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The Habit - Goleta
5735 Hollister Ave, Goleta
Phone: (805) 964-0366

Reviews by the General Public

yet another raw burger and wrong order, 1/4/2019
Reviewer: Greg from Santa Barbara, CA
I'm a die-hard fan of the Habit, but I've just had it. Once again, a burger requested as "well done" comes back completely pink inside. The chili burger with no cheese comes back as a cheeseburger with no chili. The burger with no mayo in fact has mayo.

I thought Hollister Ave was the first and original, 6/23/2018
Reviewer: Rick Hilts from Costa Mesa
Goleta: Coming south on Hollister many years ago we saw smoke rising from the building. Looked like a local joint. All the crowd was outside. Stopped. Wonderful. Been Habit fans ever since. Great salads. Would like to see leaf lettuce on the burgers.

Isla Vista 1981 to 1984, 4/28/2018
Reviewer: Wendy from Santa Barbara, CA
I worked at this Habit when it was owned by a Persian man, Hussein ("Joe") and his wife Pari. Chili came on the burgers unless you specified otherwise and I made great shakes and malts with nutmeg on top! This location is not mentioned when you look at the Habit history, at least I couldn't find any mention of it!

The Original Hamburger Habit
Reviewer: Greg from Camarillo - Formerly of Goleta
The Habit is great and I even own their stock. But the original Hamburger Habit's menu was even better and I miss it. The chili, the patty melts and grilled cheese, fries cooked in peanut oil. My father was friends with Russell (Russ) Burton the original founder who sold to the two brothers. The reason for the movie star theme is that Russ was a playwright and very involved in theater. I was at one of his parties as a kid and met one of his friends, a guy by the name of Ray Bradbury. :)

Have to go back here!
Reviewer: Rick from El Cerrito, CA
I have not been to The "Hamburger" Habit since 1975. I worked there my last year at UCSB. The burgers were great, in part due to the great chili sauce we put on them. But I must correct a prior review that stated that this was the original location. Not so. The FIRST Hamburger Habit was located in Isla Vista, across the street from the Taco Bell (which I'm pretty sure is not there any more). It was opened by an old retired Hollywood type named Russ (been too long to remember his last name). He was quite a character. Then a married couple named Pat and Phil opened the Hollister Ave. store. True story. Gonna have to go back there for old time's sake and see if the burgers are as good as I remember them.

chili in goleta
Reviewer: Debbie from Pismo Beach, CA
Grew up in Los Angeles and frequented Tommy's. Moving to the Central Coast and finding The Habit was great! I order the Chiliburger when I can make it to Goleta and, to me, it is just as good as Tommy's. Only wish it was sold at all The Habit Restaurants...

Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
I am thunderstruck. No not me and I've been going there since the 70s on/off and remember the movie star chairs. I guess too much off though. It would be neat to get a complete rundown of what they do have there different on the menu.

Reviewer: Mick Thunders from Santa Barbara, CA
The reason she mentioned the chili (and I'm surprised more of you aren't aware of this) is that this is the ONLY Habit location that offers chili; this is the first location, and chili was on the menu then but didn't make it to the subsequent franchised menu that other locations use. The chili is nothing to write home about, but it is at least on the level of Tommy's, and goes well with their burgers and hot dogs (which might also be unique to this location, but I'm not sure). Her initial review may have been a bit misguided, but coming in after the fact and chiming in with "should have gone to Tommy's" and "I didn't see chili on the menu" doesn't add much to the conversation either.

Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
The Dude Abides. Went there and they got a complicated order correct today. Maybe she meant come from Goleta Beach? Confusing review. Their burgers rock and the order taker was right on. I also don't see chili on the menu.

Look Before You Leave!
Reviewer: Dude from Santa Barbara, CA
In response to Joanne’s comments I would like to let her know that The Habit is not known for their chili burgers that would be Tommy’s. If you really want a chili burger definetly Tommy’s are great! Second. Why would you drive all the way to Goleta from the beach when there are THREE Habit’s between the beach and Goleta. One on south Milpas. One on lower State and one in La Cumbre Plaza by Lens Crafters. And finally don't just blindly take your order and leave. Check it out to make sure they didn't mess it up, there's nothing wrong in doing that.

Reviewer: Joanne from Santa Barbara, CA
I drove all the way to Goleta from down by the beach for a Chili cheese buger got home to find that there was no chili. Very disapointed. Will never drive there again will go to Ventura for a Tommy's buger........

SB's Best Burger
Reviewer: MB from Santa Barbara, CA
My family dines at The Habit in Goleta about once a week. The double charburger with cheese and bacon is awesome. My only suggestion would be to use lettuce leafs and not shredded lettuce, which tends to fall out of the burger. The beef could use a little more seasoning, and be a bit thicker. The fries are good, but are overcooked/burned occasionally. They burn the onion rings frequently. The chicken sandwich is very good, as is the plain grilled cheese (great for kids). The shakes are very good as well, though the strawberry shake does not have a destinctive strawberry flavor. The only other suggestion is the workers should wear gloves as they are touching the food. Overall, the best burger in SB.

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