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Pizza Mizza
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2018-10

140 S. Hope Ave, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 564-3900

  • Category: Italian, Pizza
  • Hours: Delivery 11-9 Daily - Dine In 11-8:30 Sun-Thurs / 11-9 Fri-Sat
  • Chef: Sheldon Kaganoff
  • Price: $10 - $20
  • Serving: Lunch & Dinner
  • Reservations: Yes, but usually not needed
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Pizza Mizza writes: We offer Santa Barbara's Best Gourmet Pizzas, fresh Salads, homemade Soups, Hot Sandwiches, and delicious Pastas, all made from the freshest ingredients.

We offer Counter Service at our La Cumbre Plaza Location (next to Sears) and are a great choice for Team Parties, Family Gatherings, or Birthday Parties. Whether you decide to relax on our amazing patio or watch kids movies or sports inside our beautiful restaurant, we are sure you will find your visit to be an enjoyable one for the whole family.

Or, if you don't feel like going out, call us up for Delivery or Pick Up and we will bring the food straight to your door. Call us at 805-564-3900 to find out more or order ONLINE at

  • Specials: $8 LUNCH SPECIAL: Come in to Pizza Mizza any Mon-Fri from 11:00am-2:30pm for our Lunch Special. Choose from dozens of entree items including a bottomless beverage for only $8!
    $1 MIZZA FAMILY NIGHTS: Get a Medium Cheese Pizza for only $1 every Sun, Mon, and Tues after 4pm when you spend $20 or more. Good for Dine In, Delivery, and Take out. Feed the kids for only $1!
    1/2 OFF PIZZA HAPPY HOUR: Get 1/2 Off Medium and Large Pizzas every Mon-Fri from 2:30pm-4:00pm for Dine In and Take Out. Maximum of 4 Pizzas per visit. Not valid with other offers.
    FREE PIZZA HAPPY HOUR: Get a FREE Large Pizza when you Buy a Large Pizza of equal or greater value for Delivery or Take Out. Good 7 Days a week from 8pm-9pm. Not valid with other offers.
    TEAM PARTY SPECIAL: Book your team party at Pizza Mizza and the team eats for FREE! Just make a reservation at least 24 hours in advance.
    Mention the Team Party Special and you will get 1 Large Cheese, 1 Large Pepperoni, and 2 Pitchers of Soda for FREE! Offer valid for Dine In only with advanced reservations. Not valid with any other offers or on Fridays after 4pm.
  • Happy Hour: 1/2 OFF PIZZA HAPPY HOUR: Get 1/2 Off Medium and Large Pizzas every Mon-Fri from 2:30pm-4:00pm for Dine In and Take Out. Maximum of 4 Pizzas per visit. Not valid with other offers.
    FREE PIZZA HAPPY HOUR: Get a FREE Large Pizza when you Buy a Large Pizza of equal or greater value for Delivery or Take Out. Good 7 Days a week from 8pm-9pm. Not valid with other offers.
  • Delivery: We offer a Full Delivery Service that is available from 11am - 9pm Daily. We deliver almost everything on our menu throughout Santa Barbara and Goleta. From Milpas, all the way to Fairview, we can bring the food straight to your door. We have a greatly expanded delivery area for Larger orders with enough notice.
    We specialize in Corporate Deliveries and have a long list of local businesses that use our services regularly. To find out more information, contact or call (805)564-3900 and ask to speak to a manager.

Reviews by the General Public

Solid, 10/13/2018
Reviewer: Greg from Santa Barbara, CA
Good solid pizza. So far the best in SB (for a pizza place, vs. a grown up restaurant). Pricey, especially at $2 a topping on a large. (Yes previous reviewer, you can buy toppings). We're definitely going back. It's not fancy, but it has some real pizza parlor atmosphere. Folks were drinking wine and enjoying themselves.

Can't buy topping, 2/5/2017
Reviewer: Mike F from Santa Barbara, CA
They had a promotion free pizza with coupon. I wanted to pay for more toppings and they said NO. You mean I can't buy toppings. "the manager is right there if you want to talk to her" can't buy toppings. can I buy a drink. Pizza was OK but they don't know selling something is better than FREE.

Tastes OK, Value Sucks, Service Sucks, 11/8/2015
Reviewer: R from Santa Barbara, CA
My family ordered 2 pasta dishes, garlic bread, and a salad (and specifically asked for no cheese). The pasta amount was weak (one bowl was 75% full, the other maybe 50%). Not good value for $10 each. There was supposed to be chicken in the pasta. One bowl had 8 tiny pieces, the other 6! Garlic bread was bread with butter on it and that's pretty much it. There may have been a single tiny garlic sliver on one slice, so maybe that's what they call garlic bread. Salad had cheese on it, called to get a salad delivered without cheese since I did pay for it. After waiting 50 minutes for a replacement salad, I called to just get a refund. I don't think the employees ever had the intention of delivering a replacement salad. I live literally a stones throw away. Family goes to the restaurant 3-5 times a year, orders delivery maybe 10 times a year. We just realized this place sucks. Overpriced, quality and value aren't there, every time it takes 1 hour for delivery and we live maybe 1 mile away. Tonight was the last time my family will spend money here.

Pizza Mizza writes: Hello, So sorry for what happened with you and your family's order. Sounds like you just got a bunk order and for that I truly apologize. I cannot argue with your opinion or your experience and completely understand not wanting to use us again. I wanted to make sure you got a refund for your order and to see if there was anything else I could do for you to make this right. Delivery has been very busy lately and proximity to the restaurant is not a relative issue so much as delivery volume and how many drivers are working, but we will strive to do better for sure. Please feel free to call and ask for me or email me at Thanks and sorry again for your experience. Sean Ebadi Owner/Operator Pizza Mizza.
Disappointed , 7/29/2014
Reviewer: Sandy from Santa Barbara, CA
Food is great but they just informed me my home is out of reach. They offered me a discount to pick up but that defeats the purpose. They delivered to my home as soon as last week. I don't live in gaviota but SB area. Overall. The call back was disappointing and customer lost and the service was great but I would of made the delivery with condition the area is no longer available. Thank you Rusty's. I don't do reviews but given they've been delivering to my home for a while and call back 30 later. Come on.

Pizza Mizza writes: Hi Sandy, I am so sorry that you felt our service was not up to par. I believe the delivery was to Alston, which is pretty far outside of our delivery area in Montecito. If we took one there last week it was simply because someone did not catch the operator's error in time. We called back within 10 minutes and offered you a 20% discount for pick up and the gentelman on the phone did not seem to want it. While I appreciate you being frustrated at not being able to get a delivery all the way up there, I truly feel we did everything we could to notify you and offer you a solution, including a make good for you of 20% off. So I am sorry that you deem that poor service and won't be using us anymore, but I am glad that you were able to get what you need from Rusty's, which is about 20 minutes closer to you than we are. Either way, we appreciate the kind words on the food and hope you have a great week. Sincerely, Sean Ebadi Owner/Operator Pizza Mizza
Reviewer: Debi from Santa Barbara, CA
Nick delivered pizza and balloons to my daughters Jr. High for her and her closest friends!!! It was her best birthday ever!!! Thank you so much to the entire Pizza Mizza Staff!!!!!!

Decent pizza, 12/4/2013
Reviewer: David B. from Santa Barbara, CA
We have eaten here for nearly 10 years. As our family has diverse tastes, the choices for pizza's fits us well. If we had to nitpick and that is basically why it is not 5/5, it is when we order a pizza with thick crust, that they have no concept of what thick crust is. It is a hit or miss if they actually make the crust thick. When they do make it thick crust, it is right on the edge of what we would call thick crust. In the nearly 10 years we have ordered this way, we have had to ask it be done correctly twice. As far as the service goes, we have never had them deliver. We have eaten there half a dozen times and have had no issues. We tend to pick it up. One time, and it was a few years ago, the person behind the counter left us hanging for a bit while we stood there. Other than that, there have never been any other issues. The BBQ Chicken Pizza is GREAT btw :)

Pizza Mizza writes: Hi David and thanks for taking the time to write this review, and of course for your years of patronage. I have to agree with your assessment of the Thick crust option for pizza in that it is not what traditional Thick crust pizza lovers would consider thick. What we do is take 2 of our Large dougballs and combine them for a pretty big ball of dough to work with. Perhaps with the use of 2.5 or 3 balls of dough, we could get it to the thickness you would prefer. Just ask the operator to make a special note that you would like a VERY thick crust and we will see what we can do to get it there. Since you tend to do pick up, if you email me your phone number I can set up a note in your account to refelct those wishes. Thanks and enjoy! Sean (
Pizza Mizza's response to Sophia's reivew, 12/4/2013
Reviewer: Christine from Santa Barbara, CA
I've ordered from Pizza Mizza for delivery a few times, maybe 10. (I'm not putting personal info here for you to "look me up in your database" to verify I'm a lousy customer.) I can say the pizza was always tasty and delivery fine but I can attest to the people on the phone seeming less than "present" during our interaction. However, I'm really turned off by PMs response to Sophia's review. Sounds a lot like "don't let the door hit you on the @ss on your way out" and doesn't address the customer service issues. Be careful what you publish on the internet, it's there for all to see. And now PM has lost another customer. See ya.

Pizza Mizza writes: Thanks for taking the time to express your feelings Christine. We take all of our reviews and customer service complaints very seriously. We do our best to make any adjustments that we feel are necessary based on what we hear from our guests. We never like losing a customer, but we understand that it can happen from time to time when mistakes get made. So we sincerely wish you the best and hope to regain your business in the future. Warmest Regards, Sean Ebadi, Owner/Operator of Pizza Mizza
Terrible service , 11/26/2013
Reviewer: Sofia from Santa Barbara, CA
I've been ordering from this restaurant for 8+ plus and was a very loyal customer. Recently their delivery service has become awful. I've had cold food, chicken tenders with black lettuce underneath them (the manager only gave me a refund of the chicken tenders, not anything in return, despite the food making me sick). I even had a delivery boy say to me, "Wow, I'm so sorry, we're always messing up your order! You deserve a free pizza!" That's when you know it's bad. Not to mention, one of the last times I called, the girl picked up the phone laughing/flirting with someone else and not paying attention to my call. Unfortunately they were one of my favorite pizza places in town but I do not plan on eating their food anytime soon. Very disappointing.

Pizza Mizza writes: Hi Sofia. We are sorry to lose you as a customer. I see that you have ordered many imes in the last few months but could not find an account for you from before then. The issues you have been having lately are all news to me. Mistakes definitely happen when you are delivering food to so many residences per day; but we always do our very best to make good on any mistakes that occur when they are brought to our attention. If our efforts lately have not met the mark, then I understand your frustration, apologize, and wish you the best of luck with your new provider. Should you decide to order again, the lettuce that comes under the Chicken Tenders is merely a garnish and is from spring mix with dark greens. It was not intended to be consumed and is not advertised as a salad that comes with the tenders. If you wish to discuss further, I am always available to speak to you at 805-564-3900. Thank You!
Way to miss out on a $75 dollar order , 5/1/2013
Reviewer: Julian from Santa Barbara, CA
I called Pizza Mizza excited for dinner at 8:59. I had no idea they stopped delivery at 9pm as im used to ordering RUSTYS which i highly recommend. It was just irony on my part as usual. However, the girl who picked up the phone was rude and quick to get off the phone. I always hear their radio add on kjee and thought maybe i should call. However, now i know why they have to do so much advertising, because they have horrible employees. I tried to ask her a few questions and before i was done she hung up on me. What business hangs up on a customer. My order was going to be as follows Pancetta and Artichoke Pizza 19.99 SB Mixed greens 8.99 Plus Chicken 2.99 2x Cheese Cake @ 4.99 Each Santa Cristina Sangiovese 16.99 Total Order Subtotal 58.94 Tax 4.71 Total 63.65 Plus Tip $12.00 For Not being hung up on Plus Whatever Delivery fee they have. What a bunch of IDIOTS! I hope your manager reads this!

Pizza Mizza writes: Hi Julian. Thanks for taking the time to write this review. I certainly apologize for any perception on your part that she was hanging up on you. When I addressed the issue with her, she was baffled and had no idea you had asked a follow up question. When you called in at 9:18pm (we have caller id that tracks this info), she notified you that we were now closed. Usually people just hang up at that point and while she certainly did not intend to hang up on you or make you feel treated rudely, she admitted that she could have missed the question you asked and thought you had hung up. So it sounds more like a miscommunication that we will totally take responsibility for. I just wanted you to know that she did not intend to hang up if she had heard the follow up questions. The fact that you felt dismissed is what I am apologizing for and wish we could take back. As for our closing time, it is 9pm and we stop taking calls then, so 9:18 was too late for your $75 order anyways. We wish you the best of luck with your future pizzas elsewhere and hope you have a great day. Warmly, Sean Ebadi Owner/Operator Pizza Mizza
DO NOT ORDER GARLIC ON A PIZZA!!!!!!!!!!, 11/18/2012
Reviewer: R. from Santa Barbara, CA
My family orders from pizza maybe once a month from a few different places. Last night we decided on Pizza Mizza. We wanted to try something different and ordered a pepperoni pizza with a little garlic. We thought the garlic pepperoni would be mostly pepperoni with a little garlic for flavor. WRONG!!! The pizza was mostly Garlic. The amount of Garlic probably outweighed the cheese, sauce, pepperoni, and dough combined. Needless to say it was probably the worst pizza we have ever had, and literally our house still smells like garlic. Had we ordered this at the restaurant, I would have sent it back just from the smell of it. My daughter dissected a slice, and removed the garlic from it, she piled it up on a tablespoon (not teaspoon), it covered the spoon. Extreme garlic. We didn't even eat 2 slices, and threw the rest of the large away, outside immediately because the smell was so strong. Tip for Pizza Mizza, when someone orders garlic it is usually for a little flavor not the only topping you put on it. I am sure nobody would enjoy a pizza with 40 cloves of garlic on it. Needless to say we will not be ordering from Pizza Mizza again.

Pizza Mizza writes: Hi there. Sorry for the bum pizza you got. Any way you cut it, you did not like your pizza. I am happy to refund your money for your purchase if you want to give us a call or drop me an email. Anytime a customer gets something that they do not find up to par, we are happy to rectify the situation to the best of our abilities. I think you will find most restaurants in town would do the same if you decide to voice your concerns to them directly. I certainly don't begrudge you wanting to use a different provider, but I am still happy to make good on the pizza you got. If you want to take us up on the offer, feel free to email me at Otherwise, we wish you the best of luck with your future provider. Sincerely, Sean Ebadi. Owner/Operator, Pizza Mizza.
Great pizza, comfy family style restaurant!, 7/13/2012
Reviewer: Christine from San Roque, SB, CA
My kids always ask to go here and I like the atmosphere. They enjoy the activity page and silent kids' movie. Service has always been very good and we are repeat customers. I also really appreciate that this business supports our elemetary school and I feel good about dining here. Of course, the food is good too! My favorites are the tortilla soup, cobb salad, and each pizza I have tried.

Eating my words!, 4/24/2012
Reviewer: Charlotte from Goleta
My last experience at Pizza Mizza wasn't that great. The pizza was not the perfectly executed pie as it usually is and I wrote a negative review. I first contacted the manager/owner with my complaint but never heard back from him. Thinking That I was being blown off, I later posted my negative review. Come to find out that the owner did respond almost immediately with the most gracious apology and offer to comp our next pizza with them......which went sent to spam!!! I just received it today, weeks later! I am now eating my words! I really appreciate the sincere apology and professionalism of the very polite and gracious owner!! I'll take a Crow Pizza to go please!!

Great food and service, 4/16/2012
Reviewer: Anne from Santa Barbara, CA
Some friends and I went to Pizza Mizza Saturday night after not having been there for years. We were there to get together after not having seen each other in a very long time, so we were busy talking for hours and the waitstaff was extremely patient with us, never flinching when we couldn't get it together to order or to finish our meals in less than 3 hours! The pizza was excellent, as were the salads. The price was very reasonable. It was a fun atmosphere. I highly recommend it.

Day and night pizza, 4/15/2012
Reviewer: Charlotte from Goleta
The simply perfectly baked, perfect crust, saucy, cheesy, full of Pepperoni pizza we had last time ( 1/2 price during Happy Hour ) morphed into a dry, burnt cracker crust, hardly any cheese or Pepperoni! And full price for dinner...the place was so loud and chaotic that our waiter was totally in the weeds. My son's sandwich was wrong ( he ordered turkey but got corned beef ) took it back and it had this odd, sweet aioli on it. He didn't eat it, but since it was so busy we couldn't really return the sandwich again or our pizza. What happened? Night and day different, unfortunately. I think people that choose not to control their children in restaurants should be asked to leave!

Really good pizza, rude counter guy!, 3/5/2012
Reviewer: Charlotte from Goleta
My daughter and I had a pepperoni pizza with extra sauce and it was downright sublime! Perfect thin crust, saucy, gooey cheeses and lots of pepperoni! It was so good, we ate a whole med. pizza! When we were ordering the counter guy taking our order informed us that it was Happy Hour so med. and large pies were 1/2 of......great! I inquired about wine during Happy Hour and rude counter guy snipped that wine and beer Happy Hour isn't until 3:00 and it was only $1.00 off anyway! Not having my watch on or phone handy, I just paid full price for my glass of wine...whatever. Then we sat down I pulled out my phone and it was 2:57! What a jerk! The pizza and atmosphere ( nice music, quiet, well mannered people enjoying their lunches. We'll go back for the Happy Hour and This time I will wear a watch! Went back into restaurant 1/2 later to use the bathroom and it was really crowded with really loud and manner less people who let all ten of their children run a muck!! Which I cannot tolerate!! So glad we went early with the civilized crowd!!!!!

Pizza Mizza writes: Hello, Thanks for your feedback and so glad you enjoyed the pizza, etc. And of course I apologize for what happened with your interactions at the counter. He is seriously one of the nicest young men I have ever employed and I am sure that he did not mean to put you off in that way. We honestly have so many happy hour running throughout the day that we always try to make our guests aware of, but sometimes things like that do slip thru the cracks. I understand your frustration and am more than happy to address it with you personally if you so wish. We just want you to know that it was an anomoly and would like to make it right with you however you see fit. Should you be back in the restaurant again, always feel free to ask for me personally. Otherwise, we thank you for your kind words and trust that your next experience will be far closer to your expectations. Warmest Regards, Sean Ebadi Owner/Operator, Pizza Mizza
Best Pasta in Town, 7/29/2011
Reviewer: Josh from Santa Barbara, CA
Let me start by saying I have been hooked on their pasta for several weeks now. Everytime I order a pasta entree it is always consistent with fresh ingredients and great flavors. One that I love and recommend ordering is their Chipotle Chicken Alfredo.

the very best and most tasteful!!!!!!!, 1/9/2011
Reviewer: Jaime A, Rosas from Sacramento,Ca.
The best, very best, gourmet pizza we, my husband and I, have ever had in our life's. We are from Sacramento and we thought the ROUND TABLE PIZZA was good,!!!!!! Nope-- Pizza-Mizza is Awesome.

Soup inedible, 12/23/2010
Reviewer: Jayne from Santa Barbara, CA
I've had pizzas here before, but ordered Tortilla Soup and a side of mozzarella sticks. The soup was cold and had something stringy in it which I had to keep spitting out (trying to swallow them caused me to gag). I finally gave up. The mozzarella sticks were also cold and rubbery. The only good thing was the fountain drink. I asked for a to-go cup and was told they didn't have any. So for almost $12 I got food I couldn't eat and a soda I couldn't take with me. Bad. Very bad. And what was worse is that the staff couldn't have cared less. I certainly won't be ordering soup here any more.

Pizza Mizza writes: Hi Jane, I'm sorry to hear that you didn't enjoy your experience at Pizza Mizza. I normally don't respond to reviews in this manner, but after having sold over 200 bowls of soup in the last week alone, this is the first complaint I have received so far. I was here all day that day along with two other staff that remembered your order. Without going into detail about the various contradictions we find with your story, I will address the one thing you seemed to have the biggest problem with: The "stringy" substance you described is in fact fresh Cilantro, which is in our Pico de Gallo, which comes in each bowl of our Tortilla Soup. We definitely remember you asking "what was in the soup" after trying it. However, no one recalls a complaint or any tone of yours that would lead us to think there was any sort of problem that you seemed to have with it or anything else while you were here. I can appreciate you not wanting to have Cilantro in your soup as it can be “stringy” and many people do not like it. It is really not a problem for us to put avoid putting the pico de gallo in the soup if we are instructed to do so. But we have to know that is what you want whether it is before your order is made, or afterward when you decide it does not work for you. We are ALWAYS more than willing to fix a problem and this one was a small one that could have easily been worked out. I will say that it is frustrating to find out that you would choose to go online and deliver your complaint when all of us at Pizza Mizza are more than willing to fix any problem with anything you ordered. If you truly want a satisfactory experience, consider telling someone at the restaurant instead of assuming that the staff does not care. If a customer of ours ever were to voice such a complaint, we would fix the problem immediately. Most owners in Santa Barbara feel the same way. I think I speak for all of them when I say, voice your concerns and you might be surprised by the results you receive. Happy Holidays and hope you find a Soup more to your liking. Sean Ebadi Owner/Operator Pizza Mizza
Favorite Pizza Place by far, 12/15/2010
Reviewer: Shawn from Santa Barbara, CA
I won't let my girlfriend go anywhere else. I can't put my finger on it, but there's something simply amazing about this place. There's a sweet taste to their crust which adds amazing flavor and aftertaste. The atmosphere is great and I love the dark mahogany-like wood. You can literally taste the difference in quality and the toppings don't look like they came out of some frozen bag. You will pay a bit more for the quality but it's definitely worth the extra buck or two. Plus they've always got a special or discount going so you'll save even more.

Great place to bring your dog!, 7/31/2010
Reviewer: Sherylle Englander from Santa Barbara, CA
Of course, the pizza is wonderful. A less known fact is that they have a nice outdoor area where dogs are not only welcome, but they are loved by the staff. We bring our dachsund there often and they always have a bowl of water and some loving pets for her.

Pizza Mizza writes: Thanks for the kind words Sherylle! We are ALWAYS happy to have guests with dogs on our patio. La Cumbre plaza is very dog-friendly and we have full service after 4pm to accomodate individuals that don't want to leave their dogs to come in and order. See you around and thanks again! Sean Ebadi Owner/Operator Pizza Mizza
Best pizza this side of Naples, 7/16/2010
Reviewer: Beverly Wilkins from Santa Barbara, CA
Having just returned from a 3-week trip to Italy, I'm now very spoiled in my approach to pizza. Pizza Mizza is, hands down, the best pizza in Santa Barbara; I won't go anywhere else! It's authentically Italian- thin, chewy crust, and impeccable quality in the ingredients. The Tuscan Veggie and Thai Chicken pizzas are my favorites!

Great food, great service, great place to hang out!, 6/22/2010
Reviewer: Dave from Santa Barbara, CA
I've eaten at Pizza Mizza many times, and everything I have tried has been yummy. They have many great pizzas, but my favorite is the Meatlover Supreme. They also have some really good salads. The main restaurant is nicely decorated and clean, and there is a patio for outdoor seating. I have always had great service, and they also have some really good specials. Strongly recommend Pizza Mizza!!

My Favorite Pizza', 6/22/2010
Reviewer: Karen from Santa Barbara, CA
Not only does Pizza Mizza have the best pizzas in town, their service is awesome. My favorite pizza is a toss-up between the Bacon, Basil and Tomato and the Greek Veggie pizza. Toppings are plentiful and the crust, which is a thin crust, is perfect. If you want a great salad, try the Greek or Mediterranean - so yummy! I've been to Pizza Mizza for both lunch and dinner and the staff is always so friendly and courteous. Plus, the restaurant is always clean and impeccable. If you haven't been there, you really need to try it. You won't be disappointed!

Skimpy Pizza, 6/18/2010
Reviewer: Katie from Santa Barbara, CA
My boyfriend and I came to this restaurant one day to have lunch because we heard good things about the pizzas. We ordered a large pizza, and thought we'd have some left over for dinner. The size of the pizza was shockingly small - we thought they had messed up the order and gotten us a medium size instead - not only that, the pizza was also paper thin! The sauce and cheese were just okay. We were so unimpressed and felt bad for spending $25 when we could have gone to Costco even, and get a better pizza for $10!

Pizza Mizza writes: Hi Katy, I am sorry you did not enjoy your experience at Pizza Mizza. All of our pizzas come on our Thin Crust unless otherwise specificed and our size selection is posted at the registers to help customers get a better sense of what they are ordering. However, the bottom line is that you did not enjoy it. For that I am sorry.

Please consider speaking to an owner or manager if you should come across a similar situation in your dining experiences as most problems like this can be easily rectified with a little communication. Thanks and take care.

Sean Ebadi, Owner/Operator of Pizza Mizza

You went the extra mile, and everyone was impressed!!!!!, 10/7/2009
Reviewer: Kelly from Sacramento, CA
Recently, our Corvette club, visited Santa Barbara. We had our awards banquet at Pizza Mizza. We ate on the patio, and were given a buffet of lasagna, chiken alfredo fettucini, Santa Barbara mixed greens, spinach salad, and 3 different pizzas. Everyone in the club was impressed beyond belief, and the venue was perfect. We will make this an annual event, and Pizza Mizza will be our restaurant of choice. The service was terrific, and Sean Ebadi, the owner saw to it that everything was perfect. River City Corvette Club

Love mizza!!, 9/1/2009
Reviewer: Nicole from ventura,Ca
Best pizza in ventura. Tangy bbq yum..Spicy chicken and best salads soo much flavor!! Great for families. A need for ventura!

Pizza Mizza - Always Happy To Help, 2/4/2009
Reviewer: Janna for United Blood Services from Santa Barbara, CA
Here at United Blood Services, your local blood bank, we depend on many partners to help us save lives in our community. One of those partners we depend on most is Pizza Mizza. For several years now Pizza Mizza has joined us as a Partner for Life. They make great gourmet pizzas that our donors rave about. We often offer pizza certificates to thank our blood donors, and we serve their gourmet pizza every Wednesday night at our center at 902 Laguna Street at the corner of Cañon Perdido. We’re open late ‘til 7 pm, and invite you to come by to save a life and have a slice of their Classic Margherita or Carnivore Combo. We need blood on our shelves to save lives and with the support of businesses, such as Pizza Mizza, we’re able to say thank you to our blood donors. Each day donors like you kindly step forward and roll up your sleeves to save lives here on the Central Coast. We're in this together. The blood bank, Pizza Mizza, and you. Supporting each other is what it’s all about. Thank you for helping save lives.

Worth looking for, 1/30/2009
Reviewer: Carolyn from Santa Barbara, CA
The Babe pizza is the best ever, followed closely by their lasagna; really enjoy the indoor/outdoor dining possibilities without dealing with the State Street crowd. We also often order delivery for our business, and, by far, Pizza Mizza is the most cooperative, friendlist, on-time pizza delivery we've found.

local Santa Barbara business, 1/28/2009
Reviewer: dynise from Santa Barbara, CA
We order lunch from Pizza Mizza once a week and have it delivered to our center. We have a lot of tastes to please, and their menu offers something for everyone. I always hear positive comments about the quality of Pizza Mizza's ingredients. There are usually 20-30 orders and every week we have the pleasure of having a variety of delicious items delivered with a smile, hot/fresh and on time. Thanks Pizza Mizza!

Best Pepperoni and Cheese Pizza EVER, 1/15/2009
Reviewer: Sj from Santa Barbara, CA
So I've had pizza mizza many times and was never too impressed. I always felt as though when my work ordered out, it wouldn't taste too good...So last night I went in with my boyfriend to get a pizza. It was really really busy, their were kids EVERYWHERE. We had to wait about 10 minutes for a table to open and ended up eating at the bar. It was cool, we didn't mind, but we were tired and so hungry. We decided to keep it simple and get the pepperoni and cheese pizza. It was undoubtedly the best and most satisfying pep and cheese pizza ever. They double everything on it so its hearty and filling. I immediatly changed my opinion on Pizza Mizza. To enhance your experience I would suggest eating there (maybe on a less busy night) and getting a non-gourmet pizza...its just not as good as the pep and cheese. Thanks for the amazing left overs!

Good food, a little pricey but nice atmosphere, 1/5/2009
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Its really a sit down place. Except to wait for your food and pay for the atmosphere. The food was really good though just don't expect to get your food too quickly or cheaply. I was a little irked on the customer service about not bringing me the right takeout box but overall a good experience. A lot of TVs to watch also.

Pizza Mizza writes: Hi Glenn, Thanks for coming into the restaurant (I saw that you were from Buelton). We are glad you enjoyed the food and hope to see you again at some point in the near future. Because we do everything fresh to order, it can take a while for pizzas, which, when prepared correctly, will take 20 minutes from start to finish on an average day because of our volume. This is also the reason that our pizzas are not as cheap as other restaurants in town. Quality and fresh ingredients are neither cheap, or quick in preparation, but I am glad that you tasted the difference in the food. The next time you are in, please ask for me and I would love to chat with you or buy you a beer or something. Thanks for your honesty and we appreciate your business. Sincerely, Sean Ebadi Owner/Operator Pizza Mizza
Skimpy toppings, 12/28/2008
Reviewer: fletch from Santa Barbara, CA
What happened Pizza Mizza?My family ordered 2 pizzas and a Med salad and the toppings were skimpy for all.If you want to charge 9.59 for a salad put more than lettuce an a couple of olives on it,sub par!The pizzas had a lot of the cheap veggies and few of the more expensive meats.If you cut costs you will be cutting customers.I like your pizzas but I wont pay 21.00 for a barely topped pizza.We had 2 pizzas 1 salad 1 pasta and 5 sodas.The bill was 92.00 with the required 6 person 18% forced tip, I refilled all the drinks myself.Times are tough but food choices aren't?

Pizza Mizza writes: Hi Fletch, I can assure you that we are not trying to cut costs or dissapoint our customer base. I remember your table and saw your food. Because we serve a thin crust pizza, we do not pile on the toppings or it just would not hold up. We prefer a balance of toppings on our pre-designed pizzas. If you design your own, that is different. I was there on the night in question and remember your table and your pizzas. I can honestly say that these pizzas were made perfect for our standards...which I admit,will not be for everyone. However, I think I speak for EVERY restaurant owner in Santa Barbara when I say that when the server comes to your table and asks you how everything was (which she did), please be honest instead of saying fine or great and then posting a comment like this. If the pizzas were not up to standard, we would have done something to fix them. If the service was not up to par, we would have removed the standard auto-gratuity. Either way, we are always trying to help make our customers experience better and cannot do that if you don't tell us what you needed in order for us to accomplish that. I am not disputing your version of the events, but I am requesting that you deal with it in a different way next time. Please feel free to ask for me if you are in the restaurant again if you want to discuss further. Thank you. Sean Ebadi Owner/Operator Pizza Mizza
Great Food!, 12/8/2008
Reviewer: Kristine from Santa Barbara, CA
Food is great! I love that all the soups, sauces, dough, desserts, etc. are prepared on premises from FRESH ingredients. No prepackaged preservative filled goods used here. Service can be slow in the evening so be prepared and enjoy the time with friends/family. In a hurry, call ahead for take-out.

closing time, 10/7/2008
Reviewer: lil from Santa Barbara, CA
We showed up on a Saturday night at 8:05pm and despite the fact that there were people dining inside we were told they were already closed for dining but we could do take-out. We said "but you close at 9pm" and the response was "it differs every night". So we ordered our pizza for take-out, waited instead of being waited on (while the waiters were just sitting around) and brought the pizza home. The pizza is good we just got frustrated by the closing time and the indifference of the staff.

Pizza Mizza writes: Hello, So sorry for what happened. We are actually open till 9pm for Delivery and Take Out. Being in a mall, it can be pretty slow after 8pm, which is why our Dine In closing hours can differ. However, there is no reason that you should have experienced that kind of service when you inquired. We have since addressed the issue with the specific staff involved and put measures in place to avoid a future experience like that. Sorry for your bad experience and please feel free to contact us and ask for an owner next time you are in. Sincerely, Sean A. Ebadi Owner/Operator Pizza Mizza
Will never beat Rusty's, 7/12/2008
Reviewer: ernie from santa barbara
Pizza was okay but it was more like a undercooked glob of cheap dough. Ingredients were fine but limited. Well like I said it will never beat Rusty's just a couple of blocks away. I saw the restauraunt wile I was shopping, I assume the only restauraunt still exist is because of their location. I ordered their tangy barbeque and it was okay but will never beat Rust's, I mean come on. Lower your prices and mabey then we will compare it to domino's pizza. As for the service, I have to say normal, but I did feel bad for the guy who helped me. Come to think of it he kinda talked like a Surfer/Rocky Balboa. Probably been working there too long. Well hope to see your prices come down.

Pizza Mizza writes: We always strive to meet our customers expectations in everything we do. We understand that from time to time, we will fall short. I certainly don't feel the need to defend our product, but I do apologize if you got a bad pizza. Should you wish to give us another try, we would be willing to offer you a Free Pizza for Pick Up. Just give us a call and ask for Sean. If not, we hope you find enjoyment with another restaurant. Sincerely, Sean A. Ebadi Owner - Pizza Mizza
Great service! , 5/18/2008
Reviewer: Courtney from Santa Barbara, CA
The pizza? Not so great. But our waiter was outstanding.

lunch time - great, night- not so much, 5/17/2008
Reviewer: Catherine from Santa Barbara
I absolutely love Pizza Mizza. Their pizzas are some of the best in Santa Barbara, and are very reasonably priced considering how much food you get. The only downer to this place is going at night. Usually I'm there during the day when you can just walk up and get your own order, but at night the service is absolutely horrible. The last time I sat down and ate there, our waitress didn't come back to get our cards to pay for our meal for TWENTY minutes. We ended up just walking up to the counter and asking for someone else to take care of it. Like I said, the lunch service is great, but stay away at night.

Pizza Mizza writes: Hi Catherine, Sounds like we were either busy or just off our game that night. Either way, you should never have to wait that long for payment. We sincerely apologize for your service experience and want to make it right. Please feel free to call and ask for me personally and I would love you discuss it with you. Sincerely, Sean A. Ebadi Owner/Operator Pizza Mizza
Honest Response, 5/12/2008
Reviewer: James from Santa Barbara
I got into this web site to write a good review about Pizza Mizza, but after reading all of the bad comments about this place. I believe I must have been royalty because I got lucky it almost seems. I ordered a pesto veggie and no I'm not a vegeterian I just like a lot of vegitables on my pizza. Got my pizza 30 minutes... Yes 30 Minutes before the time they let me know and the Pizza was great and yes it always helps that I was hungry but I did appreciate it. I think there are a lot of people that have been taught to always complain and if they go this way all of their life they will have a crummy life. Anyways about the pizza oh im sorry I almost forgot I also had a chineese salad, but anyways don't take my word for it try it for yourself. Thank you Pizza Mizza

Not Pasta Mizza, 5/10/2008
Reviewer: fletch from santa barbara
I love the pizza here,never had a bad pie.The pasta is mediocre at best.The lasagna I got was an undercooked glob of cheese.My wife's pesto shrimp had a grand total of 6 undersized shrimp in it.How can this place charge $11 for skimpy pasta and $9 for pathetic lasagna with no salad or bread on the side.I love the pizza but don't get the pasta.

awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, 1/28/2008
Reviewer: Dawn from Bakersfield,CA
I was just there this weekend and wow what awesome pizza I had the thick crust it was out of this world. My friend had the spicey chicken sandwich and the tortilla soap with chunks of avacado. This is diffently a must stop when your in Santa Barbara.

the best, 1/27/2008
Reviewer: larry balducci from santa barbara,CA
I have tried just about everything on the menue,and i would like to tell you not one bad experience!the food and service has always been great.Good job guys thanks for bringing a little bit of the east coast into S.B.!

Really dissapointing. , 11/26/2007
Reviewer: Robert McConnell from Santa Barbara, CA
I thought I was going to have a normal meal between my break, and be on my way, but boy was I wrong. A few weeks ago I went to Pizza Mizza and ordered a small pepperoni pizza with a soda. After around a 10 minute wait, I received not my pizza, but a pizza in the way I did not order, which was covered in mushrooms and bell peppers, the works. I was thoroughly disappointed and asked for the pizza which I specified, and was responded with a unsatisfactory response. Another 10 minutes pass, my precious break time, and I got a pepperoni pizza...with more bell peppers on it! I told them this was the last try before I demanded a refund and left. Luckily, 3rd try's the charm, for I got my pizza, and a good pizza it was, but at the price of the time it took, I had to finish my meal in the car. Though the pizza was good, the service I received was very disappointing to me.

Great Pizza!, 11/6/2007
Reviewer: susan from evergreen, Colorado
We have had several different pizza's from Pizza Mizza, they have all been over the top good! Even when delivered! We always eat here when in SB!

My favorite family restaurant, 10/2/2007
Reviewer: Haydee Ramirez from Santa Barbara
Pizza Mizza is kid friendly! My fiancé and I always end up at Pizza Mizza because they know that some families want to have the kids go to dinner with them. They have it all right from the special sippy cups for kids to the savory chocolate chip cookies. I really enjoy their BBQ chicken pizza and almost all of their pastas. The managers are always available to answer any questions and change the staff will change the channel on the TVs if the kids are getting anxious. If there's ever been a mix up with my food the management makes it right. I have had business meetings at Pizza Mizza also and my clients always said great things about the place. I enjoy going to a restaurant where there's kids enjoying a meal with their parents, this is the #1 kid friendly place in SB.

Awesome pizza, 9/7/2007
Reviewer: Mikey from Santa Barbara
This was the first pizza we have had since moving to SB. We had the sausage, sun-dried tomato and feta, thin crust. I have to say it was excellent. The pizza was thin and crusty and the toppings were delicious, the best I have had a long time. We will be regulars at this restaurant.

The best in the west!!!, 7/17/2007
Reviewer: Kelly Barrington from Auburn, Ca.
My husband and I frequently come to Santa Barbara to visit family. We always make it a point to dine at Pizza Mizza. They have spoiled us for any other pizza. The crust is thin, so you don't fill up on bread and calories, and miss the wonderful toppings. We've tried just about everthing on the menu, and never been disappointed. The salads are also amazingly good, as well as being a step above the typical salad served in most restaurants. We have always had impecable service as well. After reading about some of the negative experiences, I can only think that these were most out of the ordinary. I have recommended Pizza Mizza to many people, and none of them have ever had anything but a terrific experience! Pizza Mizza is a beautiful venue, with a family friendly atmosphere, great food, reasonable prices, and good service. It's hitting all the bases. Keep up the good work!

You've got to be kidding me! Overpriced and skimpy toppings, 7/13/2007
Reviewer: DFE from Santa Barbara
I read the reviews here and thought I would give Pizza Mizza a try. I ordered a large pepperoni pizza for delivery. The delivery time was normal, 30-40 min, and the pizza was delivered warm. However, my pizza had a total of 8 pieces of pepperoni on it. Give me a break! How much does it cost to put a few more pieces of pepperoni on the pizza? Twenty cents? Well that twenty cents just lost you a customer. Think about that the next time you skimp on toppings Pizza Mizza. With so many other great pizza places (Marty's, Mesa Pizza Co., Gino's Sicilian Express, just to name a few), I'll never bother with Pizza Mizza again. Best Pizza of 2007 - no way!! Far from it.

Pizza Mizza writes: Hello, I am sorry that you felt the way you did about your experience with Pizza Mizza. Although it sounds like you have already made up your mind to not order from us again, I would be more than happy to provide a complimentary pizza for you on your next order. We train our staff to put enough toppings on our pizzas to meet typical customer expectations; however, with over 200 pizzas being made per day, there is always a chance that someone will not get something the way that they were expecting it. I will say that we are always open to customer feedback and we always try to take care of our customers' needs when they are brought to our attention. In the future, it may help to just call the business and let them know your concerns. You might be surprised at how easily problems can be fixed when they are brought to an owner's attention. I am sorry that we did not meet your expectations on this occasion and hope you find enjoyment with your future pizza ordering decisions. "
" Sincerely, Sean Ebadi, Owner, Pizza Mizza

Give me a break!, 6/27/2007
Reviewer: Susan from Santa Barbara, CA
Our family went to have dinner yesterday and ended up walking out of the place. Three of us ordered pasta plates and Cesar salads to start. When the salad came out we took a bite and were disappointed of the tasteless salad. My daughter and my husband decided to eat theirs as they were hungry, but I politely told the waitress that she can take back mine. After about 15 minutes later a manager came to our table with my salad in her hand and asked me if there was something ‘wrong’ with the salad. I told her that it tasted horrible. She asked me why my other two family members decided to eat theirs; I explained to her that it was because they were hungry not because they liked it. She said since there is nothing ‘wrong’ with the salad she can bring me another one with a different dressing b/c they would have to charge me regardless. When I told her that I have never been charged for something that I sent back, and that if the food doesn’t taste good there IS something ‘wrong’ with it, she responded “No you can’t send back something unless there is something wrong with the food b/c we can’t sell this back to anyone else”. I said to her that the salad probably cost them $.50 to make and that to upset a customer over it was ridiculous. My husband told the manager to go ahead and charge us but do leave our table so that we can enjoy the rest of our dinner. However, she stood there telling us that she would waive the salad this one time, but in the future know that we would get charged and that if we have a problem with the policy to call the owner. My husband lost it then and just walked out of the restaurant. As he was walking off our dinner came out and I told the manager that we were leaving and that she shouldn’t argue with a customer. She responded “I have a right to argue with a customer”. So they lost our sale that could have been over $50 b/c of a side salad. I'm not surprised to see all the negative comments about the poor customer service here. If a manager argues with a customer saying that she has a right to do so, how can you expect the staff to provide good customer service?

I just love Pizza Mizza, 6/22/2007
Reviewer: Dannell from Santa Barbara, CA
Every time I go in there the service is impeccable, the staff is smiling, the food comes out fast and hot, and yum don't get me started on those cookies. Thanks, Pizza Mizza, for providing consistent, healthy, and delicious food to Santa Barbara! I just can't get enough!!!

Great food, bad service experience, 5/21/2007
Reviewer: Stephen Stirling from santa barbara
I went to Pizza Mizza about two weeks ago, and I usually have a very pleasant experience. For some reason this time was very unpleasant. The waitress was quite rude and pushy, and competely forgot our Sprites, although they still showed up on the bill. The worst part was that the waitress did not honor our discount card, which was completely valid, but said it was unacceptable, and I figured I didn't want to make a big deal about it so I didn't ask for the manager. Don't get me wrong - the food was great as always.

Pizza Mizza writes: Dear Mr. Stirling, I am so sorry to hear about your service experience at Pizza Mizza. I am not sure whom the server was, but would welcome a description of the person, so that I might retrain them in customer service basics. Also, I am not sure what card you were using, but I can also determine why your server may not have accepted it so that I can get to the bottom of the issue. I appreciate your kind words regarding our food and hope that this experience will not deter you from trying us again. Please accept my sincerest apologies and allow me to provide you with a complimentary meal for you and your guest to make good on your previous experience. I can be reached via telephone 805-564-3900 or email, and would very much like to hear from you. Sincerely, Sean A. Ebadi Owner / Operator Pizza Mizza Cafe 805-564-3900
Awesome food, 4/15/2007
Reviewer: Laura from Santa Barbara
I decided to come here for lunch after I realized it had been a while since I'd had my fill of their delicious food. I knew that they had switched quite some time ago from a typical restaurant where you are waited on to one where you order at the counter, but I was disappointed to see that they changed the names of all the entrees from movie titles to "normal" descriptions! Obviously it's been quite some time and luckily my favorite pizza is still there (gorgonzola cream sauce with chicken, walnuts, and carmalized walnuts), but I miss those fun titles! It added a little something to the feeling of the place. Other than that, I love their food and chose not to rate the service because the only interactions I had were at the counter.

Great pizza and the best salads in town, 3/30/2007
Reviewer: Jeffrey Hall from Santa Barbara, CA
I read all the reviews (both positive and negative) for Pizza Mizza and felt compelled to offer my opinion as well. The salads here are, without a doubt, the best in Santa Barbara. I will sometimes order pizza from here just because I'm absolutely craving their Santa Barbara Mixed Green salad. However, don't get the wrong idea - I think Pizza Mizza has one of the top 3 pizzas in town - great, high quality toppings over a nice (thin) crust and a savory sauce. As for the negative reviews - I'm not sure it's fair to give a negative review to a place based on a single interaction. Give Pizza Mizza a try - I've never had anything but a great experience, both in terms of food and service.

Worth the Wait....Everytime!, 3/3/2007
Reviewer: Jason from Santa Barbara
It seems like every time I call this place on a Friday night they are off the hook. I usually don't want to wait over forty minutes for food to be delivered, but for them, I make an exception. There is no pizza like it in SB and the salads are the only ones my wife will eat. I went in there to pick up my pizza tonight and the place was packed. It makes me wonder how they can cook so many pizzas at a time. I personally recommend the Sausage and Sundried Tomato with Goat Cheese. It's fantastic with a bottle of red wine.

COOL PLACE!!!, 2/21/2007
Reviewer: Ella Corpuz from Santa Barbara, CA

Tasteless pizza and rude server., 2/7/2007
Reviewer: Cassie Johnson from Santa Barbara CA
We had the most tasteless pizza so we asked if we could order a different one. The waitress was so rude about it, and both the waitress and manager completely snubbed us for the rest of the meal. You would expect that if you pay $40+ to go out to eat, you would have a nice experience, not be treated so awfully that you just feel upset afterward. The second pizza tasted pretty terrible too. Usually at a restaurant they are polite to you and try to resolve a problem- they don't treat you like it's your fault that the pizza was tasteless.

Pizza Mizza writes: Hi Cassie, First of all let me apologize for your experience here. I would not consider that the norm, but I do not doubt it happened like you said. I welcome the opportunity for you to speak with me about your experience so that we may learn from it and deal with the individual who was serving you. I would also be more than happy to offer you a free pizza should you ever want to give us another try. Again, I am sorry for your poor experience and look forward to the opportunity to make it right. Sincerely, Sean Ebadi, Owner
Worst Pizza Experience EVER, 12/30/2006
Reviewer: sean black from santa barbara
While the food at Pizza Mizza is made from fresh organic ingredients and they do have some unique recipes, it doesn't make up for their rude service. Like many other reviewers have said beneath me the service in this place is horrible. I had read the negative reviews on here, but thought, "hey, it's pizza delivery, how bad could it be?" Short answer: SO VERY BAD. I ordered a large garlic and tomato pizza and after about an hour they delivered a garlic and mushroom pizza. We all hate mushrooms so we called them back and told them their mistake. They claimed we ordered it wrong and there was nothing they can do. When we asked to speak to a manager the counter girl put me on hold for over ten minutes and then the manager finally agreed to send us a replacement pizza but said it could be hours before we got it. When we told her we wouldn't be home in another 2 hours and would like a credit she said no. Pizza Mizza may have all the organic ingredients and unique recipes and nice touches like free cookies they talk up all the time, but to be honest i'd rather have less unique pizza from a place that doesn't treat you like a chump.

Pizza Mizza writes: Hi Sean, No Excuse for bad customer service. I would be more than happy to take care of you for your poor experience. With the volume of delivery that we handle, mistakes like this can happen. However, how we handle our mistakes is always under our control. In this instance, we blew it, and for that I apologize to you. Should you wish to discuss your experience further, I would welcome a phone call at your convenience. I would also be more than willing to give you a credit for your botched order. Sincerely, Sean Ebadi, Owner
If you like thin crust healthy pizza this is it, 11/25/2006
Reviewer: Chen from Carpinteria, CA
I was pleasantly surpised to encounter Pizza Mizza as I have been to La Cumbre mall several times but never been into Pizza Mizza until referred by a friend. The place looks clean and pleasant, in fact more like a sports bar/cafe. It is self seating and order more like Natural Cafe style but SB has a love for the high end full service pamper treatment or do it yourself enviornmental economic style, your pick I prefer the do it yourself. There is more outside seating area and perfect for the family or a couple buddies. The best part yet is the pizza, it is thin crust, healthy and REAL topping, for example a chicken mushroom pizza has real chunks of chicken and wholesome slices of mushroom on it. Little crust and not a lot of cheese. Which makes the pizza healthier, tastier but not for those who like the thick crust. Their sandwiches and pastas are wholesome as well and is a good choice for on the go. As far as I know they deliver to all regions of Santa Barbara/Goleta/Montecito/Carpinteria/Summerland.

Service, what service?, 11/4/2006
Reviewer: Brian from Santa Barbara
How can a pizza place not put items that are on their menu on their pizzas. I called to order a pizza and asked them to put sauteed mushrooms on a pizza and I was told that they were unable to do that. ???? What do you mean you can't add an item that is on your menu to a pizza? I have encountered problems the two times I have called for a delivery. The first time was with the spinach scare; I ordered their Moonstruck pizza and was told that they didn't have spinach. This is the conversation that took place; Me: Okay, can you add mushrooms for the missing spinach? Employee: No I'm sorry we cant't do that. Me: Okay so are you taking some money off the pizza? E:No. M:Okay, so you are telling me your leaving one ingredient off the pizza, not allowing me to substitute and still going to charge me full price? E: Yes. M: Sounds a little strange. E: Yes. Let this convo be your guide when you're ordering for delivery. I believe their pizza is above average but the lack of service has made me change to a different restaurant.

Pizza Mizza writes: Hi Brian, Sounds like you dealt with a poorly trained employee on the phone. This experience should have never happened and I am sorry that you had to encounter this. Please give me a call at your convenience and I would be more than happy to take care of you for a future order with a complimentary order. I understand your frustration and pledge to make it right as much as I can. Sincerely, Sean Ebadi, Owner
fast service, great crust!, 8/17/2006
Reviewer: Chee from Santa Barbara, CA
I loooove thin crust, chewy pizza, and Pizza Mizza is the place that has it! really fast service and great happy hour deal...I'd recommend bringing two of your friends in during happy hour, splitting a large pizza, and getting a half and half deal.

helps the community, and good pizza too, 6/5/2006
Reviewer: lemonjelly from santa barbara
Pizza Mizza is a pleasant dining environment in the uptown area, a great place to meet with some friends or co-workers to chat, and talk about business casually. Affordable too. I like the Babe and Moonstruck pizzas, and I really like the side Diner salad. I lament the day they stopped offering the Home Alone special (large pizza, side salad, two choc chip cookies, popcorn and a dvd rental! please bring it back?) But Pizza Mizza is more than good pizza, they also are very community-aware and have pizza donations to the Blood Bank for blood donors.

Classic local pizza original, 5/14/2006
Reviewer: Lew Marklin Mash from Santa Barbara
If there is a local "Original" Pizza "Style" it would be Pizza Mizza. Same owners as Video Schmideo, they are thin crusted Itallian pies that are much more Cicillian than the fat pizzas at Rusty's (My other 1 of 2 local picks) and crispier/flakier than the hand tossed "Taffy's" experience. I recomend the "Great White" Pie. White sauce and chicken. Good Stuff.

IT ROCKS!, 5/14/2006

No Service, Horrible Food, 2/16/2006
Reviewer: Judy Daniels from Santa Barbara, CA
$12 for lousy pizza. Plus you have to place the order at a cash register (ie. no table service). Was assured that my soda would be re-filled by the "servers." That never happened. I used to really like this place, but I will never go back.

Change is......good?, 2/14/2006
Reviewer: J.C. from Goleta, Ca
I've been going to Pizza Mizza since it opened and recently noticed some drastic changes--Which are, Change of Ingredients: the cheese, sauce, and crust are different. The crust is now very similar to Jeno's pizza in the frozen food section. The cheese, if there is any,is bland. Finally, the sauce, like the cheese- where did it go?! You now have to pay at register and make your table ala Natural Cafe so....from Decent service to No service? To say the least i'm disapointed with all these changes and hate to criticize this place since i love going here....but come on, i can deal with the cafe style but bring back the quality food!! To be fair- the past 5 times i've gone here i noticed that the executive chef Sheldon has been is it about quality control?

Pizza Mizza writes: Hi J.C., It sounds like you had a bad experience first and foremost with our food. I can assure you that we have done nothing but improve the ingredients for each of our items. There is always the chance that you got a poorly made item from us, and for that I am sorry. In terms of our Express Lunch style of service, I understand if this does not work for you. It tends to be more useful for people on a one hour lunch break who are on the go. However, we do still have full service and dinner and I invite you to visit us again if you so choose. Should you want to call me to discuss your experience, I would be more than happy to buy you and your family lunch or dinner to give it another try. Sincerely, Sean Ebadi, Owner
Best Pizza in Santa Barbara, 12/28/2005
Reviewer: Joseph from Santa Barbara, CA
Absolutely my favorite place to eat. I think I've tried nearly everything on their menu, and I've always been impressed.

Pizza OK, Service needs work, 12/19/2005
Reviewer: Dana Alexander from Santa Barbara
Went there for lunch with a group of seven, and to be fair it was pretty busy. But our waiter got virtually everything wrong, wrong and missed drinks, salads mixed up and wrong dressings. One of our group said the side salad on her sandwich was incorrect so the waiter took the whole plate and was gone for a long time. Hard to get our check and to find our waiter in general. Their lunch special is a great bargain and the pizza is fine, but service, while very pleasant, was not very good.

Didn't get to the food part..., 12/2/2005
Reviewer: Mike P. from Goleta, CA
Walked into an empty restaurant, sat ourselves, and waited for 20 minutes without ever having an employee say a word to us. We may have made a bad decision in waiting for 20 minutes, but we made a great decision when we stood up and walked out. This is inexcusable when there were only three tables with customers and far more employees in the restaurant than there were patrons.

Great pizza!, 11/28/2005
Reviewer: Someon from 93117
I LOVE this place. Pizza is real good. Recommend this place to any pizza lover.

Reviewer: Sirin from Antalya, Turkey
I have to say that personally I have never, ever had a better pizza. Can't pick a favorite because I love them all. Normally hate thin crust pizza, but this is the ultimate exception. The ambiance is fabulous, comfortable and elegant. The staff is super friendly. It's nice to be able to get a GOOD beer or glass of wine at a pizza place. The salads are great, the sandwiches too. Can't comment on the pasta but if it's like everything else, it's incredible I am sure.

Want Quality pizza? Go here. , 10/10/2005
Reviewer: K. N. Le from Santa Barbara, Ca
Have tried pretty much every pizza joint in town and Pizza Mizza is by far the best. My girlfriend and I have been going here every week for over a year, sometimes we try other pizza joints to compare, but always come back to Pizza Mizza. You can't beat their happy hr special- 50% off pizza and their salads are great as well. On the comment below about delivery, i do agree to an extent-- their delivery is not as reliable as other 'fast' pizza joints like rustys or dominoes, as it sometimes takes 45min to an hr---sometimes it arrived piping hot, sometimes a little cold... but it has been a while since we ordered delivery so maybe they have improved.

As good a Pizza and service as can be found in SBA, 8/16/2005
Reviewer: Greg from SBA
Have been dining here since it opened at La Cumbre Plaza - good service, nice environment, very good food, prices are reasonable, nice people who run the operation - recommended highly. Meat lovers pizza good. Portions are as ample as the people shopping at La Cumbre.

There is a star only because it was mandatory to put one, 8/9/2005
Reviewer: Anonymous from Santa Barbara
omg the worst experince i have ever had. my boyfriend ordered a pizza and the driver claimed that they got lost so thats why we got our stone cold pizza an hour and a half later~! then i had to call the manager and argue that the pizza was cold because he said that it wasnt cold unless the driver said it was..he finally gaved me t he pizza for free and then hung up on me! DO NOT ORDER THIS PIZZA FOR DELIVERY! you will BE UNHAPPY!

Pizza Mizza writes: I would like to extend my most sincere apology about the situations that took place. I have addressed the issue with all Management and rest assured that this will never happen again. Pizza Mizza has only good intentions and hopes that our customers feel that we provide only the best customer service possible. If you would like to speak with me personally I would be more than happy to do what ever it takes to make up for the events that transpired. Once again I apologize on behalf of Pizza Mizza Management and Owners.
excellent pizza, 6/26/2005

I have been fortunate to find this restaurant-- I love pizza but can´t ever have more than a slice or two without feeling sick. But Pizza Mizza´s thin crust allows you to focus on the wide array of toppings without filling up on bread! They have 4 or 5 different pizzas for vegetarians, and you can always modify a different pizza to your taste. And currently (June 05) if you go between 2:30 and 4, your pizza is 50% off! What a deal!!

Awesome Pizza in Santa Barbara, 5/16/2005

Great pizza with thin crust and good quality cheese... Nice athmosphere with good service as well.

Best Pizza in Town, 4/25/2005
Reviewer: Christy from Santa Barbara, CA
I recommend the Casablanca pizza -- goat cheese, red peppers, chicken, and sauteed mushrooms. I was skeptical of the thin crust at first, but it´s so buttery and thin and perfect, I can´t imagine it any other way now. They´ve got great deals too, a happy hour special where the pizzas are half off, 2:30-4:30 M-F, as well as lunch specials. Their personal sized pizzas are a good deal (about $10), which you can get if you eat-in. I´ve found getting the pizzas delivered to be out of my price range, since you can only order large. On average, I´ve had pretty good service. I´ve eaten there at least once a month since they´ve opened and the only thing I miss is that they used to bring out a couple of chocolate chip cookies when they gave you the check. The atmosphere is nice too. Beautiful dark wood and books, but not stuffy either. Check it out if you can.

Great concept, terrible prices., 4/18/2005

Way overpriced for what you get. Its got a great concept and theme to it but the food is pretty good. Nothing to brag about.

Smallest salad portions, 2/2/2005

We just received our delivery - somewhat shocked at the portion sizes - not a good value for the money - the half salad claims to serve 1-2 people - though it is barely a meal... It comes in a very small salad container. The sandwich is about 4-5 inches square with the cheap turkey meat. Maybe this is a good pizza place but don´t order anything else...

Pizza Mizza writes: Hello, We have since changed our portions and prices to better reflect what the average customer is expecting. We hope that you can give us another try, as we believe that ours are the best delivered salads in town. Sincerely, Sean Ebadi, Owner
best in town, 11/10/2004

Best selection of flavors in town. Great if you don´t want the typical pepperoni and too much cheese big greasy pizza. Try the Diggler.

Dry pizza with 3 pieces of meat per slice, 11/6/2004

We were quite dissapointed with the pizza. We ordered the Philly and received only 3 pieces of meat per slice and barely any cheese, plus no sauce. Needless to say our pizza was dry and tastless. We also ordered a 1/2 a salad at $7.75 and it came in the smallest side salad container. Would not recommend.

Yummy thin crust pizza!, 10/26/2004
Reviewer: ln from goleta, ca
I´m typically not a fan of thin crust pizza, but this place does wonders! We ordered the meatlovers pizza, and it was delicious. I´ll be trying other thin crust pizza places in the near future! P.S. Let´s get Rusty´s off the map--they don´t belong in the top three!!!

The best pizza in town, 8/31/2004
Reviewer: Cody Masters from Santa Barbara
While the outside offers a very spacious patio with plenty of shade to enjoy an afternoon lunch, the inside dining room amazes visitors with beautiful artwork and an extremely friendly staff that provides a wonderful dining experience. Not only are the pizzas all incredable, but any item on the menu upholds a taste that is truely euphoric. With classic ingrediants such as mushrooms, black olives, and pepperoni; they also offer gourmet ingrediants such as sun-dried tomatoes, three types of chicken, shrimp and even artichoke hearts. I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone looking for a quiet evening on the town or if you feel like sitting at home they also have a delivery service which will bring this great food right to your front door.

If you like THIN pizza then this place is for you, 7/24/2004

I tried this place with enthusiasm after hearing so many positive things about it but was disappointed with the cracker-thin crusted BBQ chicken pizza. I guess I am amongst the Taffy´s Pizza-thick crust loving crowd. Thin-crusty fans rejoice, your pizza is served! A local in search of GOOD food

The best period., 4/27/2004

We live up the block from this place. No where else in town touches it (well, maybe Via Vai in Montecito). Order a personal size BBQ Chicken and get Ranch on the side. I order it every week. Also they have a DVD on of famous live performances on huge screens, yet it is subtle.

If you like your pizza dry..then try this place is for you!!, 8/16/2003

I just moved to Santa Barbara and a friend and I decided to order a pizza...NEVER again from Pizza Shmizza! Catchy name..yes and it´s a nice touch that they give you a couple of cookies with your pizza..but the pizza was awful. It was VERY dry, with barely any sauce and barely any cheese. Definitely NOT worth the $20! Seriously....avoid this place if you´re looking for good pizza.



The People Above Are Idiots, 4/3/2003

Apparently, the people above just want that Rusty´s thick crust, pepperoni, and nothing else crap. If you are willing to stretch your plain, mass produced idea of pizza, you will find none better. Try the Mrs. Tweedy´s (BBQ Chicken), maybe add some pineapple.

Love it!, 3/31/2003

Excellent Pizza. Love the Moonstruck. Great service. We have them deliver all the time.

Best Pizza - incredible service, 12/17/2002

The best pizza in town by far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn´t believe how incredible thin the crust was - their red sauce is superb. Not to mention that I was able to have a DVD, toilet paper and milk DELIVERED!!! This is exactly what Santa Barbara was missing. Thank you Pizza Mizza!!

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