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No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2011-07

7020 Camino Real Marketplace, Goleta
Phone: (805) 571-6452

  • Category: Japanese
  • Hours: Sun-Thu 11am-9pm, Fri-Sat 11am-9:30pm
  • Price: < $10
  • Serving: Lunch & Dinner
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Reviews by the General Public

A sushi place is still there, 7/29/2011
Reviewer: John from Santa Barbara, CA
The owners of Mika started "Sushi Ai" in the same location

Denied a table 25 minutes before closing, 4/4/2011
Reviewer: Taylor from Santa Barbara, CA
On a Friday night my two friends and I went into Mika for some sushi rolls. Knowing they closed at 9:30, we arrived at 9:05 to place our order and were told we wouldn't be able to eat our food there but had to take our food to go. I was completely shocked, thought it rude, and even against common business practice that customers bringing in business would be denied a table to dine at. We probably would have finished eating before the closing time of 9:30 anyways. I understand that workers might want to leave work as soon as possible on a Friday night, and if that's the case, maybe they should change their hours to 9 pm for every day of the week. Where is the hospitality here? We left with our food boxed up and extremely disappointed with the way we were treated.

A great spot for sushi on the fly!, 3/20/2011
Reviewer: SLV from Santa Barbara, CA
I was skeptical about eating sushi here, despite knowing it had received good reviews. I mean, where's the sushi bar, right? But we wanted a bite of sushi before our afternoon movie, so we gave it a try, and I'm so glad we did! My daughter and I split one of the combinations, chef's choice nigiri plus a crunch roll. Every single item was fresh, well prepared, and tasty. Despite the pink ginger and the less-traditional setting, the sushi itself shone and I will absolutely return here. The service was great, too -- very friendly people working the counter.

Boston Roll + Chicken Udon = Great Variety for 2! , 6/26/2010
Reviewer: Susie from Santa Barbara, CA
My friend and I like to split a fresh sushi roll (e.g. the Boston roll with salmon, chicken, and avocado) and a chicken udon bowl. We also like that the sushi roll comes with a nice portion of fresh salad greens and pickled ginger. The chicken udon soup had a satisfying mix of chicken, bell peppers, mushrooms, and broccoli. The chicken teriyaki bowl isn't recommended, as it featured too much syrupy sauce for my taste. I'm also not a fan of the combo sushi rolls, because they typically stuff a lot of rice in those. Although it's not the best Japanese food out there, it's relatively cheap ($ per person) and, well, you get what you pay for. The clerk and servers seem generally nice, though one time (out of my three years of patronage) the clerk was particularly memorable, as he kept giving food to the wrong people.

Best deal, 6/3/2010
Reviewer: Paul from Santa Barbara, CA
I have been to many Japanese restaurants in SB (and world) and Mika is the best deal around Goleta, and it always looks clean inside. They have a huge variety of sushi for such a small place. I sometimes order the salmon teriyaki and ask for sauce on the side, and I get soup, salad and two pieces of salmon for $10. What a deal! The service is usually great, but the college worker turnover sometimes causes learning curves...

Mika Sushi , 3/18/2010
Reviewer: Courtney from Santa Barbara, CA
I have been to Mika many times and have always had a good experience. The owner used to run the Goleta branch but now started to manage his new branch downtown SB. Mika Goleta is now sadly going down hill. I went there today to get my usual, the #1 special, and I add avocado to the tuna roll. I got my order togo (as usual) and when I got home what was supposed to be my tuna roll with avocado was ALL avocado, so I went back and asked for them to add the tuna. They took my box and said they will fix it. When I got home again assuming it would be fixed (how could it not be), the roll was all tuna with no avocado. I was not about to drive back again, so in the end I paid for avocado that I never got and wasted gas driving there and back. I will not be going back to this sushi place anymore unless they get new workers who understand and can complete simple orders, like back when the owner was managing. I would rather drive the extra 5 minutes into Isla Vista to go to Sushilicious where the prices are cheaper and my order is always made quality and promptly. Overall Mika had a nice environment but with the new workers itís just not the same as before.

Horrible service, 3/7/2010
Reviewer: becky from Santa Barbara, CA
The sushi is average. The price is a little expensive for what you're getting. The worst aspect of this restaurant is the service. I was the only customer and they spent 15 minutes on my roll. I could see the employees in the back eating while I was waiting for my food. Even the cashier ate french fries which is extremely unprofessional. After I got my food, my friend went there and heard the cashier complaining about how many customers had entered and even gave another patron attitude. Please hire better employees that aren't as rude or crude. I heard one of the cooks say a crude comment about another patron's appearance and I heard the cashiers complain about how much tips they made that night. Not only are the employees unprofessional, but they are rude and unkind and need to learn a lesson in hospitality. Go to Goleta Sushi House or Sushi a-go-go, much better sushi and they bring out your food much faster despite having less workers.

Good fast japanese food, 2/12/2010
Reviewer: Clara from Santa Barbara, CA
We had lunch yesterday, ordered the special, chicken teriyaki bowl, cali roll and miso soup, all for less than 9 dollars per person. Service was great, food tasted good and was more than enough.I eat here on a regular basis and have never been disappointed. My grown children think it is funny to eat sushi with their parents, there have to be other middle aged people that like sushi. We will definitely go back often.

Decent at best, 11/8/2009
Reviewer: Erik from Santa Barbara, CA
Didnt try the rolls but the chicken teriyaki was ok but not worth the price. The sauce was way to salty!

Good food, good service, 6/12/2009
Reviewer: Dustin from Burbank, CA
Former Goleta local for about five years. I used to visit Mika from time to time, and was never wild about it. As the years have gone by however, the quality of the fish has improved, and thus I return. I almost always get the chirashi bowl, generally calling beforehand. When I get there, my food is either prepared and waiting or moments away. They customize my order, and have never had a problem doing so. You treat the wait staff well, they treat you well. You come in with an attitude, you're likely to get one in return...and rightly so. Have a hard time swallowing some of these very one-sided stories, and suspect there is more to them than is being shared. Yeah, some of the food is pretty basic, nothing to write home about, but they have what I enjoy and that's all that matters to me. I've never had anything I'd call even remotely terrible. I enjoy my meals thoroughly, and Mika is a quick and relatively cheap alternative to more expensive sit-down restaurants. And again, the wait staff has always been extremely cool to me, and the guys working in back are nice fellas.

Family Friendly and a good lunch value, 3/22/2009
Reviewer: Babs from Santa Barbara, CA
He had lunch here on a busy Saturday afternoon and were very happy. After ordering at the counter we had a short wait for the Udon and one of the day's specials to split. Our server (the same woman who was taking orders and cleaning tables and restocking tea...) made sure we had enough napkins and utensils. We were served very quickly, the veggie roll was very fresh and very much enjoyed by our 5 year old (mild). The Tempera Udon and veggie bowl were fresh hot and very flavorful. When the hostess/server/bus person saw that our son didn't want to try the tempera she had lots of encouragement for him (and us). She offered him miso or orange slices as a treat (he accepted the orange slices) and she continued to chat with him as she went about her work in the dining room. Mom and Dad enjoyed their lunch while it was hot and our son ate and was fascinated by the decorations and staff at Mika. Thank you

Yuck, 3/9/2009
Reviewer: Amanda from Santa Barbara, CA
I decided to try Mika out for lunch while looking for a healthier alternative. I ordered the Teriyaki Chicken Bowl with California Rolls (no crab) and Miso Soup. First I tried the miso and it was OK, it had a ton of green onion in it; more than I'm used to at the other Japanese restaurants I frequent. Then I went on to my chicken bowl, there was a bunch of cabbage, green and red peppers and not much teriyaki sauce and the chicken wasn't as cooked as it should have been. The California rolls also had a plastic/saran wrap flavor to them. Mika seems like the place to go for so/so "Japanese" food if that is what you are in the mood for. I've been eating Japanese regularly for over 12 years now, this place just doesn't stack up.

love it, 2/20/2009
Reviewer: Paige Johnson from Santa Barbara, CA
great food! go there all the time!

Good food, Good service, 8/19/2008
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
The Teriyaki bowl is adequate, nothing to write home about but a large tasty bowl, good Miso. Fairly quick, basically the only Japanese option in the immediate west Goleta area. Nice Camino Real Marketplace people watching tables. No sushi bar to sit down to so don't expect high quality sushi.

Good Food, Good Price, Good Service, 8/18/2008
Reviewer: Samantha from Goleta, CA
I was really happy with my food at Mika. I asked the guy behind the counter what was good and he recommended the Salmon Teriaki Plate. I will get it again, it filled me up and the salmon tasted fresh. Loved the teriyaki sauce. Super friendly service. I'll be back.

Lack of professionalism, 7/17/2008
Reviewer: Emma from Goleta, CA
The food is your average "fast food" type menu. After eating about half of my meal, I noticed that there was a "brown spot" in my rice, after further inspection I immediately informed the manager and he implied that I was trying to get a free meal and pointed out the fact that "most of the food had been eaten". He offered to replace the rice in my plate. He then made a comment that we were trying to get free lunch to another patron while I was exiting the facility. The lack of professionalism is appalling and to imply to the other patron that what was in my food was my own hair was uncalled for. A street vendors food is more desirable than Mika's.

Just ok..., 10/17/2007
Reviewer: DMS from Oxnard/Goleta CA
I've eaten here a few times and the food is "just ok." The teriyaki chicken could be better: the cabbage is not cooked properly and the teriyaki has no flavor. The rice is undercooked as well. The spicy tuna roll is made by mixing diced tuna with some kind of chili mixture, which disguises the fact that the tuna is usually "old." This is not how I am used to spicy tuna rolls - the ones I usually get at better places use quality tuna, in a roll with a spicy flavor mixed in, but not diced into the tuna, the fish has its own distinct flavor and you can see that it's not old. Spicy tuna rolls are my favorite and every time I order them here I've been disappointed. I agree with the earlier reviewer who said the salmon portions are small. They are, and you don't get alot of rice with your salmon teriyaki order, either. The salmon teriyaki meal is the most expensive one on the menu, and you don't get very much food with it, which I think is ridiculous. The miso soup is not bad, but I've had better. They should consider adding crunchy bits of tempura to it, that would make it taste even better. The (pork) katsu tasted really dried out to me. I would not order it again. They should consider offering a curry dish. The shrimp tempura was good but the shrimp pieces were really small. Overall, if there were another place closer to me, I would go there instead. Mika is not bad, but they need to step up their game. I think they are lazy about quality because they know there are not alot of nearby choices for Japanese food. Oh, and one of the guys behind the counter IS too friendly, he asks alot of personal questions. He's harmless, but he should probably be more professional.

Bad management... rude and unhelpful, 8/30/2007
Reviewer: E Peters from Santa Barbara, CA
I called in an order for pickup and I asked for the California roll, soup, salad, rice, and teriyaki chicken combo for $9.95. When I got there and gave my name, they'd given me the wrong combo of food (apparently they gave me the 'special'), which costs $9.99 and didn't include salad or rice. I asked them to add the rice and salad I'd ordered, and the cashier said that he'd have to charge me for it, with a massive attitude. I asked why and he said that they'd already run the transaction and that I should 'deal with it'. The cashier was a complete jerk, enough that a customer behind me walked out when he saw how the cashier treated me. The cashier could have voided it and chose not to. Basically, I got charged extra for less food and I didn't even get what I'd ordered! Needless to say, I walked out without my food and happily ate a frozen pizza for dinner instead. This place has terrible customer service... I don't recommend it to anyone.

Loved it!, 5/15/2007
Reviewer: Justine from SB, Ca
A friend suggested this place for lunch... I didn't even know it existed, but glad I know now! Granted, I am not a sashimi eater, so I can't comment on quality/freshness of their fish. I had a bento-box combination with tempura and CA rolls and everything was delicious! The tempura was obviously lifted out of the frying oil just before serving, as it was crisp and hot. The rolls were very tasty, the miso soup was great, and even the dressing on the salad was a pleasant surprise. It was tangy, a little sweet, and had a slight peanutty taste. The service was fast and friendly, and I will go back for sure.

Bad experience, 5/3/2007
Reviewer: Sasha Immey from Goleta
Way too expensive for what it was. The fish was not fresh or the quality just wasn't there. Everyone working there seemed more interested in what time they got off of work, than actually being aware I was a customer. Hmmm. I'll pass next time...

No frills, no fuss, good food., 3/7/2007
Reviewer: NG from Santa Barbara
For the overly critical, Mika isn't askng to be regarded as one of the finer sushi restaurants in Santa Barbara. What they are trying to achieve is good food with fast, simple, efficient service without steep prices - all of which, they do. I call in a lunch order several times a month and everyone is courteous - and my food is always ready when I get there. No frills, no fuss, good food.

Service is not professional, 11/17/2006
Reviewer: Maria Antonio from Goleta, CA
If you are a tourist, make sure you don't go here if you do not want the manager laughing madly at you for not being able to pronounciate the menu selection correctly instead of helping you. My relative went there today to get my plate, the tiger roll, and after her experience there I will never recommend this place to anyone who can not speak English very well, as the person at the counter was very rude & did not have a sense of ethics or professionalism. Who would comfortably enjoy their menu selection after being rudely and loudly laughed at in front of everyone there just because of mispronouncing something? Would you? Aside from that this is a sea food place and they used to offer lemon slices at the counter but lately they don't have any. The last time I went there myself I ordered my usual plate, the tiger roll, but instead of the salad that it says on the menu that plate is supposed to come with, I was given a green plastic decoration resembling a leaf. I asked what happened to the salad and they said they had ran out. All in all, the "tiger roll" may not be that bad but not good enough to put up with that kind of rude service.

small portions, 9/18/2006
Reviewer: Rob Hinsu from goleta
the quality of the sashimi was OK, not great and the portion of the salmon was pretty ridiculous. I was very amazed that I paid the high price they charge for such a small portion. I would hope that they change. They man behind the counter is nice (maybe a little too nice) and they have a nice selection of teas.

mmm mmm goood!!!, 8/14/2006
Reviewer: lilly from the goodland
this place is great all the other comments that say the roles are gross are all ridiculous cause they are all talkin about simple roles like the california roll and vegi roll however the hot night roll, paradise roll, fire roll and the cactus dragon roll are my favorite they are beyond superior.A little pricey but definetly worth it.go try it go go go!!

gross udon ever...., 6/26/2006
Reviewer: Linda from santa barbara, CA
I went to Mika's for the first time and I picked Udon. It tasted like hot soysauce and water mixed together and it looked gross. What a waste of my money. When I saw it on the menu it sounded good but overall it was gross. The service was good, but they really need to get some authentic asian workers to make the food and maybe the food would taste better.

Blenders is right next door, 5/11/2006
Reviewer: Hajir Sailors from Santa Barbara, CA
Over priced...combinations are a rip-off...cruch roll really doesn't taste that great... the fish used for the nigiri is ok, but not worth the price at all.. what do u use for soy sauce oh wait, this place has small little plastic containers that they expect you to put the soy sauce and wasabi in and then dip ur sushi in their, of course, their crunch roll is large than the container, and the nigiri hardly fits, the california rolls are california rolls, nothing special...if your real desire is to eat just california rolls go across the lot to costco and get them there, cheaper, better, eat them at home. The only ok thing was the tuna nigiri, and possibly the eel. IF you really want to have sushi, drive down hollister until you reach kampai, or go to Sushi teri in Calle Real. Mika is not a real sushi place. I've been there 3 times, and i haven't been happy once.

it was good, 1/29/2006
Reviewer: bwong from isla vista, ca
the quality of my nigiri was surprisingly good. i had a good first experience. the yellowtail melted in my mouth and the spicy tuna had a nice, mild heat. i will go back, but i'll remain skeptical on a restaurant until i've had a good experience 3x in a row.

Tasty, quick, and cheap, 11/21/2005
Reviewer: Aimee from Goleta, CA
Above average sushi with excellent specials. I ordered a 2 item combo-a california roll and tonkatsu with sides of rice, miso soup, and salad-all for under $9. It was a nice, casual dinner.

My own opinion, 11/13/2005
Reviewer: Dave from Santa Barbara
The sushi here doesn't taste good at all; you can get better sushi at many other Japanese restaurants in the area (check the listing on this website). Plus, they keep raising prices. I will not go back.

It used to be a great deal, but fish quality has declined, 5/29/2005

I don´t know what happened. Used to be a favorite. Got burned last few times, enough for me to take a permanent pass. Used to be a great deal.

California Roll was average, 5/18/2005
Reviewer: Santa Barbara Dianne from Santa Barbara
I only ordered a California Roll during my recent first visit to this restaurant. While I was pleased with the texture and taste I felt they could have made it extra special by not skimping so much on the fillings. It was relatively pricey for what you get at $4.50. Better to spend a dollar or two more at an upscale restaurant for more wow.

Terrible, 3/22/2005
Reviewer: Sarah Gray from santa barbara, ca
Awful food. If you go, dont order anyhting with uncooked fish. Their fish is old, and tastes terrible. I couldnt finish any of the nigri I got. The rolls with all cooked ingredients are edible at best. Dont go. Get a smoothie at Blenders next door, or spend some more money on some tasty sushi

Great and Cheap, 12/21/2004
Reviewer: Sarah from The Beautiful Mesa
Cheap and good bowls. I like to have a tofu bowl with extra veggie and lite rice. I crave this thing and have it atleast once a week. You´ve gotta try it!

perfect balance between price and quality, 12/13/2004
Reviewer: Billy the Kid from Santa Barbara, CA USA
When I lived in Goleta, this was my favorite non-greasy food and I had it as often as I could. It´s way cheaper than the sushi boutiques downtown and the quality is great. The teryaki bowls are cheap and filling. There are some unique side dishes that are harder to find at pure sushi bars.

Yummy Eel!, 9/17/2004

My fiance and I loved this place! If you arent picky and have a small budget I would recommend this place. Just be careful of what you order and go with simple things like california roll or veggie rolls.

peace in goleta, 7/19/2004

i ate here and i thought the food was fine. quit sippin´ on the haterade folks. peace.

Try the Dynamite, 1/10/2004
Reviewer: John Dickson from Santa Barbara
Yes, this is fast food sushi. And it´s not cheap either. They do, however, have a great item on the menu: The Dynamite It is scallops and an awesome sauce baked on top of a California Roll. It is phenominal. It´s $10 but it is a full meal.

fast food sushi, 1/9/2004

if you can sacrifice quality, presentation, and even time (it´d be faster to go to McDonald´s across the parking lot) go for it. otherwise i suggest going anywhere else, the burritos next door at Baja Grill are worth not having sushi tonight.

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