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Juan & Jeffe's
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2011-04

402 N. Milpas, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 964-0097

Reviews by the General Public

oh milpas, 4/2/2011
Reviewer: a p c from Santa Barbara, CA
I came by here after a really long run one weekend, looking to replenish my carbs with a champurrado or pan dulce... and they didn't carry EITHER. This is fine, I can live with this, but it took a really awkward 5 minute borderline rude conversation with one of the owners (I think) to get this across. I just wanted to get in and out, because (as some of you can attest) milpas is not the most savory area to be strolling around in your sweated through running clothes. I saw some cool Lilly's-esque taco specials on the chalkboard (sesos etc), so I may be returning to hit that up later.

Great Food!!...Good Service...., 4/1/2011
Reviewer: Sam Iam from Santa Barbara, CA
I love how they wrapped the soft-taco around the hard-taco shell and "sealed" it with re-fried beans...genius!!!!. This is also the ONLY place in Santa Barbara that offers the option of "floor seating". Definitely try the gyro with unicorn-meat,it was incredible!!!

Bliss, 4/1/2011
Reviewer: Earl from Pocatello, ID
Shoot howdy, I always go for Brazilian night. Once though the dancer's feathers got caught in the ceiling fan and it was not pretty. Juan is definitely the nicer of the two but Jeffe is Ok especially when he dresses in feathers too.

Mmmmmmm......, 4/1/2011
Reviewer: James from Santa Barbara, CA
Actually I think it is on the SE corner. This place is a nightmare to find, but once you're there, the flavors will dance on your tastebuds.

Oops! Correction, 4/1/2011
Reviewer: Darryl from Santa Barbara, CA
I meant the northEAST corner of Milpas and Gutierrez. Sorry.

Greasy but Great, 4/1/2011
Reviewer: Darryl from Santa Barbara, CA
I don't know why people say Juan and Jeffe's is hard to find. It's a great big Spanish building on the NW corner of Milpas and Gutierrez, with a super efficient drive-through window. The food was really tasty, although kind of greasy. But the service is fantastic. Servers come right up to your car to take your order, and you don't even have to get out! Just like the old-fashioned drive-ins. I mean, seriously, go check this place out right away. Be sure to try the salsa. Yum!

Pretty Good Food, 6/21/2005

I liked the food, the service was good, but it sure was tricky to find.

Not bad, 1/9/2005

hard to find, but ok

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