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Mesa Pizza Company
315 Meigs Rd, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 564-4455

Reviews by the General Public

Very Nice....
Reviewer: Jay from Santa Barbara, CA
Folks, if you compare every pie to NY or Chicago style, then this isn't your place. If you want a good tasting pie in a unique way, then give it a go! I was impressed with the food, fresh ingredients, and great service that we received. The crust was good and I was impressed that they take the extra care to add a screen which the pizza sits on top of to keep the air circulating under the crust so it doesn't turn mushy. There was a new young girl working the counter and she was extremely kind and responsive. Will definitely go back again.

give it a try
Reviewer: Tim from Santa Barbara, CA
Similar to the place a couple doors away, but better pizza and salad.

Terrible experience
Reviewer: Kenny from Santa Barbara, CA
The owners may need to get back into the weeds here. The staff when we ate here on Feb 24th were defly not the A team. Completely botched order. Marinara sauce was either old or just plain bad. Ravioli was served cold with luke warm meat sauce. When I brought to staff's attention that we were waiting a long time and orders were botched, they weren't unattentive but they defly were not naturals in responding to cust svc failures.

Best Pizza in town
Reviewer: Mary from Santa Barbara, CA
Had lunch at Mesa Pizza today as we had a job on the mesa. We love the place which I believe has the best pizza in town. It is always consistent with fresh ingredients that are never overcooked and the best crust I've ever tasted. The crust is the perfect combination of crunchy and soft. It's hard to describe. Today we ordered our usual but it was suggested that we might add their vegetable combination on part of the pizza at no additional cost and see how we liked it. Good move. It made what we consider the best pizza even better! Always happy to take their recommendations because you could NEVER find lovelier or friendlier people than the owners and staff of Mesa Pizza. I recommend this place without reservation.

Still waiting for my sandwich and salad delivery...
Reviewer: Sarah from Santa Barbara, CA
I ordered thru SB Menus and decided to go with Mesa Pizza because my family has ordered with them to keep the small SB businesses going and because I love them. That is not the case right now- this evening. I ordered AN HOUR AGO! Mind you, I live about 5 minutes away from them and the order was pretty simple... Salad and a sandwich for delivery. When I called 10 minutes ago I spoke with a snotty girl who didn't seem at all concerned about my delivery question of an ETA, and seemed annoyed when I politely asked of my delivery would be soon- she rudely informed me my food is not even with a delivery person and didn't have an ETA with the delivery person to pick up the food. I might as well have used Domino's, or any of the other chains if Mesa Pizza allows their employees their less than stellar customer service. Decades of patronage going somewhere else now.

Nice lunch for two for $10
Reviewer: Gene from Carpinteria, CA
My wife and I just shared a lunch special- 7" pizza with sausage and olives, salad ,diet Coke- for $10. The pizza crust had a crisp bottom, soft interior, lots of cheese and sausage, and a nice sauce. The salad was very generous and had a good ranch dressing. I like pizza and this compares favorably with most in town and if you are lucky you can sit outside at a table if you want. Most definitely not "yucky". I am glad I ignored that review.

Reviewer: Daniel from Santa Barbara, CA
My boss took me to Mesa Pizza for lunch not too long ago. He said I would love it. We ordered a pepperoni pizza, nothing fancy. But the dough was chewy, and the flavor of the pizza was somewhat repulsive. I ate two slices to be respectful of my boss paying for lunch, but I don't think I'm going back any time soon. Sorry Mesa Pizza

GREAT Pizza and Great, Friendy, Service
Reviewer: Margie from Santa Barbara, CA
I moved to Santa Barbara 6 years ago from Solvang. I rarely ate pizza in SB because I just couldn't find any I liked as well as the pizza in Solvang. Well, little did I know that Mesa Pizza is the sister store to my favorite place in Solvang (an independent Giavonni's, unrelated to any of the SB Giavonni's), using the same recipes and providing the same friendly service I am use to.... and I can walk there! Thank you Axxcess Card for reuniting me with my favorite pizza! I'll be back...many times!

Favorite Pizza in SB
Reviewer: Smidge from Santa Barbara, CA
Love the homemade crust and not too cheesey. Long Island is just scrumptious. Their Ranch is also amazing. Paesonos use to be the best but now it's these guys. Suprised to see the comments on service. We order our pizza and they know who we are and where to deliver. If you want pizza quick go to dominos.

Reviewer: Gerry from Santa Barbara, CA
Elizabeth, sorry to hear about your experience. Keep in mind that was an employee and the owners and managers are super friendly people. It's a little operation and they seem to really take pride in their food and appreciate their customers. I'm sure they would also appreciate your feedback and apologize for the insult. Mesa Pizza is a hidden little gem on the hill and I would hate to see them lose business because of a little punk delivery driver. Last delivery I had did take some time, maybe 45 minutes, but the pizza was outstanding and the delivery guy was really nice. If it's a little cold I put it on a large skillet on low heat and start peeling slices off after about 10 minutes (nice crispy crust and the cheese is hot again), or put in a really hot oven for a very short time.

Reviewer: Elizabeth from Santa Barbara, CA
First off, I feel terrible that it has come down to writing this review. I have been a loyal mesa customer for 7 years. Customer service has NEVER been their strength, but it didnt matter because their PIZZA is incredible! So, when the person over the phone told me they were busy and it would be an hour wait, that was fine. Two hours passed, and still no pizza. I called back just to cancel the pizza, and was told the delivery person was lost in my neighborhood and will call me. (WE LIVE BEHIND CITY COLLEGE, ON THE MESA) Fifteen minutes later, got the call, and got a COLD pizza. My husband went to the door and explained we could not accept the pizza. We still tipped because they came all the way over, and understood it was a busy night. However, this is what got me: My first language is Spanish. I know it was a busy night, but you do not need to call my fair skinned husband a "crazy f*ing vanilla b*tch" in my language, to your boss over the phone, while walking away. I have always able to ignore terrible customer service, but this comment after waiting 2hours and 15 minutes did it for me. Dominoes Pizza arrived 15 minutes after we called them. It was hot y delicioso!

Aweful experience, good pizza
Reviewer: Tracy from Santa Barbara, CA
My family orders from Mesa pizza pretty frequently. Sometimes we order delivery, some times we pick it up. On a Saturday afternoon at 4:15 we called in to place an order for delivery. It was explained to us that delivery did not start until 5pm. We said that was fine, we needed the pizza by 5:30. I would think the pizza would be cooked and ready to go by the time delivery started. By 5:30 it had been over an hour since we placed the order and we still had not received the delivery, so we called back. We were very frustrated and hungry, only to get the run-around from multiple people over the phone. Eventually they apologized and said it would be there any minute. By 6:00pm the pizza still had not arrived. We called back AGAIN. By this time we asked for the order to be comped. We had ordered 2 large pizzas and a family size salad. Despite these mistakes and our bill upwards of $60, they only offered to comp a $9 salad. After 2 hours and much arguing, the order finally showed up. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE and something we, as lifetime Mesa residents, will not forget. Luckily the pizza was good. I'm giving a half star because I feel sorry for the guy who had to deliver the food.

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