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Trattoria Mollie
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2018-08

1250 Coast Village Rd, Montecito
Phone: (805) 565-9381

Reviews by the General Public

Love it for dinner & lunch as well!, 6/13/2018
Reviewer: Brent from Montecito, CA
I visit Mollies in Montecito frequently for dinner and have recently discovered it as a great place for a business lunch. Always fine food and great service, with a local, friendly vibe. Love Mollie's homemade lasagna on the weekends! I am looking forward to their new Santa Barbara, State Street location opening this month.

Terrible service, poor food., 3/1/2018
Reviewer: Loretta from Ventura, Ca
I met a friend for lunch at Trattoria Mollie, looking forward to an enjoyable meal. Our server was unbelievably rude, and inattentive. We were shocked, as the restaurant only had two other tables full. The bread was dry, with little to no taste, and my “Pollo Salad” was literally just lettuce and dry chopped chicken. We tried being nice to our server, to no avail, and when we asked for mochas after lunch, he acted as though we’d asked for his kidney. Sadly, we won’t be back.

Over salted veal, 10/6/2016
Reviewer: nats from Santa Barbara, CA
Non-crusty tasteless bread. Minestrone soup tasted like potato soup. Veal scalopine was so over salted and tasteless that could not be eaten.

First visit, hope it won't be our last., 1/12/2015
Reviewer: J. Lomaga from Shoreham, New York
Visiting our friends and decided to take a drive to Santa Barbara,decided it was way to busy to eat there. Being from NY (not the city) we opted for something much quieter such as Mollie's in Montecito, the next town over. We were very early and Mollie's wasn't even open yet for dinner. Not knowing Mollie personally she greeted us at the door and arranged a table for us regardless of no reservation. It only got better from there as far as the food which was LOVED by all in our party. Service,was good but began to lag a bit when the crowds arrived,regardless the food was excellent, the company exceptional and our evening was complete. Should we ever be back Mollie's is on the top of the list. Thank you to all who made this possible. Next time although it's a PIZZA for an appetizer for me !

Stay away, 1/2/2015
Reviewer: Bob from Santa Barbara, CA
Mollie has gotten rather full of herself in recent years. Probably due to Oprah's influence. We have dined there many times in the past 15 years. Had a reservation for 630 New Years Eve 2014. Verified at 4 PM. Arrived promptly. Were completely ignored by staff. The restaurant was full. When I finally flagged down someone to ask to be seated we were told without apology that there were no tables available. Meanwhile "friends of Mollie" who arrived without reservations were being seated. No one made any attempt to correct the situation. We will no longer dine at Mollie's. The food is not that great. And this was probably the worst restaurant customer experience I've ever had.

Never Again, 1/7/2014
Reviewer: Peter from Santa Barbara, CA
I have dined at Mollies twice over the last fifteen years or so. The first time I took my Dad for his birthday and we were completely ignored. Terrible service. This time (last Sunday) I went with two friends and Mollie was too busy directing her staff to fawn over "special" tables with multiple rounds of amuse bouche that we were again forgotten. By the time our pizza came out (which takes all of 3 minutes to bake in a hot wood fired oven), our other dishes had been on the table for 10 minutes and were getting cold. They blamed it on the fact that we had specifically asked that it be cooked very crispy. The fact was that they forgot to make it. Please do not lie to us. Once meal was finished our waiter could not be bothered to offer us dessert and coffee. We called out to him as he sped by. We finally told the busy boy to get us the bill. I know that Mollie won't care about this review. I called her the first time I had a horrible experience (Yes, it was bad enough that I called her)and she had essentially nothing to say. It's too bad that she is still able to survive with such poor manners simply due to her rubbing shoulders with Oprah.

mollies is fantastic, 12/22/2012
Reviewer: virginia markel from Santa Barbara, CA
my husband and i eat lunch at mollies at least once a week. the food is delicious. some of our favorites are chicken with a lemon/caper sauce, fettucine bolognese, frutti di mare, shrimp rissoto, gnocci marinara or bolognese--the latter being an off menu item, chicken cacciatore, pizza so thin it floats, affogato al cafe (gelatto with espresso poured over it) for dessert. the wait staff (monica, memo, michele, and ali) and very friendly, knowledgeable, and accomodating. mollie is also very friendly and very accessible to diners. she is almost always working the kitchen--very hands on. not just a pretty face! btw she has a new cookbook, primi piatti, on first course dishes. it is a beautiful and easy to follow guide on sumptuous italian cooking.

Burned too many times, 12/9/2012
Reviewer: Candy from Santa Barbara, CA
I keep hearing decent things from various sources about Mollies. But after several disappointing visits I'm through. The last experience sealed the deal. I arrived with a party of four on a Saturday afternoon at about 1:45. There were several tables filled outside on the patio and only one table filled inside. After standing at the hostess station for easily five minutes I went back outside to enquire about getting a table. I was told to go back in. Again the four of us stood in the practically empty dining room completely ignored. Finally the waiter from outside re-entered and we practically tackled him to talk to us. He asked us what did we want. Lunch we answered. He glanced around the virtually empty room and actually asked "Do you have a reservation?" Thinking he was joking, we replied, that no but we would appreciate it if he could find a table for us. He walked away for several minutes and we continued to stand some more. Finally he returned and asked if we wanted lunch because they stopped serving at two! We told him we'd been there since 1:45 and were ignored. He told us to sit anywhere and left. He never returned. At 2:20 we stood up and went across the street to Tre Luna and enjoyed a lovely lunch.

Great food, great ambience, and gracious owner, 12/28/2011
Reviewer: Bob and Julie Sullivan from La Jolla, CA
We have dined here frequently over the past 5 years and always enjoyed it! Mollie is a very talented and gregarious host and chef! She personally greets her customers as if they were family. The food is homemade and delicious, and we found the prices reasonable.

The worst food ever!, 3/15/2011
Reviewer: Diane from Santa Barbara, CA
I've been in the industry for 25 years and this has to be the most over-priced, and worst food I've ever eaten! I'd be ashamed to lay the check and have my customer pay for what was provided to us. The pasta was a very small portion with a few seafood items on top, the sea bass was thin and slimy with a sauce so salted it was inedible, and the easiest thing of all to prepare - vegetables were absolute mush! No salad, no alcohol, no dessert and for the three of us it came to $140.00!

Excellent, 2/12/2011
Reviewer: Susan Dick from Glens Falls, New York
We went to Trattoria Mollie in 1999 based on an interview given by Jeff Bridges recommending Mollie's as one of his favorite restaurants in Montecito. We're from upstate New York and whenever we're visiting the west coast, we do our best to return to Mollie's because we absolutely loved it. We met Mollie and she was very hospitable and simply a delight. The pasta bolognese is one of my favorite entrees. Oh, almost forgot to mention that Mr. Bridges was dining a few tables away from ours the first time we had dinner there. I also recommend cocktails at the Biltmore before dining at Trattoria Mollie.

Very bad service, 9/12/2010
Reviewer: Nitin Kataria from Santa Barbara, CA
Of all the restaurants that we have been to, this is the worst on our list. We had a reservation and when we showed up, the staff very conveniently ignored us. Then we were seated by one of the kitchen staff who was very unfriendly. There were no host or hostesses! Having been ignored at our table with no server showing up for 10 minutes, we decided to leave. Given the upscale area that this restaurant is in, it surprises me that they survive with such a bad attitude and a very snobbish staff. Makes me wonder if the welcoming experience is so bad, then how terrible the food will be.

Beautiful Setting, Wonderfully Prepared Food, Excellent Menu, 6/26/2010
Reviewer: Barbara and Peter Wouters from Santa Barbara, CA
We love the ambiance at Mollies! No little bitty tables crowded together so you can't move your arms. The risotto with asparagus is absolutely delicious! The seasonings are balanced and the vegetables are fresh and not overdone. We dine there often and highly recommend the pastas, pizzas and risottos.

Best Pizza, Pasta, and specialty italian foods, 5/19/2010
Reviewer: Ashkan from Santa Barbara, CA
This is the absolute best Italian food in SB. Pizza is nice, simple and crispy (just like the ones they serve in cafes by Pompeii). The spaghetti and turkey meatballs is awesome. Fish soup and other specialties are magnific. Go and enjoy. I'm going tonight.

Don't bother, save your money!, 5/6/2010
Reviewer: Barb Aquino from Santa Clarita, Ca.
My husband and I were in Montecito and passed this restaurant and thought we would try it. Big mistake! We asked for a table on the patio with a heater and had to wait 20 minutes before they brought one over, right about the same time we received our drinks. We had to wait minimum 45 minutes for our meal. They never asked us for refills on our drinks, and we waited another 20 minutes for our dessert. Portions are very small and high priced. The waiter acted as if we were in invisible. We paid $100.00 for 2 small pasta meals with salad and 2 glasses of wine. We left feeling ripped-off and still hungry. Save your money, go elsewhere!

Worst never coming back!, 2/18/2010
Reviewer: Candy from Santa Barbara, CA
My boyfriend and I go out to eat a lot so we try to go to new places each month. I've been here in the past but it was my boyfriend first time! Service here was horrible. We got seating in the corner and the place wasn't even full! The buss boy paid more attention to us then our waiter. If we are going to pay what we paid here we should have good service. I wanted to get up and leave. We finally got our food after 45 min. the food was bland and not good. small portions for pasta….no thank you! If you want good Italian food go to Ca Dario!!!!

Feels like home, 1/7/2010
Reviewer: Jon from Los Angeles, CA
I have been going to Mollie's for years, and each time I am equally satisfied with the wonderful, incredible food, and the warm, happy service. Mollie greets the customers and the waiters and waitress remember what I love to eat. I always recommend Mollie's and will continue to do so

Great meal!, 11/22/2009
Reviewer: Jordan from Santa Barbara, CA
If you're looking for a great Sunday night dinner this is the place. I've been coming here with my family since my children were kids and now when they visit from college and New York where my daughter lives they always ask to come back to Mollie's. The pizza is delicious and thin, the pastas are great, and the appetizers are wonderful as well. I seriously suggest it! The service is also good, Mollie is wonderful herself.

Why would you choose this Italian Restaurant???, 3/24/2009
Reviewer: Jim Melillo from Montecito, CA
I live in Montecito. My family is from Italy. I spend time there. I am a decent cook. I have eaten here 3-4 times in 2 years. Where in the world do people get the idea that this is great italian food? This is good food. Mollie's prices are a bit high, Capreses Salad $13, Gnocchi in tomato sauce $17 - come on this is potatoes, but her pizzas are reasonable priced if a little small. The service is just not good. You should feel like people want you there, that they like you and that you are special. It is just not there. Try Pane e Vino up the hill, similiar prices better food but your wanted there. Tre Lune down the road great service and pretty good food. So the reason the place does not get a 4 or 5 is the prices are a little higher than they should be and the food is a little less special than it should be and the service is worse than it should be. I love Downeys and Petit Valentien and Pane e Vino all good Italian and French restaurants all are which same price or higher. They just do the three things right that you need Service, Quality and Price.

Every bite a winner -- and our server Monica made it fun!, 3/22/2009
Reviewer: Susan H. from Santa Barbara, CA
Second time dining at Mollie's on a Sunday afternoon. Lovely choices on the lunch menu -- soups have been memorably outstanding both times. Pasta was mouth-wateringly good. Pizza was perfect -- thin crust and right combo of toppings. Haven't tasted pizza as authentic as that outside of Italy. Grilled chicken on Bibb lettuce was just right -- perfect split for side salad. For a leisurely afternoon with delicious food and cozy yet elegant atmosphere, I'd definitely recommend Trattoria Mollie's.

Worst owner ever, 2/3/2009
Reviewer: Alex from Ojai, CA
Worst service ever, I was able to hear the owner yelling to the cooks like if they were slaves.

Fantastic Gem, 11/13/2008
Reviewer: Jennette G from Montecito, CA
Most authentic pizza. Everything was purchased for a gathering I held and the guests LOVED it all!

Little piece of Italy in Montecito, 3/1/2008
Reviewer: Paul from Dundalk,Ireland
Just got back from a great week in beautiful Santa Barbara..Went to Trattoria Mollie that was recommended and I could'nt agree more...I found it very hard to pick my meal because everything sounded so good..after a few recommendations from Paola,we narrowed it down...everything was perfect..absolutely one of the Best Italian meals I have ever had..was too full for dessert but Mollie sent out her famous Tiramisu for us to try..we cleaned that plate too...Will be back soon!!!

Very poor service, 5/26/2007
Reviewer: Tom Barakat from Phoenix, AZ
Visited this restaurant on Tues. May 22 at the recommendation of the guest services person at the Fess Parker's Doubletree Resort. We thought the food was good not great, but service was terrible. It appeared as if there was one waiter working a full dining room, and unless you were a regular not very much attention was being payed to you. I had to ask twice for a water fill and the glass stood empty for a good 10 minutes. Way overrated!! We have been to many excellent restaurants and you are always made to feel welcome. They need to be very careful in how they handle their guests

Don't pass on the meatballs, 5/22/2007
Reviewer: C. Remond from SB
That is crazy, the turkey meatballs are incredible and the best turkey meatballs I have ever had. Actually, everything I have ever had at Mollies' has been great. It has been one of those restaurants for me where it is difficult ordering something new because I love what I ordered so much the first time. My whole family is the same way with this restaurant and everyone has their favorite. The service I cannot comment on so much because I pick up a lot. Sometimes it is busy and just average and sometimes it is better. Once we had reservations and ended up waiting a good 45 minutes and that was disappointing but hasn't happened again. I try to avoid it on the weekends.

mixed emotions, 5/15/2007
Reviewer: ann burke from briny breezes, FL
Mollie's was a very mixed bag. My friend ordered the seafood soup and I checked out the meatballs, both specials. I thought they were a bit pricey at $26, but tasty. Be forewarned, the meatballs are very spicy. We sat on the patio which is lovely. Our serviver was charming and very good at explaining specials ,etc. but quite forgetful. There was quite a gap waiting for her to take our order, but we didn't mind because the setting was so pleasant and we were enjoying a glass of wine. The coup de grace, however, was that we ordered after lunch capuccinos and saw no one for at least 15-20 minutes, even though there were very few diners there. Finally, we tracked down the server who got all flustered and brought our coffees, saying the busboy was suppposed to get them At this point, even her lovely Italian acccent couldn't save her. With so many wonderful dining opportunities in the area, I wouldn't rush back to Mollie's.

Overpriced MEATBALLS, 4/20/2007
Reviewer: Monica from Santa Barbara
Why does Mollie get to charge like $26 for a side of meatballs just because OPRAH loves them? Honestly, they were not that good. I like the food there in general..and the Italian waiters are always nice...usually the food is good--but the meatballs are CRAZY expensive....PASS ON THEM

Transported back to Italy, 3/16/2007
Reviewer: Kristin from Santa Barbara
Earlier this week a dear friend treated us to dinner at Trattoria Mollies. The pizza, thin crusted, simple yet flavorful, reminded me of delicious pizza I had in Italy. The caesar salad tasted like no other; not too much garlic, light and crisp, bordering on ethereal. The seabass was not only delicious, but the sauteed spinach and green beans accompanying the main course brought a whole new appreciation for subtleties in cooking. One green bean is not like the next! Hats off to the chef, the excellent service and beautiful atmosphere (this includes an overwhelmingly handsome staff!) It is expensive, but you are paying for what you get; cullinary skill resulting in delectable cuisine.

Mollie is the best, 8/10/2006
Reviewer: Olivia from Goleta, CA
I enjoy Mollie's food, I eat there as often as I can. Its hard to read about people saying mean things about her, my friend's husband has worked for Mollie for about 14 years. Mollie has been more than wonderful to him and his family, I encounter so many people loving Mollie and always being a part of her and this wonderful restaurant; Come and taste the Best of the Best, only at Trattoria Mollie.

McDonalds across the street looked temping afterwards, 7/8/2006
Reviewer: Diane Kasabian from temecula california
My husband and I made this our anniversary dinner. Very pricy for the portion size and the crembrulee was flat with no fluff. The atmosphere was stuffy with no real warmth. After dinner we were still hungry and McDonalds was looking pretty good.

bad food, bad service, 6/30/2006
Reviewer: Ricky Abels from Dallas, Texas
Although we made reservations in advance, we were still seated as close to the restroom as you could get. The service was awful and one entree special so bad it was unedible. We had to send it back, it was that bad. The food portions were the size of appetizers at any other restaurant. Although this place came highly recommended, we can't figure out what is so great. The service was awful, had to ask several times just for a water refill. Even though we don't rank up there with the rich and famous from Santa Barbara, my husband is a physician and we usually don't mind paying the price for a good meal. The staff and owner here should learn that return customers and word of mouth are the key to a successful business. You won't get either of those from us. The Olive Garden (which i detest) is better than this place!

Did not meet expectations., 6/20/2006
Reviewer: Robert from San Francisco, CA
Our dining experience was average. The salads were very simple, they were I think Outback salads are better. The pizza was bland, Pasta dishes were average, no standouts, the highlight was the meatballs. The specials and desserts were all outstanding. Wine prices were about the standard 3x markup. Service was excellent, except when Mollie came to the table yelling out dishes, very unprofessional. This place has only one unisex restroom, some in our group did not appreciate standing in line for up to 10 minutes, additional restroom is needed. I would not recommend this restaurant, there are many far superior restaurants in the area.

Excellent! And we saw Oprah There too!, 5/7/2006
Reviewer: Patricia from Folsom, CA
The Angry pasta was the bomb! The service was excellent and was got to see Oprah! Will definitely go back again!

Reviewer: Jessica from Montecito, CA
Mollie's is the best! The bruschetta is great (especially the mushroom one), the bolognese is delicious, the gnocchi is to die for. (everything else on the menu is awesome, too.) TO ALL THE PEOPLE COMPLAINING ABOUT THE PORTIONS, you are probably used to overeating and hence the portions seem small to you. AND TO THE PEOPLE COMPLAINING ABOUT THE PRICE...c'mon...this is MONTECITO. Everything is expensive here (go check out the price of a tank-top from Angel, and you'll see what I mean). If you want low-cost, huge portions, then go to Presto Pasta.

Extremely expensive, 4/23/2006
Reviewer: Ginny from Las Vegas, NV
We went to Mollie's because of OPRAH's recommendation. While the food was very good, the prices were extremely expensive. Remember, this is Italian food - pasta being one of the least expensive dishes you can make. We ordered a side of meatballs -$26.00. Two adults and an 8 yr old, no alcohol Our bill was $96.00 before the tip. The service was fair; however, it was obvious that regulars get much more attention than someone who is unrecognized. What they fail to consider is the possibility that you could become a regular if treated equally.

Oprah's the only reason this place is still open! , 4/20/2006
Reviewer: Beth from Charleston, SC
After this restaurant was recommended to us through our concierge...we thought we'd give it a shot... I wish we hadn't! I think all of Oprah's hype about Mollie's Meatballs has made the place WAAAAY overrated. The prices were EXTREMELY OVERPRICED for the amount of food we recieved. I ordered the spinach ravoili...costing me $26.00...and I'm not lying when I say this... I got 2 ravoili's and a plate full of cream sauce. A friend choose to have the meatballs.... she got MAYBE a cup full of pasta and 4 meatballs (not much bigger than the frozen ones from the grocery store)...$32.00... My brother got the veal special...the veal was pounded down so much it looked like a small piece of cubed steak, it was served with maybe 2 petite carrots and some steamed veggies....$30.00.... Needless to say...we all left hungry and mad.... It wasn't that the food tasted bad...dont get me wrong... but if you want to enjoy a nice italian meal...and leave full and satisfied... then I don't recommend Trattoria Mollie!

Great Food, Mediocre Service, Inflated Prices, 4/15/2006
Reviewer: Ella from Hacienda Heights CA
The food was great, especially the meatballs. However, for such a small portion, the price was expensive. My family and I were charged extra for me splitting the meatball dish with my daughter, a total EXTRA charge of $9. BEWARE IF YOU WANT TO SPLIT A DISH!!! The waiter failed to tell us this. Also, the service was not so wonderful. He ignored our request of having a picture with Mollie and we had to ask a second time. Only when tip time came did we see him become more attentive to our needs. Mollie was gracious to take a picture with us. Overall, I would not come back again because of the extra charges for sharing a dish.

TAKE OUT A LOAN BEFORE DINNER, or you'll be sorry..., 4/9/2006
Reviewer: Carson from San Luis Obispo, CA
When we arrived, we had to wait 10 minutes after our reservation time, before we were admitted to our table. 3 other parties smaller, and similar in size (there were only 5 of us), were taken first. That wasn't such a big deal. But, for the amount of food that was given, the price was not comprable. While everything is homemade, that's still no excuse for the outrageous prices. I would recommend the place to people, but definately WARN them first.

Great food & Service, but hefty on the wallet, 2/27/2006
Reviewer: John from Los Angeles
I took my girlfriend (who studied in Italy) for an anniversary dinner in an Italian restaurant and she liked it. The food was great and the service was excellent. Our waiter was very attentive to our needs and came by just enough to make sure everything was ok. We were seated in a corner which made it for a romantic setting with its dim lighting. The food was great but expensive and the portions were small. Overall, I would recommend this restaurant if you have the money to spend.

Reviewer: Leigh from Newport beach
I lived in Rome for 5 years... I know Italian food.. Every dish I ordered reminded me of Rome.. the portions where perfect, the service was great.. Nice to be served by REAL ITALIANS!!.. THe meatballs that Oprah RAVED about where OUT OF THIS WORLD.. so good.. but have to say over priced! I wanted to return the following day just for the food!!.. can't wait to return to Montecito for the meatballs!!

Fantastico!!, 9/22/2005
Reviewer: Doug Stein from San Diego, CA
My partner and I ate here last year and we absolutely loved it! It had the charm of a "REAL" Italian restaurant as in Rome or Naples. The food was probably some of the best we've ever eaten, and Mollie was a superb performer. Yes, she screams at her staff, yes, she demands perfection in the kitchen; yes, she charms her customers. Maybe you should go to Italy and see how they work there, everything is always in an uproar and everybody is always screaming behind the scenes, but they still provide the best fare possible; as does Mollie. Obviously, she has either lived or studied there, as it was the most authentic Italian restaurant I have ever dined at in the states. The food was simply perfection, and while I was able to converse with Mollie in Italian, most people wouldn't understand the complexities of owning a restaurant and providing excellent service. Ciao Mollie!! Simply fantastic, hope to see you soon!! Doug

Good Italian meal in quiet setting, 6/19/2005

We dined at Mollie´s after reading on Oprah´s web site raving about Mollie´s meatballs. The meal did live up to its hype. The meatballs were delicious, the asparagus/shrimp pasta dish tasty, & appetizers of mozarella/tomato & prosciutto bruschetta all excellent. It was quiet, relaxing meal in a geat atmosphere.

best meatballs ever, 6/3/2005
Reviewer: genevieve gigliodoro
I am writing because i watched the Oprah show , I have made your meatballs , but sadly think one ingredient that i missed please help .

Recipe as seen on the Oprah show, 5/31/2005
Reviewer: jean lovering
Could you please email me the recipe of your wonderful meatballs as seen on Oprah. send to Can´t wait to eat there on our next trip to california Jean Lovering

Best meal of my life, 5/28/2005

The food and service were incredible. Four of us ate dinner and we each shared part of our dinner with all the others. Everything was fantastic! Our first experience here - we´ll be back for our next special day.

Great Food....Great Service, 5/11/2005
Reviewer: Sol from Santa Barbara, CA
My wife and I thought we´d try going here while driving around in Montecito looking for a place to have our anniversary dinner. The place looked great...the staff was friendly...and the food was great (although the portions were small...but we filled ourselves up after having their scrumptuous desserts. You MUST try the tiramisu! It´s the best we´ve had out here...second best to a tiramisu we had in New York. We plan on coming back. All the staff, including Mollie in the back kitchen, said goodbye to us as we were leaving. It was a very warm and relaxing atmosphere.

Good food but not so good service, 4/22/2005

This restaurant came highly recommended by friends. The food was excellent and the desserts to die for, but the same cannot be said anout the service. We were treated well enough, but not everybody got the same attention to detail. The waiters and waitresses appeared to be trying their best, although not very successfully. Mollie herself seemed to be at extremes- very cordial, warm and friendly to some diners but frightfully curt to her staff. We would definately recommend this restaurant to our friends, but with a word of caution regarding the service. Food = 4 stars, Service = 1 star

Disappointing Experience, 2/26/2005

I might try this place one more time since I wish I had ordered something other than what I did. Our entree was a special of spinach pasta with dungeness crab and the shells were left in, which was pointless and something unnecessary to have to deal with. It tasted all right, not great, and it was a very small portion for $32. As for hospitality, there was none as we both felt that we were hurried along in order to make room for the wealthy regulars. Our female server was not friendly and discouraged us from ordering salad. She also didn´t even mention dessert offerings, so we had to ask. The gelato was nothing special--I´d rather have Baskin-Robbins! We did see Mollie come out to greet a large party, and at one point she was speaking Italian rather loudly to an employee. All in all, a big disappointment--sorry, Oprah. (Also, I was going to use the restroom, but it wasn´t in the best of shape so I didn´t.) We were treated much better and had a delicious meal at Cafe Buenos Aires the night before.

Good Food..Bad Temper, 1/20/2005
Reviewer: Jim from Evansville, IN USA
The atmosphere was less than warm, but the food made up for it. Everything was well prepared and tasted fine. The drawback was the spotty service, and when Mollie heard my wife ask the waiter about something he´d neglected to bring, she berated him loudly and viciously until he was at the point of tears. It made both of us and other diners nearby quite uncomfortable.

never a bad moment, 1/18/2005
Reviewer: kim from montecito
I have an account with mollie we eat there 2 nights a week since her opening. Why are people so mean. I challence any of you to work even 1/8 as hard as her. Let alone take the abuse she has had fom some non importANT INDIVIDUALS. She has a the best food in Santa Barbara and a following and she also has real friends. So if you dont like Mollie dont eat there simple. BUT close your eyes and ears and taste its no where else youll eat better. Grow up out there.

receipe, 11/1/2004
Reviewer: evelyn from Chicago, IL
saw you preparing your meatballs on the oprah show. didn;t have a pencil handy. can you give me the receipe?? send to "" thank you. evelyn

Wonderful!, 10/14/2004

I went here about a week ago with my family and was very plesantly surprised. Although the ambience is not my exact taste I had an absolutly wonderful meal and everything tasted so fresh and nothing was overdone. Portion sizes were perfect and it was a very nice way to spend an evening.

good food, poor ambience, 10/10/2004
Reviewer: Grant and Angela from La Jolla, CA
While my wife and I certainly enjoyed the food, we found the wait for our entrees to be excessive. However, the homemade gelato made up for the long wait. Furthermore, we also had an experience where we overheard the head chef, Mollie, speaking abrasively to her staff -- despite the delicious food, this left a foul taste on our palates. We are not sure if we would eat there again.

Mollie curses harshly at her employees, 7/14/2004
Reviewer: Elizabeth from Montecito, California
I had dinner at Mollie´s last week. Three out of the four entrees at our table arrived cold. The deserts were very good, however. What alarmed my companions and I was the contradiction in Mollie´s demeanor: she would curse and demean her waitors and then shamelessly flatter her customers! We could hear her speaking to her waitors using the "f" word at times and, most alarmingly, she told one to, "Get your ugly face out of my kitchen". In turn, she would then enter the dining room and lay compliments on her customers. I was told by her that I look like a model. Since I am a 50+ year old woman with average looks I questioned how sincere she was. Additionally, she told nearly every customer the same thing. Then she hurried off to the kitchen to continue yelling at her staff.

Delightful, 3/27/2004
Reviewer: Carra Whann from Palm Desert
We stayed at Four Seasons and were lucky enough to find Trattoria Mollie´s. Not only is the food FRESH and cooked with perfection and balance, Mollie´s cheerful warmth and caring manner makes the visit feel more like going to a friend´s home for dinner. I have recommended Trattoria Mollie´s to many people and EVERYONE has raved. For those who don´t like it....their tastebuds only able to enjoy canned is a matter of refinement and taste to enjoy Mollie´s.

place to eat authentic italian food and star gaze, 1/7/2004

this place is addictive. the lasagne bolognese, insalata mista, gnocchi, penne arrabiata are delectable. the atmosphere is wonderful, especially on thurs - sat nights. this is the place to star gaze. oprah, the douglas clan, dennis miller, rob lowe are a few of the folks spotted there. mollie - the owner has a charasmatic personality. it was nice seeing her go to various tables and speak with the customers she knows.

warning! Wish I could have given zero stars, 11/13/2003
Reviewer: chip from santa barbara
I don´t want to mask my words- this place was crap. First, the food was mediocre at best. My order of steak was clearly on the raw side, and then came from the kitchen cold! My girlfriend´s meal was slightly redeeming though. Overall, still a complete failure to manage the meal. Wine list was bland and did not match the fare. The service was utterly rank. The place had the warmth of a prison.

Bad Service, 11/12/2003

I dined alone and although the food as always was great the women server was bad. I asked for another glass of wine, she brought the bottle and gave me what was left which wasn´t even a half glass, at 10.00 a glass. I should have complained Mollie was there but she was imtimidating so I will not go back and I was a regular.

Fabulous food... worst service ever!, 11/1/2003

The food here is better than Pascucci´s, five starts for that alone! However the pricing is almost the same and the service was terrible. We were the only ones in the restraunt, and the waiter could not remember what we order, and messed it up several times. For the price I was paying I would definately expect better, but the pasta and dessert were both to die for! I would go back for both, but definately request better service from the management!

Je ne comprend pas., 6/24/2003

If 16 out of 40 people say this review was helpful, there are a lot more people out there in our country that understand foreign languages than I think. Unless they are going by the 4 star rating only.

Chissà se ti Ricordi ???, 10/18/2002
Reviewer: Monica from ITALY
Ciao Mollie, come stai ? Sono Monica l´amica di Silvia e di Luca...come stai? Sono venuta a trovarti nel Marzo del 1999 ma tu casualmente eri in Italia. Sicuramente tornerò a trovarti molto presto ma questa volta oltre al marito ci sarà anche Thomas nostro figlio. Il tempo passa, ma le persone speciali come te non si dimenticano mai. Un grosso abbraccio anche a Soren e ad Ali tuo figlio.. Ciao Monica

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