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No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2006

138 E. Canon Perdido St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 966-5365

Reviews by the General Public

Best Restaurant in Santa Barbara, 6/29/2005
Reviewer: Scott Miller from Santa Barbara, CA.
The Best Restaurant in Santa Barbara. I have been a resident for 15 years and this is the place. It´s just off State St. and is the best kept secret Santa Barbara has to offer. I recommend the Grilled Romaine Salad as a starter, the fresh fish or filet mignon for the main, and the Strawberries dipped in Chocolate for desert. Jean Paul LuVanVi is the best chef in Santa Barbara right now, offering a little taste of what Santa Barbara is known for. Good Food, Good Wine, and a Good Time.

interesting but not enough to get me to come back, 5/12/2005
Reviewer: Katie from Santa Barbara local
The food was ok although I did not feel like there was much of a variety in the menu options. I would not reccomend the seafood udon, but the appetizers were the incredible (the best part of the meal). The atmoshpere was louder than I had expected and the room was somewhat small, hard to get around. It was interesting, (my father LOVED it) but I would not try it again.

Best meal of the past year!, 5/9/2005
Reviewer: GM from Boston, MA
My husband and I find that the more we learn about food and improve our cooking skills, the harder it is for us to be really amazed by a dining out experience. But at Dish, we were reminded of how the perfect meal out makes us sooooo happy! We went to Dish twice during a recent three night stay in SB. The staff and Chef LuVanVi were exceptionally friendly and professional. I would love to live in the area so we could go all the time! Dish´s menu is highly creative, and perfectly executed. We had several great wines which we found exceptional for their respective price points.

Dish from Florida!!!!, 4/18/2005
Reviewer: Sarah from West Palm Beach, Florida
I came all the way from Florida for a family visit. The first thing my brother told me was "We GOTTA take her to Dish"... That night we went out and it was freezing. We stepped into Dish and automatically felt the warm atmosphere. The food was excellent and the people were great. Totally different from everywhere else, it was really interesting. Great place for sure

Nice atmosphere and service, but bad food, 11/8/2004
Reviewer: KWH from Santa Barbara, CA
The place looks good and the service is excellent. I wish I could say the same about the food. The salad and the main course dishes were covered in so much salad dressing or sauce that they were inedible. Oh...they only serve wine for those of you looking for a cocktail.

Confirm table reservations....., 9/20/2004

My friend and I went out for a girls night out and made reservations. When we arrived, they sat us outside! When making a reservation make sure that you request an inside table. It was dark outside without candles or heaters. I thought the outside tables were for walk-ins?! The hostess was loud and we heared everyone´s situation regarding their reservations, lack of, etc. Our food and waiter were excellent!!!

Absolutely superb! , 9/18/2004
Reviewer: wendy from san francisco
I was visiting Santa Barbara and happened upon Dish without knowing anything about it..we took a chance and boy were we glad we did! I´m from San Francisco and I know good food, this is good food! Heirloom tomato salad to die for and the wellington was out of this world! Loved it! Dish it up any time!

Delicious Dish, 9/17/2004

Dish does not disappoint. Dishes are prepared creative, presentation is very nice and food is usually delicious. Their hearts of romanine salad and spring rolls for a first course are excellent. Reasonable prices.

Very Disappointed, 9/15/2004
Reviewer: John from Palm Beach, Florida
Arrived in SB and read the great reviews for dish. Disappointed to arrive at 9.00pm when the restaurant was about 1/3 full to be told that place was closing. C´est la vie. Went next door where we met friendly, willing staff and great food.

Dish it!, 9/7/2004
Reviewer: Dean from SB
Best hidden restaurant in town. Food tastes as good as it looks. Presentation is amazing, and a very interesting mix of flavors and ingredients. Portions are not huge, but an appetizer and entree will make you content. Large portions were sacrificed for taste. If you want large portions, go to a buffet. If you want great tasting food, come to the dish. Excellent price given the quality of food served. Thought service was fine. Only complaint is that it´s pretty loud inside the restaurant and makes having a nice dinner conversation difficult. Overall, 5-stars in my book. Also wish they took reservations for parties smaller than 6.

Great food, great service, excellent atmosphere, 8/10/2004

This was my first time to Dish and it was incredible. My date and I walked right in on a Monday evening without reservations. The food was very very good (somewhat small portions). The service was very polite and observant, but they were not overpowering. The atmosphere is almost perfect. The Dish is a required stop for any fan of finer food. For a diner for two with wine you will spend over a hundred.

My only 5 star review in Santa Barbara, 7/27/2004
Reviewer: Ross Harris from Santa Barbara
As a professional couple, we eat out most every night of the week. For us, Dish is consistently the standard by which all other restaurants are judged. The hosts are at once welcoming and quietly professional, showing us quickly to our table. We have found the menu, which changes seasonally, is always filled with interesting selections and combinations that challenge us to try new things. The servers we have encountered are knowledgeable and anticipatory, and in the best tradition of fine wait service, they are barely noticeable once the meal has begun, despite the fact we are never want for a Voss sparkling water refill or finished entree to be taken away. The ingredients, preparation, and delivery timing of the food is superb, and in the spirit of "quality" vs. "quantity" the portion sizes leave us completely satisfied, not over-filled. If there is a failing, it would have to be the lack of any sound-absorbing materials on the walls, floors, or ceilings. This design decision ensures a raucous dining experience if the restaurant is at capacity with guest enjoying their meals and conversation with each other. We have also missed a post-dinner coffee selection to go with the excellent desserts, but would not cite this as a deal-breaking glitch in an otherwise flawless dining execution. Enjoy Dish - it´s not for everyone, but if you share our minimalist sensibilities and appreciation for carefully prepared, high quality fine foods, it might be your most pleasurable dining experience to date.

The BEST in SB. , 7/2/2004
Reviewer: rdperez from Hawaii
For those of you you had a bad experience, I think you should try again. I have been there several times, the food and service has been the highest quality. Try the duck and Ahi. Defiantly a restaurant that you should visit. First Class...

Big City Dining, 6/5/2004

I have been to dish many times and I have always been very satisfied. The service staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. The food is always beautiful and I happen to like the smaller portions. We Americans are so used to filling ourselves up like gluttons and not really appreciating the time and skill that goes into a meal. Not to mention the enhanced flavor of true organic cooking. I enjoy having a little bit of a lot of things. Jean Paul the head chef is a wonderful talent and has beautiful imagination. Atisha the General Manager works the room and is always charming the young ladies. It´s a great atmosphere and exciting food. If you want big portions and low prices go to Palazzio, if you want real food and a real dining experience, go to DISH.

Don´t diss the Dish!, 5/27/2004

People who whine about the prices here are obviously people who do not fine-dine on a frequent basis. Dish is extremely reasonably priced for the sort of dishes served there. Wild boar, lobster, foie gras and other delicacies are served there for a fraction of the price one often sees in fine restaurants. The service is excellent; attentive but not overbearing. The French-Vietnamese cuisine is exquisite while the ambience is urban-chic. I felt as though I was dining in a European metropolis more than an American beach town.

DISHappointing, 5/11/2004

My entire experience at Dish was a disaster. We had reservations AND the place was half empty, and it still took them 20 minutes to seat us. The waiter was surly, the restaurant was over-airconditioned, and the small servings of bad food took forever to arrive. To top it off, they overcharged us $25 over the already expensive cost of the average-tasting entrees, and there was no itemization of the bill (ex: coke, duck, appetizer, dessert) to explain the error. We wanted out of there so badly that we just paid the extra money and BOLTED. Dine at your own risk.

If you like Fusion food, this is THE place, 5/10/2004

If you like Fusion Eclectic, eat here. Great, creative and innovative dishes - most people who love this place have the appreciation for eclectic tastes and diverse epicurean meals. Coffee should be added to menu, the only thing I don´t like about the place but the food is so good, I can easily overlook that.e.

Not worth it, but WOW...... awesome service!, 4/27/2004

I will say one thing..... the service at the Dish is amazing. I´ve never been to a restaurant that could top this place in that respect..... HOWEVER, for the price you pay for the meal I will take the opposite opinion on the food. I have no problem paying for it if the food is worth the price.... here, it most certainly WAS NOT.

Great food ( though sadly small portions, 3/16/2004

Love the food though I question their no coffee decision- very expensive but excellent

I need a cigarette after that meal, 3/16/2004
Reviewer: e mayes from Santa Barbara, CA
I was worried after reading the first review on this page, but let me tell you that Dish was one of the best dining experiences I´ve had in Santa Barbara. I had the Kung Pao Short Ribs which are slow cooked for 5 hours. After the first bite I had a smile on my face the entire meal. The presentation was also excellent and the portion size was filling. Some of the entrees are skimpy so you might want to ask the waitress which meals have larger portion sizes. Don´t go there if your in the mood for a hamburger... or if you want to get drunk (unless you like drinking a lot of expensive wine) But if you want to taste some superb flavors and experience a different atmosphere... then try it!

Get a Dish somewhere Else, 3/5/2004

STAY AWAY . . . the atmosphere was great . . . but the food left much to be desired and the service was mediocre . . . for the prices, there are a lot better restaurants in santa barbara

GREATEST PLACE EVER!!!!, 2/11/2004
Reviewer: chad from WA
The dish is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has great food and excellent SERIVVVIICCCEEEEEEE!!!!you better go there

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