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Szechuan Restaurant
1994 Cliff Dr, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 564-7651

Reviews by the General Public

Excellent quality meat and vegetables delivered
Reviewer: Sabine from Santa Barbara, CA
The chicken was lean breast meat, beef was lean not fatty, veggies were al dante, sauces were excellent! I ordered delivery and it arrive on time, great delivery man, and everything was perfectly presented in recycled materials. Lots of good veggies not just tons of bamboo shoots and water chestnuts like other places. It was my first time and I am now a new customer.

Much better this time.
Reviewer: Foodie Dan from Santa Barbara, CA
We waited a while before ordering delivery again. This time was soo much better. Excellent fried rice and chicken chow mein. The war won ton soup was devoured by my son. I really like that the drivers arrive with a card scanner, I don't like giving my card number over the phone. Hopefully the quality will continue. I refuse to order from EP ever again! Give Szechuan delivery a try.

Terrible service
Reviewer: Joni from Santa Barbara, CA
I tried it here as it got so many stars. We were seated and waited for 10 minutes without any acknowledgment or water. Asked for tea 3 times, finally we had to ask a second waiter. All four of us ordered soup only 2 got it at first, had to ask for the the other two. Moo Shu Pork was good but waiter made a mess of the rolled wrappers with everything falling out and only using half of the pork to wrap them up. Sweet and sour pork was tasty, chop suey very bland. Quite a few to go orders going out, now I see why-better service on take out.

Chinese delivery
Reviewer: Foodie Dan from Santa Barbara, CA
We tried to find a new Chinese delivery due to our final experience with E.P. Unfortunately, the food didn't impress us. We ordered pineapple shrimp fried rice and received steamed white rice with shrimp and cashews and pineapple. Our order of bbq pork and noodles was disappointing. The won ton soup was the best of the order! Delivery was very good.

Not real Chinese (Szechuan food)
Reviewer: Kevin from Santa Barbara, CA
OK, I've had real Szechuan and Chinese food, meaning in China at those particular cities. This is NOTHING like it. I am not sure how it gets so many 5 stars, but people need to taste what real Chinese food taste like. It's a real shame that these so called Chinese restaurants are putting SWEET sauce into their dishes just to satisfy the majority of the population here, who are Caucasian, and shyed away from making authentic Chinese food...

Szechuan is da place fo chinese food ya'll!
Reviewer: Thomas Flinchbaugh from Santa Barbara, CA
Szechuan never disappoints. Been hitting this place up for years, first times was as a kid. Those Asian waitresses be real nice too ya' too. I'm 'bout to go get me some Szechuan right now jus' thinkin' 'bout it! Actually maybe I have 'em bring me some, 'cause they deelver, oh whaaa'!? Love me some chinese food in my 'jamas on the couch with my lady!

Best Chinese in SB!
Reviewer: Mark Patterson from Santa Barbara, CA
My wife and I have been going here for over 13 years. The service is amazing, the food is top notch. They even remember the types of dishes you like and will help you pick out great dishes that go together. Even better was that when my wife developed a gluten intolerance, they went and bought gluten free soy sauce! They can make lots of dishes gluten free, which is a huge blessing for my wife. It is the perfect place for a family dinner with kids as the food comes less than 10 minutes after ordering even when the place is really busy. It is wonderful for a quiet dinner date too. The Mongolian Lamb is the best in town, and the Kung Pao chicken is amazing. We will be going back again and again. I cannot remember in all the years going there ever having a bad meal. It is great every time!

Truly Pleasant
Reviewer: Katie from Santa Barbara, CA
The boyfriend and I decided to finally try this place after reading so many positive reviews. And it did not fail to deliver in food quality and customer service. Even their rice tastes better than what we make at home. The waitress knew everything on the menu and made according suggestions. They have big portions too. We ordered three dishes for lunch, had the left over for dinner, and still had food left for the next day! The only reason I knocked down half a star is that I thought the pork was a bit fatty. Can't wait to go back again!

This place has you dreaming about their flavors
Reviewer: steve from Santa Barbara, CA
Have eaten here several times before this write-up. All the meals have been tasty, which we have not found to be the case with other oriental food type places in SB. Egg roll is fresh tasting, clean, not old oily smelling like most places. General Tao Chicken was just spicy enough and FULL of flavor. Shrimp dishes good too. Bathrooms really clean. Attention to detail. Decent wine. They care. Know we will be happy when we leave. That's worth something. Oh, and their Soy Sauce at the table is extremely high quality complex tasting vs. the over salty bitter at almost all other places. It has a Yum smooth concentrated flavor and aroma when put to rice or main courses if you like to adjust a little.

Best Chinese in Santa Barbara
Reviewer: JB from Santa Barbara, CA
After almost giving up on my search for real Chinese food in SB I finally made it to the Szechuan Restaurant. Order from the Chinese menu and it's as good as it gets in Santa Barbara and the only place serving non-bastardized Sichuan cuisine as far as I know. Skip the westernized overly sweet "Chinese food" and get the real deal, you're in for a treat.

Best in SB
Reviewer: Sandra from Santa Barbara, CA
I am from LA where it is really easy to find good chinese food. Here in santa barbara.....not so much. But, then i found Szechuan and they are by far the best in SB. The dishes are big enough to share (2 dishes is enough). The cream cheese wontons are AMAZING and all the servers are really sweet. And they are reasonably priced.. especially their lunch specials.

Only place to go for authentic Sichuan food in SB!!!
Reviewer: Pang Pang from Santa Barbara, CA
Having studied in Sichuan privince I often long for my favorite dishes from the Land of Plenty. Szechuan restaurant is the only place in Santa Barbara where I am able to take the sentimental journey back to my old home! They even have authentic huo guo ("hotpot"), where you can cook your food at the table in either a fiery or delicate broth. You can order off of an English or Chinese menu and for applicable dishes they will cook to your taste (American, mainland Chinese, or Tawainese). The service is excellent. In a rush? Call in a take-out order ahead of time. Do not miss a visit to Szechuan Restaurant - you will need to travel to L.A. or S.F. to eat anything close to what they serve at this little gem on the Mesa.

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