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Sam's To Go - Goleta
6831 Hollister Ave, Goleta
Phone: (805) 685-3022

Reviews by the General Public

Go To Sandwich place for the area
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
The sandwiches here are really good, hard to beat for any sandwich place in the area. Assembly line goes pretty quick(just get everything when they ask in my opinion) They also have in store wifi. Try this over Subway a couple of businesses down.

Best Sandwiches in town
Reviewer: Patrick Smith from Santa Barbara, CA
I had lunch at this location multiple times. It's very clean. Their pesterami sandwich on whole wheat bread is the best in town. I also recommend turkey and avacado on wheat. I think their secret is in using fresh baked bread and good quality ingredients daily. The workers are very nice and polite. You can not even compare it to Subway!

Pretty Clean. Food Tasty
Reviewer: Martin from Goleta, CA
Sam's was strongly recommended by friends, who brought us here for the first time. This review is after our fourth time here grabbing a sandwich for supper. The place has not very crowded, and therefore little to no waiting. The clientele here have been low-key like us; quiet. The staff has been very polite, but their limited command of English means that a whole lot of interaction isn't going to happen. The restaurant has been nice and clean each visit. We tend to be on the 'veggie' side, and the food has been fresh. Had a 'veggie burger sub' today, and it was a hit. The prices are reasonable too, and the whole combination will keep us coming again. Some day, we'll come at lunch time and try out the salad bar, which is supposed to be good too.

Rude people, mediocre sandos
Reviewer: alisa in sb from Santa Barbara, CA
I wondered if it was something I said! The servers were unbelievably rude, unsmiling, disinterested, monosyllabic. I have always had great food and service at the Sam's on Hollister, but these sandwiches were stale. I will never return.

only average
I ordered the extra large family size sandwhich,It was average at best.low quality turkey roll,bland bread,and I thought that the value was not their.However the lunch special was a value packed for 5 bucks including chips and a soda.

Good food
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
I went there and did not have any problems, I had a good bbq beef sandwich. Sandwich was up quick too. Worth a try to see if you like it or not. Lots of seating. No fountain drinks, just have bottled/canned. Easy parking. They used the plastic on the hands while making the food and took it off for the cash.

Forget the "Improvement" Stuff!
Reviewer: John Forester from Goleta, CA
In all my life, I've never had worse service, or worse food, at any sandwich shop. And I mean ANY, ever. The guidelines for this forum instruct me to "be specific," so here goes. When we showed up -- 6:00 pm, on a Monday, although there was no one else in the store -- the woman in charge was rude to the point of sarcastic. I asked for a salami and Swiss on French, mustard only, which is what I almost always order. "We don't got Swiss," she said. [Can you imagine that, in a sandwich shop?] She started to slice some brown wheat bread, and I tried to interrupt. "On French, please," I said. "We only got wheat and white," she said, nastily. "Well then, go with the white," I replied. She glowered at me, put away the wheat bread I hadn't asked for, and produced a loaf of "white." "How long you want it?", she growled. I should have had the sense to just walk out the door -- or maybe run-- but I was hungry. So I went along with it, and just took the consequences. My wife wanted turkey and Jack, but there wasn't any turkey, and of course there wasn't any Jack. Trooper that she is, she went along with provalone (which she doesn't like), lettuce, and tomato. I'd already had my (wrong) sandwich made, after all, so we were sort of stuck. When we got to the park where we were expecting to enjoy a picnic dinner, we discovered that the bread was so extremely stale, it was inedible. The "sandwiches" ended up in the garbage can. Twelve bucks, and a lot of frustration, out the window. Don't EVER go to this place. It's an offense to common decency -- I swear it.

Disinterested ownwership
Reviewer: Jeremy from Goleta, CA
From talking to employees at various Sam's To Go locations, I have discovered that an extended family owns the chain. When I was in college my friends and I would go to the Mesa location and the owner remembered everybody's name and took great care of us. Even in Isla Vista, the students are upbeat and get their job done. That is why I was surprised when I first visited the Storke location.
A few months ago I stopped going becuase the men who made my food were so rude. Everything about the experience made me feel bad. I decided to drive to Patterson and eat at South Coast Deli instead.
Today my fiancee was at Bicycle Bob's next door and I was hungry, so I stepped in, against my better judgement. A sweet girl was at the counter and I was surprised. She was nice and made a great sandwich. I asked how long she had worked there and she told me that she actually worked at another location and was just helping out today.
To the owners: Please hire and train more employees like this girl. And remember, people don't return for the food. They return for the people. At least learn to conjure a smile when customers are in the store.

Seems to have improved
Reviewer: John Dickson from Santa Barbara, CA
The last few times I have been here the person making the sandiches were wearing gloves so either my previous experience was a unique incident or things have improved. I enjoy the turkey sandwich. Quick and filling.

Health issue at Goleta branch
Reviewer: John Dickson from Santa Barbara
Health issue at Goleta branch. I have had sandwiches here many times and it is always very good. One day, however, I went to the Goleta branch (by K-Mart) and noticed that the guy making my sandwich wore no gloves and also was touching dirty money from other customers at the cash register. Management is responsible for employee training and monitoring health issues at each of their stores. I would be interested to know what their policy is on this issue.

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