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Epiphany Restaurant & Bar
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2010-02

21 W. Victoria St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 564-7100

  • Category: American
  • Hours: Mon-Sun: 5:30pm-10:30pm, Fri-Sat bar menu 5pm-Midnight, Bar/Lounge 5pm-2am
  • Chef: Eric Thurman
  • Price: $20+
  • Serving: Dinner
  • Reservations: Yes, recommended
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Reviews by the General Public

Now HobNob, 3/16/2010
Reviewer: Bob from Santa Barbara, CA
The owners of Epiphany have opened a new restaurant at this address named HobNob Tavern.

Worst Service I Have Ever Had a Restaurant, 2/14/2010
Reviewer: Robin Houlahan from Santa Barbara, CA
My husband and I went to Epiphany last night to celebrate Valentine's Day. A year ago we had a wonderful experience at this restaurant so we were really looking forward to this dinner. The night started out with a series of misunderstandings about our reservation that my husband had made a week in advance. They called us and said that we needed to confirm our reservation or it would be cancelled. My husband called and confirmed, but they still sent us an email canceling our reservation. When we called back to confirm the reservation they told us that our reservation was back in the system for 8:30. When we got to restaurant, the hostess who ended up being our waitress said the reservation was for 8:00, but she would still be able to seat us in a few minutes. This appeased us and we proceeded to have a cocktail. When we were seated at the table, the hostess ended up being our server. We put in an order for an appetizer and dinner. After an hour, my husband asked the hostess/server where our food was. She immediately apologized and said that she FORGOT to put in our order. We proceeded to wait another 45 minutes for our appetizer and then another half hour after that for our meal. Sometime during the meal, our hostess/server disappeared. We heard the chefs and wait staff asking about her whereabouts. The food was good, but I have never experienced such bad service. There are plenty of better restaurants on Victoria to dine.

An amazing dining experience, 2/2/2010
Reviewer: Chris McCall from Brooklyn, New York
I went here in December for dinner with my boyfriend. The owner greeted us at the door and escorted us to an awesome table with a view of the kitchen (which I love). He was extremely friendly and chatty. We decided to do a six-course tasting menu and put ourselves in the chef's hands. It was an amazing experience. Two highlights from the six courses: One course was a piece of perfectly cooked foie gras on toast with a blackberry sauce. It was inspired. Another was "steak and eggs," which was actually a beef brisket. It was so playful (and delicious). The chef also chatted with us through the courses, which was great. The owner was also amazing. He came in and chatted with us repeatedly, and at the end of the meal we actually invited him to come sit and have a glass of wine with us. After the amazing meal we went and sat on the back patio with the owner and the chef. It was an amazing night. One of the best meals/experiences we've ever had.

Good, 2/1/2010
Reviewer: Sean from Hartford, CT
Our biggest problem was that the overworked waitress didn't check on us much. The food was good. It's a "mid-level gourmet" style that turns some people off, but I'm not sure why those people would be here in the first place. The fushions were engaging and all of the food well-prepared. The portions weren't overwhelming, but that's to be expected at this sort of venue. Food took interesting risks, even the dessert (which I liked because it's so tempting to dress up a scoop of vanilla and call it a day). I liked the mushroom soup especially.

Unbelievably bad!, 1/8/2010
Reviewer: April from Santa Barbara, CA
We went to Epiphany to celebrate New Years Eve with some friends and had a terrible experience. $70/per person for what should have been a great dining experience...not even close. Started with dirty champagne glasses and went downhill from there. We were served filet that was burnt and looked like it had been one piece originally, cut into 3 tiny pieces. It was thin and only one out of the 4 was cooked properly. The worst potatoes I have ever had in my life and 3 baby carrots on the plate. The best thing about the "4 course meal" was the blood orange sorbet that was served before the entree. The owners were there & serving which made it worse to me that they saw what was coming out and were okay with it. We will never return.

The worst restaurant experience I have ever had!, 12/31/2009
Reviewer: Eric from Camarillo, CA
If you want to pay for the worst dining experience of your life, this is the place to go! The service was the worst I have seen in California, let alone a self-proclaimed upscale restaurant. The menu had numerous items that were unavailable; the server came back to our table three times after saying certain items were available but actually were not.

A turn for the worse? I hope not..., 8/24/2009
Reviewer: Josh from Santa Barbara, CA
Epiphany has for some time now been a favorite for us before concerts at the bowl and just for a night out. Now, if I was to give an honest review of the last time we went there I would have graded it much lower...I gave three stars in consideration of all the times before that we had a better experience. We ordered several of our old favorites, including the mushroom appetizer and another dish that looked like the little pancakes they used to have. Unfortunately we didn't look closely enough at the menu or something, because despite the fact we thought we knew what we ordered everything came out totally different and was TERRIBLE. The consensus at our table was that the new menu items are pretentious and poorly executed. The service was decent and our waiter didn't argue when we had to send back a drink that was prepared incorrectly. We will try again once more. Another experience like this will be our last at Epiphany.

Reviewer: JS from Santa Barbara, CA
not sure about the last two postings, since I have never actually had dinner here. BUT i have to the bar, they serve THE BEST fish tacos i have ever eaten...ever. AND Meredith is a rad bartender. If anything go for her and the tacos.

Bad experience and not going back again, 8/17/2009
Reviewer: Tedd from Santa Barbara, CA
My how things have changed. After a fantastic dining experience about 18 mos ago, my wife & I purchased a gift certificate for our best friends. We all live out of this area and decided to come to SB last weekend together, so we made a reservation to finally use that certificate. We all had great expectations but ended up greatly disappointed. We started out fine in the bar before dinner and we were told to "just take our time, a table was ready whenever we were". We waited over 45 mins after asking to be seated, though we noticed 5 empty 4 tops available. We were told they were waiting on a large group to leave the "nice" table they wanted to seat us at, but when we finally sat down, it was at one of the several tables that were empty the whole time! Not that big a deal, but when added to other issues it becomes worth noting. On to dinner; because of the wait, we were hungry and tried to order a shrimp appetizer we'd noticed on the bar menu. The server said we must remember a dish from an old menu, because they had no shrimp dishes. In fact there was no fish at all tonight! WOW. We asked for bread and were told it was being prepared. We waited 15 more minutes for the bread. Clearly they were short staffed, as we noted only 2 servers and the hostess working and sharing all serving and cleaning duties. 2 of us ordered the 3 course chef's selection, hoping for things not found on the menu but we were surprised that, after the server took notes of our personal likes and dislikes, wine selections, etc. the selections for both people were exactly the same and no more creative than simply 3 items from the very limited menu available that night. If we had known this was what was meant by the "chef's selection", we would have saved her the trouble and just ordered! After she presented the bill, we had to remind the server to bring the 3rd course(dessert), which was exteremely small. All of the dishes we had were uninspired and very small portions. When we presented the gift certificate we were first told by the server that they could not honor it as the restaurant had been sold after it was purchased. We asked to speak to her manager. After a few minutes the Bar Manager came out and again stated they could not honor it. We politely told him that we believed they were obligated to honor the certificate and he said he would call someone to see what he could do. After another few minutes they ultimately honored the cert, but we left hungry, confused, disappointed and resolved never to set foot in there again.

Started out nice but went downhill., 6/28/2009
Reviewer: Jonathan N. from Santa Barbara, CA
We started the night with the Mac n Cheese and the Foie Gras, both were great. The MacnCheese was flavorful and cheesey while the Foie Gras was done very well with figs. The flavors were complimentary and very nice. I ordered the Filet for dinner and although it was cooked nicely, the steak was very chewy and quite bland. It was quite a bit of chewing and the flavor pay off was not worth it. The mashed potatos and asparagus were good, nothing special or different. I had bits of the other meals that were ordered. The pork tenderloin was nice, as was the local white fish, even though it was a bit dry. For desert we had the Creme Brulee. Nothing to complain about, it was smooth and had a nice crunch on the top. Overall though I would say I was a bit disappointed after the good start. The server that we had was very nice and attentive, but his lack of knowledge about the food was a bit of a let down. He didn't know if the ice creams for desert were made in house or if they were brought in from somewhere else. He also had to check his notes for the tasting menu, which is not a big deal, but when there are only 5 or so starters and 5 or so entrees it seems like it isn't too much to ask to know what they are without having to check. These are all little things that can be worked on but I would still say the service was good.

they're trying...really!, 6/23/2009
Reviewer: chee from Santa Barbara, CA
I went with my girlfriend today, and the restaurant wasn't filled to the brim as it has been in the past. Our server, Brent, was super duper nice and very enthusiastic about making sure that we felt attended to and valued. He provided his personal recommendations from the menu, and the rest of the staff was very accommodating as well. They let us choose where we wanted to sit and refilled our water frequently (practically after every single sip!). They didn't hover but didn't make us feel like we had to wait for a long time before they would return to our table. With this service, I'd definitely come back again and have an entree...I only had dessert tonight, so I'll write about the food the next time I visit this place. Put aside your preconceived notions and/or previous experiences of Epiphany from the past and try it anew!

New Beginnings..., 6/19/2009
Reviewer: Epiphany from Santa Barbara, CA
For those of you who have had problems in the past... We have made the recent additions of a new Executive Chef as well as a new Maitre D'. With this, a new philosophy of service has emerged that we feel will be unmatched in Santa Barbara - we may just challenge yoiu to come and see it. It is no doubt that if you have any of the issues that some of you have mentioned below, they could not go unnoticed by our current staff. Are you up for the challenge? We look forward to seeing you soon. The Epiphany Staff....

hated the place!, 5/9/2009
Reviewer: xochilt togo from Santa Barbara, CA
i would not recommend this place. expectations were high from what i had heard and seen on their web page, but my boyfriend and i were let down when we had to wait 2 1/2 hours for our food because apparently the waiters forgot we had been in the back area. the portions were also very small and the food was not good. it was very dull and boring. appetizers were good, food wasn't, dessert okay...bill HIGH! never again will i go there!

not really worth it :(, 4/29/2009
Reviewer: Katie from Santa Barbara, CA
My boyfriend and I - both ucsb students - went there to celebrate our one year and we had pretty high expectations for this place since the reviews were all so positive. The restaurant itself is very romantic and elegant, not to mention the convenience of parking. HOWEVER, food is of tiny portions and they go too crazy on the sauce! I had the lamb, which was tough and drenched in this sweet, sticky, syrupy sauce - completely over powered the lamb taste. The boyfriend had the filet mignon and it was really boring. To be fair the appetizer was really tasty but maybe that's why we were so let down when we got our entrees. The bill came out to be about $150 - and we didn't even have any alcoholic drinks :( never again.

heaven on earth, 11/7/2008
Reviewer: louise and joe lafferty from dornoch scotland
epiphany or elbulli i have been to both and there is not alot of difference ! the food and service is fantastic the bar staff are the best. the wine list is rather poor but the cocktails are to die for ..........try them !! i love this place and hope to see the food go up and up .

An amazing find, 10/27/2008
Reviewer: Daniel from Los Angeles, CA
A recent trip to Santa Barbara found my friends and I facing a daunting drive back to Los Angeles during the evening rush hour. After deciding to stay for dinner, we managed to find Epiphany after a brief online search. We were blown away. Their six course tasting menu for $65 was a steal and everything was wonderful. Our waitress was engaging and recommended a wonderful Syrah that complimented everything wonderfully and it was the cheapest wine on the menu. It was a relaxed and thoroughly satisfying meal.

The Best Service Ever Experienced, 10/13/2008
Reviewer: Frank vanEs from Buena Park,CA
I proposed to my wife at this restaurant and the people there did an amazing job of taking care of every detail. I cannot say enough about the hospitality and what an incredibly memorable evening we had there. I would highly recommend going here if you are looking for a memorable evening.

Unexpectedly Disappointed , 10/6/2008
Reviewer: Roy from Santa Barbara, CA
Upon a great recommendation, we came for dinner on Oct. 1 for my girlfriend’s birthday. Atmosphere was romantic and we sat in a cozy corner booth in the back area. Food: Ahi was good but tortilla chips were oily; ceviche was very good. Ordered the duck and fillet upon waitress’s recommendation which, to our disappointment, were both unavailable that Wednesday at 7pm. Ribeye and quail were a tasty second choice. Service: Waitress was decent but unapologetic for the unavailable entrees. She never brought an ice bucket to chill the bottle of chardonnay and did not bring clean silverware after the appetizers. Overall, the food was average relative to price but because of the poor service and absence of two entrees from an already smaller menu our visit was a disappointment. Had the server been more attentive, professional and apologetic our visit would have been enjoyable and recommendable.

the scots loved it , 9/15/2008
Reviewer: louise lafferty from scotland u.k
my husband and i went to epiphany a year last june and loved the food the people and the late night's in the bar with great cocktails . we loved it that much that we are coming back to santa barbara for a month in november this year so we can do it all over again ! can not be that bad if we are coming from SCOTLAND !! can't wait xx

A Romantic Celebration, 8/12/2008
Reviewer: Rob D. from Santa Barbara, CA
My wife and I celebrated our 7th anniversary @ Epiphany last night, our first visit there. The place was very slow (Monday night) which made for a quiet, romantic evening. We opted to do the Limo Ride w/ wine pairings, and what a ride it was. For a special occation where you are open to splurging a little, this is the way to go. The food, 6 courses, was spectacular, and the service was very good. The wines served were paired perfectly and greatly enhanced the experience. My only complaint might be that our server could have had a better knowledge of the wines that were served. Other than that she took very good care of us without being overbearing. This was by far the most I have ever spent on dinner for 2 ($250 w/ tip), but it was worth every penny. We are sure to dine there again.

summertime dinner, 7/13/2008
Reviewer: chee from sb
today my friends and I went to epiphany for dinner and the ambiance was warm and inviting. we ordered the raw flight, duck two ways, lamb loin, and roasted chicken. the ceviche and the oyster were mediocre, however, the ahi tartare and carpaccio were pretty good. the bread that they provided was pretty tasty (though slightly salty) and went down well with the balsamic vinegar :) otherwise, the duck confit was good (breast was okay, but overdone), the lamb was nice, juicy, and tender, and the chicken was well-seasoned and tender as well. as for service, our server didn't sound too enthusiastic about the food--almost as if he didn't want to be working there. he was pretty abrupt and seemed pretty dismissive to my friends and I. his demeanor left a bitter taste in my mouth (actually, this is a slight exaggeration, but I wanted to use the pun). we'd go back...hopefully with a different server.

Decently Disappointed. Not for large dinner parties!!, 7/5/2008
Reviewer: Mari from Santa Barbara, CA
I chose Epiphany for my graduation dinner party because, not only from its rep, but because I wanted to celebrate in a gourmet restaurant that boasted good intimate atmosphere as well as fine dining. Graduation parties (12) can be difficult to handle, and I know that. I believe that Epiphany was under-prepared to handle several big parties at a time even though I had made reservations two months prior. When we first arrived, this was an excuse (other parties) given due to immediate chaos perceived. I called several times in the month beforehand to make sure things would run smoothly, even personally showing up to inquire about how the menu would be decided. I was always assured everything would go well, and was never given a concrete answer on the menu selection; but when we arrived- not only were someone else’s names printed at our reserved table- but there was indeed a plated menu that set an basic menu of steak, chicken and tuna. It would have been nice to know this beforehand when I asked about it and to see if I had any input or just to know what would be the menu for MY night. I have a more gourmet palate and would have appreciated a better selection. I'm sure that I didn't really “taste” Epiphany’s gourmet food, so that was a disappointment. Our waitress was superfriendly, but somehow they ran out of bread? Seems unheard of really but even owner, Michelle, affirmed this too!!! Appetizers came quickly and promptly and were delicious. Major thing was the wait for entrée. Our reservation was for 830-we weren’t served until 11:15 and did not get out till well after midnight. The entrée was nothing special, tuna reportedly overcooked and steak was a little gristly for my taste. Overall, I think that service and culinary performance could have been better from a management stance and I don’t blame our waitress. However, when you are spending well over $1000 dollars on a special meal, I would have chosen another place that can still promise service and excellent food on “chaotic” nights. I’d prob recommend Epiphany perhaps for those calm, intimate dinners. PS- They should have also kicked out some random drunk man who kept interrupting and making obnoxious comments to my friends and family during dessert.


Excellent food and very good service, 3/22/2008
Reviewer: Michael from Dallas, Texas
I Took my girlfriend and her daughter here for my girlfriend's birthday dinner. The food was perfectly cooked and presented very artistically. My half roast duck was probably the very best I've had in many years. My girlfriends braised lamb shank was so tender, it was actually difficult for her transfer a piece to my plate without it falling apart. We also appreciated the "amuse bouche" served after we were seated at the "chefs table" which I had reserved in advance. With so many good wines on their wine list I (wisely) chose a bottle of Hitching Post Pinot Noir. It was perfect with all that we ordered. And, many thanks to their thoughtful and caring staff for helping make our special evening so enjoyable.

When it's good, it's good!, 2/17/2008
Reviewer: Jean Louis Durand from Santa Barbara, CA
We wanted to give Epiphany a second chance after a less than enjoyable first experience. And I am glad we did. Food well prepared, attentive service. A plus for the balsamic fig dressing; should be bottled, marketed and sold at Gelson's! Very pleasant evening, to be repeated.

Excellent Place for a Quiet Dinner, 2/6/2008
Reviewer: Mel from Takoma Park, MD
My wife and I just had dinner at Epiphany, and every part of the experience was first rate. The complementary "teaser" appetizers, the delicious house-made bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, the apple bib salad, perfectly done rib-eye steak and a delicious locally caught white fish (sea bass)--and the wine, too. All were just excellent. The service was attentive but not overbearing. A quiet Wednesday evening in the restaurant, and a great experience for us. Highly recommended.

Great dining experience, 1/24/2008
Reviewer: James Wong from Diamond Bar, CA
This was the first time we had gone to Epiphany and it won't be the last. We had a table near the fireplace, simply romantic. Restaurant isn't very large, but nice and cozy. Service was very attentive and food was very good. The only complaint I had was the rib-eye steak that I had, I was hoping to get a trimmed steak, I got a piece that had a lot of fat. I've had better steaks elsewhere. My girlfriend had the "Fish of the day"; which was sea-bass; very tender and nicely portioned. Our other guest had the Ahi Tuna, which wasn't really cooked to order, he wanted the Tuna cooked a bit more but it was good. Desserts were simply to die for. Worth every penny and would definitely return for another joyous occasion.

Not bad...but not good either, 1/24/2008
Reviewer: Ella from Santa Barbara
I went to epiphany last night with my mom and boyfriend, and didn't have the best experience. The food was ok, but lacked much flavor and didn't seem to match the price. Not only that, but when we ordered our "fire & ice" dessert, all three of us tasted a distinctly "fishy" taste. Now, for a chocolate dessert, that just isn't pleasant!

Start of a great Year!, 1/2/2008
Reviewer: Doreen from Montecito, CA
My husband and I chose to go to Epiphany for our New Years celebration/dinner. A change in our 5 year tradition of going to the Four Seasons. With our expectations high we were delighted with our experience. I love the restaurant and its feeling of history and charm, cozy but very conversational. We started with soup Butternut squash - Im still thinking about that soup- best ever! WOW creamy, smooth with a ting of ginger.MMmm. My husband had the lamb shank which he gave thumbs up to, and I had the filet mignon which was better than my favorite steak house Mortons. We did splurge and get a side of their famous Mac n Cheese- wow the best Ive ever had. We then went to the bar and although very crowded it did manage a good spot to stand and toasted our New Year in with style. Love the place, great local hangout. Walking in that place just makes me want to celebrate something even if its not New Years Eve. We will be back again and again. Thank You!

Holiday delight, 1/2/2008
Reviewer: Lindy Stockwell from Springfield, OR
We were visiting Santa Barbara for the holidays and knew we wanted to eat at Epiphany. We all had the Chef's Tasting Menu which was AMAZING! As busy as it was, we were sure that the service would be slow. Much to our surprise, the service was spot on and so amiable. We will surely eat at Epiphany during our Spring visit.

Romantic and Wonderful !, 11/26/2007
Reviewer: Doreen Sales from Montecito, California
I do not often write reviews, but my experience at this restaurant really prompted me to do so. My husband and I were celebrating our Anniversary and wanted to go somewhere "local" not a chain restaurant. I actually called the Four Seasons resort and asked the Concierge there where they would recommend and Epiphany Restaurant was mentioned. We LOVED it! The decor is welcoming, and seating is good conversational seating. The waiter was A+ ( I wish I remembered his name) . We started with their Tuna Tartar and Im still thinking about it. Seeing another table ordering their Macaroni & Cheese prompted us to just try a small sampling of it- and WOW that was incredible. Our entree was their fish special which was also superb! Great wine selection also. When you celebrate a special night you really want everything perfect, and this place really delivered that. The bar was also a happening place we ended up there after dinner because we didn't want to leave! Thanks for a great night!

Follow up on 11/22, 11/23/2007
Reviewer: J L Durand from Santa Barbara, CA
Following my less than glowing experience and review of 11/22, I had the unexpected and pleasant surprise to receive a call from the Lady owner who seemed genuinely interested in solving the issues. For that reason, I am upgrading the service and will reassess the food upon my next visit. I am now convinced that the problems could have been avoided by simply addressing them on the spot.

Overated and not worth it., 11/22/2007
Reviewer: J.L. Durand from Santa Barbara, CA
First time here for Thanksgiving inspired by good reviews. Good atmosphere but extremely poor service and mediocre food. Service; 20 minutes to place order, waiter not knowledgeable about availability of items and never refilled wine glasses from bottle. Waiter innatentive to guest's needs. Food; duck plate cold and tasted frozen, other dishes acceptable but not extraordinary. Somewhat embarassing to have brought friends to.

What a surprise, 11/14/2007
Reviewer: MJ from SB
As an older woman, and no longer a spring chicken, I've avoided this restaurant because I heard they only wanted young and hip clientele. But a friend wanted to go here tonight. And I was delighted to be treated so well, the bartender, Meridith, was wonderful. So welcoming. No attitude. We were seated in one of the rooms and had a delicious meal. As a champagne lover, I really enjoyed the pomegranate champagne cocktail... served in a "large" and beautiful flute... my white fish dinner was flawless... my friend had the chicken and it was like "buttah". We shared a chocolate souffle with french vanilla ice cream for dessert and it was perfect. The kind and beautiful owner sent us complimentary champagne to have with our dessert. Epiphany is a great restaurant where all are welcome.

Tasty, wish the portion was larger, 11/9/2007
Reviewer: Kellie from Santa Barbara, CA
I ordered the braised lamb shank. It was great, I just wish it was bigger. I also ordered the duck salad. That was good, but different. Although our server was very nice, it took awhile before he took our order and also took awhile before he came by to give us the dessert menu. It took a very long time for the food to come out. It wasn't that busy, maybe they were understaffed that night.

We LOVE the bar too!!!, 9/9/2007
Reviewer: Tom G from Santa Barbara, CA
Epiphany has the best spot to quietly enjoy yourself with friends or a date! We love the bar for food or just drinks, they have such a great atmosphere! The employees are always so friendly and we always have fun and feel very welcome. Just one complaint, when the owner came in last night and started yelling at the employees quite angrily (and very loudly-not about anything in particular) in front of customers it really embarrassed us and made us feel very uncomfortable. It didn't stop the entire time we were there, so we cut our visit short. I love the place, but this is not the first time I have experienced this and I hope this does not continue because it is hard to find a great place like Epiphany's bar!

The Greatest Happy Hour in the World....or at least in SB..., 8/27/2007
Reviewer: Nicholas Mullen from Santa Barbara, CA
Epiphany has become our favorite Happy Hour spot with great deals on (heavy pour) wine and cocktails (a little sweet for me, but my wife loves 'em!) Now that Restaurant Nu is gone, Epiphany takes the cake for Santa Barbara's best patio. With liberal uses of fabrics and pillows, the patio is comfortable, intimate and romantic. Service is consistent, and when Meredith is working, it is stellar! She's definitely an asset to Epiphany and one of the reasons we come back time and time again. The food is great and for appetizers we love the Mac & Cheese and Calamari.

Don't miss the bar!!!!!, 8/11/2007
Reviewer: Barbara C. from Santa Barbara, CA
My boyfriend and I discovered the bar at Epiphany over a year ago while waiting for a table at another restaurant. The bartender, Meredith, was so pleasant and fun, we stayed and cancelled our other reservations. Now, whenever we go, we love to have a full dinner at the bar or on the outside patio tables for just us, or with a group of us. Meredith is still there and she better never leave us, she always takes such great care and we really love the bar menu and the atmosphere is beautiful and romantic!

Truly Romantic Anniversary Dinner, 7/30/2007
Reviewer: mark poliner from Chatsworth, CA
It was our 10th anniversay, and the night was truly magic. The service was excellent, food excellent and the atmosphere was superb. We were greeted by the hostess with "Happy Anniversary" as we entered. Our waitress was full of helpful suggestions. The wine menu had a nioce selection of California wines with a smattering of French, all reasonably priced.

Fantastic on all fronts!!, 7/16/2007
Reviewer: Gary from Huntington Beach, CA
This restaurant made a very special weekend, magical. The food the service the attention to detail were all magnificent. From the wonderful hostess to the wait staff all were very warm, friendly and informative. We will go back again thats for sure after-all the made getting engaged even more special!!

BEST PLACE FOR A DATE!!, 7/13/2007
Reviewer: miriam from santa barbara
my boyfriend took me on our first date here the food was amazing the service was great i love love love this place its cute and romantic and the atmosphere is amazing and sets the mood i think that if any guy wants to sweep a girl off her feet its at this restaurant!

Epiphany is a GEM!, 7/9/2007
Reviewer: Cookie Dash from Los Angeles, CA
My first dinner at Epiphany was an incredible experience! The corner booth was very cozy and romantic. I was so thrilled that I told all my friends about Epiphany and could not wait to return. We did so a few weeks later for a special celebration and had a very romantic dinner in your private room, which was a great treat. Every detail was perfectly attended, the sign, the table setting and the beautiful red rose petals on the table! I felt like a princess! The service was impeccable and your wait staff made the finest recommendations on food, wine and desserts. On both visits, Diego was our server. He clearly enjoys what he does and takes pride in providing the very best service to his guests. He recommended a bottle of wine that was one of the best I have ever experienced. The food is delicious and very fresh, just the way I like it. Your chef, Ron True is a "true" artist. I like food that I can taste and is not covered up or spiced to be something else. The white fish was heaven! Both visits to Epiphany were lovely, romantic and relaxed, giving us time to talk and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. We especially enjoyed the outdoor private patio, which is a “retreat” from the chaos of the world outside. Our visits to Epiphany have been outstanding in every way and you have created a GEM. I am looking forward to my next romantic evening at Epiphany filled with all the wonderful tastes, scents, visuals, service and warm hospitality that I have experienced thus far!

Didn't live up to expectations., 7/4/2007
Reviewer: Karen from Santa Barbara
I had high expectations of Ephiphay based on the reviews here. However, it didn't meet my expectations when we visited on Friday June 29. The restaurant is lovely, true. The semi-circular booth was cozy for me and my husband, but when another couple was seated next to us, it felt cramped and no longer private. If there was a rating for setting, I'd give it three stars. The food was good, surely on par with many other upscale restaurants in Santa Barbara. The entrees were good (a nice grilled wild salmon for me; filet mignon for my husband). I didn't care for the bread, and the "fresh fruit tart" was a handful of berries in chocolate pudding topped with a little pastry hat. Served with pistachio ice cream....I didn't "get" it, and didn't particularly enjoy it. The service was uneven. On one hand, our waiter and the hostess and another person did attend to us and fill our water. But we didn't appreciate their leaving the empty bread plate and empty cocktail glass for the whole meal. Another "minus" was that the hostess wore an extremely low-cut dress, and her ample bosom was difficult to ignore...hard not to ogle, both for men and women. Save it for your own party, dear. The restaurant wasn't outstanding, so I probably won't be hurrying back. I have other upscale favorites in which I am more comfortable.

What took us so long to eat here?, 5/21/2007
Reviewer: Giana from Santa Barbara
This place was so incredible. The food and service was awesome. Alberto the owner was just wonderful. He found out that my husband was leaving on a deployment to Iraq and really gave us special treatment. Thanks for the outstanding service.

Great Service, until..., 5/20/2007
Reviewer: Sonia Diaz-Ebadi from Santa Barbarra
... we tried to actually leave. We followed through the restaurant and tried to leave without assistance(all doors locked) but to no avail. Unfortunately, we encountered a woman with long blond hair in a pony tail who was in a severely bad mood,finishing up her shift who led us to a door. Our night was thrown off by her obvious disreguard by what a customer might need (only to get out). Too bad Epiphany has so much going for it with food being a highlight and the bartenders being incredible and the woman with the long blond pony tail being the last thiing we remember about our almost fantastic experience there. At this point in time, we would not choose to go back based on this unfortunate experience. She is a reflection of what you stand for. Customer service is paramount from beginning to end.

Lives up to Hype, 5/13/2007
Reviewer: Bryan from Santa Barbara
Finally, a place that lives up to all the hype and press they've been getting lately. Beautiful little restaurant with so much character on the inside, to go along with the fabulous food/service. Definately reccomend the cold seafood sampler for appetizer it's just a gorgeous plate. My group of four had the Ribeye, Filet, Braised Lamb, and the Duck breast. All were delicious and beautiful, but I would say the crispy duck breast and ribeye w/ demi-glace sauce were the favorites. The owner was very helpful and came over to answer questions and chat on multiple occasions, even after a child had broken an expensive glass cabinet in the restaurant, she handled it all in stride. As someone who has now hit all the major upscale places in town, I think this is my favorite so far for that really special occassion!

Reviewer: Sally Primrose from Santa Barbara,CA
Excellent. I have been wanting to try this restaurant for some time and decided to go tonight. We started with the carpaccio: fantastico, unusual presentation- shaved filet wrapped greens My companion had the bleu cheese and walnut fettucine- light and tasty. Companion loved it. I had the lamb shank. Highly recommend it. Meat fell off the bone in a flavorful sauce. I recommend the Pinot Noir Paraiso. I am saving the Cheesecake with blueberry comport (to go) until after sex, I know it will be very good. So will the cheesecake. Beautiful intimate atmosphere, and the service was excellent.

Excellent all round!, 3/23/2007
Reviewer: Ellen L. from Santa Barbara, CA
Highlights--appetizers: grilled shrimp, spicy calamari rings (calamari is on the pub menu but can be ordered in the restaurant). Entrees: duck, salmon, and seabass(one of the evening's specials--all were deliciously crunchy on the outside, tender and moist inside. Desert: one of the best creme brulees in Santa Barbara. We have added this restaurant to our personal favorites list.

Memorable Dinner, Service Polished (for SB), Food Tasty , 3/2/2007
Reviewer: JB from Goleta
I had an excellent dinner as well at Epiphany. We sat right in front of the highly visible kitchen which was nice as we had frequent interactions with the chef as our meal was prepared. We went for the chef's tasting menu, which made for an excellent night. We are passionate about food and the interaction with the chef and his explanations of each part of the tasting made it much more than your usual Santa Barbara dinner experience. The dishes were all prepared very well with thoughtful presentations. The flavors were good, but a couple courses I felt were lacking in the flavor area, but overall satisfying, just not out of this world food wise. The service overall was excellent for Santa Barbara. The pace was just right and felt very welcome and never rushed. It's one of stand outs in Santa Barbara for sure.

Great evening, great food, 3/2/2007
Reviewer: David Hutt from Santa Barbara
It was time for the four of us in our little company to have our late holiday dinner and we choose Epiphany since none of us had eaten there, yet all long time SB residents. The bar atomosphere is very nice as is the entire restaurant. The wine selection features a number of high quality local and california wines at a reasonable price. The service was excellent and the server was knowledgable and the entire staff was very friendly. We have all added Epiphany on our short list of great places to dine in downtown Santa Barbara.

Thoroughly Impressed, 2/27/2007
Reviewer: John from Goleta, CA
I've heard mixed reviews about this place, so my girlfriend and I decided to try it. We started with the gnocchi and the fillet carpaccio. Both were pretty tasty...not out of this world, but very good. Then I had the duck and she had the fillet. Again very good, but didn't completely blow me away. The waiter was a really nice, helpful guy and the setting is very romantic. We brought our own wine and they replaced the standard wine glasses with nice Riedel crystal. My only gripe was that they didn't have any specials for entrees (only starters). Pleasant experience that I recommend to those who haven't been there.

Nice atmosphere, terrible dinner, 2/27/2007
Reviewer: kasey from Santa Barbara
From the early beginings of this meal, the food was only sub par. The appetizer tasted just like the lamb sauce. The salmon came with curried lentils and was interesting, but a little over cooked (but of all the items we ordered, I would say this was the best...although it was so uncompelling that my friend and i only ate about half). The lamb shank was expected to work on its own, with no sauce or flavor hints from any marinade and came on a bed of plain veggies. It was pretty boring for 25$. Basically, we asked for the salt which can only do so much. We only ate a few bites of this one. And has anyone noticed the diction on the menu--gastronomic journey sounds a bit more subversive than delicious.

95% great, 2/24/2007
Reviewer: chee from sb, ca
my boyfriend and I went to epiphany yesterday. the crab cake was delicious (with a slight hint of lime zest in it) and the ribeye steak was cooked to perfection. the foccacia was really crusty, which is particularly nice for crusty bread-lovers, and they even provided a nice amuse bouche of rosemary-skewered filet. although the service was really attentive at the beginning, as the evening progressed, our server stopped coming to our table, and we needed to ask someone to find her. unfortunately, we were initially charged for ordering 2 glasses of wine that we never ordered, but the server remedied the situation immediately. I will definitely go again...rock on!

Absolutely amazing!, 2/23/2007
Reviewer: Belinda from Santa Barbara, CA
The service and food were perfect. My boyfriend and I both had wine (try the old vine zin, delicious!), steaks, and a fruit tart for dessert. The steaks were cooked exactly how we specified and were great. The dessert was to die for! Yum! We also love coming here for happy hour. A very nice, elegant, and classy place that is not pretentious. Thank you!

A Wonderful Evening!, 12/13/2006
Reviewer: Bob W. from Santa Maria, CA
My girlfriend and I live in Santa Maria and go out for dinner every Saturday night. We travel from Paso Robles and Cambria in the north to Santa Barbara in the south. We have eaten at most of the 'nicer' restaurants in that area, but although I have eaten at Epiphany before, my girlfriend has not. So we decided last Saturday evening, to make the hour or so drive from home and try it. We are very, very glad that we did. From the moment that we entered, we seemed to be transformed into another world. The restuarant is beautifully appointed on the inside and we were met by not one, but two, very pleasants hostesses. One of them took us to a very cozy booth for two. We were quickly greeted by our server, Kristen, who was absolutely wonderful. Extremely friendly and very professional. She immediately opened the bottle of wine that we had brought and told us about the evening's specials. We decided on the Ahi appetizer, which was excellent and my girlfriend chose the local Opa and I had the Seared Ahi for dinner. Both dishes were delicious and attractively prepared. We were also given fresh, and very warm, focaccia bread. It was outstanding. It is so nice to have something besides sourdough bread for a change. After dinner, we decided we wanted to enjoy the rest of our wine and told Kristen to put in our order for dessert, a chocolate souffle that took about twenty minutes to prepare, in about twenty minutes. Well after almost exactly forty minutes (perfect timing) we had our lovely and delicious dessert. In short, our two hours at Epiphany were exactly how we like our Saturday evenings to be; enjoying each other's company, a great bottle of wine, a delicious meal, wonderful service in wonderful surroundings. We will definitely be back.

A beautiful restaurant with amazing food!, 11/28/2006
Reviewer: Dan Scapusio from Boca Raton, FL
A few weeks ago I was visiting friends out in Santa Barbara and they suggested that we go to Epiphany for dinner. Walking in I was instantly wowed by the decor of the restaurant. Much too often it seems that establishments put thought of the aesthetic into the background; so far back that it doesn't make any sort of impression on the client. Lovely touches. The food was a delight, the menu is a well thought out entity. My friends and I were so enthusiastic about our individual dishes that we shared small samples of one another's plates. I was impressed with the service as well, the waiter was able to help me choose a wine to go with my meal and I was happy with his suggestion as well, further creating an incredibly pleasant dining experience. The next time I'm in town I'll be sure to have my friends take me back.

This place is amazing. I would highly recommend it!, 11/19/2006
Reviewer: Cynthia from Montecito, California
My husband and I love to dine and we have been to the finest restaurants all over the world. This is the only place in Santa Barbara where you can truly relax and let them take care of you. It is clear that the owners care about their patrons and we found the food to be extraordinary and the service to be super. The presentation of the food and the taste combos were incredible. We would reccomend just about everything on the menu especially the tuna appetizer and the crab cakes. Oh, and the smoking Epiphany Cosmo is really a treat. We have been to Epiphany at least 20 times and have found it to be consistent with supreme food and delightful service every time. It is truly a great evening, and you will love it!

Truely wonderful - like being with family!, 11/11/2006
Reviewer: Ms. D.M. Koehn from Santa Barbara
We had the most wonderful time last night at Epiphany! My friends and I celebrateted a milestone birthday and the experience was fantastic. Diego (our waitperson) was charming and Michelle (the owner) was simply a delight. We all tried something different but I have to say that my favorite was the chocolate souffle for dessert! Kudos to the Epiphany team!

Service a NEGATIVE 3 stars, 11/10/2006
Reviewer: Diana Gibeau from Carmel Valley, CA
Our reserved table for 5 people @ 8pm was not ready for 10 minutes so they put us outside on the stairs. The meal lasted 3 1/2 hours due to a relentlessly slow kitchen - their excuse: we had a rather large party of 11! WOW!??? The servers didn't know the difference between a field and a bib salad - and an order of black and white gelato miraculously turned into a 3 fruit sorbet. The time between courses was TRUELY tedious and the serving persons kept interrupting our conversation to excuse their poor performance - at our post wedding celebration - tacky.

great bar food, 11/2/2006
Reviewer: Linda Woods from Santa Barbara
I'm a SB local and I love the bar atmosphere both inside and out. The reasonably priced appetizers are delicious, eclectic and the wine selection outstanding. The ambience can't be beat and it's rarely so crowded that you can't get a nice seat. It's quiet and romantic and you can actually talk to your date, not scream over loud music or hordes of people. The restaurant is pricey, but elegant, perfect for special occasions. But for an anytime, sophisticated experience, I always choose the bar at Epiphany!

nice cosy bar, mediocre food, 10/30/2006
Reviewer: Fiona Kernaghan from Santa Barbara CA
My husband and I had cocktails in the bar area of Epiphany last weekend and we liked the cosy lounges and intimate setting and decor. However, things went downhill when we decided to order some food. We ordered a souffle dessert, (that would require 20 minutes. No worries there.) BUT... about 2 minutes after we placed that order we got an urge to try some fresh oysters first, to accompany our sparkling wine. It was not busy or packed, even on a Saturday night so I don't know why the service was so slow and sloppy. We waited and waited and as I feared about half an hour later the souffle came out first - no sign of the raw oysters anywhere. How long does it take to plate up a few cold oysters and bring 'em out??! The oysters were also detached from the shell - a tell tale sign that they may be re using shells!?.. I would go back for drinks but probably never food. Especially since I've read so many unhappy reviews about the food and service. And I've had my own sub standard experience. I wish they'd take it to the next level here 'cause the place has so much potential.

Epiphany Restaurant & Bar writes: My apologies for your recent experience at Epiphany. We take great care and strides to ensure our customers receive the best service and quality of food. Unfortunately we missed this opportunity to display this during your recent visit. We serve only fresh oysters purchased daily and shucked to order. We disattach the oyster from the shell in this process to provide easier consumption for the guest. We keep on site the date tags and quantity of our oysters purchased. As well our establishment offers an open kitchen ambiance where the guests can visibly see the preparation of all food during the course of dinner. Although the lounge may have appeared less crowded at the time, we had an entire dining room full of guests and had you notified someone of your experience we had ample management and staff that would have loved the opportunity to remedy your situation. I would be happy to accomodate you for another experience at Epiphany as it should have been and would love to discuss any further feedback of the evening as to help us improve in the areas we disappointed. Thank you in advance.
Great Service and Excellent food, 10/6/2006
Reviewer: Jason Hunton from Oxnard
My friend and I met for drinks and dinner at Epiphany. Service was warm, prompt, and funny. Our waiter was friendly and offered up the specials which changed my mind about what I was having for dinner, as well as an nice match of wine for our dinner. The food was OUTSTANDING and timely. The Manager(?) came by and checked on our meal and experience and she offered a suggestion for desert. My friend and I split the suggested desert. We had one more drink at the bar and there met the friendly chef of the restaurant. I felt very welcome and valued as an individual customer and will be looking for an excuse to go back soon.

Best dining experience . . ., 3/20/2006
Reviewer: Paul Morris from Oxnard, CA
Our first time at Epiphany was incredible! Every single food item was prepared to perfection. The atmosphere is elegant down-home. Overall our best dining experience in years.

wonderful experience, 12/20/2005
Reviewer: Joanna from Santa Barbara
This place has it down. From the ambiance, service and food. I would definitely recommend to all those seeking a great dining experience.


Don't believe everything you see...., 10/25/2005
Reviewer: Peter from SB
This place does not even deserve one star. Everything was wrong. First, the server was mumbling and slurring his words.He was very unprofesional and poorly informed, about the menu and the wine list. The table next to us ordered a bottle of wine and the server came back and said they didn't have it. This happened again and the couple said just bring us somthing you have. He brought a wine he had never tasted and knew nothing about and another from the movie sideways, but that is all he knew about it. Then upon opening the bottle from sideways, he broke the cork. Second, we ordered food and he had to come back to us and tell us it was unavailable. I should have left then because this is somthing a server should tell you before you even look at the menu.In short, it took a half hour to get our appetizers and we never got bread or anything while we waited, Entrees took ONE HOUR to be served AND my duck was COLD-->an hour wait for cold food! There was no description of the appetizers; foi gras and chefs soup tasting (threes small cups of soup-->was it supposed to be a guessing game or what?)or the entrees. If I sound pissed off, it's because I am. There are two restaurants across the street that I could have gone to and had a much better time. Maybe the owners should spend less time working on there lame website and train there workers, inform them about what they are serving. This type of service is not going to be good for your business when Bouchon and Oil&Lemon are right there.

Lovely Evening for Locals and Friends, 10/20/2005
Reviewer: Cindy Mae from Seal Beach
Whenever we have people in town or decided to treat eachother to a wonderful night out, we head to Epiphany and are never dissapointed. The wait staff is always ever-so-charming, making every night special- making it a great place to invite friends to. I recomend the Limo ride (6-course tasting menu) when you're feeling decadent or popping into the bar for a fantastic Rib-Eye steak (for only $14 with french fries). Love it

Not even a decent birthday experience, 10/10/2005
Reviewer: Tyler from Santa Barbara/CA
Just about everything was wrong with this was waaay overpriced, the service was terrible (I'm talking 15 minutes to get drinks) and the food just wasn't tasty. My girlfriend got seared ahi and it came out cold, with literally no taste. My 'Argentinian' steak was burned on the outside and fleshy on the inside. And we ordered a chocolate souffle for dessert. No wonder it was hard and overcooked after waiting for it for about 30 minutes. Oh yeah, even though it was 8 o'clock on a Friday night and we had a reservation, they ran out of both appetizers we wanted to order. Avoid this place at all costs.

Great dinner, nice chat with chef, 6/19/2005
Reviewer: John Dickson from Santa Barbara, CA
I went to Epiphany recently and had a great talk with their new manager/chef named Ryan. I showed up with my camera gear just to take the interior photo above, but ended up staying for a wonderful dinner. Ryan greeted me warmly at the door, showed me around the restaurant and even gave me a little history of the building they are located in. I soon purchased a wonderful dinner at Epiphany. I had "the Bacon" which Ryan highly recommended (it was delicious). For dessert I had the warm pudding with ice cream. All in all a great experience at Epiphany.

I just had an ephiphany!!!, 5/19/2005

Can you say ambiance? Epiphany has it! This picture just does not do it justice. The lighting was perfect. Exquisite! It was like a warm glow that enveloped my soul and made me feel like a child again. I wanted to rip those red curtains down and wear them like a cape, dancing on the tabletops. The food isn’t particularly memorable, but the menu is beautifully written. Reading it was like eating ice cream with a rich, smooth caramel sauce. The words jumped off the page and melted in my mouth. Words… yummmmmmm…

Thursday night , 5/18/2005
Reviewer: Martha Dooley from Indianapolis Indiana
We came into town late, parked, and browsed for a few minutes looking for a restaurant. Epiphany looked interesting--and was right next to the parking lot, so--why not? On entering, we were greeted pleasantly, but were the only people in the restaurant--not a good sign. However, it WAS a Thursday night. We ordered and were served quickly, but the meals were disappointing. Argentinian beef was tough, but the sauce was tasty. The one lamb shank was not tender enough to fall off of the bones--it took some work to get the meat, but okay when your blood sugar is 80. Our server was attentive and helpful. With the price structure ,a full dinner would have been made us feel different, but ala carte was just WAY too pricey for the meals and the whole experience. Pleasant people, good service, but way under the top on value. :)))

no more mr arrogant, 12/21/2004
Reviewer: lila from santa barbara
I finally went back. I have not been in over a year for good reason. I was assured by others that that arrogant owner is not affilliated with the restaurant anymore. Food was killer and Jill was sweet the chef even came out to say hi. Luke was really eager for us to try the new menu-so much we cancelled dinner at arigato. Great suggestion Luke see you soon

lovely evening, 11/18/2004

My husband and I had dinner here on Saturday night. It was our first time, but deffinately not our last.The food was fabulous and so was the service. We had the pleasure of talking to our server Jill from Boston and the chef Robin as well. My husband is still talking about the lamb shank. We only wish it existed years ago when our sons were at UCSB.

This should be a very good restaurant!, 9/18/2004

Well, Michael Jackson was there yesterday with his family. I guess this shows that this restaurant is one of the best! Michael always chooses the best…

We love the new chef, 8/31/2004
Reviewer: Dana from San Francisco, CA
Now here´s a guy who has a passion for food! Robin, from Boston: we´ll be back. We loved the food, we loved the ambience.

New Chef, 7/18/2004

Enjoyed a wonderful dinner last week at Epiphany. They have a chef from Boston I believe his name was Robin. Very charming young man with lots of enthusiasm and the food was outstanding. Better than I ever remember and I already love this place. Our waiter Chris was on top of every detail and suggested a wonderful wine pairing to compliment our meal. The tempura artichokes and halibut with a corn chowder were the jewel of the evening. Our guests all had clean plates and we managed to indulge in their "fire and ice" dessert. The prices were fair and compared to other establishments in the area of similar caliber. For those of you who have not enjoyed this hidden treasure, you must seek out.. They also have an outdoor patio with lots of candles, pillows and individual draped booths..

Wow, what a meal!, 7/16/2004
Reviewer: Angela Lazear from Newark, CA USA
My husband and I spent our 20th anniversary in this charming & romantic restaurant. Reminiscent of a well-appointed modern european castle, the lighting and ambience are suited to romance. The food was excellent. I had the whitefish (so good I ate way way too much) and my husband enjoyed the seafood stew. The portions were generous and we simply had a perfect evening. The staff was helpful and polite and even the owner dropped by to see if she could provide us with anything else. We finished the evening with their special one-of-a-kind dessert "Fire and Ice" which is aptly named. The creamy liquid chocolate cake paired with a light malted shake is heaven on earth!

Outstanding, 4/9/2004
Reviewer: Manuel Galaz from Oceanside, California
Great Decor and atmosphere. I know you can´t please everybody but my wife and I had the best dinner, desert ever. I would not hesitate in recommending this place to friends. Absolutely the best and our waiter was excellent. Manny

Incredible food, 3/8/2004
Reviewer: Kelsey Schwind from Santa Cruz, CA
My wife and I had a fabulous evening here in June 2002. We ordered the "Limo Ride" - a multi-course feast of all their best - as a spontaneous anniversary celebration. It was expensive, yes, but the food was beyond excellent, every course. I can agree with others who say the service is slow. If you go, don´t be in a hurry, you´ll want time to enjoy the food and ambience anyway. The owner stopped by to say hello and seemed friendly from what we could tell. The waiter was great.

Great Dinner, 2/26/2004

Great Food, Service and ambiance.. Among the top in town.. comfortable lounge for before and after...

The Worst Management in SB , 2/17/2004
Reviewer: Fred
Worst management in SB! Where there is smoke . . . Hey Den, buy the place back will ya!!


We came into town for a Valentines Getaway. Having booked our hotel and dinner reservations several weeks in advance we knew it would be a busy weekend in Santa Barbara. We dined last night "Valentines Day" at this beautiful and probably the most romantic place in town, besides our hotel at the bacara. Epiphany served a decadent meal and quality professional service down to every detail. My companion and I shared our sentiments with other guests seated near us whom echoed our compliments. The female owner was present at every table and made sure each and every guest felt at home. Thank you for a most enjoyable meal and evening..

bring back the blue shark, 10/27/2003
Reviewer: c beck from laguna, ca
i have to say that this place has the worst service, the most over priced food, and the most pompous manager. although the atmosphere is foux ´west hollyoood´ (which may or may not be good) i would avoid this place at all cost.

great bar, fun atmosphere, good music, 10/18/2003

So, I have heard mixed emotions about epiphany. First time I loved the ambience, second time I got to know the bartender (she was great), third time I ate, and the food was fabulous. I realize working in resturants that service can depend on the night. I always give a place at least two chances. I would definately say that as a young resturant in SB this one is in my top 5.

Shut this place down!, 10/1/2003

This restaurant is a joke and I would avoid it like the plague. I went there one evening to have some drinks with friends. I opened a tab and gave the bartender my credit card. Later when I received my bill, the bartender had charged my tab to someone else´s credit card. When I inquired about the location of my credit card she informed me that she had charged someone else´s tab on my card and that they had left the building with my card!! The manager made some stupid remark about how they were probably charging up a storm. This place is overpriced, incompetent and should have shut down months ago. No wonder the place was empty when I walked in there. Epiphany is a bigger flop than waterworld.....

Wonderful Ambience but VERY slow Service, 9/23/2003

I had heard a few good reviews of Epiphany and was excited to try it. I had made reservations for my husband´s and my 1 year anniversary. The restaurant in decor and ambience was a sight to behold, however, after waiting over 45 minutes for my very small side salad which I paid over $10 for, we both were starting to wonder. Our "main" course came another 45 minutes later, and although very tasty, I do not think the tiny stuffed chicken breast (smaller than the size of my fist) with no side dishes whatsoever, was worth $24 (for each of us). So, if you want a sensual and sultry place to have a drink, and aren´t really hungry, I´d recommend Epiphany, it´s decorated lovely. Otherwise, I´d pick a place a little less expensive with a little more generous portions.

new favorite, 9/4/2003

Visiting SB for our anniversary. The hotel recommended several downtown restaurants, but encouraged us to dine at Epiphany. Being a special occasion we splurged for their "limo ride". Definitely a treat, every course was devine.. The atmosphere reminded me of a great restaurant in NY that we frequent, very quaint and alluring. Service was beyond expectations. The female owner was warm, kind and well versed in wine and food. We felt as if we were at someones home for dinner, with their attentive and caring approach.. My wife and I have nothing but a great memory of our evening and would definitely recommend others to experience...

fine dining find, 8/27/2003

I am compelled to comment on our dining experience. My husband and I were visiting Santa Barbara from San Francisco and Epiphany came highly recommended from several hotel personnel and guests. I must admit I did peek at the menu before we dined. The menu was intriguing. Upon arrival we were impressed with the candle lit ambiance and the music selection. We began our evening with some creative martinis on their outdoor patio cabanas. Dinner was an absolute score.. The service was extremely attentive but not overdone and the food was incredible from their "BEGINNINGS" to "ENDINGS". I had an apple blue cheese salad that I am still craving, not to mention the fresh bacon. The staff were all very enthusiastic and gave you a great sense of pride and attention. There were not details left undone.. We have traveled many places and love to dine out.. Traveling often creates a challenge in finding great dining experiences, left to concierges and advertisements, so to have had a memorable meal and evening in Santa Barbara made a trip worth repeating.

somebody needs an epiphany....., 8/7/2003

I was shocked! I went to this restaurant with my husband and we were expecting something nice after we entered the quaint yet modern atmosphere and were seated. However, the service was very slow and inattentive. Furthermore, the food was not very good, and when i complained the owner was very nasty towards me and my husband. I am dissapointed because i thought maybe santa barbara had another fine restaurant, but that is certainly not the case. I definetly do not recommend Epiphany.

pleasant, 6/30/2003

nice ambience, great cheese board, good wine, slow service.

A wonderful evening, 12/29/2002

We had a wonderful evening. First stopping in the bar which has a wonderful selection of the finest. Very comfortable place to be. Dinner which followed was exceptional. The service quiet but well attended to. I would recommend this resturant to those that enjoy a true evening of dining out.

ruined my birthday, 12/28/2002

I´ve never had a more terrible experience in a resturant. It took an hour for a dinner salad to arrive. The course took another 40 minutes. Irritated, I walked up to the manager at the time, and indicated how this was ruining my birthday. He had the nerve to say to me, "...I don´t like the way you are talking to me."! I was shocked to say the least. When my food finally arrived it the steak was raw! So another wait, while they re-cooked my food. My husband ate his meal. Some birthday--huh ? The food was good, the service was horrific, the attitude sucked. We will never set foot in that expensive excuse for fine dining again, and we suggest you don´t either.

A must try for all food lovers, 8/18/2002
Reviewer: Robert from Santa Barbara
This is definitely one of my favorite restaurants in Santa Barbara. if you haven´t eaten here then you should. The service is wonderful and the rest you have to find out for yourself.

Good Atmosphere, Great Food, 7/16/2002

I had a wonderful dining experience at Epiphany. The atmosphere was stellar, BUT it was the food that really made an impact! It was wonderful. Thanks

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