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Chubbies Hamburgers
2908 De La Vina St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 687-7113

Reviews by the General Public

BEST IN TOWN, 11/19/2018
Reviewer: Mark O. from Santa Barbara
There is no better burger, hands down. You can read the Independent through the wrapper, enough said. If its not a "cheat day" don't go there, go next door or across the street for a low fat low carb tasteless meal, but when you crave a classic, hard to find greasy burger that melts in your mouth then make it a Chubbies. Hey, hand it to them for keeping it real with the name,,, right?

If food is great, Service is Unimportant.
Reviewer: Burgermeister from Santa Barbara, CA
So many reviewers complain about the sullen or uncheerful service. If the food is good, overlook the sullenness. The workers are probably underpaid so they don't owe you anything. Just pray nobody is spitting in the food. Even in nice places I've heard it happens; that's why I never show attitude. And be grateful there's a Chubbies there instead of a huge franchise which truly is something to avoid.

Reviewer: Meridith from Santa Barbara, CA
The food is bland, the cooks are sullen and rude. The price is low so maybe that is why people like it. Dreadful

Best burger!
Reviewer: Debra from Lake Worth, Fla.
Grew up in California when A&W was around.Now I live in Florida, and if I had the money to fly there once a week, I would. Never found another burger to compare until now. All I have to is YUMMY!

Best Burger
Reviewer: Matthew from Santa Barbara, CA
I've been going here for years and its simply the BEST Burger in Santa Barbara...Under $7 you get fries, drink and an amazing burger. The lettuce makes the burger for me. Don't waste your time with the Habit.

Great Cheese Burgers
Reviewer: Brent from Santa Barbara, CA
I love Chubbies. My favorite cheese burgers around. Lot's of lettuce, pickles, onions, tomato,all the good stuff. I go there with friends and we all agree, Chubbies is the best burgers hands down. I wish there was one in Goleta so I could eat there more often. I Love Chubbies! Only thing I'd change is the soda selection. I'd rather have 7up or DP. Mmmmm Chubbies!!!

Nice burger...who cares what the service is like...
Reviewer: Brian Molina from Santa Barbara, CA a counter. Jeez, if your expectations of "service" at a walk up counter consist of an ass-kissing, then go elsewhere. Any place that utilizes beef patties from Shalhoob are going to be high on my list. Keep it up Chubbies!

It's just a burger joint, not a 5 star restaurant...
Reviewer: Amanda from Santa Barbara, CA
Chubbies burgers are the perfect hangover burger. No shortage of cheese, onions grilled perfectly, just enough lettuce and tomato and the epitome of the greasy burger that you know you crave every couple of months. The women who work behind the counter do seem like they hate every person that walks in the door, but guess what? They can make a mean burger, fries and milk shake! If you walk into a place like Chubbies w/ 4 parking spots and only 5 indoor tables expecting a fine dining experience you're guaranteed to be disappointed. Just grub and go. Oh, and guy who thinks that the women have a problem with men- don't be offended or take it personally. It's not men, they don't like anyone that walks in that door no matter what their gender. It's like the lady who makes the tortillas at SuperRica. She hates everyone too, but those are some mighty fine tortillas all the same!

Look at the profile pic of this place and
Reviewer: The Hammer from Santa Barbara, CA
tell me what kind of 'service' you should expect to get. To me service means someone comes up to you and takes your order. If you go to a counter, give them your order and your money and they give you your food, then there is no real service to be had. End of story. If they mess up your order or you find a hair then they should make it right, otherwise sit down enjoy the burger and shake and go home. Until you spend a day behind said counter and see how it feels to deal with someone like you, stop your complaining.

A great and easy cheesy
Reviewer: Michael from Santa Barbara, CA
First, I am trying to figure out how The Habit became the center of the Burger Universe as far as locals are concerned. Chubbies is a completely different burger people! There are different burgers in the world! If you need to compare (which means you are not reviewing, but instead comparing), then use In-n-out as the other side (fried over char). Now, Chubbies makes a great burger! I go there, not for the service, but for the food. Get a the burger and fries, grab the paper and chill outside. It can not be beat! Not by The Habit and not by In-n-out. Chubbies, local, tasty and inexpensive.

Hey, Kayla, I went there again today
Reviewer: Mike from Santa Barbara, CA
Sorry, Kayla if you thought I had the attitude, think again. As the customer I expect friendly service. This I didn't get and never have here. Maybe the people that work here have a grudge against men. I love the burgers and fries at Chubbies, that's why I came back. But the same gals and the same bad service prevail.

Don't look at the walls...
Reviewer: Tom from Santa Barbara, CA
The burgers and fries are better than the Habit. The cleanliness is lacking as is the service. The walls are gross. Invest in some art to at least distract from all the grime. I thought I heard the lady grunt when I asked for some napkins, she certainly doesn't smile. Hey lady, turn that frown upside down and the burger will taste all that much better.

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