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Kahuna Grill - Goleta
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2019-02

7010 Camino Real Marketplace, Goleta
Phone: (805) 685-3711

Reviews by the General Public

What Happened Kahuna??, 7/7/2015
Reviewer: Henry from Santa Barbara, CA
Kahuna Grill has recently undergone some changes to their food, specifically their burger meals. Gone are the larger sesame buns and thick seasoned patties. They have been replaced with smaller In-N-Out style buns with the same sized patty to match. They have also replaced their thicker steak fries with thin shoestring fries. They have even lost the great seasoning flavor they used to have. On the good side, service was still great! :-)

Both my Wife and I left disappointed with the meal and will probably not come back if this continues. If I wanted an unsatisfying burger, I'd rather walk a bit and head to McDonalds instead. It may be a cost cutting maneuver, but it's a bad one. Hopefully this was a temporary change, otherwise we will probably say Aloha to Kahuna.

Not up to their original standards., 4/26/2013
Reviewer: Wedge from Santa Barbara, CA
Kahuna used to be my favorite place for burgers, chicken strips, fish plates and more. More recently there have been some changes that have disappointed me. First up the last two times I have been there for lunch the fries were undercooked and mushy. When I mentioned it, the person working there said I'll tell the cook, but made no effort to ask me if I wanted another batch, this is my I gave service only 3 stars in this review. A few times recently my burger has not been cooked through. Some of you may like that but undercooked ground beef is not recommended. Sadly the have recently turned to a Pepsi Machine vs the previous coke machine. This really is no big deal for me since I stopped drinking High Fructose Corn Syrup years ago and only drink soft drinks with real sugar (in case you don't know, almost anything in a fountain drink has no sugar, it's all corn, technically "sugar free" Ha!). But the sad part is I used to get the brewed iced tea. Well now the tea is brewed, but not at Kahuna, it is mixed at Kahuna and it tastes thin and watery. Would not consider the tea and option so water is it. So I would say most of the food is still very good and most of the time so is the service, but Kahuna is not what it used to be. I post this review in hope that it might help in Kahuna Getting back on track.

*, 1/9/2012
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
I agree with you again Charlotte, the food is lackluster and burger sloppy after going there recently. For a better burger try Cal Taco down the street.

What happened???, 1/9/2012
Reviewer: Charlotte from Goleta
What happened to Kahuna? It's been a few years since I've been and it's really gone down hill! First of all, where's the beef?! The burger patty was dry and burnt and was the size of a Happy Meal burger patty! The cheese was tasteless and greasy mild cheddar...there was no point of the cheese! Big, fluffy bun....and cold...they couldn't even grill the bun? Lots of shredded, white Iceberg lettuce and tasteless tomato slice. It was more like eating a cold lettuce sandwich with a suggestion of burnt meat and greasy cheese. What a turn around from when they first opened! Too bad......

An old fashioned favorite, 10/19/2011
Reviewer: Richard Lambert from Santa Barbara, CA
Pineapple was my father's favorite milkshake. He would have stopped here often. This restaurant makes the best in the area.

Horrible Service for Take-out, 8/7/2011
Reviewer: Peter from Santa Barbara, CA
I had phone ordered a pickup for lunch. Once at the counter, the cash register employee forgot to give me half my order. Then she proceeded to triple the amount on my credit card, after I disputed the charges she took for ever to correct the amount and after 20 minutes it was still not correct.

Good burger, 7/28/2011
Reviewer: mai from Lawrence, KS
The burgers at this place taste like awesomeness. I tried the burger with pineapple in it, and had sweet potatos as side. both were very good. When there at busy lunch hour and still got my food in reasonable time.

Love the food but not the dirty tables, 5/24/2011
Reviewer: Deborah Baserd from Santa Barbara, CA
First of all I love this place. What I don't love is all the dirty tables. Last time I counted seven dirty tables inside, while the staff sat and ate their lunch nearby. Yikes! in my day as a food service worker you cleaned up first, then took your break. But when the owner's away the cats will play--or at least not clean up the tables. Good food, but I don't want to bus my table before I've even eaten.

Okay, and a bit pricey, 7/12/2010
Reviewer: MB from Santa Barbara, CA
Family did take out recently. First, the counter help is very nice. However, the wait time to get food is not what you would expect from a burger place. Took way too long. I ordered a bacon cheeseburger. The meat was way overcooked. I squeezed the burger, and no juice came out of the meat, which is a sign of overcooking the meat. I asked for grilled onions, and they barely grilled the onions. Grilled onions should almost be carmelized. The onion rings were good, though they had a fish taste, maybe they do not change the oil in their frier. The french fries were unfortunately overcooked. The concept of the restaurant is good, they need to work on their attention to detail and food execution. And, for the price, their burgers should be cooked and executed flawlessly.

Awesome, 1/22/2010
Reviewer: Greg from Santa Barbara, CA
Just had another great lunch at Kahuna Grill! Ordered the Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich which was great. The owner, without fail, brightens my day every time I visit. He seems genuinely happy and sincere. The rest of the workers are all pleasant and add to the great atmosphere. I hope Kahuna Grill continues to do well.

Too pricey, ok food, 11/11/2009
Reviewer: JF from Santa Barbara, CA
I've been here at least three times. This time I got the fish kebabs and my friend got the burger with onion rings and fries. The whole bill was 20 bucks. I think that is kinda expensive, given the fact that the food is just OK, nothing special. My fish on the kebabs were way too over cooked and rubbery. The rice had WAY too much teriyaki sauce on it, making it unpleasantly soggy and salty. The onion rings were good, and the burger (he let me try some) was ok. I've had better. There wasn't any real service since its not a sit down restaurant. Would get better review if prices werent so high

Now Charge 20% more for a veggie pattie, 10/25/2009
Reviewer: Carmen from Santa Barbara, CA
This place is OK. It's pretty expensive for what you get, especially if you are a vegetarian. My husband and I got two burgers, a side of fries, and two waters for $18. Pretty ridiculous if you ask me, especially since its not a sit-down place. The service is fine, just very minimal (the tables, in my limited experience, are usually grimy). We just grab a few extra napkins and wipe them down ourselves. My biggest problem with this place is that they used to substitute veggie patties for meat patties for free (like every other restaurant I have ever been to), but recently they began charging extra for their veggie patties. I don't understand this since veggie patties are much cheaper than meat patties. Perhaps they no longer buy veggie patties in bulk? But, this doesn't make any sense since they freeze nicely. I guess they are not interested in vegetarian customers, which is fine...they are a burger joint. Oh well. The Habit is just as good, much cheaper, and substitutes veggie patties for free.

Inconsistent., 10/18/2009
Reviewer: Andrea from Santa Barbara, CA
I have eaten there several times and its very inconsistent from quality, to service, to even the way the food is made. it depends on who you order in from and who is cooking that day. I liked eating here before but won't go back after a couple of not very good experiences.

Best Burger Ever, 9/25/2009
Reviewer: Jim George from Carpinteria, CA
I've tried many places all over California and Oregon for burgers and this is by far the very best burger (the Kahuna) I have ever eaten anywhere - hands down. The owner and staff are great! I go there often and many times go out of my way just to eat there. Great place - try it! You won't find a better burger anywhere.

Kahuna?, 3/13/2009
Reviewer: Big Papa from Santa Barbara, CA
what does Kahuna mean anyways? I think it means food that fills my tummy, shakes that make my mouth quiver, and service from ladies that raise my eyebrows... hottttt.... I love kahuna grill and all it has to offer. ;)... You other customers though, get your drinks and move out of the way. Don't stand up at the front it gets busy up there and you get in the way of the fine ladies that need to serve food. jeesh.

big fried delicous mess, 2/16/2009
Reviewer: lemonjelly from santa barbara, ca
Expect to be set back at least $10 for a burger, fries and drink combination. But for me, that covers lunch and dinner, because I am stuffed to the gills after eating here. Indecisive over fries or onion rings? No problem, you can get half and half. Turkey burgers here are delicious, but don't expect to get a "healthy" meal because you opted for turkey over beef - it's just as much a fried delicious mess as a beef burger. But I can say that their "Wipe Out" special, their version of chili cheese fries, was meh. I won't order that one again. But I'll go back for a burger combo when I'm hungry at lunch at not in the mood to deal with dinner. Seriously, two meals in one.

SMILES , GOOD food, Good prices :), 1/27/2009
Reviewer: Nicole from Santa Barbara, CA
The manager is ALWAYS smiling. Always says Hello, Staffs wonderful College kids , willing to help, always a smile!

Amazing Burgers, location and service, 12/11/2008
Reviewer: Nicole from Santa Barbara, CA
I LOVE Kahuna Grill. Ironically one of my friends from San Luis Obispo introduced me to this gem of a place. The owner is friendly without being overbearing or nosy and is incredibly approachable. I've seen him receive the nicest compliments and deal with harsh words with grace. His staff is also great, I ordered a to go order once and it was pretty dead so the cashier spent her idle time cleaning tables, not just sitting around or talking. I guess quality management attracts quality workers. Try the burger with bacon and cheese or their mushroom burger. Both are great, their onion rings are also crispy and delicious!

Kids Chicken strips!, 8/20/2008
Reviewer: Ernest from Goleta, CA
I have been coming here for 7 years. I can't count how many orders of Kids chicken strips I have eaten ($4.26!) I see alot of families with young kids there, as well as yuppie type people eating kabobs and salads (which are actually pretty good.) The atmosphere is pleasant, and the owner is so friendly.

Need more healthy kids options, 8/20/2008
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Got the teriyaki chicken sandwich, pretty good. I think the one at Cal Taco is better though. No good options for kids meals, fries and a soft drink, might as well go to McD instead and get a toy for them too. Nice atmosphere, a little to loud and hot for my tastes though. Add more healthier options is only advice.

Great food, owner & atmosphere, 6/14/2008
Reviewer: Bob from Santa Barbara, CA
I've become a regular and enjoy everything I get. Prices are great; you can't beat the value. Glad he has now opened a second one downtown in Paseo Nuevo by the cinema.

One of my regular favorites, 3/6/2008
Reviewer: Kathy from Goleta
My family and I go here often and always have a great lunch/dinner. I love the mushroom cheeseburger, my husband likes the bacon cheeseburger, my kids love the hot dogs and chicken strips. Awesome fries and shakes! There's always a cool surf video playing and good music in the background. My kids can spend hours at the fish tank. It's a blast to look closely at the photos and recognize some local surfers/shapers from days past. Try it, you'll be back!

Reviewer: D.Diaz from Summerland, CA
I visited this place a few days ago & ordered the Island Burger. It was delicious!!!! Just what I was in the mood for & it totally hit the spot. The gentlemen there who I assume was the owner, was extremely friendly. I think that is the best treatment I have received ever at any restaurant. The place itself is very cute & CLEAN, which says a lot for a restaurant also. I can't wait to return! Thanks Kahuna Grill for your great food & service!

Great!, 1/27/2008
Reviewer: Carol from Ojai, Ca
Excellent Food and the owner is great! He is behind the counter a lot and gives great customer service. I hear they may be opening one downtown next to the Paseo Nuevo movie theater. That will be the perfect night out, dinner at Kahuna and a movie.

Best place to eat in the entire world, 12/11/2007
Reviewer: Chris from Tucson, AZ
I live in Arizona and frequently fly to Santa Barbara for business. I love Kahuna so much, it's the very first place I go every time I get off the plane. All I can think about during the flight is how delicious the green chili cheeseburger, fries, and chocolate shake are going to be. Once, I flew into Goleta just to get my Kahuna fix. I wish they had one where I lived.

Awesome vibe! Awesome food!, 11/13/2007
Reviewer: Brian from Goleta, CA
The staff creates a great atmosphere from the start! Totally recommend the kabobs! Cool surf decor as well :)

A Fave, 9/12/2007
Reviewer: Julie from Summerland, CA
We travel from Summerland to eat here. I like that the owner is always so nice and makes you feel welcomed in his establishment. That counts for a lot and keeps me comming back. Love the aquarium and the surf ambience too.

My favorite lunch place, 6/8/2007
Reviewer: David W from Santa Barbara, CA
What could be better than sitting out in the sun at lunch time, enjoying some good eats? Kahuna is a regular lunch spot for me. Whether it is the burgers, chicken sandwiches, or teriyaki lunch place, the food is always consistently good. And the fries are probably the best in s.b.

I was in heaven, 4/17/2007
Reviewer: Darrin Noon from Sydney, Australia
Coming from Australia, this was my first experience of a real American shake and burger. I'd have to say I was in bliss. The Co- owner Dale made me feel welcome and checked on how I enjoyed the food. An experience made in heaven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

great emloyees fantastic, 12/20/2006
Reviewer: Dale Thompson from Redding, Ca.
first time--was great and friendly

I love this place!, 11/20/2006
Reviewer: Tom Wheeler from Goleta, CA
I've lived here in Goleta with my family for 7 years. We have eaten at most of the area's restaurants and we enjoy and appreciate the Kahuna Grill. The atmosphere is pure Surfin' USA fun and the food is classic Beach Burger-Grill with some great salads added in. The staff is friendly and courteous to go along with the great food... what a combo! Only the Grinch could find fault here!

Didn't like it, 10/21/2006
Reviewer: Karen from Santa Barbara, CA
I've sampled this place a couple times. I had their vegetarian offerings, as the fish they offer (red snapper and swordfish) are both on the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch "avoid" list. Both the portobello mushroom burger and the green chili cheeseburger gardenburger were icky. My husband loves their turkey burger. The fries are "OK." The chocolate shake was really good, so I ticked the food rating up a notch for that and the turkey burger. The service rating is is the type of place where you order at the counter and they bring your food to you, if your number is showing.

Excellent mushroom burger!, 8/27/2006
Reviewer: Russell from LA area, CA
I won't say this place is or isn't authentically Hawaiian...I'm not too experienced in that area, and it seems controversial. But the teriyaki burger was really fantastic, and the portabella mushroom burger even moreso. It's done teriyaki-burger style, with just a little swiss and mayo. It's one of the best portabella burgers I've had, and I try them at many places. The teriyaki sauce is just right, and if you're sneaky and into this sort of thing, you can grab a little cup of it to dip your fries in, instead of ketchup or bbq sauce. The only drawback is that it's always friggin hot in there, so you're probably best to go on a relatively cool evening, or sit near the door or outside. This is just about the only burger in town, meat or veggie, that brings me back time and time again.

Mediocre Food That's OverPriced, 8/13/2006
Reviewer: Darin from Santa Barbara, CA
AS some other reviewers have noted, the prices here are too high. The quality of the food varies a lot. We've had over-salted fries many times, and burgers that are over-cooked. For the price, this place does NOT deserve to be voted BEST. The food is mediocre, at best. I've had much better burgers at Islands, the chain that this place tries to emulate. I think people affiliated with the place are flooding the board with reviews. But now that Storke Drive-In has closed, this is one of the only places up there to get (edible & safe) fast food. The Habit in old town Goleta is a better value for burgers that are just as good, if not better--at least they are more consistent.

awesomeness!, 7/31/2006
Reviewer: wilstah from santa barbara, CA
i love this place. its quality food! i go here every time i go to camino real. the food is awesome and the service and ambience is better. i love the hut and fishtank. i totoally recemend it for all ages!

Reviewer: Lee from Santa Barbara

Cute little surf hut style dig!, 5/14/2006
Reviewer: Lew Marklin Mash from Santa Barbara
This is a great little spot. If the Jack Johnson is playing over the speakers, you swear you're in Hawaii and almost don't wanna go to watch a movie at the theatre!! My daughter loves it too and she's 7.

Good Food, Fun Atmosphere, 5/12/2006
Reviewer: chris Graham from goleta
Being a local, I have visited Kahuna several times. I have sampled a couple of the offereings there. The Primo Burger (I add bacon) is a generous portion with the usual accessories plus onion rings. The Chicken Caesar Salad is also a big portion of lettuce and chicken, very filling. The caesar dressing is about average, nothing particularly special about it. The atmopshere and the wait staff is always freindly and inviting. If you happen to catch Dale while you are there, he will make you fell like a long time customer, even on your first visit. Overall, a great place with a good basic menu.

AMAZING, 5/10/2006
Reviewer: Laura from Santa Barbara, CA
AMAZING turkey burgers and fries! I get them everytime I go. Everyone is really nice and the place has a great atmosphere. The owner makes it a pleasure to go in there.

Yummy!, 5/10/2006
Reviewer: Gina from Carpinteria
I have been there a couple times on my lunch break when I'm in the mood for some high calorie food. I always get the Veggie Burger with their BBQ sauce and onion rings on the side. True, it's not healthy, but it is sooo good. The staff is really nice too. Only one complaint, those girls wear some pretty SLUTTY shorts, but if you're a dude, I'm sure it just adds to enjoyment of this place.

Didn't like it at all, 4/16/2006
Reviewer: cyc from Santa Barbara, CA
I heard from a friend that this place has good grilled chicken and stuff, so I went there, and it was such a huge disappointment. The chicken was covered with really really salty source (very very unhealthy), and all you could taste is the nasty salt. There are so many better places in SB, I don't know why people go there, maybe they are just craving for salty food...

I LOVE this place!!, 4/16/2006
Reviewer: foodlover from Santa Barbara,CA
Kahuna Grill is always so tasty. There are plenty of healthy options. Grilled chicken kabobs,grilled chicken breast, grilled fish, white rice, salad, and veggies. The meat here is high quality, you can really tell and we always appreciate that. I only wish they had more seating, but I am never dissappointed when I go there! The owner really gives it a positive vibe and the aquarium inside is totally awesome.

Fine, but False Advertisement, 4/14/2006
Reviewer: Lani from Santa Barbara, CA
I've been to this place several times just because I eat in the Camino Real shopping center frequently. It's okay... Positives: Convenient. Popular. Satisfying if in need of salty, greasy comfort food. Semi-healthy options (Salad, grilled chicken with rice). Negatives: NOT authentic (just because you add pineapple to something, doesn't mean it is Hawaiian--in fact no one does that in Hawaii). Very expensive (At least 10 bucks for a full meal--not even a sit-down restaurant). The healthy dishes are more expensive, and the chicken was salty and overcooked. Suggestions: Say what you really are; a trendy, California surf-themed burger joint (that's cool too, and does not insult people from Hawaii). Cut the prices for all the dishes, especially the dishes that feature cheap white rice.

Consistently Great Burger!, 4/12/2006
Reviewer: Scott from Santa Barbara
Great burgers both times I've been. Nice ambience, nice employees. Very cool looking fish tank! I had a bacon cheeseburger this time. It was perfect. The place is similar to "Islands" in So Cal, but seems to be more personal. I'll be back!

Killlllllller Food, 3/11/2006
Reviewer: Surfer-X from Santa Barbara CA
Great burgers, nice atomsphere, I love this place. Good Good Good

Bitchin place, 3/6/2006
Reviewer: Tom and Michele from LaJolla, CA
WOW! What more can you ask for than great service and great food? We visited for our first time over this past weekend and ordered the AWESOME fish sandwich and the yummy Kahuna burger. We have never tried a fish sandwich, or burger, that wonderful. We didn't even consider the price knowing that the quality of the ingredients is only the best. Highly recommend it and can't wait to go back soon. Hope they open more stores so this great food can be experienced by more people.

Good Food and Hot Employees!!!, 3/2/2006
Reviewer: Trent Rock from Goleta, ca
Ok... I'll admit it... I go there to see who the latest hot employee is... Oh... And they have the best trip tip sandwich in town... Burgers are good... A little pricey... But, I'll pay an extra buck to have a cute "waitress" anytime!!!!

Good sandwiches, 2/24/2006
Reviewer: John Dickson from Santa Barbara
Had their grilled fish sandwich today. It was truely amazing. I may have it every time I go there for awhile. Eating a nice lunch in the sun at the outdoor tables of Kahuna is a pleasure to be savored.

Great Food!, 9/24/2005
Reviewer: Bruce from Santa Barbara, California
I went there with my cousin the other day and ordered a Hamburger. It was one of the best I've ever had! I really like the decor there too: surfboards and old surfing pictures on the wall, and even a huge saltwater aquarium near the entrance. The manager was really freindly and awesome and gave us high fives. BEST PLACE EVER!!!

YUMMY!!!!!!, 9/16/2005
Reviewer: Liz C from Goleta, CA
Kahuna Grill is the place to be. The service is amazing and so are all the people that work there. The owners Dale and Kelly are awesome and like no one else i know. the environment is very inviting and relaxing. The food is fantastic and I cant wait to go back! So if you haven't been check it out!

the best!!!!!!!, 9/15/2005
Reviewer: jessica b from simi valley, CA
I like all the cute girls that work at Kahuna grill.....not to mention the best food in town!! mmmmmm....i crave kahuna every day !!! Dale Dellar is the best, and deserves all the business from hungry people in Santa Barbara!! so give it to him!

Best Veggie burgers, 9/4/2005
Reviewer: Daniel from Santa Barbara,CA
We go there for the veggie burgers. I am a hard-core carnivore and crave their veggie-burger. Service is friendly, if not over friendly.

Excellente!, 8/29/2005
Reviewer: Kendall Lopez from Auburn, CA
This place is great!! wonderful atmosphere, great food and wonderful staff! Dale is a family friend and it is always great seeing him there!

Average, 8/21/2005
Reviewer: Phish from Santa Barbara, CA
The portions were very small for the price paid. A plate of teriyaki fish on a paper plate cost nearly 8 dollars. The taste was average, nothing special.

Thats a Tasty Burger, 7/31/2005
Reviewer: Megan from Santa Barbara,CA
Heck yeah. For the best burgers in SB go to Kahuna Burger! Amazing Onion Rings and seasoned fries. Now that's a Tasty Burger.

Amazing..., 7/1/2005
Reviewer: Aaron Richman from Santa Barbara, CA
Fantastic food with a great atmosphere. The burgers and shakes are top of the line. Dale´s the man. -Aaron

simply GREAT, 6/29/2005

The food was great, the service was wonderful. Great management, and the cost is just right for the amount of food that the customer recieves. Definetly a place to visit frequently.

Overpriced???, 6/26/2005
Reviewer: Michelle from Goleta, CA
Kahuna Grill has the best burgers in town. I hate to hear the food is overpriced, because the quality of meat is not found at any of its competitors (Bellyboards, Habit, etc.) The atmospher is fun and the shakes are made with real ice cream. Dale always has a smile on his face along with all of his employees. If you want good food go to the Kahuna.

Great Food-- Priced pretty reasonably., 6/23/2005

Our family loves "The Circle"... and all of the options for eating around it. Kahuna Grill is one of our TOP choices. The food has ALWAYS been yummy in my opinion. Some friends who we go there with sometimes complain about the Fish Sandwich-- that it is hit or miss... Personally, I don´t care for fish. So KG´s food has always been a "hit" for me. About the prices-- We don´t have a problem with $6-8 for a meal once in a while... and they have good food options for the kids. So I cannot complain.

good food, 6/22/2005
Reviewer: Tarah from Santa Barbara, CA
love it!!! the food is great although the prices are a little high, but still, totally worth it! the burgers are really good and their onion rings are excellent!!!

Pineapple on a burger is good but..., 4/29/2005

Go to the Habit. The burgers here are good but overpriced.

YUMMY!, 4/10/2005
Reviewer: Katie from isla vista, ca
I go to UCSB and a bunch of friends and I ate here before we saw a movie. The service was amazing! Everyone was friendly and the managers even came up and asked us how our food was and took our trash. The food was absolutely awesome! the chicken teriyaki sandwiches are huge and delicious! definitely recommend this place!

Good Burgers, 4/8/2005
Reviewer: Jacob from Goleta, CA
I have been going almost every week since Kahuna Grill opened and love the atmosphere and the burgers. They make their burgers just like I make mine at home. I reccomend the place to everyone I know. This is a great way to support local small business. Great Job!

Watch for salty fries, 2/13/2005
Reviewer: Russ from SB, CA
Hamburgers and hot dogs are both pretty good, but beware of the salty french fries. Remember to ask for no salt on your fries, thn you can salt to suit yourself. Also, sometimes the burgers are overcooked.

if i could change one thing..., 1/28/2005

too bad their plate lunches come with 2 scoops of rice, not 1 scoop rice 1 scoop macaroni salad the way it´s really done in Hawaii.

Yummy burger, but pricey!, 1/21/2005
Reviewer: ln from goleta, ca
We tried KG for the first time on Mon 1/17. The food was really good (and I should have ranked it higher), but the prices were over the top for what we ordered (maui burger w/ half fries, half onion rings, beverage, and the chicken kabobs over rice). It was nice to try once, but that´s basically it...

Kahuna Way Overpriced, 12/19/2004
Reviewer: Kyle Richards from Santa Barbara, CA
Read the reviews here. Ordered for the first time yesterday. Way overpriced. Small portions. The Terriyaki chicken sandwich was a tiny breast of chicken, 2 small scoops of rice and a dinky salad for almost $8. How much does rice cost these days? Like $.05? We also had a salad on the side with chicken - make that 5 small dices of chicken. The salad was very small - $5. The grilled sandwiches were chock-full of mayo and somewhat greasy. Could only eat half of it. I find the existing reviews in here suspect. The place is borderline ripoff. Frankly, we´ll never go back. Yeah, the surfboards and pics on the walls are cute but these days, it´s kinda been done-to-death by others. The better deal is over at Costco - $1.99 mega slices of pizza with a $.59 refillable soft drink - YEAH! Better yet, set sail for the REAL places in Hawaii. Ever tired Cheese Burger in Paradise? Now THAT´S the way to cook and present food and drink!

Kahuna Withdrawls, 9/5/2004
Reviewer: Paige from Houston, Texas
I spent my last two years at UCSB as one of the original employees and assistant managers of Kahuna Grill. Having recently moved away after graduating, it´s so nice to hear that Kahuna Grill is still a local favorite! Not only is it´s success due to the outrageously good food and fun atmosphere, but the owners, Dale and Kelly, are two of the most generous and warm-hearted people! And as a former employee, I can honestly say that it´s the beach-friendly, family-going, regular lunch crews that put the finishing touches on Kahuna Grill! Keep up the support!

too cool, 8/14/2004

this place is too cool. excellent food, fantastic owner, very cool atmosphere. :o)

excellent place to eat!, 6/30/2004

I eat here quite often. I love the variety of food-- it is always great, they always get the order right, and the staff is so friendly. The managers are present, they seem to really care about the happiness of each guest, and the atmosphere is good. I love the music too. I think this is a great place for kids, college students, and older people too. There´s something for everyone.

Do Try!!!, 6/21/2004

this place is great, too bad it´s so far out in goleta. i think they should open another one in downtown santa barbara! the owners are the best people in the world, no wonder this place is so wonderful! the atmosphere is cool, the food is great and the service is even better!!!

Grill´s Hot at the Kahuna !!, 6/8/2004
Reviewer: Cris from Santa Maria, CA
Every trip I make to Santa Barbara has a stop at the Kahuna!! Menu has so much variety and the chocolate malts are thick and delcious, can´t make them this good at home!! Dale and Julia have brought Goleta just what was needed!! Many thanks and Blessing to you!!

awsome place, 4/25/2004

I eat there at least once a week, and i think the food is awsome, the employees are friendly, and the prices are incredibley reasonable.

Fast and Friendly Service, 4/21/2004
Reviewer: Connie & Janell from Sunny Santa Barbara, CA
Prices are great for the amount of food you get. Dale is one of the friendliest people you will ever want to meet, you will only be a stranger once, after that it´s Amigo´s. Food is always warm and tasty. This is a one of my daughters favorite places to eat and she is a very picky eater but they have a nice childrens menu as well. Great place. I highly recommend it*****

superb, 3/31/2004
Reviewer: John Dickson from Santa Barbara
Kahuna is a Hawaiian-themed restaurant with a huge menu including burgers, a variety of chicken dishes, sandwiches, kababobs, you name it. Food tastes great, the place is crowded during lunch and the manager Dale might be the nicest guy in all of SB.

ALOHA !!!, 2/19/2004
Reviewer: Aliki from Santa Barbara, CA
I went to Kahuna Grill after a movie and I was amazed whene I first walked in. there was a vary exotic small room with a Bamboo roof so I took it. I order a Maui Burger and some onion rings both vary good. the Maui Burger came with a interesting mayo and was vary clean. the onion rings where krispy and where not to greasy. the staff was vary friendly. thay have reasonable prices too. and you will be entertained by the fish tank with the mini reefs and live exotic fish. thay also have tv,s with surfing videos playing. Just like you wold find in Hawaii. Mahalo !!!

Just what we needed in Goleta, 1/6/2004
Reviewer: john Wardlaw from santa barbara usa
I have been spreading the word on this place since it opened. I great burger place with great friendly service. And if you are not into burgers try the chicken or sallads. Nice atmosphere.

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