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Kahuna Grill - Goleta
7010 Camino Real Marketplace, Goleta
Phone: (805) 685-3711

Reviews by the General Public

What Happened Kahuna??
Reviewer: Henry from Santa Barbara, CA
Kahuna Grill has recently undergone some changes to their food, specifically their burger meals. Gone are the larger sesame buns and thick seasoned patties. They have been replaced with smaller In-N-Out style buns with the same sized patty to match. They have also replaced their thicker steak fries with thin shoestring fries. They have even lost the great seasoning flavor they used to have. On the good side, service was still great! :-)

Both my Wife and I left disappointed with the meal and will probably not come back if this continues. If I wanted an unsatisfying burger, I'd rather walk a bit and head to McDonalds instead. It may be a cost cutting maneuver, but it's a bad one. Hopefully this was a temporary change, otherwise we will probably say Aloha to Kahuna.

Not up to their original standards.
Reviewer: Wedge from Santa Barbara, CA
Kahuna used to be my favorite place for burgers, chicken strips, fish plates and more. More recently there have been some changes that have disappointed me. First up the last two times I have been there for lunch the fries were undercooked and mushy. When I mentioned it, the person working there said I'll tell the cook, but made no effort to ask me if I wanted another batch, this is my I gave service only 3 stars in this review. A few times recently my burger has not been cooked through. Some of you may like that but undercooked ground beef is not recommended. Sadly the have recently turned to a Pepsi Machine vs the previous coke machine. This really is no big deal for me since I stopped drinking High Fructose Corn Syrup years ago and only drink soft drinks with real sugar (in case you don't know, almost anything in a fountain drink has no sugar, it's all corn, technically "sugar free" Ha!). But the sad part is I used to get the brewed iced tea. Well now the tea is brewed, but not at Kahuna, it is mixed at Kahuna and it tastes thin and watery. Would not consider the tea and option so water is it. So I would say most of the food is still very good and most of the time so is the service, but Kahuna is not what it used to be. I post this review in hope that it might help in Kahuna Getting back on track.

Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
I agree with you again Charlotte, the food is lackluster and burger sloppy after going there recently. For a better burger try Cal Taco down the street.

What happened???
Reviewer: Charlotte from Goleta
What happened to Kahuna? It's been a few years since I've been and it's really gone down hill! First of all, where's the beef?! The burger patty was dry and burnt and was the size of a Happy Meal burger patty! The cheese was tasteless and greasy mild cheddar...there was no point of the cheese! Big, fluffy bun....and cold...they couldn't even grill the bun? Lots of shredded, white Iceberg lettuce and tasteless tomato slice. It was more like eating a cold lettuce sandwich with a suggestion of burnt meat and greasy cheese. What a turn around from when they first opened! Too bad......

An old fashioned favorite
Reviewer: Richard Lambert from Santa Barbara, CA
Pineapple was my father's favorite milkshake. He would have stopped here often. This restaurant makes the best in the area.

Horrible Service for Take-out
Reviewer: Peter from Santa Barbara, CA
I had phone ordered a pickup for lunch. Once at the counter, the cash register employee forgot to give me half my order. Then she proceeded to triple the amount on my credit card, after I disputed the charges she took for ever to correct the amount and after 20 minutes it was still not correct.

Good burger
Reviewer: mai from Lawrence, KS
The burgers at this place taste like awesomeness. I tried the burger with pineapple in it, and had sweet potatos as side. both were very good. When there at busy lunch hour and still got my food in reasonable time.

Love the food but not the dirty tables
Reviewer: Deborah Baserd from Santa Barbara, CA
First of all I love this place. What I don't love is all the dirty tables. Last time I counted seven dirty tables inside, while the staff sat and ate their lunch nearby. Yikes! in my day as a food service worker you cleaned up first, then took your break. But when the owner's away the cats will play--or at least not clean up the tables. Good food, but I don't want to bus my table before I've even eaten.

Okay, and a bit pricey
Reviewer: MB from Santa Barbara, CA
Family did take out recently. First, the counter help is very nice. However, the wait time to get food is not what you would expect from a burger place. Took way too long. I ordered a bacon cheeseburger. The meat was way overcooked. I squeezed the burger, and no juice came out of the meat, which is a sign of overcooking the meat. I asked for grilled onions, and they barely grilled the onions. Grilled onions should almost be carmelized. The onion rings were good, though they had a fish taste, maybe they do not change the oil in their frier. The french fries were unfortunately overcooked. The concept of the restaurant is good, they need to work on their attention to detail and food execution. And, for the price, their burgers should be cooked and executed flawlessly.

Reviewer: Greg from Santa Barbara, CA
Just had another great lunch at Kahuna Grill! Ordered the Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich which was great. The owner, without fail, brightens my day every time I visit. He seems genuinely happy and sincere. The rest of the workers are all pleasant and add to the great atmosphere. I hope Kahuna Grill continues to do well.

Too pricey, ok food
Reviewer: JF from Santa Barbara, CA
I've been here at least three times. This time I got the fish kebabs and my friend got the burger with onion rings and fries. The whole bill was 20 bucks. I think that is kinda expensive, given the fact that the food is just OK, nothing special. My fish on the kebabs were way too over cooked and rubbery. The rice had WAY too much teriyaki sauce on it, making it unpleasantly soggy and salty. The onion rings were good, and the burger (he let me try some) was ok. I've had better. There wasn't any real service since its not a sit down restaurant. Would get better review if prices werent so high

Now Charge 20% more for a veggie pattie
Reviewer: Carmen from Santa Barbara, CA
This place is OK. It's pretty expensive for what you get, especially if you are a vegetarian. My husband and I got two burgers, a side of fries, and two waters for $18. Pretty ridiculous if you ask me, especially since its not a sit-down place. The service is fine, just very minimal (the tables, in my limited experience, are usually grimy). We just grab a few extra napkins and wipe them down ourselves. My biggest problem with this place is that they used to substitute veggie patties for meat patties for free (like every other restaurant I have ever been to), but recently they began charging extra for their veggie patties. I don't understand this since veggie patties are much cheaper than meat patties. Perhaps they no longer buy veggie patties in bulk? But, this doesn't make any sense since they freeze nicely. I guess they are not interested in vegetarian customers, which is fine...they are a burger joint. Oh well. The Habit is just as good, much cheaper, and substitutes veggie patties for free.

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