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Dublin's Sports Grill
910 Embarcadero Del Norte, Isla Vista
Phone: (805) 685-1503

Reviews by the General Public

slow service and overpriced beer
Reviewer: Matt from Santa Barbara, CA
I've been here a few times to shoot pool and have a beer or two after a rough day at the office. For the kind of place it is the pool tables are in pretty good shape, but man the beer is just too expensive. Half of the time the pitchers and glasses aren't even clean. I don't think the place even has a dishwasher. Most of the time you have to wait to get served bc there is only 1 bartender in there and i know it is just a college job but hustle around the place. Just save yourself some time and effort, go to Gio's, cheaper beer and quicker service.

So for a fair review... Dublin's ain't that bad... for IV
Reviewer: Lex Robinson from Goleta, CA
Everyone loves or hates dublins. It is the arch rival of study hall (a very fun bar - though compact). The owner is apparently a jerk, who ate one of my friends chicken fingers when he went to pee. The bar could use more people, and more effort to draw people in. Better management, more than one bartender working, etc Now the few times I have went in (which why i give a fair review) is because the bartender was nice, she gave me discounted beer, as the other bartender talked sports with me. They made those 5 dollar all you can eat hotwings/chicken fingers which were in my opinion delicious. And I had a lot of them. Dublins, your alright in my eyes. Ill be back.

so so
Reviewer: Chris Ramirez from SB
yeah well the food might not be so good but not all bartenders are first timers. The idiot that wrote that probably only knows how to order a mai tai anyway. Dublins isn't the best place to eat but its the best place to have a beer and play some pool. The best thing to do is start at dublins and head downtown!

Lesser of two evils
Reviewer: Matt Hawkins from Isla Vista, Ca
I think Dublins is the better of the only two "bars" in Isla Vista, the other being the cramped "study hall". While its not a place you'll write home about, for local students its the ideal place to assemble for a drink or five. REASONS to go to Dublins: Drink Alcohol legally, free billiards, photohunt, air hockey, TV(s) for sporting events, a 1-five minute bike ride from your house or school.

Reviewer: Tyler Durden from Santa Barbara, CA
This place is your run of the mill bar pretending to be a restaurant. Flashing televisions for your jingoist fantacies, and very limited menu to back up the people. The previous 5 star reviews couldn't be more obvious shameless self promotion. PATHETIC! what does it say about a place when in order to get a good review they have to write one themselves?won't see me there!

Who wrote those other reviews, the staff at Dublin's?
Reviewer: David from Isla Vista
Gimme a break. This is a podunk college bar. The bartenders are all first timers. A good place to go if you are a student. This place rarely has more than 10 people in it. The food consists of french fries. That's it. But maybe it is the seedy atmosphere that makes it so much fun. See you there!

kareoke was motivation to go to dublins
Reviewer: keith mccawley from santa barbara
i.v. was pretty boring when i was there, but dublins kareoke was a reason to go.

The Best
Reviewer: Ze'Gui from Sao Paulo/Brazil
I came to visit from Brazil and this is the most fun place I've been in this town

Thirst Quencher
Reviewer: Dave from Isla Vista, CA
Best college bar in IV. Great atmosphere with free pool, air hockey, & plasmas showing all the games. It's a great place to grab a cold one and meet up with friends or get a great cheap bite. CHEERS!!!!


Best IV kareoke!!!

When in I.V. this is the place to be.
Reviewer: Rich
Fun energetic atmosphere. I just loved the burger deal and i have also enjoyed the fish and chips.Free pool and strong drinks makes this one of my favorites.Also really fun Karaeoke on tuesday´s.

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