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Panino - Downtown
834 Santa Barbara St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 963-3700

Reviews by the General Public

It's not me, it's you...
Reviewer: Rob from Santa Barbara, CA
I've been eating here since they opened, always been one of my most favorite sandwiches in town. Service is always friendly and with a smile, I love Panino. When I started going here, my favorite sandwich was something around $5.95, I think, and over the years I've watched it climb in price until today, $11.50 for the #8 Italian Combo. Are you serious? I'm breaking up with you Panino, it's not me, it's you, I can't afford your extravagant lifestyle any longer.

Overpriced canned products
Reviewer: David from Santa Barbara, CA
Really does anyone make a good sandwich? Nothing is made in house, it's all store bought bread, canned artichokes, I mean it does not take much around here for people to like something as long as it's just there. Overpriced nothing special that I can't make at home. Besides being a really cute location I rather spend my money elsewhere. PS when you pick up a sandwich everything should not fall out of it and when it's canned products I am not even that upset that they do fall out. Service is friendly and fine just poor food.

Raised Their Prices
Reviewer: Alex from Santa Barbara, CA
Although Panino is a very good sandwich, it's not a lot and it's expensive. I thought they were expensive before they raised their prices... now it's pretty ridiculous. It's a small sandwich, I can finish both halves in a sitting and I don't eat very much. The sandwich I got before was $9 and now it's $9.50 so I don't think I'll be returning.

Good but too expensive . $9? Really?
Reviewer: Mike from Santa Barbara, CA
Good sandwiches but way too expensive for what you get. I'd rather go to Sam's To Go and get 50% more sandwich for 50% less.

Great Food, out quick, historic building
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Same good panino sandwiches(I always go Chicken Curry!) Same complaint about no soda drinks oh well I guess it keeps it upscale. Seating inside is a little limited and hot, seating outside next to SB Street. Food out extremely quick. People were very nice. Apparently this brick house was built at turn of the century. It was a part of SB China Town too, kind of neat ambiance to the place but needs ventilation! Kitty corner to the presidio.

Food was amazing, Sevice awful.
Reviewer: Kirsten from Santa Barbara, CA
I brought some first timers in, bragging about one of the best sandwiches places in town. The sandwiches were very good. I could order almost everything on the menu and be totally happy. Unfortunately the service was not. The young man working at the front didn't even greet us, just stood there and took our order. Then when time came for our food to be delivered, he just tossed the plates down and told us to figure it out. I was very disappointed in how rude he was. Not a good impression for me or my friends. Keep up the great food maybe just hire people that are little more personable.

Reviewer: Bethesba from Santa Barbara, CA
The sandwiches are always great (get the foccacia) and the people at the registers are very friendly. My usual is the #12 with no mayo add vinagrette and it's amazing. Very quick and friendly :D

Excellent Gourmet Sandwich
Reviewer: Dan from Santa Barbara, CA
I have chosen to eat at Panino many times and am always satisfied with what is delivered to me. The perfectly sliced chicken with sun dried tomatoes and bell peppers never gets old. The service is great at the one in Montecito. They are always smiling while taking the orders. Even though 10.00 a sandwich may seem like a lot, everyone needs to realize that this is not SUBWAY. It is a gournet sandwich deli that truly cares about the sandwich. It is proved when your sandwich comes out on a cibatta and honey mustard. DELICIOUS!

#12......the BEST
Reviewer: Sharon Remacle from Santa Barbara, CA
Ever since I tried #12 I have to say it is my favorite. I went there today to once again order the # 12 to go and I had to smile to myself when I heard just about every customer after me also ordering the # 12. Awesome! You have to try it. I have tried to copy it at home, but it just is not the same.

Sandwiches I crave
Reviewer: Veronica from Chicago, IL
I moved to Chicago, IL 4 1/2 years ago and I miss the sandwiches from this place. I used to visit daily for breakfast or lunch. I've tried several places out here and none compare. Its not like Chi town is lacking in restaurants and deli's they just lack the diverse sandwich menu. I wish I could just have one more sandwich. OH Wait! Which would I choose? So many options.

Reviewer: erica aldana from Santa Barbara, CA
The sandwiches here are amazing quite expensive but its totally worth it. sure they run out of bread AFTER the LUNCH RUSH 1:45 pm but thats why you are supposed to go in there before it gets all crowded and busy, also the staff there are friendly teenagers and if they "dont say hi to you or ask you how your day was".... maybe its because they are busy and they are trying to get peoples' orders in and get them out so every body can enjoy their sandwiches.BUT I RECOMMEND IT SO GO EAT THERE!!!!!

Didn't like guy on the phone
Reviewer: Shannon from Santa Barbara, CA
I order from here ALL the time. I love their food so much but the guy they have answering the phones and taking orders is an incompetent. He mumbles when he answers the phone so i had to ask if i was calling the right place. He got my order completely wrong. I asked for no cheese and i got cheese, i asked for no honey mustard and i got honey mustard. Every time i talk to this guy i get so frustrated. He needs to go. The girls are all great!

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