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Kung Pao Kitchen
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2005

6530 Pardall Rd, Isla Vista
Phone: (805) 968-9766

Reviews by the General Public

pretty good, 2/14/2006
Reviewer: M. B from Isla vista ca
when i called by phone the lady was patient and made sure i got what i wanted. she repeated what i wanted. she waited while i found out what kind of payment. ive eaten there before, many times. i think ive eaten there about 50 times!

very good chinese, 11/30/2005
Reviewer: wush from goleta, ca
the food here is awesome! you can't go wrong with the beef/chicken chow fun. it's a little greasy but nevertheless tasty. i would suggest ordering fresh rather than eat the buffet. the service is friendly. i always see the same lady, and she is always smiling. the atmosphere is kind of bland, so i take out the food.

odd owner and food, 3/12/2005

This place had a better owner last year. The lady now criticizes your pronunciation of the food menu. So, not good service, I guess. The food is very very greasy, and everything looks similar. Peking sauce is the only dish with chinese flavor. I don´t know what´s happening with the noodle. It´s stale, tasteless and greasy. I´ve been in China, and this place is far from it. I also know that the lady is always mad. I live behind the restaurant, and she has been yelling alot. I hope they change management soon again.

:(, 2/28/2005

I´ve ordered food from here twice and both times I didn´t get what I expected. Very unsatisfied. Never order Hot Garlic Tofu from here because all you get are cubes of barely cooked tofu in greasy, red hot(too spicy that makes your stomache churn later on)sauce. I ordered it by phone and went to pick up later, hoping to receive a tasty meal at a cheap price, but nope. The lady and the guy who worked there even tried to charge me MORE than what it was priced on the take-out menu, asking me weird questions like "With or without meat?" I was like wtf. They have some attitude problems. Plus, their white rice/fried rice that comes with the meal were so dry and tasted so old. So much for their slogan "We use fresh ingredients everyday!" on their takeout menu. Deceiving. Little Asia is SO MUCH BETTER for taste, variety and price. I´m never gonna buy food from here again.

eh..., 2/27/2005

The food is alright. um...even though the lady owner wasn't nice. She is so rude and she yelled at me for bringing a coffee into her restaurant with bunch of my friends. We all left w/o buying food.

mmm, 1/12/2005

theres a reason why only one person had something negative to say (and it wasnt even about the food!), thats because this place is awesome. You cant go wrong with cheap, great chinese food.

great delivery friendly service, 12/7/2004

I really liked how they went out of their way to deliver to West Campus, Little Asia won´t deliver here! They found my apartment quickly and were very friendly. The food tastes and smells better than other chinese food places in area, though it´s not my favorite place. I would really recomend it for being cheap and convenient. The food is good. The people are nice.

bad delivery, 11/23/2004

ok this place sucks because they are worthless when it comes to delivery. dont even bother. the people that work there have no idea what to do when it comes to delivering food.

pretty good, 8/11/2004

if you live or are around isla vista and want a quick place to get some cheap chinese food, you should stop by this place. it´s right next to the wells fargo atm machines. the combos are good and really cheap. check it out.

good and cheap, 6/18/2004

I went there with my brother and my boyfriend at 10:30 one night and we had the place all to ourselves. The same man with ordered our food went into the back and cooked it fresh for us. I would recomend the Orange Beef. We had fun, and little man was so cute

Good and Cheap, 5/22/2004
Reviewer: Dani from USA
This restruant is very good and very inexpensive. They deliver and its free with a $10 order. They´re also very kind and aim to please. I would recommend them to anyone.

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