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No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2009-02

813 Anacapa St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 966-9463

Reviews by the General Public

I can not believe these good rviews!, 11/29/2011
Reviewer: terry from Santa Barbara, CA
I have been trying to love Intermezzo for years - as a local I apprecite the ambiance and the history of the locale - but get a grip everyone! The "spring rolls" have nothing to do with the freshness such a title suggest - instead they are like deep fried frozen egg rolls from Vons! Tell the chef to check out White Sands in humble Ventura to get an idea of how to make this Asian delicacy... not to mention the bartenders are always arrogant, rude.

A new name, 10/27/2009
Reviewer: John Dickson from Santa Barbara, CA
Intermezzo is now listed in the guide as "Wine Cask Bar Cafe"

great food, bad service, 3/15/2008
Reviewer: JS from Santa Barbara
I went to intermezzo today and ran into a couple friends, i joined them while i waited for my mom to come. The server never asked me if i wanted a drink or brought me a menu. She wasn't terrible at service but she never smiled.. ever. She didn't say thank you when we left or when she dropped the bill. She was cold and not personable at all.

Food Great, Service leaves something to be desired, 9/29/2007
Reviewer: Hank Fielding from Santa Barbara, CA
I have heard so much and know so much about Intermezzo based on word of mouth and reputation. I finally had an opportunity to try it out for the first time last night. On a relatively relaxed Friday night we arrived at the restaurant at about 8:00p. Upon arrival I was a bit surprised to find it not so busy though upon reflection I realize that the Wine Cask likely is the heavy hitter at that time. We were graciously greeted by a couple servers who offered seats at the bar or outside as there were no seats available inside. We decided to sit, temporarily, outside as the server offered to have a heater set-up for us and to move us inside once a table opened up. We are generally VERY flexible working in the hospitality industry and we understand "Friday nights" so with that we were pleased to be seated outside where the ambiance is quite nice even without the rather warm and artistic feeling of the dining room. Unfortunately, neither a heater was set-up nor any escort to a table outside nor a menu was offered. After approximately 5-10 minutes a server approached us asking if we had seen a menu. We ordered drinks and after another 10 minutes (or so) we received a glass of wine and a cocktail. The service really was very good (etiquette), the menu wonderful, and the wine list appealing even with the modest selection that is carries. I was unfortunately appalled by the lack of awareness concerning timing and follow through. Let alone the fact that no heater was set-up during our entire experience, we saw guests depart shortly after our seating outside and the table was cleaned and sat unoccupied for a moment. New guests then arrived and were shown promptly to the table that, assumingly, was offered to us upon our arrival (there were actually quite a few tables turned while we awaited outside without a single offer to move...I am not one to complain as I prefer to relax in the moment, though I attempt to make mental notes for future recommendations for my guests). Again, the food really was wonderful and the cheeses sourced through C'est Cheese very good. I am happy to try anything twice and hopefully upon my return I will find the food, menu and wine as good as this experience and the service taken to the next level.

Awesome for de-stressing!!, 7/18/2007
Reviewer: Judy from Santa Barbara, CA
Appetizers here are phenomenal! And the wine selection is always top rated. The outside patio is a great place to sit and chit chat and unwind from the day. My girlfriends and I go there when we just want to have a great glass of wine, enjoy the sidewalk, and get delicious appetizers. I highly recommend the jalepeno calamari and hummus platter. Super delicious!

Finally, a Starbucks for Winos!, 6/6/2007
Reviewer: Brittany from Santa Barbara, CA
Intermezzo is the perfect place to meet with friends after a long day at work. the atmosphere is cozy, but sophisticated. i got the cheese platter. the cheeses were great, and paired well with the wine i got. my boyfriend loves this place because it's the only place we've found in SB so far that has arrogant bastard on tap. we come here often, and will certainly be back again soon.

Very good food and nice wines but....., 10/27/2005
Reviewer: Erin from Santa Barbara, CA
...the service was a *bit* lacking. Maybe it was because we'd asked to make sure we could still have the happy hour special ($5 glass of wine) 5 minutes before happy hour ended that we were instantly treated as second class citizens? Still, that doesn't justify the poor service and attitude we received from our waitress most of the evening. After all, we'd ordered six appetizers/plates (she called them entrees) and weren't about to be 'cheap'. On the food end of things, we were very impressed with what we'd ordered (the Mezze Plate and Cheese Plate Three Cheeses were particularly outstanding) but the salad was anti-climactic (oh yes, and we were told by our waitress AFTER we'd ordered and ate the salad that "our salads aren't very good"). In all, we were impressed by the food, wine and atmosphere (very cozy) but not with the quality of service. We will go back, but hopefully next time we will be met with a nicer attitude if we get the same waitress.

poor choice of bread, 5/24/2004
Reviewer: t
I went to Intermezzo for lunch and found the Atmosphere to be quit cozy\romantic thay have a Seasonal cheese\wine menu. I Ordered the eggplant sandwitch and the flavor was very good but they put flatbread witch made it soggy and wet if they had put baget on the sandwitch it wouldent be soggy or wet and I would give 5 stars. still a must.

Great tasting menu, 10/28/2002

We drove up from LA for the afternoon and stumbled upon Intermezzo while window shopping. The posted menu was enough to lure us back later for dinner. On Sundays and Mondays the chef offers a tasting menu of six courses, including a cheese course and dessert, paired with wines selected to accompany each dish. Being a couple of foodies we couldn´t resist, and we certainly didn´t regret it. Each little creation was imaginative, beautifully presented and the kind of delicious that half closes your eyes with pleasure. I highly recommend sitting on the romantic patio. This is the kind of place we´ll drive back up for.

Santa Barbara cool, 5/5/2002
Reviewer: John Dickson from Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara´s Intermezzo offers a cozy, romantic atmosphere. Warm fireplace, leather couches, candles, full bar. Who’s Who sitting across the room. The business card calls reads a "Cafe - Bar - Tabac". The Intermezzo is right up against the Wine Cask, but it is it´s own separate business. Step inside and you will see relaxed patrons enjoying fine wine and perhaps nipping at a dessert. To me, Intermezzo is the ultimate place to go after dinner. And without a doubt, the ultimate dessert is their Crème Brulèe. I have tried nearly everyone in town, and I think Intermezzo makes the best. Want the perfect Santa Barbara experience? Spend the morning at the beach, shop State Street in the afternoon, go to Brophy´s for a seafood dinner at the harbor, and finish the evening with wine and Crème Brulèe at Wine Cask Intermezzo. You will then understand why Santa Barbara is such a special place.

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