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Red Barn Steak House
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2012-05

3539 Sagunto St, Santa Ynez
Phone: (805) 688-4142

Reviews by the General Public

Prime rib to "die for", 12/14/2010
Reviewer: Sylvia from Santa Barbara, CA
First time at the Red Barn was tremendous. Service was perfect, and the prime rib is so "melt-in-your-mouth" tender. This is a must try when visiting Santa Ynez.

Best lunch in Santa Barbara County, 7/22/2010
Reviewer: Ted from Santa Barbara, CA
Most every time we drive over the hill to Santa Ynez, we stop at the Red Barn for lunch. They have great burgers and fries, and the chili size is the best. The ambiance is comfortable, and the prices are reasonable. Why doesn't Santa Barbara have such good food?

Good Food and Service, 9/3/2009
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
The ambiance here is not the best but the food and service are good. Its an old fashioned steak house place, not too intimate and atmospheric(tables are close together and no separation in the restaurant and the kitchen is basically in the dining room) but the food is good. Basic steakhouse stuff, the fish was really good also. For atmosphere I would recommend the Vineyard House down the street over this place.

Great Prime Rib!, 2/26/2009
Reviewer: Nicole from Santa Barbara, CA
I was here on Feb.19th before catching a show at Chumash. The prime rib was amazing! So tender and covered in au jus just the way I like it. The mashed potatoes and gravy was unique and great, a little heavy but savory. The vegetable that night was asparagus, which I love, with cheese sauce. I was a little weary of the sauce but it was one of the best cheese sauces I've had, definitely NOT from a box! The only downer was my boyfriends steak, he got the prime rib and the outside was charred and tasted burned. Had we not been in a rush we would have had them make another one. Service was good, the girls friendly but our table was right next to the kitchen trash can which was less than appetizing.

Women Should Not be in the Bar!!!, 1/29/2009
Reviewer: Susan from Santa Ynez, CA
My husband and I have been visiting this restaurant since the early 1980's. The food is always great and rarely have we ever been disappointed. However, women should not participate or enter into the bar environment. The current full-time bartender has a really bad "potty mouth" and uses it every chance he gets (most recently January, 2009), and the words are most offensive/gross to women in particular. Even when the regular "drunks" are in the bar, he allows them to call out such things as "SOB (abbreviated)." Not quite the experience wanted and the bar environment has never been this bad. So stay out of the bar, the rest of the team are polite, courteous and willing to please their customers.

Every visit to the Red Barn has been PERFECT!, 6/13/2008
Reviewer: Shar from Los Alamos, Cal.
The restaurant is great,decor, food and servers beyond compare.  We are always taking our friends from Santa Barbara here and they are always axious to come back.The food and steaks are always cooked just the way you ask for.This by far is my husbands and my favorite place to dine.

Excellent Steaks!!!, 2/22/2007
Reviewer: Maggie Kavarian from Glendale, Ca
the dinner my family had was fabulous. My husband is a true steak lover and he stated "this is the most flavorful steak ever!" I truly enjoyed the prime rib. the wine selection was excellent. We shared the best Syrah i have ever tasted from Beckmen Vinyards... i dont know if it was the wine that brought out the flavor of the meat or the opposite...all i know is we left SATISFIED!!!!!!!!!!!

yet again... the best of the best, 2/19/2007
Reviewer: Nancy Teresa from Rosemead, CA
My husband and I come up to the area every few months. In our area, San Gabriel Valley, we do not have a restaurant that compares. Never are we dissapointed. We came into town on Friday night, sat down at 8:15pm and from that point on, our waiter (Sorry... think his name was Dan)took such good care of us. We had two specials that night, the shrimp and rib eye. Unbelievable!!! Our dinner even included our waiter have fun with us over Breadpudding. Inside joke... thanks Dan.

Poor Service from Untrained Server, 1/6/2007
Reviewer: Sandra from Solvang
We were all disappointed, when my party experience horrible service. We waited a very long time to order. The salad was straight out of a bag. We asked for dressing on the side, and it was dumped on the salad. Our server did not give us choices of sides. We asked for condiments, which were never delivered. The server never checked back. We were not offered refills on our beverages, including one cup of coffee only. When we mentioned, this nothing was done to correct the situation, other than being told they were "sorry," but it was busy, and they were "making the coffee" We had a reservation, but then we were also told they couldn't take time to serve us our second cup of coffee, because they needed the table for another reservation. None of us had ever been told that in any other restaurant. Our server was very prompt, however, in delivering expensive drinks to other tables. Had the idea if it wasn't going to add to the expensive ($200 for 4 people), bill she wasn't interested.

Heaven on a Plate, 10/31/2006
Reviewer: Paul from La Mirada, California
My wife and I were visiting the Santa Ynez area and were told at our hotel that it was a great place to eat. Initially we were a little dubious about the exterior, but once we entered we knew we had entered are new favorite restaurant. The fish special was divine, and my steak was incredible. The topper was the ice cream sandwich dessert which I still dream about to this day. We are planning our anniversary trip around visits to the Red Barn. Great food, great service. Highly recommended.

I forgot the salad!, 11/11/2005
Reviewer: Christine from Santa Ynez Valley
I forgot to include that I had a, with the steak price salad to start- mixed greens with 2 ripe cherry tomatoes- and I ordered blue cheese dressing- I was suprised by the amount of fresh blue cheese on the salad- so much so that I left almost a 3rd of it on the plate- much improved over the iceburg chunks they used to serve- though they had their place too!

Best Steakhouse, 11/11/2005
Reviewer: Christine from Santa Ynez
This is the best Steakhouse in the Valley- the Chef and crew are from the now closed Zaca Creek Restaurant- we had another near perfect meal last night. The improvements to the Restaurant include a covered back patio (with heaters), more selections on the menu and in the specials and new bulbous wine glasses- I had a D'Bruno Sangiovese that was so good I had two! Their meat is outstanding, and the med rare orders came out perfectly med rare- a half bulb of roasted garlic on top- garlic mashed potatoes and great firm cooked veggie combo...My husband, myself and our 3 year old left happy and full , and our bill was $90.00! There are many fine places to get a steak in the Valley, if you are looking for great meat, great ambience(the place literally glows red) and local folks- try the Red Barn.

Red Barn, 9/26/2005
Reviewer: Tyler from Solvang
I have always had a wonderful experience at the Red barn restaraunt. I believe it is the best food in the Santa Ynez valley. The service is always friendly and efficient. I also believe The Red Barn to have the best bar and bar staff on the central coast.You will definitely enjoy your visit

Great Steakhouse, 1/8/2005
Reviewer: Christine from Santa Ynez Valley
The Red Barn in Santa Ynez has consistent service and food. There is a bar with a decent wine list. We always have excellent meat, always cooked to order- and we order med-rare. they serve a 1/2 garlic head that is roasted with every steak, and the veggies are usually cooked, not over done. We LIKE the Hitching Post, we LOVE the Red Barn.

Steaks at its best, 4/24/2004

We are new in town here and tried RED BARN two times and were totally satisfied.The first time we had a nice place at the firplace and the steaks and salads are very tasty. The service is also very nice,a good place to go for steaks

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