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Ca Dario

Tee-Off Restaurant & Cocktails
3627 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 687-1616

Reviews by the General Public

Strong drinks don’t make up for poorly cooked steaks, 12/23/2018
Reviewer: Bruce from Santa Barbara, CA
I wish I could upload the picture of my “rare” steak. Last night, another couple joined us for dinner at tee off. We ordered our steaks, my wife and I ordering rare. When we received them my wife’s had very little pink and was mostly gray. Mine had some pink, and when I asked our table mated what they though5, they all said it looks medium well. Our waitress agreed and took my steak and offered my wife a replacement. A minute later she returns with my steak saying the manager and cook agreed that it was cooked rare. They did replace my wife’s steak, which came back rare...another picture I wish I could upload for contrast. The manager and cook either are improperly trained as to how to cook, care more about the bar or just don’t care about their product or customers. Thankfully, my wife’s steak wasn’t shown to them as they would have likely not remedied that mistake. Ive encouraged my friends and acquaintances to just say no, and find a proper steakhouse.

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