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Freebirds World Burrito
879 Embarcadero Del Norte, Isla Vista
Phone: (805) 968-0123

Reviews by the General Public

A pilot drops by for a great meal., 12/4/2018
Reviewer: Thom from Santa Barbara, CA
If I used one word to describe the food at The Bird, that word would have to be superlative ! I wanted the spice on the mild side and they dialed it in perfectly. The atmosphere was very positive with good background music. The store was very clean and the food was made with quality. Next time I fly into the area I'll be visiting again.

Best food in IV--BY FAR!
Reviewer: Brad from Santa Barbara, CA
This restaurant has been here for 20 years. Great employees, some of whom have been working here for years; happy people. Excellent fresh ingredients prepared on site: you can watch. Really delicious burritos, nachos, tacos, quesadillas, bowls, you name it. Great salsa bar with many different kinds of salsa. Awesome.

Quick correction for "Jose from Goleta"
Reviewer: Anonymous ;) from Santa Barbara, CA
Just noticed "Jose from Goleta" thought this location was a knockoff. This is the original "Freebirds World Burrito" location. The ones in Texas were created approximately 10 years after, by one of the two founders. He bought controlling interest in the company under condition that the original location could continue using the name in Isla Vista. (Read the Wikipedia article for more info, if you're curious.)

Couldn't handle the spicy food
Reviewer: Kathy from Santa Barbara, CA
We took our out-of-town relatives to experience Freebirds and purchased 9 burritos and 1 nachos and spent $100. Half of us did not finish because they were too spicy hot. I need things mild and specifically say mild only please all the way down the food line. When asked what salsa sauce I said "Anything mild please" Well my whole group was uncomfortable and we could not figure out what made our food so spicy hot! My neice found green jalapeno pieces in her nachos (many pieces). I asked to speak to the manager and explained how uncomfortable my group was and half did not finish their food. My mouth and lips were STILL burning. My point to speak to the manager: 1) to let the manager know his customers were not happy 2) to identify what ingredient was very spicy so we can avoid it again The manager looked at the jalapeno in my hand and pretty quickly said they were in the pico de gallo (red tomato salsa). I explained how we all requested MILD salsa. The manager was a bit defensive and said the pico de gallo was mild. I suggested that he be aware that it was possibly made the wrong way today and when mild salsa is requested I don't think of any jalapeno's being in it! The manager looked confused and not very apologetic and defended the idea that jalapenos should be in mild salsa. The manager told me to drink milk. I just stared at him and then he offered me rice milk he had at the store??? I had 4 adults and 6 kids (aged 15-20) waiting outside and most were unhappy from the spicy food, some were still hungry. The manager was basically telling me this was our own fault and go home and drink milk. I walked away and we will probably go to Chipotle next time.

The Original. The Best.
Reviewer: Doug from Santa Barbara, CA
I've eaten Mission-style burritos in every chain and local joint in many cities; this Freebirds Isla Vista location, the original, serves the best, bar none. Everything is fresh, everything is delicious, every ingredient is top quality; lots of healthy options. The founder and owner still runs the place and is on site most days. The employees are low turnover, they know what they are doing. There's on site parking. Portion sizes are large; you don't go away hungry; if you want to sample, order a single taco. For a change of pace, try the tri tip sandwiches, they deserve their own restaurant. Chips & guac -- awesome. Pico and other homemade salsa -- outrageous. I eat here for lunch most days I'm in Santa Barbara and have for years. Its open 24/7 by popular demand.

Decent but overpriced
Reviewer: Brendon from Santa Barbara, CA
I don't know how this place remains so popular. In the past 6-8 years, the prices have nearly doubled. The food isn't bad, it's just there are alternatives that are both cheaper and better.

FANTASTICO!!!!!:) im a big boy and this place makes me happy
Reviewer: DESHAUN JACKSON from Santa Barbara, CA
HEllo i am a big fan of freebirds santa barbra but honestly am dissapointed about thee freebirds in Ventura their food sucks please Free birds santa barbra help them out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewer: Justin from Cedar Hill, TX
They make great, flavorful burritos and have great service! Their prices are not bad either. I love their hot sauces and salsa! Also they have a cool rock and hippy theme.

Quick Service, Good Food
Reviewer: Michael Richards from Santa Barbara, CA
Im definitely a fan of Freebirds and was stoked to find out they opened one down south in Orange County. I have a question though . . . . .Does the Freebirds in I.V. serve the corn salsa as a condiment?????

Reviewer: TREY from Santa Barbara, CA
1 word is deemed a requirment in describing this place.. DATS RIGHT I SAID IT..i dont know exactly how to say it or spell it but the quesorillo (s/p) is my fav. Its a little pricey but the burrito is HUGE!!! so u def get ur moneys worth.. and when ur tipsy just got out the club, this stuff is orgasmic..dats right i went there too! :) overall the best place ever. i wish it was one closer to lompoc

Reviewer: Jose from Goleta, CA
Recently moved from Austin, was ecstatic to find a Freebird's in town. Sadly, this is just a really pathetic knock-off. It's not even listed on the Freebird's website. And the food, salsa, service, and atmosphere in general are just not nearly as good as any of the Texas locations I have been to. I'm officially giving up on finding a good Texas-sized burrito in Cali.

Nacho Cravings
Reviewer: Stephanie from Santa Barbara, CA
MMMMM get the BBQ chicken nachos! So good! The first time I had Freebirds sober I must admit I was slightly dissapointed because it tastes so much better intoxicated, but nonetheless it's still bomb. YUM YUM YUM! the true savage in you comes out when you're chowin' down on those nachos/burritos. P.S. Just like drinks, girls should never have to pay for Freebirds out of pocket on a weekend haha

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