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Big Yellow House
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2006

108 Pierpont Rd, Summerland
Phone: (805) 969-4140

Reviews by the General Public

My Princess , 11/3/2019
Reviewer: JP from Santa Barbara, CA
I took The Girl of My Dreams there. She was My Princess . The Evening was Romantic and The Atmosphere was made for Both of us. She Passed Away of Cancer2015. But each time I Drive by, I cry and smile, knowing someday , we will meet and go to Dinner at The Big Yellow House. Love You Princess.

Bring Back TBYH, 9/16/2019
Reviewer: Heidi from Simi Valley
I was driving by TBYH yesterday with my mom. I think the last time we were there was back in the 90's. I was just a kid, we always heard of the stories the staff liked to tell of the house being haunted we ourselves never experienced that but it was always fun to hear the stories. We loved the food and staff at TBYH. They were always friendly and smiling, great food from what I could recall as a child, and memories of my family going there anytime we were down in the Ventura area. I was telling my mom how I'd like to bring my kids there and we sadly found out that they closed. It has such a great history. Please bring back TBYH!!! It brings jobs ti the area...❤

Reminiscing...Fond Memories Working There, 6/8/2018
Reviewer: Tracy from Oxnard, CA
I waitressed at The Big Yellow House over 35 years ago (!) while attending UCSB in the early 80’s. I wish we had fitbits then...waitressing up and down those stairs in those polyester long-skirt uniforms for hours on end was a great workout! I no longer live in Santa Barbara but frequent there regularly. Each time I drive by I still love seeing that house and that imprint “The Big Yellow House” (or what’s left of it). Working there was the “funnest” job I’ve ever had - best Managers and crew! Don’t get me wrong - expectations were high and serious but we shared a special camaraderie that made for fun and memorable times!

Ghostly experience , 12/24/2017
Reviewer: Bonnie from Santa Barbara, CA
Our first visit was in fall of 1982. Awesome, beautiful building, grounds were well kept & flowers bloomed everywhere! View of ocean was wonderful! Staff was friendly & helpful. Seated us on the second floor. Book shelves with old novels were on the wall by our table. Orders were served quickly & “family style”. Delicious!! We all raved about the food & the atmosphere. My 12 year old daughter excused herself to the ladies room. Ten minutes turned into fifteen & I was getting worried when she returned. But the previous smile was missing on her face. Asked her what was wrong. She stated she had change in her pants pocket before she went in to the ladies room, but now it’s gone?! I watched as she pulled her pockets inside- out- empty! I sent her & her sister back to look for it. Nothing found. We left, drove back to Sta Barbara. She stepped out of the car and gasped! Her change was back in her pocket! We returned to TBYH in 1983 & asked about its history. Our waitress was very pleasant & said she’d witnessed books upside-down that had been right-side-up Previously. Also the glasses were the same way! We informed her of our last visit & the money & she had no problem relating other stories to us. Food was GREAT! Driving home that night I smelled a strong whiff of Lilacs! I love them, but I asked my girls who had picked Lilacs and brought them with them. Neither of them had! Then EVERYBODY smelled LILACS all the way to Sta Barbara! Later that year, my daughter went to a Halloween party. I met the grandmother of the girl having the party & mentioned the The BYH incident. She had known the old lady who use to live there but was now dead & said she always smelled of Lilacs! TRUE STORY!

My wedding reception, 12/11/2017
Reviewer: Cheryl from Gig harbor
We had our wedding reception at the byh. We had the upstairs to ourselves. The foodand service were exceptional. It was may 2 1992 Although the marriage sadly ended last year I still remember it with a special fondness.

Family, 10/18/2017
Reviewer: Barbara from San Diego, CA
I married into the family in 1971. My daughter Melinda and the family attended the grand opening in the 70's. I remember walking upstairs with my daughters gt. Grandma and being shown photos of herself and her family as they were growing up in the home. Sad its not there anymore.

BYH much older than you think., 8/21/2017
Reviewer: Peter Fish from Santa Barbara, CA
I just now (7/21/2017) ran across this site, because the restaurant was mentioned in my grandmother's family history, which I was transcribing from a manuscript written in 1926. Apparently it was flourishing then, because the family ate there frequently. The one(s) mentioned in these reviews were evidently much later incarnations. I didn't give a rating, as it seems to be permanently out of business by now.

A Delicious Memory, 7/27/2016
Reviewer: Suzanne from Albuquerque, New Mexico
Alas, it is no more, this family room. It was a reward we gave ourselves, driving north from LA, weighing the kids to see how much their meal would cost. Passing around the soup tureen, the salad bowl, the big platters of chicken and pot roast. Once, after he had grown, and could no longer pay by weight, my son surprised me as a friend and I celebrated our birthday (same day, different year). He drove all the way from Long Beach to join us in our wishes. And the food was always nourishing delicious and comforting. Alas, only a faded memory. Love love love you old house!

Retro Cool, 7/22/2016
Reviewer: Chris & Audrey Sheldon from Las Vegas, NV
Have been there many times, always timed my trips to Solvang to arrive at breakfast time at The Big Yellow House. You went there for the atmosphere, not so much the food or service although they weren't bad. The rooms were small and intimate and on one occasion we had Jonathan Winters in our little room. Apparently he was a local and dined there often. I am a fan of his and he noticed me watching him and started to put on a little show, he had the whole room cracking up. He could take a joke too, when he went to pay the waiter brought his credit card back (not his real card) all cut up and said the credit card company had declined the purchase and to cut the card up. Mr Winters looked very surprised and a little embarrassed then the waiter said "psych" and they all laughed. Fun Place, we miss The Big Yellow House and Jonathan Winters, may they both rest in peace.

Loved this place, 7/20/2016
Reviewer: Carol from Battle ground, wa
We went to this restaurant when I was a kid I loved the scales it saved our parents a ton of money it was always fun to go to. the food was great the atmosphere was great it was great times for the family. I'm glad I found this page to hear all the love that everybody has. sorry to see that it's not in business anymore. I've wanted to open a restaurant myself and name it Grandma's house and run it the same way. I was actually looking at it to see how they priced kids so that I could mimic it.

Another lost icon, 4/21/2016
Reviewer: Luis from Lancaster,ca
I took my kids here and it was a requirement anytime we went to S/B or Solvang. Best chicken, best veggies, and loved the lemonade in the glass containers. YEs we saw the ghosts, but they were as friendly as Casper. Along with La Barbara's in West L.A. Eat At Ed's Torrance, and Victoria Station Universal City, the top eateries I had the pleasure I dined at

Weighing kids!!!, 9/16/2013
Reviewer: cocoes from Santa Barbara, CA
I remember the scale at least the one we went too. I hated the place cause it was so humiliating. It burned down some years later. I am glad I don't have to go through that anymore. We went to the one in Dublin Ca.

I worked there in 1980 and the ghosts were there!, 9/12/2013
Reviewer: Mark from Reno NV
What a cool place to work. I was an assistant there for several months, and witnessed and heard things almost every day. It was never scary, it was very natural, as though they belonged there. Slamming doors were common. One rainy night my car wouldn't start so I was forced to sleep there. I awoke in the middle of the night, with a feeling of not being able to breath. I opened my eyes and saw a woman's nude body walking over and sitting in the office chair. I closed my eyes and opened them again, and she was gone. The next day I had myself checked for sleep apnea, and just in case she was real, I through out the office chair...

weighing kids?, 7/11/2013
Reviewer: Pam from South Florida
I only remember fearing this restaurant as a child. The one we patronized had a huge weighing scale. The staff had me stand on it to determine the price of my meal. Horrifying for a young girl. I wasn't even a fat kid, but it was so mean and embarrassing that I hated going there. This was in the late 70s or early 80s. Anyone else remember the scale?

About the Ghosts at The Big Yellow House, 11/15/2012
Reviewer: Mike from Orange County, California
This is about the ghostly history of the building. I've never eaten there but my ex-girlfriend, "Suzy," (not her real name) was the grand-niece of the woman who had lived there for many years before it became a restaurant. "Suzy" told me that her dad, the lady's nephew, would sometimes visit his aunt and bring along "Suzy" for the visits when she was a child. Suzy's dad, and Suzy herself, sometimes experienced doors opening and closing by themselves; lights turning on and off; knocks and rappings in the walls and also doors; a rocking chair that would sometimes rock itself; a music box that would sometimes play without anyone touching it; and other unusual activities. Suzy said that her dad had visited many times over the years and had come to accept the happenings as part of the character of the house; nothing harmful. Suzy too, as a young girl, also sometimes experienced the incidents, but never felt threatened in any way. She said she once asked her great-aunt if there were ghosts and if they bothered her, and she replied, "Yes, there are spirits here, but they don't bother me at all. They're my friends and I like for them to keep me company. I want them to be around." Eventually of course, the elderly lady passed away and the house was sold, later to become The Big Yellow House restaurant. True story as related to me by "Suzy."

RE bad reviews, 10/11/2012
Reviewer: Blake from Santa Barbara, CA
Like many establishments over time it's hard to keep the same quality forever. To the bitter people posting negative reviews....let it GO they are closed. I'm sure your parents messed up a few meals also. So is that what you write in their obituary???? I had many meals there with my parents... always brought a smile to the whole family... and the regular part of our trips to SB and Ventura. Who bad mouths a closed restaurant??? bitter small minded and smallllll _______...well any way. Hats off to a company and family that has brought so may memories and happy events to peoples lives. Critics.... just zip it. You cant hurt their business by showing your weak pathetic egos..... Want to do something positive.... Then open your restaurant and tell me when we can review it.

Past Employee of Big Yellow Houses, 5/27/2012
Reviewer: Sandi from Livermore
I started working for the Big Yellow Houses in 1977 in Livermore (Old Livermore Railway) Many wonderful friends and memories started at this company. There is a Big Yellow House Restaurant FB page if you would like to share more stories. My first bartender job started here in Summerland. Claire was the manager. My first "ghost" experience....I placed a bus tub of glasses in the dumwaiter by the bar upstairs and got smacked on the backside.

great place to work...and eat, 4/14/2012
Reviewer: Richard from Santa Barbara, CA
This has to do with TIMING....My wife and I had moved from Oakland with the FUELING CORP. to buy and develop the property that became the RED LYON. (1970) Don Fueling had many afterall the work it never happened. My mom and dad always ate at the BYH. FOOD WAS GREAT. Lester, who taught at UCSB was my uncle so the family would visit often, always have such great fun at the BYH. Five years later I was District Manager for BYH, Building and developing "STRAWBERRY Tree resturant" in Camarillo. PROBLEM with BYH.was the PARTIES,,And the women...mmm Had a great time until I got caught up in the fun. About the time another resturant opened with a another concept... CHICKEN AND STEAK AND CHOCLATE CAKE....RECESSION MOVED IN so stores that were not making money closed...I got fired..OH,my so many years ago...seems like yessterday...:)lol

RE : Mark from Corona, CA , 3/21/2012
Reviewer: Joe from Santa Barbara, CA
Mark - anything about B g Ye ll o Ho se posting sound familiar?

Back in the day..., 3/1/2012
Reviewer: Cheryl from Sagle,ID
I worked there in the 80's when Larry Buster was the Manager. Most of us were going to UCSB and paying tuition. The place was a really fun place to work, and the Servers would all line up at the door, upon opening, to greet and seat the MANY guests that were outside waiting. The ghoust stories were REAL! I had personel viewings of 2 events and Larry, our Mgr. was always paranoid of being alone. Eventually, nobody who worked there would be in a place without a buddy. It was not a group hysteria as much as a fear, once YOU were involved in a situation that you couldn't deny as normal, only paranormal. There are too many stories to repeat and my 2 are are like spitting in the ocean.

I worked BYH from 1978 to 1979 Brea location, 12/20/2011
Reviewer: Eddie Cabral from Santa Fe Springs
Anybody else worked there (Brea location? let me know Eddie Cabral my E-mail is

Big Yellow House in cerritos ca., 7/13/2011
Reviewer: Dennis from Wilmington, CA.
What ever happend to the BYH in Cerritos, back in the early 80s? It was the best. 605 frw n. of South st. They changed and got no business, why did they change???

Always a treat, 6/26/2011
Reviewer: Theresa G from Santa Clarita, CA
My husband and I would often stop at the Big Yellow House on our way back to Valencia from Solvang or after taking the kids to the Santa Barbara Zoo. Then, a few years ago, it was closed. Very sad. I drove past the place this past week (6/23/11) and saw scaffolding up around the building. Does anyone know what is happening to the place? Will we get our BYH back? Or will it become something else? I hope someone can tell us. Thank you. (And please tell me about the ghost!)

Looking back on history..., 6/23/2011
Reviewer: K Marksbury from Cibolo, TX
More than a decade ago, while working as a beat cop in Long Beach, I was called to meet the BIG YELLOW HOUSE owner at his hotel to file a stolen vehicle report. He attended a convention there and sadly experienced this misfortune. He was a kind man and left an indelible memory in my mind of an amazing place to visit in Summerland. Later that summer, my wife and I traveled north along the 101 hwy. We stopped at the BYH and had lunch, met the owner one last time... Sad to hear it closed.

I Loved These Restaurants!, 5/8/2011
Reviewer: GeorgeAnne Smith from Taylorsville, UT
I don`t know what prompted me to think of these restaurants. Maybe because it`s Mother`s Day and our family used to dine at the one in Orange County for many of our special occassions. I don`t see that location listed here, but it did exist. I have also been to the one in Summerland when on weekend getaways with a friend. So sorry to see them closed as I thought the home style atmosphere, and "help yourself" style of dining made this a quite welcoming, comfortable place to enjoy a fabulous meal. Doubt I will ever travel that way again, but would almost consider a road trip just to meet their ghost. Regards:)

So Sad!, 4/25/2011
Reviewer: Kenneth from Santa Barbara, CA
I graduated from UCSB back in 1991. We would always go to the Big Yellow House for breakfast. A friend of mine was just up in SB this weekend and told me they closed. I damn near got emotional. One of the best places to go for unique ambiance, excellent food - just a beautiful enviornment. No other place like it. Really heartbroken to hear it is now closed. I'll be reminiscing all day about those big pancakes! Mmmm.

Reviewer: joe from Santa Barbara, CA
I have never ben but would like to know is there realy a ghost? Will it ever re open???? THX

Too bad...., 8/7/2010
Reviewer: Lisa from Portland, OR
Too bad that someone didn't take over...what a great place, alot of childhood memories there!

never been there but seems like really nice place, 8/1/2010
Reviewer: arianna flores from Santa Barbara, CA
hi ive never been to the byh but i went to summerland today and my mom was telling me about it and it seems really cool and a nice place but it seems like a mystery cause no one really knows how it closed so whoever knows how it closed

the owner died people, 7/10/2010
Reviewer: J.I. from Santa Barbara, CA
The owner of the BYH died. She was a close family friend and after she died the restaraunt was closed.

Fond Memories, 7/1/2010
Reviewer: Richard Lyon from Temecula, CA
August 1995, While on a mini vacation trip to visit Hearst Castle, my wife and I stayed at the Glenborough Inn B&B in Santa Barbara but made it a special point to eat dinner at the BYH to celebrate our 5th annaversary of our engagement. The food was good and the place flowed with charm and atmosphere. The experience brought back fond childhood memories of vacations, stopping at the BYH to eat in the 60's Were driving up the coat this year for vacation and had planed to stop at the BYH. Instead of a meal , we'll leave flowers as a memorial. I agree, BYH closing is like loosing a close friend. So Sad Richard & Chris Lyon

BRING IT BACK!, 6/15/2010
Reviewer: Debbie from Santa Barbara, CA
Does anyone knows why the BYH closed and if it will reopen again, soon? I was thniking about going that direction this summer to show my kids where mom and dad would hang out in the area. I miss this place.

beautiful ocean view and a good place to eat breakfast, 4/9/2010
Reviewer: emily chin from burbank,ca
The best part is my anut liked it and says it wonderful.she gets sad when she see its closed down.I would wish it was opened because I would want to see how great it would be.but she dosen't Know when it closed.

What a bar!, 1/15/2010
Reviewer: Fred Chamberlain from seaside ca.
In the 70's, my house mates and I would walk over to The Big Yellow House and laugh all night with the barmaid and waitresses. Those were great times. Summerland, like every where else, has changed. We've all got fond and hysterical memories of the place and if it closed because of bad service or poor food quality...serves them right. However, once upon a time, laughter ruled the roost in that old place.

how sad... family memories, 1/15/2010
Reviewer: Amy Finnegan from Claremont, CA
im very sad to hear the news about The Big Yellow House. I used to frequent there as a child because 2 of my aunts and my uncle worked there so it was a must stop every vaca. its been a while since ive been that direction and i was planning a trip around visiting there. well i think the trip will be canceled now because The Big Yellow House was my point in the trip. Very sad by the news. will always be remembered.

Before it became the big yellow house, I lived there 1955-60, 1/8/2010
Reviewer: Cliff Knecht from Santa Barbara, CA
I don't have any review about the restaurant. But I was sad to see it no longer exists. I grew up in that house, living with my aunt from 1955 till 1960. Then moved back to New Jersey. I now live in Sullivan County N.Y. I was hoping to be able to contact some one who might still live there from back when I grew up in that house as a child. I was also wondering whether Mr & Mrs Lynsenmyer were still living. Her husband was the Minister of the Prespitirian church. If anyone reads this & remembers from way back then. I would like to hear from you. E-mail posted today January 08, 2010. 8:46PM EST. Thanks. Cliff Knecht.

B g Ye ll o Ho se , 11/25/2009
Reviewer: Joe from Santa Barbara, CA
I was a line cook at the Big Yellow House some 30+ years ago, probably the prime of the restaurant. The food was served family style, with country gravy chicken always served alongside a main meat course. Bowls of mashed potatoes, gravy, vegetables, and honey butter cornbread. Working there was great - until the day I got fired. It involves an after hours party with all of the staff in the upstairs bar the night the owner left Dale in charge. Kinda sad now when I'm on the 101 and see all the missing letters on the old sign.

Reviewer: Vernon Dove from Santa Barbara, CA
I had started dining at The Big Yellow House in 1981 until it closed. Loved everything about it. The food, the coffee, the iced tea, the service, never had a bad or less than great experience there. I would dine there at least two times a year. I'm very sorry that it closed. Wish I knew why it closed. I will miss it forever. Thanks for all the great meals & great times at your establishment.

Glad it is gone!!!, 7/11/2009
Reviewer: Alan from RPV, CA
I had been there twice. The first time back in the late 80's. I remember the service was very slow!! When I asked another server can you check on our food I was told to ask my server who had been mia for about 15 min. Finally she came back with the food which was cold of course. We sent it back and waited another 15 min. If it was up to me I would have left but the other people in my party wanted to stay. When the food came back there was no apology and later as we left I spoke to the manager who listened and said nothing. He was a dork. I am glad this place finally closed. Good Riddance!!

Goodbye friend, 6/23/2009
Reviewer: Erin from Sylmar, CA
I was shocked when I visited the website to see what the menu prices would be like, since we hadn't been to the Big Yellow House in several years. Much to my dismay, it said closed. How sad it is to see such a beautiful restaurant end up like so many others... gone. I remember stopping there on our trips to Santa Barbara with my family. We always enjoyed the scenic view, the interior decor, and the friendliness of the staff. The food was homemade delicious, and it was a great restroom stop before heading to S.B. I will really miss the BYH. Hope someone can bring it back!

Help??, 3/19/2009
Reviewer: Amanda Williams from Spring Branch, TX
I've heard of this place many times before and I couldn't remember why...then I started reading all of these comments. I came across the one written by David Gottschalt, I immediately remembered. I think about his dad all the time and him too. I miss his dad so much and have been trying to get in touch with David for a long time. If any one reads this who knows him will you please tell him that Amanda Williams is trying to find him and that my email is Thank you so very much to anyone who reads this.

Selling Again, 3/6/2009
Reviewer: C.K. Johnston from Santa Barbara, CA
We heard through the grapevine the owner of the Big Yellow house is going to sell the property . Looks like the big yellow won't be opening anytime soon , it's been empty for two years and counting .......

Corn Chowder, 12/22/2008
Reviewer: Jan from Orange County CA
My husband and myself loved eating at the Big Yellow House. My husband favorite is the Corn Chowder. He would often fill up on the chowder alone. I am sad we can no longer get this chowder. If anyone of ou happen to have this recipe please email it to me. Even if it is for a super large pot I will down size it to family size.My email is

Remembering the Big Yellow House, 10/30/2008
Reviewer: Emily Schielke from Paris, AR
I was born & raised in so. california but now live out of state. The Big Yellow House brings back a lot of childhood memories. My family & I used to drive to Ventura a lot for vacations and then drive on up to Santa Barbara to go to the Big Yellow House to eat. I remember they always had great food & service, and I remember the atmosphere was unique which made it a special treat to always go there! I was sad to see online that it had been shut down. I will always have those fond memories.

Bring Back The Big Yellow House, 10/26/2008
Reviewer: karen from Temecula CA
My husband and I have been married for almost seven years and we went to this restaurant on our way home from Half Moon Bay. We wanted tp bring are three children to a memorable and special place, but we are sad to see this place will be changed so much. Bring Back The Big Yellow House.

GREAT FOOD, 9/23/2008
Reviewer: Olivia Briseno from ARLETA CA

It's gone, 8/18/2008
Reviewer: samuel auyong, D.C. from altadena, ca
Just stopped by the big yellow house on our way back from Cambria. We were going to have lunch before heading back to LA. What a disappointment. We hadn't been up there in about five years and had no idea it had closed up. There was a sign that said reopening in Dec 2008. The waitress at the restaurant that was open said that a guy that has other restaurants in the area bought the yellow house and would reopen it as a high end restaurant. What a shame. I think most of us remember the home cooking style of food best, that's what brought us back. I remember a time when they had fooled with the menu to make it more fancy. It was good food but not what we were hoping for. We'll just have to see what comes back.

So Sad, 7/13/2008
Reviewer: Mark from Corona, CA
I was a manager for the Big Yellow House 25 years ago. I worked in most of the ones in N. CA. and most in So. CA I was asked to be the manager for Summerland when Gene bought it, and the company was breaking up. I didn't take the job, but over the years my family would always stop on our way up or down the coast and have dinner. I will be married 25 years in 2009. I meet my wife lisa at the BYH she was a server, I was a manager. The type of service changed no more kids paying by weight, and the menus, but I'm still sad to see it gone.

Gone!, 7/11/2008
Reviewer: Jeniffer Robles from Ontario, CA
I can not believe this restaurant is gone! When I was a child we always drove by the Big Yellow House when we would vacation in Santa Barbara. My parents never wanted to stop and eat there, but I've always have wanted to eat there. This summer I was finally planning a trip to Santa Barbara that would include a visit to the Big Yellow House. :( Hopefully some one will restore it and reopen it as a restaurant. It is such a lovely house and location.

Must all things pass away?, 6/30/2008
Reviewer: Michael from Anaheim, Ca
When travelling to Santa Barbara(or beyond) the Big Yellow House was always a stop worth making, as much as going to JK Frimples. I began eating there as a child with my parents, later on as a college student and into my adult life. The food had always been better than good and the atmosphere was more than relaxing. I can only hope that it will be revived for many more people to enjoy!

One of the saddest days of my life, 6/27/2008
Reviewer: Veronica from Las Vegas, NV
This place was one of my favorite places to eat EVER. Great food, location, prices, service, everything. I moved out of state and was looking them up because I wanted to hold my wedding reception there and I found out it was was honestly like finding out a friend died. So sad....

The Ghost, 6/15/2008
Reviewer: Dean from Mission Viejo Calif
I know the Big Yellow House House from 30 years ago. I was a management trainee for the company. At that time they had about 12 restaurants. The food was very wholesome/good and the service was friendly. The best part of the orginal restaurant in Santa Barbara was the ghost that lived there ! I didn't believe until I worked there. He would do things like turn on the lights after we closed, turn the music back on, rattle the doors and hanging light fixtures !

Sorry to see it go, but it wasn't what it once was, 6/10/2008
Reviewer: Andrew from Newport Beach
My wife and I always loved going there on our trips up the coast. But the last couple times it was not the place it used to be, and we stopped going. The food wasn't as good as it used to be, really good things had disappeared from the menu, and the service was slow. We loved the place and the view. I hope that someone will reopen it to its original splendor.

Wonderful landmark ...., 5/25/2008
Reviewer: Jan from Fullerton,Ca,
The Big Yellow House was a landmark - for our family on the drive up to UCSB, to visit my son when he attended college there. He graduated in June 2005, and we did his college graduation dinner there with our family and his friends! It was very special a cute restaurant and the view from the dining room so beautiful of the Pacifc Ocean, it made his graduation day so special! So we just had to celebrate his graduation from UCSB in the ambience,at The Big Yellow House! .... Hope it will open soon again, in the same tradition, and maybe one day my family and I can visit there once more~ A wonderful memory for my son and our family - he said he had to have his college graduation dinner there to keep the memories of his time at UCSB! Great memories and wonderful food!

Like Going Home to Grandma's, 5/14/2008
Reviewer: Karen Sewell from Ojai, CA
You were always welcome, the spread was family style - and one came away satiated and emotionally satisfied. Just like at my Grandma Kathleen's from Mo. Both will be missed.

Times Have Changed, 5/11/2008
Reviewer: Wayne McCormick from Woodland Hills, CA
We will miss the Big Yellow House. I took my wife (to be) there one Sunday afternoon after church with her two kids. We played on the beach afterward. Ever since it's been a place for special occasions like Mother's Day. It was one of the few places that reminded me of a place called the Taka Peek Inn where my parents took us for Sunday dinner after church; comfort food and the old fashioned ambience of a slower time. Ecclesiastes 9:11 I returned, and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favor to men of skill; but time and chance happeneth to them all. The end of an era for many of us. Perhaps someone will have the wisdom and knowledge to restore this icon so that a future generation can share in its treasures.

We can't believe it's gone!!, 5/11/2008
Reviewer: Michele and Tim from Gilbert, Arizona
Our fondest memories of going up the coast was visiting the Big Yellow House. We were planning our first trip back there since 1988 and we are so sad to learn it is gone. For 20 years we couldn't talk about our time in California without mentioning the Big Yellow House- Does anyone know if there are plans to reopen in the future?

Reviewer: Mashel from Decatur, IN
It saddens me that this restraunt is not longer open. My friend, God rest her soul, June Young started the Big Yellow House. I took my husband for breakfast here about 3 years ago when it was still open. It was a hightlight of our tour into Santa Barbara. I was so excited to show him the places I used to eat and spend time at. The food was wonderful and the service was top notch. Not to mention the beautiful view of the ocean as you enjoyed your morning breakfast. My heart aches that I will no longer be able to enjoy the beauty she created.

Say it isn't so....., 3/6/2008
Reviewer: Kathy Hagey from Lake Isabella, Ca
we were just looking to go to the Santa Barbara area over Easter Break and going to the Big Yellow House was a MUST GO so I looked it and up and I want to cry!! We have been going there whenever we are up that way for over 20 years. Now I want to go somewhere else instead of Santa Barbara with no Yellow house what's the point!

I'm sad to see it go, 8/15/2007
Reviewer: Michelle from Klamath Falls, OR (formally from San Fernando, Calif)
I remember the Big Yellow House from when I was a kid and we used to camp at Carpinteria. We would eat there at least 4 times a year. It sure will be missed by me and my sister, brother and Mom and Dad. It was a happy memory, one that will live in my heart forever!

GONNNNNNEEEEE!!!, 7/10/2007
Reviewer: shawn from Tarzana
How sad that this place was closed.!!!!! I really loved stopping there for the food and good atmosphere . Shame, I hope that they will open this place again It will be a success people loved this place.!!!

North Hollywood Dreamer, 6/4/2007
Reviewer: Chrstina Saldivar from North Hollywood Ca
Stopping at the Big Yellow House was MUST when visting Santa Barabar. The history on this house enlightenned me.It was a beautiful place to admire while enjoying a meal. I'm at awe to hear this terrible terrible news!!!!~!! : (~

Breakfast very good, 3/9/2007
Reviewer: Mr. Terry Kelly from Santa Clarita Calif. now Kingsley Iowa
I enjoyed the Big Yellow house very much . Great ocean view great service and the BEST EGGS ROYAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I have since moved to the midwest and was just today talking with some friends in Calif and they told me the resturant is now closed . That is a total suprise .. What happened ???

"What a shame", 3/5/2007
Reviewer: Ed & Tricia from Santa Clarita, Ca
I have been going to Yellow House since I was a kid,(45 now if you must know). The first Yellow House I went to was in the Sacramento area. The food was great! The pot roast was almost as good as my mom's and back then you got bowls full of mashed potatoes and veggies and if you ran out they brought you more. They changed that over the years and just put the side stuff on your plate, but the food was still great and the service was always excellent. My wife and I were in the area yesterday and wanted to go there for dinner (The Big Yellow House was were I took her on our first dinner date), and we could not believe it, the place was empty. Good-bye Yellow House, You will be missed.

Bright Yellow to Pale memories, 1/5/2007
Reviewer: Reggie Garmon from Palmdale, CA
I have been going to the "big Yellow" for over thirty (30) years ever since my kid sister was a student at UCSB. I last visited there Mother's Day 2004 with my wife after a long weekend in Santa Barbara, and when on this Friday, January 5th with my wife and mother-in-law from Canada, to share a great experience, but learned that the Big Yellow is now a pale shade a shame. Thirty years ago it was a wonderful place to be with a large group of friends, like going to your grandmothers for Sunday dinner,where the food never ended and the kids paid based on their weight, in later years it did change, now all I'll have are memories. This rating goes back to thirty years ago

so sad, 8/31/2006
Reviewer: David Gottschalt from Moorpark, CA
this is really sad to hear that they closed it.i have been going there since i was little with my dad who passed away a coulpe years back,one of my memories was going there with my dad,i makes me sad that its closed im 21 now and i always wanted to take my wife there when i get married to share it with her and share the memories of my dad with her there,i think they should re-open it

Great , 8/9/2006
Reviewer: Sarah from pasadena, CA
Ever since I was a kid I gone there and to here it closed made me cry. Great food.

A Change...NOT for the better!!!, 6/10/2006
Reviewer: Theresa from Ventura, CA
We had frequented the Big Yellow House for many years. It was always a delight to dine there. We liked everything about it! HOWEVER, we stopped in just after the new owners had taken over, and what a difference. These two people did not know what they were doing! The food was not up to par, the service was nil, the atmosphere had changed considerably!!! We wanted to be fair, so we stopped in one more time. It was even worse than the first time. It saddens us to know, that we can never "go back Home, again."

Too Bad, 5/30/2006
Reviewer: Dee from Fontana, Ca
My husband and I have been enjoying meals and the ambiance at the Big Yellow House for years & years. While there last year, upon our arrival, no one was there to seat or greet us. The atmosphere had changed drastically. Yes, the beautiful view was there, but the restaurant was very cold (and not because of the temperature). Our favorite dishes were not served and the sauce they usually kept on the tables were gone (I always purchased a few bottles). Obviously they had changed owners. Yesterday we were in the area and decided to check, and found the doors closed and nobody home. This was very sad to see. We'd frequented The Big Yellow House well before we had a family. Sad to see them go.

Phone disconnected, 5/29/2006
Reviewer: John Dickson from Santa Barbara, CA
I called the The Big Yellow House today to see what their voice mail was saying and the phone number has been disconnected.

I am going to put this restaurant in the closed category. Bye Bye old friend!

How Sad!, 5/29/2006
Reviewer: Michele from Moorpark CA
Thanks to previous posters for the update on the Big Yellow House. It's a shame if this place doesn't stay a restaurant, but that's up to the new owners. Sad to see the restaurant go.

PROPERTY SOLD, 5/16/2006
Reviewer: Mr Peter Derek from Summerland
The Big Yellow House (the property )I understand is being sold,and will not be opening as a resturant. The new land owners plan on restoring it, and have not made any arrangments for it's future beyond the restoration.

CLOSED, 5/15/2006
Reviewer: Anthony from Carpinteria
Lew, before you write a review of a resturant you actually have dined there recently. Guess what? Its closed and has been for a while. It will reopen some day hopefully with something better than it's had in the past. The 0 ratings are only because there is on way to rate it

Food, history and a great ghost story!, 5/14/2006
Reviewer: Lew Marklin Mash from Santa Barbara
The big yellow house may not have the greatest food in Santa Barbara but it does have a great history, a nice ambience and a fabulous old ghost story that is locally famous! One side of the restaraunt has a fantastic view of the ocean as well! I do not recomned daytime dining but rather early morning views or later evening ambience. If you are nervous about a date and afraid you will run out of conversation, go here. The waiters will bail you out if you ask them about the history of the house or the ghost!! It will leave you and your date with plenty to talk about! The old bar is also quite beautiful.

July?, 3/13/2006
Reviewer: Christine from Santa Barbara
Sounds like they may re-open July 1, 2006 (says their voice mail)

CLOSED FOR GOOD ?, 3/3/2006
Reviewer: Sally McMaster from Summerland, Calif.
There message said they would open March 1st . That date has come and gone,is this beautiful place closed for good? Hopefully if it ever does re-open it will have new management.

Reviewer: Samual Wright from Summerland ,Calif
They are delinquant on there liquor taxes , so until they pay the back taxes and any fines they can't sell liquor.

Closed until March 1st, 2006, 2/9/2006
Reviewer: John Dickson from Santa Barbara, CA
I called their phone number and the voice mail says they are closed and will re-open March 1st 2006.

I Think They Went Out Of Busness, 2/9/2006
Reviewer: James & Salley Forsight from Ventura , Calif
We have tried 3 or 4 times over the past 8 weeks to eat at the BIg Yellow House . When we went by last week, they have a notice on the window ,that they lost there Liquer Lic. , and there is no furniture in the building. Looks like they went out of busness...

What happened to this restaurant?, 1/27/2006
Reviewer: Michele from Moorpark CA
I had my wedding reception at the Big Yellow House in Summerland in 1998 and everything was superb. The restaurant was so cute--with a gift shop to boot--and they had the most fabulous cakes from Debbie's Delights, a bakery in Santa Barbara. I went there a couple times since and every experience was disapointing. The desserts taste like something bought from a market. The new owner said that he was trying to play down the history of the house (that's what makes it so charming!!) and the gift shop was gone when I was there. The service was cold and the food mediocre. My sister and husband drove by it recently on a Sunday and said that either the place was closed or there were no customers. What happened to this place??????

Reservation Blackhole, 1/5/2006
Reviewer: Dr. Richard Forde from Carpinteria, CA
I wish to express my disappointment and dissatisfaction with this establishment. Two weeks before Christmas my wife and I went there and made reservations for New Year’s Eve. Both the owner and his assistant spoke to us during this process. The owner even asked, “if it would be just the three of us”. This was to be a special surprise for my wife’s mother, whose birthday is Dec. 31, and who had just flown here from Europe. Well, it certainly was a surprise to find it closed. I doubt very seriously that we will ever patronize the Big Yellow House again, nor will we recommend it to friends.

Reviewer: Robert Davidson from Goleta Calif
We stopped at The Big Yellow House Sat 12-10-2005 for dinner. The food and service was good but the real treasure was in the upstairs cabaret/bar. A live Blues band was performing and Mitch Kashmar, a recording artist and local legand, was the special guest. We all had a great time, and we will be back again. Thanks Big Yellow House!!

Reviewer: Jennifer James from Mpls., Mn
While traveling by car my 40yr old son and I became hungry and decided to stop, we exited in Summerland, CA to find The Big Yellow House. We thought the restaurant was very quaint looking and decided to eat there. Upon entering the hostess/waitresses were very involved in decorating for Christmas, so much so after about 5 minutes we had to approach them to ask if we could be seated for dinner. She escorted us to a table at the front window next to a family of four (the only other people there). Right away our waitress (btw.. very friendly) took our wine and food order. Minutes later (7:15pm – Tuesday evening) she returned to let us know that they were out of most of what we had ordered. After much back and fourth on the menu we came up with items we were allowed to order. We chuckled as she walked away saying it would be much easier if they would just tell us what they were going to serve us. First we were served the most interesting corn bread, it was very soft on top, but yet so hard on the bottom it darn near cracked my sons’ new dental work. We asked our waitress why it was so hard, she spoke to the “chef” and was told it was a new recipe and that’s how it was supposed to be. Next, wine was served in a very small glass, not even half filled, the wine was vinegary and for a five dollar per glass I did expect a bit better taste. We were served water in plastic glasses, but much to our surprise we were given cloth napkins! The food itself was not worth more than one or two bites and we left our plate full. My son and I glanced at each other, saw the humor in our “sitcom” and started with laughter that ended with huge “belly” laughs and tears rolling down our face. We had not laughed that much in a long time and decided to not only pay the outrageous price for our uneaten meals, but we tipped our waitress quite handsomely. I have paid more for entertainment at a comedy club and had not gotten that much of a belly laugh!!!! As we drove away, I turned and said to my son. Wow! Do you feel like we had just left the TWILIGHT ZONE and barely escaped with our good health? Again, more, much needed laughter! The ambience was nice/quaint; however I recommend you eat elsewhere. If you must stop at the Big Yellow House, try to see the humor in everything and laugh, for laughter is “food for the soul” !!!

Thanksgiving Dinner au deux, 11/26/2005
Reviewer: Cathryn Arthur from Los Angeles, California
I wrote a review in 9/2005 for a Thanksgiving dinner years ago that was a wonderful dining experience. Well, we went back this Thanksgiving to relive that wonderful quaint first dinner. What a disaster. We had reservation, but were seated after people who just walked in the door. We are shown to a table in the corner and proceeded to sit there for thirty minutes while waitress after waitress walked right past us. My husband finally had to speak to a waitress to get some assistance. She came to our table and let us know she was just about to get off shift but would help us. They served us bread with no knives and no plates to eat it on. They did not return to our table again for another fifteen to twenty minutes. We finally got out Thanksgiving dinner... no cranberries, plastic glasses, practically thrown on the table and no dessert or coffee was offered. My husband again had to get up and find someone to serve us some pumpkin pie. At the end of our meal my husband spoke with the manager who seemed to have little time or energy to listen to him. When he mentioned the lack of cranberries for the turkey dinner, she said, Oh, we usually run out of food by four thirty, you can't make a reservation for six in the evening. We will never return. The bathroom was filthy, the wallpaper was peeling, it looked run down, uncared for and sad. It needs a new wait staff, new management and a complete overhaul. Spending eighty dollars for dinner and being treated like they can hardly wait to get you out of there is a disgrace. A wonderful memory and dining experience of the past has been ruined. So sad.

Food, not so good, 9/16/2005
Reviewer: Lena Kirk from Santa Barbara, Ca.
This restaurant has the worst "Cesar Salad" I've ever eaten (too oily)! However, if you are in the market for some filling home style cooking, moderately priced, you'll like the food. The restaurant itself, is a beautiful Historical Victorian house which houses a friendly gost!

Thanksgiving Dinner, 9/7/2005
Reviewer: Cathryn Arthur from Los Angeles, California
I live in LA and my family lives in Santa Barbara. The Big Yellow house used to be one of my Mom's favorite places to eat. My husband and I ate Thanksgiving dinner there two years ago and had the best meal..service was great, it was cozy and warm and semi crowded... everyone was friendly, seemed like we were having dinner with a big extended family. We have eaten there a number of times since then and it has always been good. I have lived in Honolulu, Santa Fe, Aspen, Taos and various other towns around the west and I find The BYH to be one of my favorites.

excillent food excillent service, 8/29/2005
Reviewer: William Decker from Montecito, CA
the first time i ate at the yellow house it was a yellow joke the young lady didn't even know the soup of the day, but i gave it another shot sunday on my way home from Los Angeles to Montecito. My waiter victor was prompt and friendly as he informed me of the new chef and assured me that i would not be let down. I also rather enjoyed the live jazz. My steak arrived steaming acompanied by a steak knife both of which were not included on the previous visit i must really give credit were its due was delicious compliments to the chef

Its been a long time, 8/23/2005
Reviewer: Joe LeProhon from Porterville ,Ca.
It must have been in the late 60,s I found the best place on the coast to eat. We (a family of six) living in Thousand Oaks,made the trip at least twice a mounth. First thing was to weigh the kids, different weights different price. No menue. Big salad in big bowl.two kinds of dressing on table.three choices on main entree .chicken beef maby fish big bowl of mashed potato,s bowl of gravy big side dish maby corn. Almost forgot soup. chicken noodle or clam chouder. Iced tea or soda or boose. two choices of dessert. all Food hot and now. When sombody can do it again. call me till then pass.

Temporarily closed for health code violations, 8/17/2005
Reviewer: Bob from Santa Barbara, CA
Went there last Friday for breakfast and they were temporarily closed. There was a sign saying they were temporarily closed for much need renovation of their kitchen because of health code violations.

Not worth the Time-go to Santa Barbara, 8/5/2005
Reviewer: Mulder from Orlando
We walked out after 15 minutes when the waitress began to wait on two other tables that just arrived and we still hadn't been waited on. The restaurant was not crowded but the staff seemed overwhelmed. I tried to find the hosstess but she could not be found. The place is also very noisy from being next to the highway-101 and all the windows were open, guess no air condition.. We seemed invisible to the waitress so we disappeared….

Won't be back for another 25 years, 7/17/2005
Reviewer: Bill from Goleta , CA
It seems like going back in time. The main room had a rest home smell that I almost gaged on. The hostess told us there would be a 5 minute wait. After 10 minutes she informed all that it would be 20 minutes. No clean cups was the excuse. There seemed to be plenty of available tables but still there were customers wainting. Our order was taken and the food arrived fairly fast the shrimp were good but my wife's enchalads were DRY. No sauce. Son had the turkey dinner which he said was good.

Needs a new chef, even a cook would do., 7/17/2005
Reviewer: The Flynn's from Carpinteria, CA
We just ate at the Big Yellow House. What a disappointment. We ordered 4 CHEESE enchilada dinners, 1 pork chop dinner and 1 child's dinner. The soup served to my son (cream of mushroom) as well as the enchiladas lacked any seasoning at all. We were served 4 CHICKEN enchilada dinners, instead of what was ordered. When the family realized after the first bite from each one of them I told them to return the meals. They said it took too long for the initial meals to show up and didn't want to wait for that amount of time for a second, hopefully correct, enchilada dinner. When the waitress dropped a piece of lettuce on the floor she just left it there. We arrived about 4:45 pm on Sun for dinner. Maybe it was the day, but we will not be going back. It used to have good & tasty food. Someone with taste buds needs to be the cook. The service was good and friendly, what surprised us was that a gratuity was added to the bill before we received it and we don't remember seeing it stated anywhere that that was going to happen.

awful, 7/13/2005

I think my summary of awful spells out what an eating experence we had at th byh. It used to be good. Our group of 6 to 12 people go out every Tuesday night to a different restaurant and th byh was on our regular rotation of places to eat. WELL NO MORE! They had to move us because of the smell, they ran out of chicken, the service was the worse, the food had no taste, and the manager did not know what she was doing. DON'T GO THERE.

Best apple-sausages on Planet Earth, 7/3/2005


fabulous, 5/29/2005

i dine at the big yellow house regularly and it really depends on when you go . sometimes the place is packed and of course the servers can not give each customer 100%, which is frustrating. but other times it isnt as busy and everything is spectacular. the soups are delicious!

Yellow, 5/13/2005

Hi there- I am not critical, picky or snotty when it comes to food, but the Big Yellow House was nas-tay. The service was SLOW. I watched 2 parties come in, order, eat and leave before we had gotten our food. When we did get our food it was a mess. The eggs were undercooked almost to the piont where I could not eat them, the restaurant was crowded, hot and uncomfortable and the servers/ hostess were not nice. I will not be returning to the BYH.

Reviewer: Cody Bevilacqua from Goleta
All I have to say is The Big Yellow House is a great experence and has great food.My famly use to go there back in the 80´s and yes they saw ghost but they dont harm you.GREAT PLACE

Bad Host!, 4/4/2005
Reviewer: Carmen from Burbank, CA
My husband and I have been there a few times and we really liked the food. Yesterday, my husband and I took two of our friends for lunch it was around 1:20 in the afternoon. I waited by the hostess desk for about ten minutes, firstable no one was there to take my name and the names of the people behind me. I was there for about ten minutes and 12 people left because of this! When I saw the older man with the yellow pad I asked him if he could take my name. He said "I´ll be right out". He never took my name! Later on he came out and took some people inside and again he never even looked at the long line I had behind me. He acted like he did not want to deal with the customers. We all got tired of waiting for him to even take our names and went to the restaurant next door!

disappointing, 3/27/2005

After a marriage in Las Vegas, a dinner was of the same quality as the ceremony, rather summary. Notably the service, too familiar. Fortunately there is a decoration which is unforgettable and the sight on the sea. On the other hand five stars for the parking. We can park a convertible in complete safety

The experience was just OK, 2/22/2005
Reviewer: Cathy Ruff from Gilbert, Arizona
I have passed this place on several trips to Lompoc and have always wanted to stop. I finally stopped for lunch on Friday, the 18th of February. Service was fine - hamburgers were OK - nothing to write home about. It´s quite charming, but needs some renovation. Musty smell and wall border falling down. It must have been very nice at one time. But, at least I satisfied my curiosity.

the best restaurant of Santa Barbara, 2/21/2005
Reviewer: Ociel from Santa Barbara
the food is really good.I´ve gone there several times and I´ve always enjoyed it.this place is wonderfull and nice. the service is o.k.I´ll came back again.

Go somewhere else instead., 12/29/2004
Reviewer: VJones from Santa Barbara, CA
Don´t waste your time or money at Big Yellow House. I just had the worst meal of my life there. We waited in the entryway for a hostess, who never appeared, so we wandered into the main hallway where we were eventually spotted and seated by the waitstaff. We should have known better and left at that point. The decaf coffee tasted like it had been cooking on a burner for hours. The ´fresh´ orange juice wasn´t. There was no quiche of the day. Our table on the enclosed patio was cold, and the whole place smelled musty. My breakfast was mediocre; my husband´s was inedible. This place used to be great. They are in dire need of new management, new staff, and serious building renovations. I will not be going back unless I hear some major changes have occurred.

Has potential, but needs a staff..., 12/27/2004

I was there for the first time on a recommendation, for dinner and the live music on Dec. 19th. The live jazz was indeed the best part of the experience. It has a charming atmosphere, great location, and could be really great with some management. After being seated near the band, it took 1/2 an hour to get a cocktail, and it probably would have taken longer if the singer hadn´t actully noticed and said somthing to the waitress! The Salmon dinner was quite nice, generous portions and not over cooked, but my salad never did arrive. The entire staff just seemed to be in a state of chaos. Rather like a ship without a rudder. All somewhat willing to please, but not sure how! Also, there was no standard attire for the staff, two waitresses wore nice uniforms, and the remainder looked as though they could have been fellow diners, helping out of frustration! I would return for the Jazz, but will plan ahead for dinner somewhere else.

Needs help in a hurry!, 12/14/2004

Had dinner for two the other evening. Only a couple of other tables occupied on the main floor, but it was rather late at 7:45 pm. On entering the "rose" dining room on the main level, were hit with a *very* strong musty odor. Some have said that it could be a sign of mold. Service was OK as was food quality. Steak ordered as "medium" was clearly done to "well done." A request for some slice turkey instead was met with a huge plate of very thick slabs that must have weight 2-lbs! Kind of stingy on the mash potatoes and the brown gravy didn´t have much taste. The place seems dirty and wornout. A manager was talking about a banquet the next noon for 120 people -- how they could possibly handle that, I don´t know! Looks like the owners need to spend some money on a General Manager and provide him/her with a budget to bring this place back to the good American country style cooking place it could be!

I wouldn´t eat there again, 11/29/2004

I have heard so many good things about this place and we went and it was so-so. I food was ok but I wouldn´t go out of my way to go there again. And the House was smelly and needed a make over real bad. Wllpaper was falling off the walls and it just needed more attention. The server was young and under trained. I really didn´t like it and probably wont go back.

The Ghosts Must be Messing with the Food!!!, 11/2/2004
Reviewer: Denise from Tempe, AZ
I have lived directly across the street from the restaurant, but had never eaten there. I decided to have a surprise breakfast for my grandmother´s birthday, but instead to my surprise, the service and food was horrible. I made reservations, but the host took about 20 mins to seat us. (I guess there was no point to make a reservation). Our waitress was extremely rude to us and it seemed like she weas in a hurry to get us out of there. When we made certain requests, the waitress roled her eyes at us and did not want to do more than she had to. After we got our food, we all agreed the food was not warm and it had no taste whatsoever. I am never going to go back there again!!!

Horrid food, bad service, 10/11/2004

The food is so bad, Carrow´s or Denny´s shines. There is nothing worse than a soup that is so thick with flour that your spoon stands up in it. The waiters know nothing about wine, and the food is blander than bland.

Glad I tried it, 10/7/2004

The place has a lot of history - I´m glad I can say that I ate there, as it is a landmark, but I probably won´t eat there again. Food was so-so, the server seemed overworked.

Re: All Bad Reviews..., 10/6/2004
Reviewer: Rather not say... from Everywhere, and nowhere
Perhaps the ghost is to blame for all of the bad things here... What was his name again? (Actually "true" that this place is haunted, just ask a Summerland local!)

To the reviewer Dave below, 10/4/2004

Of course there is nothing the management can do if some random event occurs like someone sitting on your car in the parking lot. That is about the weakest complaint I have read in this entire forum. Get a life.

Bad Food/Service & Drunks, 10/4/2004
Reviewer: Dave from Santa Barbara, CA
When we left the restaurant Saturday, two very intoxicated men were sitting on the hood of our car that was parked on the street. They had come out of the Big Yellow House bar area and had a beer and a cocktail drink in their hands. I guess this place just lets people roam around the property and street with alcohol, potentially damaging other people´s property. I went back in to speak to a manager and her response was basically "what can I do about it?" Oh, and by the way, our dinner was below average and the service was poor.

Bad Night?, 8/23/2004
Reviewer: G. Delury from Carpinteria
At at the BYH for the third time on August 23, in the evening, expecting the usual good food. Quel domage. Pork chop done to dried leather; lousy fried chicken, grotesquely bad service. Was it just a bad night? or is the place going down hill. I´m not sure I want to try it again.

Food not consistent, 8/23/2004

I have eaten there over the years and had pretty good food. After my experience last Friday, I have decided never to go back. Out of our party of seven, none was happy with their dinner. Both people that had pork chops got it burned. I had a turkey dinner that was very mediocre. The fried chicken that had been very popular there at one time was also very mediocre. My daughter did not get her food at all. She ordered the same as her sister ahead of her and I saw the waitress mark her ticket (presumably with a "2"). The waitress told us it wasn´t her fault and the cook was going to be mad at her for telling him she needed another dinner. My daughter offered to share her fried chicken dinner with her sister. After tasting the chicken, my daughter told the waitress to not not bring another dinner for her and the waitress started informing us that the cook was going to yell at her. It was very bizarre and our family will not be back.

good food, 4/16/2004
Reviewer: Monique from Los Angeles
Every time I have headed out to the Santa Barbara area, my family & I have made it a tradition to eat here. I love the food and love the atmosphere.

Will Eat There Again; However...., 2/22/2004
Reviewer: Lisa from Ventura, CA
Dined at The Big Yellow House last night and have to say they have the best spinach salad I have ever had. I had the Ribeye steak and that too was very flavorful and tender. I was very unimpressed with the male host who had a red, white and blue tie on (really not the place for that kind of attire). This young man really needs to be sent to a customer service school as he was very much lacking in that department. Very immature and obnoxious and it´s interesting that management hasn´t picked up on this yet. Hopefully, he won´t be there next time we go!

Nice House, Weak Food, 2/22/2003

The atmosphere is nice, funky house w/ a few separate rooms and big party / bar area upstairs. However, food is pretty weak, limp boiled / steamed veggies, tough steak. I did not know it was a chain, but that actually makes sense, it´s in line with the quality of the food.

Dennys with history, 2/12/2003
Reviewer: William from Lompoc, CA
The service was nice, but slow. A lot of history in the place which makes it interesting but nothing spectacular about their food. My wife and I stopped there on a whim for a celebration lunch and thats the last time we will eat there.

bad service, 1/29/2003
Reviewer: cathy from Alhambra, CA
Let me start off by saying the clam chowder is to die for. Let me end by saying that our waiter made a huge mistake by asumming we were not big tippers. He was quite rude and obnoxious. I really doubt about going back. Cute place though.

Great food very tasty and great service., 11/17/2002
Reviewer: John and Mary Kertatos from Lompoc Ca.
We stop quite a bit and always have great food wether we eat breakfast or lunch.Dinner is our next try.This restaurant is truly great dining at a sensible price.Atmosphere is great and waiters and waitresses are very good at what they do.I highly recomend this great place to eat with quite a nice view.

very nice breakfast, enjoyed the locale, good service, 10/13/2002

nice old home. enjoyed the breakfast, service was very good, we like to dine in old buildings

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