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Mesa Thai Cuisine
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2008-04

1819 Cliff Dr, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 882-9244

  • Category: Thai
  • Hours: Mon-Fri Lunch 11:30-2:30pm, Mon-Thu Dinner 4:30pm-9pm, Fri-Sun Dinner 4:30pm-9:30pm
  • Price: < $10
  • Serving: Lunch & Dinner
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Reviews by the General Public

I will be back, 9/1/2011
Reviewer: Mary Alice Spaulding from Santa Barbara, CA
I will be back. Wonderful food. Very healthy ingredients. Love it.

Now reopened as Meun Fan Thai Cafe, 4/21/2010
Reviewer: Dave from Santa Barbara, CA
See the reviews under Meun Fan Thai Cafe.

Reviewer: Whitney Hoffman from Santa Barbara, CA
Mesa Thai is just as good as Your Place in Santa Barbara and it is a little bit cheaper! Opt for this thai restaurant. It is small and normally not too busy.

Get With It, 2/4/2008
Reviewer: Cam from Santa Barbara
My husband and I decided to try this place for dinner Friday night. They were busy, but had tables available,and only had two waiters (one was doubling as the host)working. We waited about 10 minutes before we got a table (no menu) and sat around another 15 or 20 minutes before we got up and left. Come on people...get with it!

Bland and Slow, 12/28/2007
Reviewer: Elena from Santa Barbara, CA
The curry was bland and the chicken in the hot & spicy soup was rubbery. The soup itself was fine. The service was very, very, very slow. He was a nice enough person but kept apologizing for not being faster. What was strange was that it took an hour for us to get two dishes yet there was NO ONE else in the restaurant. Also it didn't make for a comfortable atmosphere with the server arguing with the cooks. Embarassing. The place smelled kind of moldy and the server chose to clean to fish tank while we were eating.

Worst Service in Santa Barbara, 12/10/2007
Reviewer: Kelly from Santa Barbara
We went there a couple weekends ago on a Saturday night and when we got there there was no one there. The service was still super SLOW. We got two of our dishes and then had to wait another 30 mins for the final dish. Even people that were getting take-out were having to wait FOREVER. Food is good, but not worth the wait!

Go Anywhere Else., 11/18/2007
Reviewer: Allison from SB
I went tonight for a change - big mistake. Was about to leave when the guy finally came over to clean my table and take my order. I asked for my curry "hot" it came out mild. The quality was marginal, lots of filler veggie [i.e. tons of zucchini] and about 50% more expansive than any other Thai place I've been in SB. I had to get up and track down the server each time I wanted anything. Nice people but mediocre food and lousy service [especially for the $$$!]. Go anywhere else.

Delicious!, 7/18/2007
Reviewer: Raychel from Santa Barbara, CA
I've dined here several times, and I've been impressed with the food every time. The food arrived in a timely manner, and the service was great. Our waiter was very down to earth and really added to our experience!

definitely avoid, 4/16/2007
Reviewer: marc from santa barbara, ca
went here a few weeks ago because my regular favorite thai restaurant is closed monday. what a horrible mistake! the food was disgusting - amongst other things it was way too oily, and they put too much fish oil in my pad see yew. i'll just leave it at that. on the service - the guy who was running the register was weird; he was sitting down behind me like a customer the entire 10-15 minutes we were waiting there for our food. every minute or two, a woman would pop out from the kitchen going "one more minute, one more minute". then when we are ready this guy pops up to run the register, having never said hi or at all acknowledged us. sketchy! never ever ever ever going back here, even if the food were free i'd still feel ripped off.

Great Service, 3/31/2007
Reviewer: Amber from Santa Barbara, CA
I recently dined at Mesa Thai Cuisine and received the best, by far, service I have ever received at a restaurant since I moved here two years ago. This is incredible since I came during lunch hour and there was only one man working there. I applaud you!

Best Thai in SB, 3/11/2007
Reviewer: Kristin from Santa Barbara
Although in a funky location on the Mesa, and atmosphere that screams generic, my husband and I believe this to be the tastiest Thai in SB.The staff are friendly, though a little slow, and the dishes stimulate the palette and pleasantly surprise.

Not just standard asian, 1/15/2007
Reviewer: Russell from LA area, CA
An interesting place with interesting food. It's a little different from what you'd see at typical Thai places (Galanga), but similarly priced. For the extra buck or two, the Chef's Specials are worth trying; they're all creative and very tasty. They also have all the standard Thai curries and noodle dishes that you'd expect, which are equally good. Seating is a bit limited, but it can be worth the wait. The place is decorated nicely, and for what it's worth, the bathroom was relatively clean. The service is time the waitress forgot the side salad that I asked for, but also didn't charge me for it so I didn't really care.

Great for Vegans and Vegetarinans, 11/22/2006
Reviewer: Jen from Santa Barbara, CA
I'm a vegan, my fiance is a vegetarian, and we're both wary of asian restaurants because often there will be fish or oyster sauce in asian cuisine, even that which is labeled vegetarian! So I called Mesa Thai ahead and spoke to a really nice guy (I think his name was Tom), who told me that he is a vegetarian, and used to be a vegan! He explained that while there is fish sauce in a lot of their foods, if you ask them to hold it they will. Well, we went that very evening, and ended up with him as our server! What luck! We were able to get spring rolls freshly made without the shrimp, and most of their menu items can be made with tofu. A word of caution, he told us that all the curry dishes are made with a pre-made sauce that has fish sauce in it. But the dishes we got were wonderful! We'll be back :)

love food, 11/20/2006
Reviewer: sofia carlota goena from SANTA BARBARA
i love the princess chicken it is my favortie thing ever. i hope you have a great holiday. thanks again, SOFIA CARLOTA GOENA

A Must-try!, 10/29/2006
Reviewer: Mary from Santa Barbara
WE've just moved to the mesa; our first time. Very easy to get in; fast, courteous service. What a treat! Incredible fresh rolls and the curry is outstanding. Very reasonably priced. We'll order "Spicier" next time.

hit or miss?, 10/11/2006
Reviewer: Kris from Santa Ynez, CA
I've always had great food there, the Masuman peanut curry is amazing and the green/jasmine iced tea is heavenly. The service is never steller, but the food has always been good. I'm surprised by all the bad reviews. Definately worth trying once.

Rad Nali, 9/13/2006
Reviewer: Wyatt from Santa Barbara, Ca
I always hated Thai food until I came here for the first. Now I am almost a regular there. This is the first resturant I have been to where the stock meal i ordered was almost spicy enough for me, and then they give you a sick spice rack with the best chili pepper sauce and super hot dried pepper seasoning. Super dank food, service can be weird to say the least.

Are you kidding?, 8/31/2006
Reviewer: Kameron Bennett from Goleta
I have been eating thai food for years. I have never had a bad experience until today. We ordered the lunch special, Pad Thai. I am not kidding when I say that it tasted like the spagetti sauce from spagetti-o's mixed with too much fish paste. I could not eat but a few bites. There was only one waiter and he forgot the diet coke I ordered and never checked on us.

GAG ME WITH A SPOON , 7/19/2006
Reviewer: Boga from Santa Barbara, CA
YOU CALL THIS THAI FOOD? i have lived here for 4 years and have come to notice that there is a serious lack of good asian cuisine in the santa barbara area...despite this I decided to give Mesa Thai a chance. First and foremost, the prices are rather absurd, and they even charge for rice (what asian restaurant charges for rice)? I got the green curry with a side of rice...all at the low low price of $12 plus tax. Needless to say..the curry had a peculiar sweet taste with too much coconut milk and I was forced to dump it in the trash after a few bites. i am not a picky eater, nor am i one to waste food...but for Mesa Thai i will make an exception.

excellent food, but the service...., 6/29/2006
Reviewer: Erin from Goleta, CA
Okay, so the service needs a LOT of improvement. Hopefully they're working on that; at least that's how it appeared when we were there the other night and there was a waitress-in-training. But when I have to ask for the table to be cleaned...what's that about? And when the place is not even one-fourth filled to capacity, yet we don't get a refill on our waters? Nonetheless, the food is really, really tasty with the right ratio of spicy to sweet for the beef salad. And the yellow curry was creamy and delicious, and nicely presented. I was a little surprised that you have to order a side of rice when you order a curry dish, and we were never asked how we wanted the curry (mild, medium, or hot). My baseline for rating Thai food is to an old 'fave hole-in-the-wall serving out-of-this-word Thai down in Venice, but I have to admit the food here is just as good. Now if they can get the service to rate just as high, it would be a rockin' place to eat!

bomb curry, 6/21/2006
Reviewer: Payter from Santa Barbara
The Jungle curry is delicious! Phone ordering was hilarious...I had to be patient. Who cares if the service is difficult. I love the food! So for all you complainers, put up or shut up.

If Your A Thai Food Fan, Then This Is The Place, 6/12/2006
Reviewer: Todd Johnston from Sana Barbara
I've been a Thai food fan for the past 20 years and being new to the Santa Barbara Area I as grateful to find Mesa Thai Cusine. I've eaten there only 3 times, but plan to explore the menu to the fullest. I especially was impressed by a "Happy Birthday" treat given a young patron, done "Thai Style". I'm certain you won't be dissappointed, give it a try.

Ok food, worse service, 1/30/2006
Reviewer: Jenn from Santa Barbara, CA
I always find the food here to be really good,it is tasty and they give good sized portions. My complaint is that you have to pay extra for rice if you don't order a 'special', that was annoying. Also, some of the dishes really cheat you out of meat and load up on too many cheap veggies, like celery. They also need a real wait staff here. There is one "real" waiter and it's too much for him to wait on the whole restaurant by himself. So meanwhile, there are people waiting around forever to be seated, order and get their food. Good service could make this a much better restaurant.

I miss you guys.........., 9/21/2005
Reviewer: kristin from santa barbara
This was the best Thai Restaurant in town before I went on a long long trip. I was looking forward to eating at my favorite place. I went there the other night to eat. As I walked in, it felt different already. I didn't see the same staff working the front. When I got my food it didn't have the same taste or smell to it. I found out later there was a change of ownership, cook, and staff. What a shame. This place was the best. Come back, anybody know where the previous owners are at?

What happened, 8/3/2005
Reviewer: Josh from Santa barbara, ca
I have eaten here a couple of time and the food was good. but as any restaurant should know all it takes is one bad experience and you will not be going back. i had a bunch of friends in town and i recommended mesa thai. big mistake. the food was terrible. way to salty on some dishes and completely bland pad that. i will not be going back. i dont know if they have changed chefs or what but as i tried all of my friends dishs i found that all of their complaints were well founded the food was horrible. dont do take out because it is very hard to send back food once you are at home.

Hands Down, SB's Best Thai, 7/27/2005
Reviewer: Megan from Santa Barbara
Great, prompt service. Excellent Lunch specials for cheap. Best Thai in SB.

The Answer to your question!, 5/31/2005
Reviewer: rachael
This dessert is serve warm like a soup it´s banana in sweet coconut milk. The dessert is simple but elegance. The texture of the banana goes with the sweetness of the coconut milk. Another dessert that is good is banana fritters alamode it´s just fried bananas coated in coconut batter served with pineapple and coconut ice cream topped with a swirl of carmel and roasted peanuts. These two dessert are for the banana and coconut lovers out there!!!!!You got to try it and tell me what you think?

question for rachael, 5/22/2005

Rachael, what dessert are you talking about?

I love it!!!!!!, 5/22/2005
Reviewer: Rachael from Montecito
I love this place!! The food was excellent and the service was outstanding! The place was packed when we got there, we were sitted right away and our food came in 10 mins, it was fresh and good. There is a Thai Dessert that I like to eat,not alot of restaurant make it,even if you asked. When I was talking to the waitress who was by the way was friendly, about the dessert. she said they do not serve this dessert, So I ask if it was possible for them to make it.So the waitress ask the manager and the manager said if i didn´t mind waiting, She will have the cook make the dessert. So I waited and there it was! my dessert! I enjoy the fact of a restaurant going out of there way to make a customer happy and that´s what it´s all about!!! I would recommend this place service was a pleasure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The best Thai i ever had!, 4/26/2005

I´m a regualar customer at Mesa Thai cuisine I think that it is one of the best Thai restaurant i ever been to. one of my favorite dish is the roasted spicy eggplant with tofu it was so good the staff is very friendly and i never gotten treated badly.the restaurant has a romatic feel during the dinner shift. i recommend this place to everybody and now to you guys!

Rudest People Ever, 3/10/2005
Reviewer: Brian from Santa Barbara, CA
I cannot believe how rude the staff is at Mesa thai. My wife and I went there at 8:40 on a Friday night. The place was packed and we got the only table available. We sat down and just before we placed our order, the waiter came up to us and said we needed to place our order because the kitchen was about to close. My wife said, half in jest, "Maybe we should go somewhere else." The guy then said, "YEAH, ACTUALLY". I was floored. I then told the manager, and she seemed pleased that he said this. I will never go again! They seem not to care about their customers at all.

Great food and great ambiance, 12/17/2004
Reviewer: Amber Y from California
Each time i go here it is a compltely different experience. The first time i came, there were no decorations up and i was put off by the unwelcomingness. but the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and many times after i was mesmerized by the tasteful food, excellent service, and peacful ambiance. we get dinners there all the time, saving money by making our own brown rice and getting some pa-tai and param. its excellent! try it

Wha Happened?, 12/15/2004

I have been here several times and really enjoy the food. Atmosphere is nice, and so are the wait staff. Service is very quick. Prices more than reasonable. I went the other night though and ordered some fired rice. My husband and I both bit down hard on pieces of shell in the fried rice three times. I thought I cracked a tooth. Also, we ordered seafood pa nang and it was so sweet it tasted like candy. Gross curry flavored candy. The seafood in it was mostly generic cheap fake crab meat and it was cooked so much it was falling apart. I am hoping this was an anomoly since I really like this restaurant.

THE BEST THAI FOOD EVER IN MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!, 11/2/2004

Nice place, but very bland., 8/6/2004

A nice place for lunch. The staff is friendly and the service good, but it was the blandest thai food we´ve ever had. Tom yum soup with zero heat, dull curry and off satay. We would go back with the less adventurous. As thai lovers this was a let down and we won´t be going back.

Best Thai in Town, 6/21/2004

I´ve been to almost all the Thai Restaurants in town, and Mesa Thai Cuisine consitently has them all beat. The food is incredible (beautifully prepared, fresh ingredients) and the service is outstanding. I visted it for the first time a couple months ago and now eat there at least a couple times a week for lunch, dinner, or take out. Highly recommended!

Great Thai, 3/11/2004

This is a great litle Thai restaurant on the mesa. It is inexpensive and has great dishes. The lunch specials are a wonderful deal. Try the Tom Yum Gai the soup itself could be a meal

Best Thai in Town, hands down!, 2/20/2004
Reviewer: Lindsay from Santa Barbara
Mesa Thai opened in Santa Barbara last year and what a welcome addition! Service is great, food is clean, fresh and beautifully presented. The Panang Curry is DELICIOUS. Try the Green Papaya Salad, the Vietnamese (unfried) Spring Rolls, and the Paad Thai, too. You will eat with a smile on your face! YUM!

Great Food! Noodle dish is a must!!!, 2/19/2004

Had the Pan Fried House noodle along with Thai fried rice, that was soo good! Great service as well! Great FOOD great service Thank you!

great food and value, 2/9/2004
Reviewer: Jay from santa barbara
I´ve tried several of the items on the menue and have been happy with all of them. For $1.00 extra you get a really good egg roll, good soup and salad. Not a free side plate of slop that you don´t want to eat. really good food and value

Great Thai Food, 1/31/2004

Great food and great service... The Spicy Mint Noodles is a must!

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