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Wings Restaurant
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2015-09

4427 Hollister Ave, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 967-9824

Reviews by the General Public

Closed, 9/27/2015
Reviewer: Suz from Santa Barbara, CA
There is cardboard in the windows. I heard the owners were closing. [Note from editor: rumor has it that they are remodeling]

I like Wings, but are they closing?, 9/23/2015
Reviewer: Daryl from Santa Barbara, CA
I like Wings' family-owned atmosphere, and I like their food pretty well. I've never had a bad experience there. The last few months, though, when I've driven by the restaurant during he week, the sign in the window has said almost always said, "Closed." Is Wings shutting down? I'd miss them.

No answer, 2/18/2014
Reviewer: Yang from Santa Barbara, CA
How can you be a Chinese restaurant and not answer the phone!!! Oh It's SantaBarbara style!

Good food for the price, 4/5/2013
Reviewer: PJ from Santa Barbara, CA
The food is made to order and most of the dishes are quite good. The egg rolls are a little greasy. The hot and sour soup is very good. So is the fried rice. It good food at a very reasonable price. The atmosphere leaves a lot to be desired. Order to go.

Reviewer: DEE from Santa Barbara, CA

good and reasonably priced, 8/18/2012
Reviewer: Shelley from Santa Barbara, CA
We have now gone to Wing 's a half dozen times. it is consistently good. the service is a bit slow though. I believe a family runs it, and it has a personal touch. it is not fancy, but a great place to eat when you don't feel like cooking.

Good food, Friendly service. Everytime., 10/8/2011
Reviewer: Andy from Santa Barbara, CA
Lived in SB county for 5 years and have been getting take-out here. This place has quality food and isnt over priced like many other asian restaurants. Im surprised of the previous poor reviews bc in the dozen or so times here ive never had a problem. The only negative is maybe the decor could use an upgrade but who cares? this isnt a fancy restaurant.

Low Quality Food, bad service, 10/1/2011
Reviewer: Serena from Santa Barbara, CA
Ordered the house special rice noodle, waitress says it has seafood and bbq pork in it. When it comes, I see in the soup there are two small pieces of imitation crabs, one fish ball, two thin slices of fish cake, two little shrimps, two green leaves with the noodle, I asked the waitress what about the bbq pork, she says there should be one slice, yet I didn't find it. She simply said maybe they forgot to put it in and left without saying anything. I have better vietnamese noodle than what Wings Restaurant offers. Very disappointed about the quality of food and small portion, would not return.

Who goes to a chinese place and orders fried Won Tons?, 4/1/2011
Reviewer: Jeff Shepherd from Santa Barbara, CA
What do you expect? Fried Won Tons are like the equivalent to the ubiquitous bowl of tortilla chips at a Mexican restaurant. There are literally 4 pages of other things to order on the menu besides little fried pieces of dumpling wrapper.

I've had better...way way better, 5/11/2009
Reviewer: Elizabeth from Santa Barbara, CA
After reading the reviews here, I thought the hubby and I would give it a try. The food was not very good and we were unimpressed. I ordered the fried wonton and they were delivered COLD, as if they'd made them earlier that day and left for when they were ordered. The fried rice was bland, the food was just not very flavorful. Our waitress was pretty good, she was friendly and accomodating. The place looks a bit trashy which doesn't bother me at all when the food is good. I'll stick to some of my other favorites for Chinese food thank you very much.

Great Food, 3/2/2009
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Nice waitress with no language issues. Place is a bit rundown so not for a fancy dinner but the food is amazing. I am guessing this is where the Hope Ranch crowd gets its takeout from, I am unsure if they deliver or not. I will add this positive review to all those below. This place was a step above most greasy spoon sit down chinese places, it was probably the best sweet and sour pork I have ever had. It does seem like everything is really fresh there. They should remodel to attract that much more people.

Two and a half thumbs up!, 12/10/2008
Reviewer: elle from Santa Barbara, CA
What a pleasant surprised! My husband, baby and I went for lunch and we were pleased with everything. As a handful noted, the wait is a little long, but worth it! Everything is delish, and they'll make special dishes they don't offer from the menu. The best places are the "mom and pop" shops and WR does not disappoint...

A little gem in Santa Barbara!, 11/26/2008
Reviewer: Liliana from Santa Barbara, CA
I have ordered their sweet and sour shrimp, soft noodles with shrimp, and kung pao shrimp and everything is this place.

Wow, cannot believe it took me so long to discover, 11/17/2008
Reviewer: Shelby from Santa Barbara, CA
Tried Wings on a whim Saturday evening. Have driven by for many years thinking it was a Chicken Wing spot. Ordered Shrimp Fried rice. The menu has "Fresh" in parenthisis next to the word shrimp. It was fresh and the whole dish was terrific. I also got Sweet and Sour Chicken and BBQ Pork Wonton Soup. All three of the items were made with fresh ingredients, were not oily, and tasted great. The portions were on par with any other spot, and my Wife and I finished everything that night. We never finish Chinese. I am so happy to have taken the chance. This is now our Chinese spot in SB.

WINGS IS THE BOMB ! , 11/6/2008
Reviewer: TYRONE from Santa Clarita, CA

Lunch at Wings, 2/15/2008
Reviewer: Tom from Santa Barbara
Random choice for lunch as we drove by. Decided to stop and were not disappointed. Great food served in courses; HOT, FRESH and delicious. Service is what you'd expect so don't be in a hurry or too needy. Stay away from the sweet and sour pork. Mom and Pop cookin' in the kitchen.... good stuff. I think this is SB's oldest Chinese's like going back in time to Frank's Rice Bowl!

My favorite chinese in town!, 12/26/2007
Reviewer: Peter Rosin from Santa Barbara, CA
Service is really good, food is just great. I can't stop from going back at least once a week. Their egg rolls are huge and delicious and I love their mongolian beef. Some of the most tender pieces of meat I've eaten. The chow mein stands above others too. I used to only order from Madam Lu but Wing's has them beat.

Family Chinese cuisine at it's best! , 8/13/2007
Reviewer: Vickie from Goleta, CA
We have been coming to Wing's for more years than I can remember and the food is consistently great and it has been fun watching the young family members who work there grow up, they are always pleasant and prompt. I love that the restaurant is so unpretentious and offers a variety of Chinese dishes, each one a delicious treat. The cooks are always willing to modify a dish for that picky eater!

Best In Town!!!, 6/20/2007
Reviewer: Jaye from Goleta, CA
I am a 9th generation Santa Barbaran, who has recently moved to Goleta, and I still eat at Wing's. I always order take out. They are friendly! The food takes a little bit of time to cook, but is WELL worth the wait. There is a chinese restaurant around the corner from me that delivers, but it is horribly expensive and over priced and not as good as Wings!!!

Absolutely Amazing, 2/13/2007
Reviewer: Paige from Santa Barbara, CA
This restaurant has the BEST chinese food! I love eating here, whenever I crave Chinese Wings always prepares the most delicious food! Highly highly recommend...its one of those local favorites/hole-in-the wall gems! (The Chicken Lo Mein, egg rolls, and almond cookies with tea is an utterly incredible combination!!)

I love the people who work here!, 9/20/2006
Reviewer: Linda Tran from Santa Barbara
The seafood flat noodles are my favorit. It absolutely delicious, and their soups are sooooo good! The service is always friendly and prompt. Great family restaurant.

slow service, 8/31/2005
Reviewer: some person from Goleta, CA
The food was alright but not anything great. But the service was horrible. We were the only ones in the restaurant and it took 45 minutes to get our food. The food was not really worth the wait. They should bring out each plate as it is ready, instead of making everyone starve until all the dishes are done.

Yum, 1/7/2005
Reviewer: K8 from Isla Vista, CA
Tasty food, a little bit more expensive than the generic Chinese food place but that´s OK because the food is better, not a lot of options for vegetarians though (If you´re vegetarian head to Shanghai)

This is what I compare Chinese to , 12/15/2004

Wings on Friday night..YUMMMY!!! I lived in Santa Barbara for 13 years and my family would usually order Wings takeout Friday nights. Although we ate in the resturant a few times and the service was prompt, and the atmosphere laid back, they are very accomidating for takout!!! Located by the side interance to Hope Ranch (on the street that crosses Hollister and the Street that leads to Via Vally elementary)Always a hit.

Please try it out!, 12/8/2004 it´s kind of hidden away...and you´re probably the one of only two parties there...but the food is quite good...especially the soups. I´d hate to see this close down so please do try it out. One of the few places to get wide rice noodle soups.

Great food, dive restaurant, 10/11/2004

Now this restaurant is old school... A tiny storefront that looks like it is straight out of New York Chinatown. Don´t be put off by the dive atmoshere. The food is the best in town, and the staff is fabulous.

Good Food - Good Price, 11/12/2003

Food was good. Service was good. Portions were good sized. Very small place and not much atmosphere. Need to specify no MSG.

yummie, 11/11/2003
Reviewer: food! from santa barbara
I love Wings!!! House wonton soup with egg noodles! I´m gonna go get some right now!

Yummo!!!!, 7/5/2003

This was my girlfriend and my first time dining at Wings and we were very pleased. Using your restaurant guide we reviewed several places to eat. After making a decision we chose Wings and were very satisfied. The food was quite authentic and priced moderately. We were disappointed to find that they do not offer a take-out delivery service. But, fortunately they were just a little over a mile down the road. We do plan to go back in the near future.

Wing´s is Great!, 2/13/2003
Reviewer: Steven Maglio from Goleta, CA
Wing´s is a nice family owned restuarant, with the taste of really good family owned restuarant. They have a variety of food, from a variety of cultures ... and their all delicious.

goooooooood , 2/12/2003
Reviewer: Mike from Los Altos, CA USA
If you are hungary but like the taste of food and dont have too much money. This is the best restaurant to go. My friends and I love to go here whenever we have the chance. place itself is not that impressive. but the Hainan Chicken and Steak Fried rice is the BEST..... Im being serious

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