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Montecito Coffee Shop
1498 East Valley Rd, Montecito
Phone: (805) 969-6250

  • Category: American, Californian, Coffee
  • Hours: Mon-Sat 7am-2:30pm (Breakfast until 11:30am), Sun 8am-2pm (Breakfast only, no Lunch menu)
  • Price: < $10
  • Serving: Breakfast & Lunch
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Reviews by the General Public

Best turkey in town
Reviewer: Marc from Santa barbara
Fresh roasted turkey, homemade soup,I'm told using the same fresh stock, fresh brewed iced tea and there cole slaw is the best I've ever had! Very clean,charming and friendly envoirment and the staff very personable.

Horrible service
Reviewer: Karla from Santa Barbara, CA
I was there this morning for two coffees an never got refillin it, not mentioning that the cups were ridiculously small.

A very over rated place
Reviewer: Monte from Montecito, CA
I went there with a friend for breakfast. Two oatmeals (one with fruit) and two coffees. Without prompting (which I hate having to do) we never would have received a refill on our coffee. And hardly any one else was there. With tip for such a modest meal we paid about $23.00. Outrageous prices and poor service.

Reviewer: VANESSA THORNTON from Santa Barbara, CA
I have to disagree with the negative comments. This place is just fabulous,the service is excellent and the food is fantastic. I can't praise Debbie and her staff highly enough. The freshest ingredients are made into delightful breakfast and lunchtime dishes. Daily specials are always lovely and the prices are low. You need to eat here and see for yourselves what you are missing!

Best hot chocolate in town!
Reviewer: Holly Emerson from Santa Barbara, CA
Couldn't ask for better service! If you are looking to get the best hot chocolate in town, they have it! They provide a fantastic atmosphere and a friendly staff along with great food. (Ask for Daniel or Paul-- they are the best :)!)

I love it
Reviewer: Désirée from San Pedro, CA
I am from out of town, and frequently eat here. The food is very good, and the service spectacular. I recently ate breakfast there on Sunday, the ground beef egg scrabbler was amazing. I also meet a couple, who are also from out of town, and they too frequent the Coffee shop on a regular basis, and love it. Keep up the good work, and I shall see you soon.

Look forward to returning
Reviewer: Roger from Santa Barbara, CA
My wife and I visited the Motecito Coffe Shop on a recent trip to visit my family. We arrived just as the menu was changing and Debbie stopped the kitchen in time for me to have breakfast, the Italian scramble,. My wife had a salad and we were both very happy. The Italian scramble was rich with cheese and vegetable with plenty of Italian Sausage. My wife found the dressing on the sald to her liking. We thought enough our visit to return two days later for lunch on the patio. The tomato basil soup and Ice Tea suited my wife.The lunch special, steak sandwich, was well executed, lots of onions and peppers. We were well treated and will be back on our next trip to SB.

Powdered Iced tea...enough said
Reviewer: Jules from Santa Barbara, CA
I went there for lunch. The staff was not welcoming; we asked if it we should seat ourselves and the few staff members looked at us like we were crazy for asking such a question. Not 1 minute after getting our powdered drinks and menus, a slightly insane aggressive waitress asked us what we wanted. We asked for a few minutes to decide. She came back a LONG time later. So long that for the first time in my life I chose to leave without ordering any food, just paying the 5.40 (!) for two powdered iced teas. I walked across the street to Pierre Lafond instead.

Gone way down hill
Reviewer: Harry Taylor from Montecito, CA
First, the food which used to be good is no longer. The good food was why I used to go there. The service was always atrocious. Whoever said "entitlement" as reference to the service was correct. For starters, the waitresses don't listen when you speak with them, and they don't bring out the courses when an item is called for being brought out first. Anyway, the tuna is no longer 'white tuna', the soups have gone from great to just salty; I've noticed the chicken they put into the soup is too old to maintain its form. Lazy is a good word for this restuaant. Through and through.

Take it from someone who dines here frequently.......
Reviewer: Carla Case-Flynn from Montecito
My family has dined at Montecito Coffee Shop since we first moved to town in the 90's. The kids are now grown up, but still love to go. When they were at MUS, we would call Debbie and she would have our breakfast sitting on table waiting for us as we walked in. My standard favorites are the East Valley Omlette and the Turkey salad sandwich, and they have excellent milkshakes... Debbie, Paul and Danny always give us great service with a smile. Try it you won't be dissapointed.

Avoid this restaurant!
Reviewer: Severn Williams from Santa Barbara
We went for this first time this morning. It was horrifying. The waiter was a klutz, he kicked my foot when he first came to the table, then stepped on my toes the next time. He forgot the milk we ordered for our baby. Most important, they are inundated with BIG BLACK FLIES INSIDE, because they have no screen door. They should have paid us to eat there; not the other way around. - Severn Williams

not so much
Reviewer: Andrew from Santa Barbara, CA
I couldn't eat any of it. There was parsley all over my rubbery pancakes and also parsley in the butter for my pancakes so the pancakes came with parsley butter! The huevos rancheros tasted like the ingredients were the cheapest you could buy. The waitress was very nice and the orange juice was good, but the food...ewwww.

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