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Tee-Off Restaurant & Cocktails
3627 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 687-1616

Reviews by the General Public

Strong drinks don’t make up for poorly cooked steaks, 12/23/2018
Reviewer: Bruce from Santa Barbara, CA
I wish I could upload the picture of my “rare” steak. Last night, another couple joined us for dinner at tee off. We ordered our steaks, my wife and I ordering rare. When we received them my wife’s had very little pink and was mostly gray. Mine had some pink, and when I asked our table mated what they though5, they all said it looks medium well. Our waitress agreed and took my steak and offered my wife a replacement. A minute later she returns with my steak saying the manager and cook agreed that it was cooked rare. They did replace my wife’s steak, which came back rare...another picture I wish I could upload for contrast. The manager and cook either are improperly trained as to how to cook, care more about the bar or just don’t care about their product or customers. Thankfully, my wife’s steak wasn’t shown to them as they would have likely not remedied that mistake. Ive encouraged my friends and acquaintances to just say no, and find a proper steakhouse.

Just barely OK
Reviewer: BuleriaChk from Santa Barbara, CA
I prefer the Outback... Roast beef (20 oz.) had bone in and lots of fat (comparable to Outback's 16 oz, which is much leaner, and no bone). I also prefer Outback's French Onion soup, and black bread. I wanted to try this for a special occasion, and was underwhelmed. IMO, YMMV, of course...

Great Place....but is a locals watering hole
Reviewer: Jon from Santa Barbara, CA
Love the T Off, took friends the other night and the bar was packed ,a bit much I thought but all people seemed to be enjoying themselves. My Prime Rib was done to perfection. Rest of my party could not have been happier with their selections. It is super 60s and kinda dive bar like from the front but a great place.

Tonys Famous Grasshoppers
Reviewer: Tyler from Santa Barbara, CA
You must go to the Tee Off and have one of Tony's famous blended Grasshoppers. They are absolutely fabulous, taste just like an adult version of a frozen thin mint cookie! It's a perfect way to end a great dinner at the Tee Off. Tony's Old Fashion's are also an excellent way to start off the evening

Where's the air conditioning?
Reviewer: Tyler from Santa Barbara, CA
Food and service were excellent as usual but I had to sit in the back room last night and thought I was going to die from heat stroke!!! It's hard to relax and enjoy your food and drinks when your dripping in sweat. There's a big neon sign out front that says air conditioned, if thats what they call air conditioned then I must be in HELL. Love the place but definitely won't be back until winter when weather cools down!

Where's the lamb?
Reviewer: Isabella from Santa Barbara, CA
My boyfriend and I decided to revisit Tee-Off. Last time there about 8 months ago ordered fish, and had to return it because it clearly wasn't fresh (bad odor). This time around decided to stick with meat; ordered lamb, and they were already out of it on a Saturday night. Soooo, he ordered a hamburger, which was excellent, and I had a small portion of prime-rib, also delish! The fries were spot-on, the small side of veggies, are just so-so -but, overall a very good meal. Save room for dessert, and get a good old-fashioned ice-cream cone at Baskin-Robbins, next door!

Restrooms need fixing
Reviewer: Geoffrey from Santa Barbara, CA
Had a nice meal and good service. Unfortunately the men's bathroom is bad. Women's is probably the same. There is no ventilation system so staff instead keeps window open (knob is broken so it can't be closed). It was about 40 degrees in the restroom because of this on a recent evening visit. It shocks your system to go from a cozy restaurant to a restroom at temperatures near freezing. Add to that, the doors of both men's and women's restrooms are spring loaded and slam loudly when you leave. They slam so loudly I was shocked that nearby employees don't react to the noise. Clearly they are use to it. Tee-Off needs to spend a few dollars and add/fix the restroom ventilation system and needs to add slow-close door springs. Come on folks, your restaurant is great! Don't think that bad restrooms don't matter. They do and your customers notice.

Reviewer: Fred from Santa Barbara, CA
Three of us for a birthday dinner. A quiet, Monday night. We sat in the back room (unusual for us) and had a great dinner. Prime rib and steak cooked perfectly. Great drinks, and service was attentive and fun. Price seems a little high at first, but not when you see that it includes soup, salad, veggie and starch side dish, bread and appetizer. It's a great place.

All it was reputed to be!
Reviewer: Stacey from Santa Barbara, CA
Oh my... all these years living in SB and I had never been to the Tee-Off! Finally made it there for a birthday dinner (spouse, not me). From the moment we arrived the service was attentive without being invasive. My drink (an Old-Fashioned) was made perfectly (I am picky!). The caesar salad was terrific. Our entrees were large, cooked just as we'd ordered (possibly slightly more rare), and well presented. My only quibble is that I found the meat to be seasoned a little too salty. Not enough to detract from our great enjoyment! Also, my baked potato was perfectly fluffy and came with plenty of toppings. Between the terrific food and the lovely, old-world service, I now understand the popularity of the Tee-Off. Can't wait to come back.

As always - good food and great service
Reviewer: Christine from Santa Barbara, CA
Not sure about the "going out of business" claim, Tee-Off was just as we always expect it last night. The drinks and food are good and the service is great. Also noticed a new "specialty burger" menu although I went for my staple, the prime rib. This time it was a little chewier than I'd like but the flavor was wonderful and I ate the entire thing. We had a table of 8, our waitress was perfect - and they didn't even add a forced gratuity to our check even though we expected it with a large table! We really appreciate the great service, so attentive yet not overbearing and friendly!

Must be going out of business they are always out of stuff
Reviewer: steven bixler from Santa Barbara, CA
The last 3 times I have been in the Tee Off I have tried to order a bottle of wine(what a joke) they don't even have a wine list anymore. The server asked if I was looking for a red or a white then sent over the manager so she could tell me what they have left. There wasn't any wine that I wanted so I decided to order a scotch and they were out of that too, not to mention the time before they were out of New York steaks... I used to love this this place sad to see that they are going out of business!

Best Prime Rib I've Ever Had
Reviewer: Marylou from Santa Barbara, CA
The quality of the food and service was outstanding. My husband and I both had prime rib (smaller cut and Big Bertha)which was well-prepared. The seasoning coupled with the tenderness of the cut and the well timed preparation contributed to the best prime rib I've ever had. I'm from cattle country so that says alot. The service was perfectly attentive without being bothersome. My Washington Apple cocktail was excellent.

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