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D'Vine Cafe
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2014-04

205 W. Canon Perdido, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 963-9591

  • Category: Deli, Smoothies
  • Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-4pm, Sat 11am-3pm
  • Price: < $10
  • Serving: Breakfast & Lunch
  • Reservations: No
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Reviews by the General Public

Excellent is an understatement, 11/11/2011
Reviewer: Sabine from Santa Barbara, CA
D'Vine is over the top in quality, service, and selections. Each sandwich is piled high for the price, I usually can only eat one half and save the other half for later...and all the meats, veggies, cheeses are excellent quality! The staff and owner (who is pretty handsome) provide great service, and always make you feel like family. The atmosphere is comfy and funky, and you really get a great deal of food for your cash. Can't beat this place anywhere in town.

comparing to silvergreens -really ??, 10/10/2011
Reviewer: james from Santa Barbara, CA
ok silvergreens has longer hours . But the comparing stops there .Try a breakfast burito at silvergreen and you will be a de vine dude forever . De vine has specials daily that are very good . Most other deli s do not run specials and their speciality is a little higher price then de vine .I go there most days .VERY RARE do i miss a day . CAN THEY CHANGE UP ON THEIR SHOWCASE items once in a while = sure . run a new one give an old one a break. . But other then that . They have the best staff . And fruit in a market ? = well at a deli or coffee shop is always higher then at a market .NOW i will say i do not like their coffee it tastes like santa barbara roasting company coffee . But the only coffee i like it tea leaf on state st . across from crappy starbucks. Yes it is good to use local but oh my not when the coffee is this crappy . So my only gripes are maybe a different item in the showcase once in a while and the coffee is as bad as canned coffee .

great salads and sammys, 7/20/2011
Reviewer: Donna from Santa Barbara, CA
I really love this place, has been my fav for years. However they keep making their serving portions smaller in the salads. Why the cut in greens? doesn't make any sense. Container has gone from full to not even half full anymore.

Good Food/Service, 6/6/2011
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Good stuff here with overflowing sandwiches. The decor is a little funky with art stuff but the owner wants to show local artist stuff. I am surprised that this place has not branched out ala Panino or South Coast Deli which these sandwiches rival. People are nice here and there does appear to be strong repeat customer business. Silvergreens is a bit different than here but both places are good, Silvergreens has expanded too though so I wonder why this place has not, been there 5+ years.

Simply...divine, 6/2/2011
Reviewer: Andy from Santa Barbara, CA
Rockin' neighborhood cafe. Everything about this place is sweet. I eat here at least twice a day. Their espresso is ground on the spot and they use an old-school, manual espresso machine. You know, the one where you actually have to work the thing, not press buttons. The blueberry muffins are awesome and cooked on site (as are there other pastries/cookies). Lunch is great, price is fair for the quality and quantity of food. The service is great, staff is always friendly, and they bring you your food! Milkshakes: Real Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream...need I say more? Strawberry milkshake made with real strawberries and vanilla ice cream..seriously delicious. Bonus 1: Online ordering ( how cool is this? You point, click, type and BAM show up and it's made! It can get busy, so if you're in a rush, this is perfect! Bonus 2: Parking...they have a parking lot (rarity for downtown) and street parking is abundant. Bonus 3: Attitude...the staff appears genuinely happy, courteous, and wants to help you. The only thing you will not like about D'vine is the fact that they aren't open every hour of every day. Alas, you can't always get what you want (speaking of which, the music selection they play is bodacious too).

Silvergreens!!!!! How Dare You, 2/17/2011
Reviewer: Michael Jensen from Santa Barbara, CA
I read a review that said take your money down to Silvergreens....I nearly choked on my delicious D'vine sandwich when I saw that. I am not saying that silvergreens makes bad food, but D'vine is a local business with great prices and delicious food ( I recommend the Greek salad). Also, D'vine has the best customer service. I eat a D'vine sandwich almost everyday for lunch and I have never once had a problem or dislike what I got. Lots of meat, good veggies, and again awesome greek salad. Another review commented on the price of their banana's, saying that it was cheaper to go to Trader Joe's....well I will save my choice words for a swearing contents. If you want inexpensive quality produce go to Tri-County Produce Duh!!!!!!

nice location, friendly staff, lousy food, 9/24/2010
Reviewer: Lexi from Santa Barbara, CA
I used to frequent this restaurant as I love the outdoor dining and I loved their sandwiches. I have been sad to find the past 2 experiences here have been mediocre at best. The first time, I ordered the caprese sandwich, which was very greasy and left me with a stomach ache (not because of the cheese, but they put WAY too much butter on the bread). The last visit, I had the D'Vine wrap, which one would think would be good since they put their name on it. The tortilla was stale and the wrap was basically tasteless. Very disappointing to see the quality decline, as they still have very friendly staff and a great location.

Best Lunch Spot In Santa Barbara, 9/20/2010
Reviewer: Brian from Santa Barbara, CA
D'vine is simply the best place in town to get lunch or breakfast. Everything on the menu is amazing and you have the choice of creating your own sandwich if you so choose. My personal favorite is the Chicken Melt... TRY IT. The Service is unbeatable too, everyone always has a smile on their face and are happy to be there.

Best burger on the South Coast, 3/21/2010
Reviewer: Dan Montello from Santa Barbara, CA
A charming, locally owned, and most friendly spot for breakfast or lunch. I swear the burgers are the best you will find at any restaurant or cafe around. Great meat, proper fat content, nice bun, cooked pink if you want it (I do), and choice of cheeses. Get 'er done. If you want big and cheap, go somewhere else.

RIP OFF!, 2/10/2010
Reviewer: karen thomas from Goleta, ca
I know econimic times are hard..but.. the food portions have gotten itsy bitsy! A build your own half sandwich is about three bites. And the price has only gotten higher. Take your money and walk a block east to Silvergreens. Check out the banana price $.75 for one. Trader Joes $.19 The only positive - the service.

they always have a good crew working here . , 11/3/2009
Reviewer: bruce from Santa Barbara, CA
dave is the bomb . i only eat there 6 days a week. as they are closed on sunday. i try other places when i am busy downtown . but it is just the other places food suck.and at a little extra cost too. and the people working there are out to lunch themselves .so i always return to dvine . i only been going there since day one . the service is dvive . the atmosphere is as i would like . as i go and kick back and read my mail and write checks for my bills . or read the news .

What a Wonderful Place, 7/27/2009
Reviewer: K. W. from Santa Barbara, CA
We order food from D'Vine for our office meetings. Normally when you order in bulk, the food tends to be small with less attention to detail. This is definately not the case with D'Vine! They have great sandwiches and our orders are always made on time. If you are looking to cater your office meetings, D'Vine is your spot!!!

BEST IN TOWN!, 11/21/2008
Reviewer: Linda from Santa Barbara, CA
We discovered Dvine when we had business across town. We now make the effort to drive over there just for their food. EXCELLENT egg, tuna and chicken salad. We have never been disappointed in the food or service. If they were closer, we would go every day.

up to par in every way!, 10/21/2008
Reviewer: Justin from Santa Barbara, CA
I agree with the reviews below, extra friendly staff, small business feel,great sides and never had a bad sandwich. Convienent location and very reasonable prices. Nice outside paito which provides more seating than your average deli. Second favorite deli in SB.

I love this place!, 10/10/2008
Reviewer: Elizabeth from SB
I love this place the more I go to it. The food is always delicious and consistent. The staff is extra friendly and helpful. My family loves the Wednesday special, chicken pot pie. Try a smoothie and a chocolate peanut butter bar for a special treat-they are doubly delicious.

Miss You Guys!, 10/10/2008
Reviewer: Don from Santa Barbara, CA
I really miss this place since I started working out here in Goleta. Great food served up in a friendly atmosphere. Always interesting art on the walls and the best breakfast burrito in town!

Just great, 10/2/2008
Reviewer: Christina from Santa Barbara, CA
I ordered a grilled cheese and was expecting something very simple, but their version exceeded my expectations greatly! D'Vine is so great; I look forward to coming back!

Friendly Food that can't be beat, 9/8/2008
Reviewer: Scott from Santa Barbara, CA
It's a treat for me if I get the chance to pick up Lunch at the D'Vine cafe. Though it's not on the menu, the Moonshine (Sunshine with Turkey) is probably my favorite sandwich in Santa Barbara. Additionally, the workers there have always been some of the friendliest people you'll have the pleasure of buying lunch from. You'll see the same faces for years working there - which really says something if you ask me. My only advice is to either beat, or wait out the lunch rush. While ordering online or by phone is a breeze, you'll still have to wait in line to pay.

divinity !!!, 6/14/2008
Reviewer: Seeky from santa barbara,ca
D'vine is divine !!!!! I cant get enough

I love this place, 11/19/2007
Reviewer: Deryn from Santa Barbara
I have been going to d'vine on a regular basis (we are talking about 3 or 4 times a week) for the last few years. It is the best place to get some lunch in this town, and I work in a restaurant myself! The staff is so friendly-- they work their butts off an make exceptionally good food. Every person I introduce to d'vine becomes an instan fan, or as I say, "addict". Actually, all this typing has made me hungry--I am going to get a sandwich right now!

Best Sandwich in Town, 11/14/2007
Reviewer: Ryan L. Morelli from SB, CA
I've never in my entire life had a better tuna sando AND I'm a food snob. If you disagree with me, I'd like to hear about it!!

my lunch FAVORITE!, 10/5/2007
Reviewer: Berenice from Santa Barbara
Absolutely delicious and fresh!! Group efforts from staff really come through. My usual is the cold roast beef sandwich with a side of greek salad, everything is always amazing.

It's been years and we're coming back to eat!, 9/16/2007
Reviewer: David F from OC, CA
We ate at D'Vine everyday of our vacation several years ago (lunch) and are excited to see they are alive and well. The food is great and the service fast and friendly. Great to eat there or to go. Can't wait--we'll see you in October!

Great sandwiches!, 1/30/2007
Reviewer: Eric from Santa Barbara, CA
At least once a week someone from our office gets lunch here. Every time the food has been great. Although busy at lunch, you can place an order online for quick pickup.

yummy!!, 1/22/2007
Reviewer: kt cleary from santa barbara, ca
i LOVE their sandwiches. service is always fast/friendly and it's a great downtown location - not far from State Street. i recently had to go to see what all the fuss was about and now i understand!! i highly recommend the turkey/cranberry sandwich as well as the chicken salad.

sandwiches mmmmmmmm, 6/13/2006
Reviewer: desiree from santa barbara, ca
okay if you get the chance to go to d'vine get a salami, provolone, chedar, on sourdough, with lettuce, and mayo, pepperchini, onions, and bacon. it is by far the best sandwich ever. and the service is amazing.

Dijon Chicken die for!, 1/13/2006
Reviewer: Jennifer from Santa Barbara, CA
Love this salad...I can't stop coming back for more...

very good food, friendly service, 7/27/2005
Reviewer: Ben from Santa Barbara
Its a great place to eat lunch, Great food friendly people. ordering online is so easy and fast.The only complaint is the way you order your lunch when you haven't ordered online. you need to stand in two lines, one to order and one to pay. very confusing for the new customers.

I always come back for more, and I bring a friend!, 3/1/2005
Reviewer: Ernesto from Downtown Santa Barbara
You are one of the most consistant cafe/deli´s in town. Your staff is great, the specials are always interesting to try. You guys have figured out what Santa Barbara wants...good food...good a comfortable environment...Good job!

service, 2/8/2005

I thought the service sucked I wish the young girls could take an order and get it right the first time! the sandwich was not that great just below average like the products were bought at smart and final. I wont try it anytime soon....... I would recommend they spend a little more time traing there help. and buy fresh food to make there sandwiches

Great breakfast spot, 12/13/2004

The food is well-prepared and the orange juice is the best in town. I´ve always found the service to be friendly and attentive, as well.

WOW!, 11/13/2004
Reviewer: Deni from Santa Barbara, CA
I do not know if I keep coming back because the sandwiches are so artesanally great or for the umbelievable sweetness of the girls who take your order and lovingly prepare your food.

Try the Pastrami, 10/29/2004
Reviewer: Vegas from Santa Barbara
This is a great sandwich shop in a great loaction, just a few blocks from the heart of downtown. I have eaten there many times and have always been very satisfied. The outdoor seating could be increased, but if you find a spot on a sunny afternoon, it only adds to the enjoyment. Try the Pastrami with spicy mustard and extra pickels.

Everything is delicious!, 10/13/2004

I go to D´vine at least 3 times a week, their sandwiches are excellent and the tomato-blue cheese or tomato-basil soups are, well, D´VINE!! The Wednesday chicken pot pie is a must-try too. Everything is fresh and homemade and wonderful! Sometimes it takes a little while to get your order but that´s easy to fix- just order online at and then go pick it up! The people are very friendly, too!

Greate People and Great Food, 7/24/2004
Reviewer: Dan Elder from Santa Barbara, CA USA
I only wish they still served breakfast on weekends as the food was fantastic and very reasonably priced. If only more people had known about it.

Yummy Yummy In My Tummy, 5/11/2004

I am always on the look-out for a good sandwich place. I was excited when I first got a glimpse of their menu, and thrilled when I tasted my sandwich. They have a great selection, including veggie options, and they will deliver too! Every time that I have eaten there, the interaction is pleasant, the food is fabulous and the price is definitely do-able. I highly recommend D´Vine as a great little lunch stop. (And they are always packed in the morning too, so I can´t wait to hop over for breakfast!)

Great lunch, 5/10/2004

This was my first time, and I´ll definitely be back for more. A great tasting pastrami sandwich....and I was able to order it just the way I like it. The service was fantastic, and the food was just as great. I love all the available ordering, fax, phone, etc.

Fantastic, 4/9/2004

I really miss the weekend brunch! It was the best food and great value s well.

Fresh, friendly, healthy, 4/5/2004

This is a great little deli which offer daily specials that are good. You can get custom made sandwiches for a decent price and if you´re willing to pay a bit more, order off the daily specials menu up on the board. The owner is active and friendly and you won´t find many more places that compare with this place. They also sell wines, have coffee and tea with a nice outside sitting area.

D´Vine is DIVINE, 3/5/2004

this place is great . . . great atmosphere . . . great food . . . great service . . . reasonable prices . . . the owner is always there and wants only the best for his customers . . . plus a convenient location close to paseo nuevo

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