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Pick Up Stix
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2010-11

5701 Calle Real, Goleta
Phone: (805) 681-0300

Reviews by the General Public

Delish!, 7/26/2010
Reviewer: elle from goleta, ca
Pleasantly surprised with our visit this time around. We haven't been in a LONG time only because we were not impressed with the food (and as other reviewers have stated, the food was tasteless). We took a chance w/ the family meal and we couldn't have been more pleased! So flavorful, so delicious, and even my two year old (though not finicky), enjoyed the food! I find coupons in the weekly mailers, so take advantage of those. Docked service only because the cashier was *loudly* chewing gum, and it was just an annoyance for the short time we placed our order.

Tasteless, 5/16/2010
Reviewer: Anna from Santa Barbara, CA
I was disappointed with the food as it was pretty tasteless. Also the lettuce for the lettuce wraps had brown edges and was pretty limp. I ordered from here as my friend said their food was cooked to order, unlike Panda Express where it is sitting there for a while. Perhaps for a Saturday evening, it was just a teenager cooking the food instead of the usual experienced cook. However, the service was right on in that they included all the sauces, tableware and an extra fortune cookie.

Service was AMAZING, 12/5/2009
Reviewer: Amber from Santa Barbara, CA
I went in last weekend with my sister & the lady working behind the counter was awesome. She let us take our time discussing what we wanted & didn't rush us. She brought the food to our table & remember which one us us ordered what. That detail was above & beyond for a place where you order at a counter & they give you a number. When she say that we were done he came over to offer lids & to go bags. It really made us feel cared for & we were looking for a tip jar but there was none :(

Beef, Broccoli and Brown Sugar, 12/11/2008
Reviewer: Chuck from Santa Barbara, CA
I happened in for a rice-bowl lunch in a hurry. I was the only one waiting (at least in warm sun outside), but delivery took almost 10 minutes; nicely someone wiped down the dirty table for me. When the food finally came, the small amount of rice was hidden at the bottom of the bowl; the sauce was so sweet and sticky it should have been on oatmeal; good and hot, but not as large a serving as I usually get in a rice-bowl lunch. Luckily I like broccoli and the florets were firm and crisp. I'd go again, to give 'em another chance, but the experience was marginal.

Mmm..., 10/29/2008
Reviewer: Maria from Los Angeles, CA
What can I say? This place is delicious! I'm from L.A. and I get tired of eating Panda Express all the time. Plus like most chinese food places, it gives me gas! I'm burping the food like 4 hrs. later. That didnt happen with Pick Up Stix at all! For a fast food place, the food is pretty darn good and fresh off the wok. It's not sitting there under heat lamps, it's literally made when you order it. My order took less than 10 mins, and everything was so yummy. No complaints here. I wish we had Pick Up Stix in L.A.

Worst prepared Chinese food in state., 8/27/2008
Reviewer: Robert from Santa Barbara, CA
I recently went to Pick Up Stix and ordered the chicken teriyaki. The food was to go so it was in a air tight container which is illogical for that type of food. When I got home the soy sauce turned my white rice to a brown red color, and for whatever reason there was about a cup of sesamee seeds and poppy seeds with poorly cooked carrots and broccoli. It also was of poor taste, texture, composition, and preperation. This is what happens when you make a manufactured version of what should be authentic.

Very good food!!, 8/26/2008
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Great food here I will have to be back! Waiting for the food to come out is worth it as you can get heatlamp food over at Panda Express down the street or get freshly woked food here. And you don't have to pay the high tip sometimes hidden waiter fees of a regular Asian place. They have a varied menu covering the Asian spectrum(minus sushi of course) I will be back to try their other entrees! Only negative is if you get it to go make sure and ask for another empty carton to mix your food in as they portion rice and food separate and can be messy to go trying to combine them w/o a plate or extra carton. Brown rice highly recommended!!

pick up stix is the shit!, 6/10/2008
Reviewer: lindsey] from del mar
best food that ever existed. get orange tofu since i cannot because i have no wisdom in my teeth.

Lucky for them the food is so good, 12/9/2007
Reviewer: Bethany from Goleta, CA
I love the food here (house chicken and eggrolls-so, so good!) but the service kind of sucks. I always call my orders in and when I get there, there always seems to be a problem. Either the one staff member assigned to deal with customers is stuck taking phone orders and totally neglects everyone in line (what's the point of calling in an order so you can simply pick it up when you arrive if you're stuck in an unmoving line for 15 minutes while your food sits there?) or I arrive, pay the cashier who then forgets to actually hand me my order which is ready and waiting before turning to the next person in line or returning to the juicy gossip they were discussing with their co-worker when I walked in ("um, excuse me, are these my bags?" This has actually happened to me twice and they weren't even that busy at the time.) Like I said, lucky for them their food is so good....

always worth it, 10/22/2007
Reviewer: Hunter Orahood from Santa Barbara, Ca
This is a great pick up chicken, you can't go wrong there. Every now and again you gotta branch out and try something new off the menu...everything is decent, but I always go back to the staple (house special). The people that work here are nice and hard working! Sometimes it gets a busy and they really bust a move in there. Have aome patience, and be polite, and remember, you are not at McD's they are making your food, its not pre-made!

House Chicken is SOOOO good (:, 10/6/2007
Reviewer: melissa from Goleta
The food here is amazing, i love the house chicken and the dinner portions are more than enough! it does take some time but it can still be considered "fast food" and its worth it for the fresh and hot food you it (:

ehhh..., 10/5/2007
Reviewer: chee from sb
20 minutes' wait for an order? service was pretty slow the day I went. even though the server apologized profusely for (what I think) forgetting my order, I was not impressed with the flavor of the food. maybe it's because I'm Chinese, and this ain't traditional Chinese...but when was the last time traditional Chinese food was available in SB? overall, everything tasted like soy sauce and breaded chicken. I feel like most of the entrees start with the same base sauce, so it's hard to distinguish between one entree from the next. a plus, though, is that they offer brown rice with your entree.

Great food but..., 6/7/2007
Reviewer: Joshua from Santa Barbara, CA
First, I'd recommend calling your order ahead of time, everytime. Since they make their food fresh, it generally takes them at least 10 minutes for your meal to be ready. We ordered the Mongolian Beef, Orange Tofu, Kid's Teri Chik, and wonton soup - all very delicious and generous portions (especially the soup). Cleanliness - This has to be at least our 10th time eating here and must admit each time it gets dirtier and dirtier with new staff each and every time. Staff - They are always friendly at first...but then you see them bickering at each other. No joke, this has to be the 5th consecutive time where the co-workers are having a public spat - TAKE IT OUTSIDE OR BEHIND CLOSED DOORS! Other than the staff upset at each other, and dirty tables everywhere, the food made up for it.

YUM!, 5/25/2007
Reviewer: Emma from Goleta
Excellent and many of the dishes taste better than the local chinese restaurants...Try the wonton soup - it is a meal in itself with lots of veggies and crispy noodles on top!

Good food, nice atmosphere, 5/10/2007
Reviewer: Keith from Goleta, Ca
When I went, the guy who served us at the counter was very friendly. It was really good food. They have really good hot and sour soup. It is kind of the fast food of Chinese, but still a very good place to go. I would rate this restaurant higher, but it is on the pricey side for Chinese fast food.

ridiculous, 3/30/2007
Reviewer: Jessica Anticouni from SB
my roommate and i went to pick up stix after an unusually tough sunday funday downtown. we arrived just before 3 and went inside. we asked the cashier if we could still get the lunch special and she said yes. she told us to hold on for a minute and walked away. when she returned she asked what i would like to order and i said, "i'd like the lunch special, please." she then told me that it was now after 3 and that i could no longer order the lunch special. i was pissed off to the max and left. if the food wasnt so yummy i would have never been back. but im still pissed about that chick.

mmm..., 3/21/2007
Reviewer: Maria from Goleta, CA
Love the food. It's a great place to dine. (Try the Kung Pao Tofu.)

I love house chicken, 1/12/2007
Reviewer: cynthia langlo from goleta ca
I know one of the girls thats has been working there for the longest recommended i eat there. my family loves the house chicken and the salad is great as well as orange shrimp and we love the wontons. Its definitly american chinese and its pricy but its better than panda express in so many ways. as far as service there is always new workers there and they definitly need some work with the people skills and working in that type of atmosphere.

Healthy Chinese, 8/27/2006
Reviewer: Russell from LA area, CA
This applies to the whole Pick Up Stix chain I suppose....but it's really refreshing that there exists a chinese restaurant (a fast food chain no less!) that tastes like more than grease and empty carbs. Having a meat entree over a bed of brown rice instead of white rice seems like a minor point, but it's so much healthier, and leaves me feeling a lot better afterwards. The entrees I've tried have all been good, some spicy and some not. If you're health-conscious, order the Chicken with Vegetables over brown rice, and that's exactly what you'll get. It will possibly be the healthiest-feeling chinese restaurant meal that you've ever had. Plus, as a chinese chicken salad fan, theirs is one of the best I've had in a long time...huge, with great dressing and very fresh. The way they bring your food in quasi-takeout boxes is cute but unnecessary if you pig out on the whole thing like me. Be sure to sit near the east window so you can look toward KFC and realize how much longer you'll be living.

A Diamond In The Rough!, 1/11/2006
Reviewer: Robert from Goleta
I have said it time and again with regard to awesome restaurants in Santa Barbara. I came here 10 years ago from Palm Springs and remember all of the small high quality chinese places we had in the desert.. something Santa Barbara lacks. But, I will say that anyone in Santa Barbara caught paying $42.00 dollars a plate at a so called "high end" chinese establishment is basically a SUCKER and a FOOL as far as Im concerned. Ask any wealthy person from the desert and they will tell you that they NEVER pay full price or retail for anything....even chinese food! Which leads me to my point: Pay only a fraction of the price for $20.00 dollars for chinese food instead of practicing the dumb restaurant tactics that many in SB like to do. And in case your are wondering, Pick Up Stix is still better in quality than china pavillion and panda express.

fresh and well priced, 1/22/2005

The food was well priced and extremely fresh. It wasn´t anything special, but it was lots better than the run-of-the-mill chinese you get around SB at most of the less expensive places. I would recommend if you´re looking for tasty chinese for under 10$

wonderful , 9/27/2004

Great chinease, very fresh, not the usual fast food, run of the mill chinease that you get everywhere. There is an absolutely fresh original spin on their meals.

Loved it!, 8/25/2004

Service was great and the food was fresh and delicious!

long wait decent food, 5/27/2004
Reviewer: G
long wait decent food

yum!, 4/30/2004

Great food and very reasonable prices. California style fresh chinese food.

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