shrimp, less than $15, nuff sedd brah. Dis place is goods fo price you pay. No same Santa Barbara restaurant, but is good fo me. Service same good too, beautiful servers. CHO BRADDHA

Makes me proud to be a Sizzler patron, 8/10/2007
Reviewer: Bree from Goleta, CA
Throughout my life, I've always made fun of the Sizzler, but I have to take it back when it comes to this location. The food here is really good and you can't beat the service. Everyone there is really friendly (look for Mario) and they're always willing to help out and make sure everything is good. I have to say I've never tried or been tempted to try the salad bar as it doesn't look all that appetizing, but the Sizzlin' Onion Steak is awesome. You can't beat a steak like that for the price. I think it's just as good as other more expensive steak houses in the area for half of the price.

WOW, Great place to be, 4/4/2007
Reviewer: Buto Foru from Goleta, CA
This place is phenomenal. Anyone can afford it, you don't have to bring out the big bucks to dine here. Also the staff is amazing, some times the steak might be undercooked, but they are more than welcome to fix the problem. Great service as well, they are always willing to make your meal better. Also the waitresses are very cute.

Not a SB place to dine, 2/6/2007
Reviewer: James from SB
Kid cooks, dont go during spring break or finals. I got undercooked raw steak, and poor service.

Best Sizzler in America, 2/2/2007
Reviewer: Jacob from Thousand Oaks
For its class, it was mmm mmm good. Also at a great price compared to the other restaurants in the area that can turn your pockets inside-out. Depending on the time and day you dine in, the service is outstanding and entertaining. Especially Phil and "The Great White Mike." If you go or have been there, you know what I mean. The small steak and lemon chicken is the best thing on the menu. If you have a good simple diet and don't need a lot of extras, this is the perfect place to go.

hot good service and great food, 1/29/2007
Reviewer: jessica ann simon from santa barbara, ca
sizzler has great food and they have great oldies music and they have great service and they always make me laugh and they are verey poliet and they have great manners and they are verey social and I love the great food.

Great place for your buck, 9/20/2006
Reviewer: Mark from San Jose, CA
Look this ain't no Bacara restaurant but for the price you pay is well worth it. For $15 you get a 10oz steak and all you could eat shrimp. My girlfriend had the salad bar, which she said was okay but could use more options. All in all decent. The people who gave a one star probably own the city and expected lobster. Sizzler is a five star joint where I come from, and will always be. Ghetto folk know that Sizzler is classy, for real

Salad Bar Is Just Sad, 2/14/2005
Reviewer: Santa Barbara Dianne from Santa Barbara
I hadn´t been to this restaurant in a few years and was hoping they would be up on the latest salad trends (i.e. fancy cheeses, walnuts, chopped apples, shredded chicken) with their salad bar but instead it was just the usual boring canned garbanzo beans, corn, packaged shredded carrots---just a really sorry selection. The soup selection was predictable and my choice, the vegetable soup tasted canned. My entree, the basic hamburger, was average though the baked potato wasn´t the greatest quality.

double ditto, 6/15/2004
Reviewer: John Dickson from
I ate at Goleta Sizzler and ordered the "Malibu Chicken". What I got was a deep fried hockey puck. It was like they reached into a bag of frozen, cylindrical chicken patties and put it in a toaster like you would an Eggo Waffle. I was embarassed for them for serving such trash.

Ditto, 6/15/2004

Had the fettichine alfredo and found it worse than a frozen dinner; the salad bar buffet was equally dismill.

Just Plain Bad, 7/30/2003
Reviewer: SBHockey16 from Goleta, CA
Sizzler is not exactly a world-renowned eatery, but the buffets are usually something to look forward to. This is not the case with the Goleta sizzler. Everything was terrible. I would rather have been at the university dorms eating - it was that bad.

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