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Presto Pasta - Montecito St
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2012-05

827 E. Montecito St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 568-1678

Reviews by the General Public

Best Italian Yet!, 2/18/2013
Reviewer: Cameron from Washington State
The Chicken Piccata and Eggplant Parmeasan were the best. I now live in Washington state and nothing compares to these dishes at the Presto Pasta. While we lived in Santa Barbara we patronized this restaurant often. We miss you.

Nice people, awful food, 5/28/2012
Reviewer: Melissa from Santa Barbara, CA
I'm not even sure how many people in SB could be without tastebuds for this place to continue to thrive. The pasta and sauces are watery and completely without any flavor. It's just really awful food. I can't be judicious when there's nothing at all that's a saving grace....except for the service. The people are friendly and pleasant. That's about all I can say in the "pro" column for this restaurant. I can't even imagine going back, sorry.

Great food, but I was misled. , 1/31/2012
Reviewer: Victoria Fife from Santa Barbara, CA
Everything about this place is pretty rad. The food is good. The employees are nice! It's a clean, roomie place to have a meal. However, I thought this was a restaurant more along the lines of Aldo's or Pascucci's. So my boyfriend and I decided to come here for an anniversary dinner. Insert comic relief here. I think we were the only people not wearing jeans or hoodies. It's set up like Silvergreens, where you order your food, get a number, and seat yourself. I wish I would have known, haha. But regardless, this was a pleasant experience! I'm glad I tried it, and I will definitely be back for more!

Great Prices and Wonderful customer service!, 10/7/2010
Reviewer: Deanna from Santa Barbara, CA
Our family has been going to Presto Pasta for years! The food is very reasonably priced for the portions of food that you are given and we have had nothing but great customer service each time that we've gone there. Marleni made our last experience there wonderful - she was very friendly. We were sad to see the Goleta location close - but the drive to the Santa Barbara location is well worth it. We will definitley be making a visit down there really soon.

Affordable and Fantastic, 9/29/2010
Reviewer: Emily Thomas from Santa Barbara, CA
As a College student, my budget is severely limited. Presto Pasta is an affordable option that has good portion sizes and terrific flavor! The staff is enthusiastic and very welcoming. I truly feel like I am a part of the family! The manager takes the time to greet the customers and even offers samples of sauces if you just aren't sure what you want! I go to this place once a week and can't get enough!

Good quality, great value..a famliy favorite for many years!, 9/16/2010
Reviewer: Todd from Santa Barbara, CA
It's a given that young kids would request pasta any time they are given a choice. So, we chalked up the kids weekly request for Presto Pasta to their age and limited diet. A few years went by and they still requested it weekly (and for every birthday). Well, now they no longer qualify for the kids menu- and would resent you calling them kids- and their diet includes a lot of things they wouldn't have eaten 10 years ago. Our Goleta Presto Pasta even came and went but their desire didn't wane. Our oldest had a special day recently and she was able to choose anywhere she wanted to go to eat. She heard there was a Presto Pasta in Santa Barbara, too and that was her request. She was in heaven. Next week we will celebrate her birthday with family down in Ventura and, you guessed it, she has chosen to celebrate at the Presto Pasta in Ventura. You might think she's stuck on the same thing every time but she has a wide variety of items she orders off the menu and is always trying something new. She knows that over and over Presto Pasta tastes great and I am always willing to take the family because they serve inexpensive, quality Italian food.

great family restaurant, 8/29/2010
Reviewer: Michele from Santa Barbara, CA
I loved the atmosphere with all the posters and brightly colored walls, the food was wonderful and did not take long to come. The kids got cookies from the kids meal and adults could have wine and fancy food. It was very, very nice and we got to take all the food we didn't eat home for the kids' lunches. It's a great place to go on a school night because it is not usually packed with people and you get attended to quickly. We definitely come here often.

Great Place for Pasta, Pizza and other Italian dishes, 8/27/2010
Reviewer: Tilman Wagner from Santa Barbara, CA
For me Presto Pasta is the best place in town to enjoy Pasta Dishes, all kinds of Pizzas and other Italian dishes.Presto Pizza prepares fantastic sauces for all kinds of pasta.My favorite is Angel Hair Pasta with ( home-made ) pesto-sauce. The kids enjoyed their pizzas that were prepared " to order" . The Eggplant - dish is my wifes favorite. Iwould like to recommend this place to anybody who loves to enjoy tasty Italian dishes.

Best Restaurant in Town - Value, Quality & Deliciousness, 8/26/2010
Reviewer: Ahmad Smadi from Santa Barbara, CA
This is hands down the best bang for your buck in Santa Barbara. I wish I could eat here everyday. So much variety, you could never get sick of it. Basic idea - pasta & sauce (w/several other items like lasagna, salads and pizzas)- yet complex in flavor and ridiculously quick. It's like going to a fancy Italian restaurant, without the wait or the big price, and I'd say just as good if not better then some places in terms of taste. Proportions are generous (w/great garlic bread). I can take down several bowls of the angel hair pasta w/either scampi or lemon sauce. My favorite dish now is the Pasta Limone w/Chicken. I train as an Olympic boxer and this is the perfect place to get a bargain meal that is healthy and filled with good calories for my training regimen. I seriously doubt there is anything on the menu that isn't good for you - just don't drink too much soda (but that's a given - one drink w/a good, hearty meal won't hurt). Thank you, PP - you make eating for my workouts a delicious, affordable and enjoyable experience. I take my friends and family here all the time - great place for hosting out of town guests, especially when several people are tired and hungry from traveling - just hop on over to PP and grab a quick meal - everyone will agree it was a good idea.

Wish it was still in Goleta!!, 8/24/2010
Reviewer: Milinda Cuellar from Goleta, CA
I miss this place being in Goleta. I happened to go in on Friday lunch time last week. Always a busy time around Milpas Street. The atmosphere is friendly and the owner a really nice guy. The trainee on the register was nervous,(to be expected for the first time)but was very nice and took my 'to go' order quickly. I always liked the food when I ate at the one in Goleta. Always tasty,good and hot. Unfortunately, and I'm putting it on it being his first time at the register, when I opened up my container my pasta had marinara, instead of the cabonara sauce I had ordered. Not a big deal - all their sauces are good!

Good Food / Nice People, 6/8/2010
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Fast food Italian and pretty good. You can mix/match to get the right pasta combo. I usually get the Chicken Paramagian though. It lets us relive eating at Goleta Presto. Seating In/Out. Only thing is the place did not smell good inside(had kind of a nursing home smell to it?) though its decorated nice inside. Neighborhood not great at night. Pear salad really good.

Come up North!, 4/23/2010
Reviewer: Becky Fairchild from Walnut Creek, CA
This is the place to eat! I live up north and each time I go to Santa Barbara I have to go to Presto Pasta!! I love their food. The price is right and food is Delicious! The chicken picatta is my all time favorite! They need to have one of these restaurants up NORTH!!

Maybe I'll come back when my taste buds are on vacation, 8/16/2009
Reviewer: Minnie from Santa Barbara, CA
Honestly, it's never been good. The people are pretty friendly, but every time I give it another try, the food is just bland and truly terrible. The pasta tastes like cafeteria pasta from elementary school and it's like they think salt makes for more flavor. I know it's inexpensive, but it doesn't have to taste like it. Maybe trying some new recipes would freshen/liven up the menu a bit? Or perhaps trying fresher ingredients? I'm not 100% sure, but it seems to me that a lot of the blander foods in places like this can be from over-processing or frozen stock.

Ummm GROSS, 8/11/2009
Reviewer: Christine from Santa Barbara, CA
I've been to Presto Pasta 2 times now, and the pasta is flavorless and watery. Their idea of spaghetti and meatballs means ONE meatball (although i don't think it really was a meatball.... more like a SPAM ball). Their salad was okay, but overall cheap but not going to hit the spot when wanting pasta. Save yourself the trip!

lots of pasta for not so lotsa$, 1/16/2007
Reviewer: liz randolph from ventura, ca
i've worked for this company for almost a year now and i love the food and never get sick of it! i highly recommend the shrimp and cheescake along with the chicken picatta if you havn't tried that one before! good luck and hope you enjoy the fast and friendly service that we try to keep up.

ohhhhhhh yaahhhhhhhhhhhh, 10/1/2006
Reviewer: mara from Carpinteria, CA
great help,great food ! i highly recommend the chicken picatta and also the chicken parmesan. saw the owner speaking harshly to the help though. it made me a little unconfortable !

Yum!, 11/13/2005
Reviewer: Emily from Summerland, CA
The food here is delicious - I eat here all the time! Presto means fast, and they definitely live up to their name by serving hot pasta within minutes of ordering. It's inexpensive, with a cute setting, too!

i luv it i luv it i luv it, 12/28/2004

presto pasta is fantastic i always go there to eat,and the people are very friendly,p.s. the best is shrimp parmesana, with fettachini noodles!

Not bad for fast food Italian, 11/2/2004
Reviewer: ln from goleta, ca
I particularly like their salads and the mozzarella sticks. Their pasta and flavor isn´t too bad. However, you will find good and bad days where the pasta and mozzarella sticks are overcooked. (Yesterday, the mozz were overcooked.) Otherwise, for a quick Italian fix, this is a decent place to go. I can´t think of another place to go (unless I´m naive) that´s close to my home in Goleta.

Great Food!, 10/27/2004

The food is awesome!.. Fetuccini with Alfredo is Cooll!! Very inexpensive.. A MUST GO PLACE


The food is really good and inexpensive their sample platter is sooooo good, and they remodeled the restaurant and now it looks so good and lots of color and it´s a nice place to sit and eat.

fantastic, 7/23/2004

The food is absolutely wonderful. Rigatoni Alfredo is what I always get. Plus, the picture of the cow on the wall on the right side of the building once you walk inside always makes me laugh. I feel lucky that I´m not a cow, because I wouldn´t want my girlfriend to look like that..

Good and inexpensive!!!, 7/1/2004
Reviewer: Admirer of good food! from USA
the place is not very great from inside.. it looks a bit depressive they need to put some colors into the restaurant. But the food is just great!!

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