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The Cantina
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2017-08

966 Embarcadero Del Mar, Isla Vista
Phone: (805) 968-2862

Reviews by the General Public

Local and Great, 12/20/2012
Reviewer: Sarah from Santa Barbara, CA
My company recently had a potluck and decided to have Mexican food. I prefer to use local businesses, so I decided on this place. Cesar and his brother were more than accommodating. Food was packaged in sturdy containers, and was very hot when it left their restaurant. They do delivery, but we decided to pick up. The food was great and everyone ate everything off their plates. I love it when you find gems like The Cantina. I am most definitely going to use them again.

Breakfast burritos are out of this world!, 10/11/2009
Reviewer: Bethany from Santa Barbara, CA
By far THE best breakfast burritos. You've read it here multiple go try em'. They are the'll see!

Delicious Breakfast Burritos, 4/21/2009
Reviewer: Nicole from Goleta, CA
This place has the best breakfast burritos. I love the fact you can get two sizes!

Good Food, smaller portions, 4/20/2009
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Good option for IV folk tired of the other mexican places there as they have really good breakfast burritos and no language issues talking while your order is being taken. Lunch/Dinner Servings seemed smaller than the giant Super Cuca or FreeBirds entrees if you are looking for a lot of food(in that I got a tamale plate with all of one tamale on it). Between Rosaritas next door and this place I'd probably pick this one. Super Cucas is the best Mex in IV though.

Reviewer: brian from Santa Barbara, CA
I lived in IV for nearly a year and a half before I ever set foot inside. I had always seen the sign outside boasting about their bfast burritos but I thought (yeah right) being a huge Cuca's fan. OH man, these burritos are the tastiest things in town!! I love cucas but cantina knows how to do a breakfast burrito right!

LOVE IT, 3/10/2009
Reviewer: Poposhkin from Santa Barbara, CA

Yummy!, 7/23/2008
Reviewer: Liz from Isla Vista, ca
The best breakfast burritos I've ever had. Super fresh! Not a huge fan of their guacomole though (a bit too smooth), but everything else is wonderful!

Peter, 5/9/2008
Reviewer: Peter from IV
Great place. Very tasty steak for the steak quesidillas and tacos. Portions not too large. The guy who works there is awesome, but there has been huge bump in prices...I think the steak quesidilla, which is not good enough for 1 meal for one man, went up more than a dollar to about 4.70 or around there, before tax. change in pricing-May 2008

Best Breakfast Burritos, 1/28/2008
Reviewer: Brian from Santa Barbara
Best hands down!

Best Mexican Food in IV, 11/3/2007
Reviewer: Evan from isla vista
I went to UCSB for my first three years and did not step a foot inside La Cantina, what a mistake!! Their chicken is delicious in every entree, the Tostadas are tasty for a great value, and the breakfast burritos can't be beat! I recommend this to any out-of-towner for lunch.

Reviewer: Erin from Huntington Beach, CA
Please, please, please consider opening a restaurant in Seal Beach or Huntington Beach - we desperately miss Cantina breakfast burritos and think it would be better for the environment to not have to drive 2 hours to eat. Love you guys!

Love it!, 5/22/2007
Reviewer: Karen from Santa Barbara
I really like the Cantina. Yes, the breakfast burritos are great, but so are the "regular" burritos, the quesadillas, the soft tacos. I love the potato taquitos and was disappointed when they took one of the days off...they only serve them once a week now. The staff is always friendly and the "runny red" salsa is to die for.

WOW!, 5/10/2007
Reviewer: Jenn from Santa Barbara, CA
I tried the breakfast burrito despite the fact that I don't generally like potatoes in my burrito becuase so many people raved about them. Hands down this was the best breakfast burrito i have ever had potatoes and all.

Breakfast burritos that will rock your day!, 6/13/2006
Reviewer: Oria from El Segundo, CA
I went to school at UCSB and still dream about their mouth watering breakfast burrito with eggs, potatoes, cheese, sour cream, and salsa. Whenever I make it up to SB I always make a trip to The Cantina. A million times better than Freebirds!!

Best Tacos Ever!!, 5/31/2006
Reviewer: Dan Eagan from Stafford, VA
I'm very picky about my tacos and there are few places I will go back to--The Cantina is by far the best. No where else can I fix them the way I like and have so many choices--I can create a taco for whatever mood I'm in that day: spicy, mild, hard shell, soft shell, pork, chicken--it just doesn't matter, they're all there. (For cryin' out loud, I'm drooling!) I haven't been there in a while because I'm living in Virginia, but I can't stand it any more. I'm heading out in June for the BEST TACOS EVER. That'll be 3,000 miles for Cantina tacos!! Friendly and efficient service is the cream on the top. It seems I've gotta try one of those breakfast burritos, too. Where the heck are those plane tickets!

The Breakfast Burritos are Ambrosia, 1/6/2006
Reviewer: Mark from Newbury Park, CA
Today is my 30th birthday and I am taking off work to drive the 75 miles north to get a breakfast burrito from The Cantina. They are so good that I think the Gods must be sharing them with us mortals all the way from Mt. Olympus. Who is the Cantina muse?

Breakfast Burritos!, 8/9/2005
Reviewer: Megan from Santa Barbara,CA
One of the better mexican places to eat at in IV. They open early in the morning and have awesome breakfast burritos! (potatoes,eggs,cheese,salsa,rice, beans) They also have a great selection for the veggie. A million times better than Freebirds any day.

Easily the Best, 5/18/2005

Cantina is easily the best Mexican food in Isla Vista. It might not be as big as Freebirds portions, but tasty enough. The salsa is great, they even sell it by the buckets. Definately Recommended

Best Breakfast Burritos, 4/19/2005
Reviewer: james from San Diego
Being a San Diego native I know what good mexican food is. These are by far the best I have ever had. They also have great fajitas. Definitly the best in IV.

I drive miles and miles for the breakfast burritos, 3/12/2005
Reviewer: jay nunez from Los Angeles, CA
Once every 3-4 months I will wake up on a Sunday morning at 9:00 or so, I´ll jump in my car, and I´ll drive 2+ hours to Isla Vista to get a Cantina Breakfast Burrito. They are that good. I just wish the owners would open some new restaurants farther south.

the BEST breakfast burritos - PERIOD, 3/9/2005
Reviewer: Stas from UCSB
if you want a breakfast burrito - Cantina is the place to go. It is the best bb you can get for 10000 miles. 5 bucks and you are full!

Competitors take note... this place is where it´s at., 1/11/2005
Reviewer: Tiberian Sun from 735 State Street
Don´t be fooled by Cantina´s casual environment and very ordinary sign. They truly make what I consider to be the finest burritos and breakfast burritos on the planet. Seriously, as a former UCSB student I think I majored in the Cantina. Now as a downtown professional, I long for the good old days of happiness wrapped in a Cantina meal. Rumor has it they are thinking of expanding and I highly encourage them to consider a spot near Paseo Nuevos because that´s where I work and can guarantee I´ll personally eat at least three lunches per work week. By comparison, I eat at Chipotles about once a month.

A favorite, 12/13/2004
Reviewer: Graham from Isla Vista
The best mom & pop place around. Try the fish tacos. It took me years to discover them. They´re incredible. :)

Best breakfast burrito EVER!, 11/18/2004
Reviewer: Janelle from UCSB
Enough said! And the people who work there are great. I am very picky and have lots of special requests with my meal and they get it right EVERY SINGLE TIME!

The best/healthiest mexican food in California, 8/26/2004
Reviewer: April Loveland from Discovery Bay, CA
The atomosphere and the owners are absolutely fabulous. The food is even better. There will never exist a tastier breakfast burrito.

World Famous Breakfast Burritos, 5/23/2004
Reviewer: Trent Rock from Goleta, CA
I have been living off of The Cantina Breakfast Burritos for 10 yrs now!!! I have had other breakfast burrito´s, including the "world famous" ones in New Mexico None of them have the potatoes in them Very filling..... The Cantina is classic IV chill style The owners are super friendly Ask Sheree about The Niners!!! The other menu items are good to The salsa and guac are always fresh All my old UCSB friends always make me go there when they come visit

I drive 100 mile for burritos, 4/30/2004

This place is the best. The specials are hot buys bandito burritos, breakfast burritos and great attitudes and one hot guy works behing the counter...

best in isla vista, 3/6/2004
Reviewer: jamie callaway from isla vista
easily the best mexican food in isla vista. im from s.d. so i know good mexican food. try the chicken fajita burrito, its to die for.

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