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Camino Real Cafe
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2006

6980 Camino Real Marketplace, Goleta
Phone: (805) 961-4777

Reviews by the General Public

waiting to try, 11/21/2006

what a treat!, 9/15/2006
Reviewer: Jessica from Goleta, CA
me and a friend decided to try camino real cafe for a late lunch/early dinner the other night and i was so pleasantly surprised! we sat outside and our server was very attentive, she gave us extra time to decide what we wanted (the menu has so many great options) and happily took our order. we had shrimp cocktail as an appetizer and then i got a burger and my friend had this really good lemon avocado chicken salad. everything was really tasty. our waitress refilled our drinks and never forgot about us even though we were the only ones outside. i definitely reccomend crc for a meal anytime of the day.

Great food, delightful wait staff, 9/1/2006
Reviewer: Laurie from Santa Barbara, CA
At the encouragement of friends, we went here for the first time on August 18. We couldn't believe what we had been missing out on. It was a little pricey, but worth it. The selection was broad enough to satisfy a diverse group and the flavors were perfect; the beer selection was excellent. Because we sat outside, at times the wait was long for service, but our waitress was wonderfully amusing and made up for the delays with her banter.

Really Good Food...What A Surprise!!, 6/27/2006
Reviewer: Robert from Goleta
Talk about a surprise treat. The place is surprisingly good if you can believe it. Check it out and maybe you might find the same result. By the way, the flat iron steak with gorgonzola is fantastic!

Satisfied my belly and my mind, 6/12/2006
Reviewer: Marina R. from Goleta
I have eaten at Camino Real a few times and have always left happy and full. This last Saturday (6/10) I had one of the best restaurant experiences to date. My server, Ana, was attentive and sincere. It seemed that she enjoyed her job and it was her pleasure to serve our table. The food was prompt and delicious. Ana recommended the veggie omelet and to add ham, perfect combination of flavor and texture. Definitely recommend Camino Real, especially if they have other service like Ana.

Great food. Service is a problem., 5/15/2006
Reviewer: Ann from Goleta, CA
The food is excellent and the servers are very friendly. I enjoy eating here. However, the service is very slow, which can be frustrating. Whenever I go here, I make sure I have alloted extra time for the slow service. As a result, I can't go as often as I would like.

Good Food Good Service, 12/27/2005
Reviewer: Sarah (a former local) from Santa Monica, CA
Tuesday after Christmas we went for breakfast and at the time there was only one waitress. She sat us, took our order, served us and checked on us with the next room full of customers. I was expecting our food to take a bit longer just because she was the only waitress, but the food came out quickly and she even checked on us a couple of times. The food was good and her service was exceptional, for having to service the entire place by herself. Granted, not every table was full, but she had her plate full servicing two different rooms. We will definitely have breakfast here again.

Great Food Good Service , 9/13/2005
Reviewer: Rocky and Vickie from American Canyon,Ca.
We had the prime rib and it was always bigger than advertised (the 1 pound prime rib was 3 inches thick!)Service was good and the atmosphere was great. Breakfast was also good. I make a point of eating here whenever were in town

Pretty Good All Around, 8/17/2005
Reviewer: Tim from Santa Barbara, CA
Overall I think this is a pretty good, I think the salads and the burgers are top notch. It is hard to find a place with creative and affordable salads these days, especially in Goleta, and the burgers are just place tasty. We have been many times, and we almost always get good service. If you are looking for a relaxing place to get a good meal, I recomend it.

Eat Breakfast here not lunch!, 7/22/2005
Reviewer: ashley from goleta
I have been here twice.. the first time I got eggs benedict which was delicious.. the service was great and while we had to wait awhile it was a delicious meal.. my friends got pancakes and french toast which also looked amazing. The second time I went I got lunch, which was not good at all. The only good thing someone I was with got was the fish and chips- if you go here do not eat lunch

Our family will be back!!!!, 7/5/2005

What a great place to have breakfast lunch or dinner.We have had all 3 and will be coming back again soon. The staff was friendly and the service was great. The kid´s menu also has alot of kid friendly choices.What a enjoyable place to have a meal. Keep up the hard work.

This place should be closed!, 6/14/2005
Reviewer: Bill & Sue from Santa Barbara, CA
Wanted to try Camino Real Cafe again after an already bad experience. We arrived the other night around 7-7:30pm and preceeded to wait by the front door with another party in front of us who looked upset and like they had been waiting for a while. There was no host at the door and finally a server came up and "greeted" the party of four simply (rudely) by saying "four?". My wife & I then waited a few more minutes and then were approached the same way . . . "two?" We were sat in the only "clean" booth with windows covered with grease smeared handprints. Again we waited another 10-15 minutes and nobody came to the table. We finally got up and left out of frustration! The important part of the story is that the place was almost empty! Maybe a total of four tables were sat. There is no excuse for such terrible service. Normally I´m a three strike and you´re out kinda guy but for Camino Real Cafe it´s a two strike rule!! On a positive note . . .we walked over to Kahuna Grill and had a great burger and chicken sandwich with a couple of cold beers and were very happy!! And their staff were very upbeat and very polite!

Good Food, 5/31/2005
Reviewer: Dave from Simi Valley ca
Best burger and fries I have eaten in a very long time. Service was unattentive. It seemed like or waiter was a college kid with his mind elsewhere. I would return.

great!!, 4/12/2005
Reviewer: marlee from atlanta,georgia
i was eating at the restaurant when my boyfriend asked me to marry him...i thoguht i was going to pass out,the rign was sooo big and amazing..the food was great and the people were so friendly...its a beautiful restaurant......i love it and cant wait to return to it again on my next visit to california....Marlee,Georgia

Good Food, Great Service, 3/28/2005
Reviewer: Frank Samosa from Los Angeles, CA
This Easter weekend was my first visit to Goleta and by a recommendation from the hotel I stayed at I tried Camino Real Cafe. Great recommendation! The servers were genuinely friendly and very attentive. My meal, the first time for dinner, prime rib was tender and cooked exactly to my liking. The special cocktail was a great compliment. For breakfast the next morning the Huevos Rancheros and always full cup of coffee started me on the right foot for the day. Keep up the good work.

Pleased with food, 12/28/2004
Reviewer: David from Lompoc
I have to say I have eaten here for lunch and Dinner and am very pleased with the food. Not crazy about the fries tho. I would hope that people would give it a try again. They are better and want to succeed in business.Billy the Bar Tender is great.They have a new menu for lunch and dinner.

like it, 11/1/2004

Eat here all the time. It´s nice to sit outside over the weekend and read a book/people watch without spending too much (the IV breakfast is good)

Update to my review below - things have gone downhill, 9/10/2004
Reviewer: John Dickson from Santa Barbara
The first few times I had prime rib it was good. It no longer is. I went here three months ago and got the worst prime rib I have ever eaten. Usually they marinate it but that now it was pan fried like a burger. The taste was radically different than before and was terrible. Tonight (3 months later) I returned for the prime rib and it was awful AGAIN. I ordered medium and it arrived blood rare (I was the only customer in the building so the cook had time to get it right). The creamed horseradish was all cream. There was not a hint of horseradish in it. And, worst of all, the prime rib was more than 50% fat, perhaps 60%. A slab of fat larger than my fist remained. I told the manager about it and he gave me $5 off and appologized. It will cost them more than $5 because I am never going back. I have been going to Tee Off for more than 10 years for excellent Prime Rib. I now appreciate, more than ever, their quality and consistancy. Camino Real Cafe sucks for prime rib. Stay away. I felt physically fine before dinner. Now I feel slightly nauseated.

Eh., 7/20/2004

I´ve eaten here a couple of times and I was not particularly impressed. It wasn´t horrible, it just wasn´t great. Really, Chevys or Chilis are a better choice. Highly mediocre and not cheap enough to compensate for that fact. Boo.

Breakfasts, 5/11/2004
Reviewer: kathy Kells from Huntington Beach, Ca.
We ate at this restaurant every morning that we stayed in Santa Barbara. The breakfasts were incredible, and the service was excellent.

Great prime rib, great service, 3/29/2004
Reviewer: John Dickson from Santa Barbara
Camino Real Cafe serves prime rib on Fridays & Saturdays. It is terrific. I have been here twice. The first time I had salmon and it was very good. The service was very fast and friendly. They kept refilling my water glass (that is a good bench mark) and the salad arrived just moments after I ordered. Over all a good experience. And the manager even remembered me when I came back a second time!

Service problems, 3/29/2004

My wife and I stopped going to Camino Real due to the really awful service we received from a bartender there. It took 1.5 hours to get 2 burgers ... and I had to argue with the guy about whether I had actually ordered or not!! It is probably a good policy not to have a stoned/drunk bartender, who serves a hacking cough with all your food and drinks. Anyway, it is hit or miss, depending on who is working. We use to really like it there ... but sometimes restaraunts can hire staff that ruin their business. If you see a tall blonde guy working the bar, just leave. Due to the bartender and the manager´s inability to rectify the situation, Camino Real has made it onto my blacklist of places I will never go again.

A great alternative to chain food!, 2/12/2004
Reviewer: Hamlet99 from Santa Barbara
I´ve enjoyed several meal here, each visit better than the last. The Top Sirloin Steak was fantastic, there special´s are very affordable. The servers are very friendly. I think this is a great alternative to the chian food restaurants of the area.

I don´t know what all you people are complaining about!, 1/21/2004

I think that this is a good place to eat! I have been there twice and both times the food has been good and the service has been good. There is nothing particularly spectacular about it, but definitely nothing wrong with it either! I definitely recommend it for some good, casual, local eats.

Walk 50 feet and eat at Chili´s instead., 1/6/2004
Reviewer: John Wardlaw from santa barbara ca usa
I was the first to review this place on this site. Little has changed. I have had a lunch that was ok but I didn´t feel so great later and I have had 3 dinners there since my first. They are always short staffed, getting things wrong and the food myself, my wife and friends have tried has been no better than a trip to Dennys, well, maybe a little better but at twice the price. Take my advice, walk to Chili´s. Its generic but consistent.

I Love This Place, 8/18/2003
Reviewer: Mr. Lee
I go to the Camino fairly regularly. The weekday specials are a great deal. The service is excellent. I am always greated with a warm smile and seated almost immediately. Lately they have started drink specials that will blow you away. No complaints about this locally owned establishment. Great food, calm atmosphere, can´t beat this place with a stick. Also a big plus, they have quite a nice full bar. I´ll be going back soon.


I sat at my table for ten minutes before walking out. Not a water, greeting, nothing! I´m a waitress and if I did that I would be unemployed this moment! Don´t go there unless you like serving yourself!

Terrific!, 7/22/2003

I´m a regular customer and this place keeps on getting better. From great to excellent. I´m so glad they are in Goleta. Their food is delicious and reasonable. The service is friendly. Keep up the good work!

Breakfast on weekend morning....., 6/18/2003
Reviewer: Colleen from Goleta, CA
I´ve been there for 3 different breakfasts now and overall I´d say I like their breakfast. Thick bacon, good eggs, quality foods. Suggestions: get a better toaster, most people want medium to dark toast. Strawberry waffles.....putting light whipped cream on a hot waffle does not work out well, it melts in a puddle before the customer gets it. Put more than 7 strawberry halves on the waffle, it is after all a strawberry waffle. Go to "Paula´s Pancakes" in Solvang sometime. Their´s is the absolute best strawberry waffle and they make their own "heavy" whipped cream - the overall presentation is superior. If you guys get up to speed on some of these items you´ll be the favorite breakfast place on weekends...really! I´ll keep coming back though, you´re better than anyone else in Goleta.

Disappointing, 6/8/2003

This menu at this place _looks_ good, and when I´m hungry it sometimes lures me inside. Once I order, though, I´m reminded of my forgotten visits by a long wait for the food, which is disappointing when it finally arrives. Then the bill comes and I think, "I´m paying this much for *that*?!?" Afterward I walk out and wish I had spent my money and appetite somewhere else.

Ok, 10/25/2002

Was ok. Good service.

Surprised , 8/5/2002

I was surprised to read the review which stated that the person was disappointed with the food. The reason being is that the restaurant received rave reviews from Rachel Ray who is on the show $40.00 dollars a Day hosted by Food TV. I am planning on being in Santa Barbara next week and was intending on going to Camino I´m not so sure.

Wait to be disappointed., 5/6/2002
Reviewer: John Wardlaw from Santa Barbara ca
The food was average at best and the service is slow. So sad that we had to lose Boelters Grill that used to be at that location.

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