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SOhO Restaurant & Music Club
1221 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 962-7776

Reviews by the General Public

great restaurant, rude guests
Reviewer: judithan from Ventura
6 of us attended the Makana concert last night November 13, 2013.the restaurant was full. The staff busted their collective butts and did an outstanding job. We all enjoyed our meals. the show was amazing. There happened to be a fundraiser for Surfrider which we are members in the Ventura chapter. that was good also. We were aghast at the rude behavior of the Santa Barbara crowd. They talked thru the entire concert, and played on their iphones,granted some were taking photos with their phones. Two women in front of us talked nonstop, and discussed the continence of the ones phone at great length, flashing the screen around which was very distracting. I wonder why they chose that restaurant to have their dinner. I think we are now at a point where we have to remind adults to shut off their phones, and be quiet during a performance. How sad is that ?

Great club, lousy restaurant
Reviewer: Stu from Santa Barbara, CA
Been here multiple times and always underwhelmed by the food. Even my Bloody Mary was lousy. As others have said go for the music and just have a drink. Often there is a modest cover charge but NO minimum so you can have a great evening for very cheap. Atmosphere is intimate for a music club. Service was ok but certainly not inspired. We will return but never eat here again.

Don't buy dinner if you want to see the band!
Reviewer: George from Ventura County, CA
If you come here for the music don't think that by buying dinner and coming early you'll be able to sit and see the band because you won't be able to. Once the band starts everyone else in the club will stand in front of you and the management will certainly don't care that you bought dinner and spent a lot of money.I complained and the response that I got was I can't do anything about it well, I can because I will not go to SOHO ever again!

Reviewer: Willy from Santa Barbara, CA
I went there to see a band and eat dinner. I get there and the cost to get in is $5 dollars more than what their website advertised. So I pay extra anyway, go in, and they say I can only sit in the back where you can't see the the band except on a TV. Totally lame!! I pay $17 to go see a band and I don't actually get to see the band unless I stand by the door and look down the hall while the door gets opened and closed all night, and so the whole sit down and eat and watch a band is a LIE!! And you have to pay more than advertised. Never again. This place is dishonest and a RIPOFF!!!

Not even remotely what you pay for.
Reviewer: Mike from Santa Barbara, CA
We decided to hit up Soho for Andy Mckee and the other guitar players on Friday night. We arrived to find a $24 ticket charge at the door and standing room only inside. Ok, we want to see the show so we pay. After entering, we notice a table for 2 and ask the host if we can take it. "Sure, but you need to order dinner." Ok we say and sit down. Dinner consisted of the most outrageously expensive salad ever devised. The description including kale, seeds, avocado, tomatoes, etc. Sounds great! Hey for $4 more we can get some grilled chicken, lets do it. A mediocre side salad with 3 pieces of tomato, 4 small squares of avocado and just enough chicken to appease a cat was placed in front of us. All this for a mere $17. If that is what comes from paying $17 for a side salad, I can not imagine what an actual meal would look like. And imagine I will as I will not be eating there. Music will continue, but the restaurant should consider revamping again, or atleast give people somewhat of their moneys worth.

DON'T GO!!!!!!
Reviewer: Tom from Santa Barbara, CA
After paying extra for dinner and the show (show started at 8pm, we arrived at 6:30). 30 min after we were seated they took our drink order. 15 min. later drinks arive. Its now 7:15, (45 min. until start of show). 30 min. later they took our dinner order.(15 min until show time)Now people who came to see only the show file in- SRO. Wife and I have people pressed against our table-staring at some guys butt! Salad arrives. Show starts. No dinner yet. Now 8:15! Canceled our order left in disgust. If you want to be treated like a horses rear this is the place for you. Lived here all my life and will NEVER EVER recomend this restaurant.

Review of SOHO restaurant and music club
Reviewer: Carrie Nespor from Santa Barbara, CA
I love SOHO and am so glad they are in SB! It is such an awesome venue. The food is truly amazing and its great to listen to local and out-of-town bands play while eating. I've been to a few dinner/music shows and enjoyed them. I recommend this place!

Alternative way to see a show a SoHo, eat and watch the game
Reviewer: Pat from Santa Barbara, CA
Was in early last Thursday for Erik Raleigh and the Rogues. But wanted to see highlights of the NBA finals. So sat at the bar so I could eat, hear the music (also had on the tv), and see the game. Best way for service because bar is right on it for drinks and ordering. Had the grilled artichoke which is so smokey and great mix with the balsamic and finished with the BEST grilled salmon! Love the spice on there! And after the game could go in and watch the show!

Soho is loads of fun
Reviewer: Sandy from Santa Barbara, CA
We love coming there and listening to Area 51 and Soul City Survivors! It is always a complete blast of fun! Everyone there is always dancing and having a big smile on their faces having a great time! The only complaint I would say is that it is way too hot in there and most people comment that it's too hot in there. Is there a way to turn up the air conditioning? We have not eaten there yet, but our friends say the food is good.

Great place for music
Reviewer: Brian from Santa Barbara, CA
This is the place we go most often to see music. Great atmosphere, the food is good but not great, has actually improved lately. service has always been fine. Great venue, great talent always

descent food good atmosphere
Reviewer: michael from Santa Barbara, CA
Good experience on the whole. Food was good, service was okay until it got busy. Saw white buffalo there recently, would've been a more enjoyable experience had there been some type of organization in the concert area. Too many people getting rowdy in small environment. Not a "chill" experience like I was hoping for.

Fantastic Place!
Reviewer: Whitney from Santa Barbara, CA
We have always loved this place- for the food, the music, the ambiance. And now we are having our wedding reception there! They have been so helpful throughout the process and we are so excited to have them host it. Went for our tasting, and OMG: so good!! They really bring out the best for private events, I think! For regular menu, I recommend the bruscetta with goat cheese, the artichoke, and the butternut squash ravioli! mmm, getting hungry just thinking about it now!

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