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Cliff's & Co.
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2011-01

1919 Cliff Dr, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 965-7757

Reviews by the General Public

Love Cliffe's (as it used to be called), 1/18/2013
Reviewer: Maggie from Santa Barbara, CA
I loved this restaurant. All these bitchy little comments have put a good restaurant out of business.

Great place on the Mesa, 4/27/2010
Reviewer: Dennis from Santa Barbara, CA
My wife and I have eaten here several times over the last couple of weeks having recently moved to the Mesa. Every meal has been outstanding and the service has been friendly and fairly quick. The tri-tip and chicken are very tasty (sorry Chicken Ranch, they've got you beat) and you must try the ranch potatoes as a side. Burgers have also been great, and my wife is a fan of the salads. For inexpensive, yet delicious, high-quality food, check out Cliff and Co!

Always great customer service!, 5/21/2009
Reviewer: Traci FitzGerald from Santa Barbara, CA
We ordered our usual pineapple and jalapeno pizza and as always, it's the best in town! And thank you to the management team for hiring such a great staff. They are always courteous and friendly which makes our dining experience all the more better. My fav is a late Sunday afternoon lunch sunning on the patio :)

Nice people, more for take out, 5/8/2009
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
They have a wide selection of food there, I guess they do catering and its like a catering menu(they do deliver too). Food I got was Ok. I would not recommend eating there for any kind of formal thing, the inside smells musty and with the open doors have flies. They do have lots of outdoor seating for lunch which is where I would sit if I was eating there. Its been around a long time and they probably need a remodel to freshen things up, it used to be pretty popular 15-20 years ago.

Reviewer: Myron from Santa Barbara, CA
They are trying to cover way too many genres of food when they can't even get a bbq tri tip right. I ordered the tri tip special and it came out cold, tasting like cardboard. The beans and potatoes tasted bland, just like the corn tortilla. I had never eaten there but always saw the outdoor bbq going on during the weekends. I was fooled. LEARN HOW TO MARINATE AND TASTE YOUR FOOD BEFORE OFFERING IT TO CUSTOMERS!!!!I was embarrased taking my friend there. Never will go back, and others should stay clear of this place. OVER PRICED FOR BLAND TASTING FOOD!!!

Super food and service!, 11/16/2008
Reviewer: Becky from Santa Barbara, CA
Well, I had been here once before over a year ago, and don't remember much about it, and decided to go there on a break between classes because my fiance wanted a burger and we were pretty much limited to the Mesa. I am so glad we went there! I am vegetarian, and the veggie burger was superb and didn't taste fake at all. My fiance had a bacon cheeseburger with onion rings and loved that as well. But by far, the best part was our cashier/server. He was a college-age guy with long blonde hair, and had the BEST customer service ever! He thanked us for dining there, checked on us without being intrusive, and was genuinely happy to be working there. We will be back for sure.

what has happened?, 7/27/2008
Reviewer: ellie anschuetz from santa barbara, ca
We have been eating and ordering to-go food for years. One of our favorites has been the Laurel Burger. I guess we refuse to give up on this choice. Last night, again, it came with NO GARLIC. This is the 3rd time this has happened even though when calling in the order we remind them to make sure it has garlic. Finally giving up on the Laurel and the other burgers- we always ask for rare and alway come well done. I realize there is a standing cook time, but we live 3 blocks away. Justie- everything has always been good- have you changed cooks? Ellie and Chuck

Bad food, 3/15/2008
Reviewer: Kate from Santa Barbara, CA
Your review of Cliff & Co.: We ordered dinner at Cliffs a few weeks ago. My husband ordered a BLT which was fine, but unfortunately I had ordered fish and chips which proved to be a mistake. The fish was heavily breaded (mostly breading, in fact) and it was overcooked to boot. Then, when I peeled the breading off I discovered that the fish meat was dark. This isn't a good quality for fish because the dark meat is always way too fishy. The fries and coleslaw were fine. I hesitate to go back due to all the negative reviews I've read and now writing my own.

Strange..., 2/18/2008
Reviewer: Joyce from Santa Barbara, CA
It's funny, because my husband and I are regulars at the Palace Grill. We come here, and we realized the strangest thing! It seems like this place just ripped off everything from the Palace. The menu isn't exactly the same, but close enough. They basically took the best things from the Palace, that is everything but the service...horrible!! We ordered our food, and our server apparently forgot to ask us for drinks! We tried to flag people down, but they had horrible tunnel vision, and we were completely ignored. Finally, when we got our food, and had someone's attention, we ordered a bottle of wine, which took to nearly to the end of our meal to get it. To be fair, this was our first visit, so maybe we'll try it again, but for now we're sticking with our favorite.

customer service, 11/6/2007
Reviewer: abigail from ojai, CA
i just ordered a bunch of food for my family and i just want everyone to know that if you have any trouble at all you should have JOLIE take care of you. she is just amazing! she took care of everything she really is a great worker and just such a wonderful young woman. i just absolutely adore her!!!! go jolie!!!!!

Who owns this place!, 10/10/2007
Reviewer: Thomas from Santa Barbara
On occasion we order delivery from cliffs hoping the food will get better. However, tonight has got to be the worst experience for us. We ordered $57.25 of food and thats not including the tip. We got our order about 45 min later and found that the cheese burger was dry and over cooked and did not have cheese on it. Also this would be the second time I did not recieve my side of bread that comes with my meal. I called and asked if they could deliver my bread and she said " You really want me to deliver your bread even though it is late" I said normaly I would not but this is the second time. So said she would send the bread As soon as they can and they would send me a comp ticket for a free meal.Well that sounds good if I am willing to eat there again. Who every owns this resturant needs to re-think things over otherwise they might be out of business. Judge for your self and write a review here maybe the owner will see how bad things are.

ewww, 7/28/2007
Reviewer: Bryan from SANTA BARBARA
I've ordered from this place atleast 4 or 5 times. I'd say that maybe 2 of those times it has been decent. But this last time was the final straw. I ordered the turkey sandwhich. I didn't realize until after eating a few bites, that the other side of the bread was extremely moldy. It was like a pinkish red mold. Disgusting! I called them immediately. They were nice about it. That's why I'm giving the service 4 stars. They gave me back everything I paid for the entire meal, which was about 25 dollars, and they made me a brand new order at no cost. So that was nice. But this place is just really not very good. Eat at your own risk.

not too good, 7/27/2007
Reviewer: Jenille from Santa Barbara
I live close to this place and wanted to check it out. There is a sign up that says please expect 15 to 20 mins for your food. After 45 minutes we finally got our food, and it was not good. The mashed potatoes were at least a day old, the tri tip was cooked till it was hard and had no taste, the burger was way over cooked. The onion rings were pretty good. I would not recommend this place or go back again.

Used to be great....very disappointed lately, 6/19/2007
Reviewer: JSV from Santa Barbara
This used to be one of the best low key restaurants in SB. Inexpensive, fast, great atmosphere, delicious and extensive menu. The last few times I have been there, I noticed that the tables are always sticky, we have had to wait an unusually long time to get our food (so long that we considered going to McDonalds) and the manager/owner was rude. After 25 minutes waiting for our food, our daughter received fish and chips instead of chicken strips. She didnt realize it was fish when she bit into it, and the manager wanted to charge us to get the order right. Then, after waiting another 20 minutes we received the chicken strips and they were raw in the middle. I used to recommend Cliff's to everyone, but I would not recommend them to anyone today. Its really a shame.

Try the ranchero burger, 1/8/2007
Reviewer: Oscar from Bakersfield
These burgers are what burgers are suppose to be man!!!!!!!! Try the ranchero burgers. They cook the food really well. Onion rings are excellent. Better ask for a to go box man, because platters are huge.!!!!!!

What I Expected, 11/17/2006
Reviewer: Eric from santa barbara, ca
Went in for some fried food (chicken tenders / onion rings). The chicken was good, but the onion rings were reallly oily (even for onion rings.) I went during lunch and there was absolutly no one there, but it was obvious that they were doing a lot of delivery business and that it took priority. However they did bring me my food and were more than happy to bring me some silverware/sauces that they forgot to bring out with my food. Not the cheapest, but it's the best fried food i've found on the mesa.

yummy everything... , 5/23/2006
Reviewer: April from Santa Barbara, CA
loved this place ever since I was little! still do.

Great food - fast delivery, 1/27/2005
Reviewer: Jill from Santa Barbara, CA
Best delivery food in Santa Barbara. Personal favorites: 1/2 Cobb Salad (it´s huge!) and their homemade Clam Chowder.

Great chicken pizza!, 10/24/2004
Reviewer: Karen Wiginton from Chillicothe, Ohio
My husband & I love to eat here. Everyone is friendly and the food is delicious with nice size portions.

Walk in customers are secondary to their catering business, 7/24/2004

I wasn´t impressed with the service, food and above all the prices. I think the prices are to keep the walk-in crowd at a minimum so they can concentrate on their catering business. Well anyway, that´s my totally honest opinion.

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