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El Bajio
129 N. Milpas St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 884-1828

  • Category: Mexican
  • Hours: Tue-Thu 6am-6:30pm, Fri-Sat 6am-8pm, Sun 6am-5pm, Mon Closed
  • Price: < $10
  • Serving: Lunch
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Reviews by the General Public

You Can Do Better, 8/9/2018
Reviewer: Tom from Carpinteria
The food is better than average. The problem is the prices. Very expensive joint for Mexican food served on paper plates with plastic silver ware. As mentioned by other raters the chips are too expensive to eat. And the salsa container is a joke. And I guess these folks have never heard the term "service with a smile". I dined here for several years before I realized there are at least 6 other Mexican restaurants on Milpas. Adios El Bajio!

Good, not great food- awful service
Reviewer: Sarah from Santa Barbara, CA
Carnitas tacos were good, but you can find them anywhere with similar flavor. Salsa containers need to be larger. They are way too small. Service? Not good at all. Are all the servers mistreated by the owners? They never smile and they made us think like we owed them something. Real weird aura there. Need to improve manners.

Gone here 25x in 6 months
Reviewer: SG from Santa Barbara, CA
Authentic, best fresh, decent all around, alittle pricey, and it was its own flavor

Great tacos
Reviewer: Glenn from Santa Barbara, CA
Jose, they ARE doing you a favor, cooking your food so you don't have to. haha :) It's a family run place, and there was a time when the father, mother and all three daughters could be seen working there. I LOVE their 3 "tacos dorados" combo (homemade hardshell tacos). Choose from different meats or veggies. I always get 1 potato and 2 carnitas (best carnitas in town). Sooooooo good. The salsas are all super spicy too. Love love love this taqueria!!!!

Reviewer: JOSE from Santa Barbara, CA

Worst service in the area, little portions and pricey
Reviewer: Ivan Kowalsky-C from Santa Paula, CA
Sorry folks but is you're trying to find a friendly place and generous portions and fair price then go to Los Aguajes. El Bajio staff seldom smiles, seem like they are slaves rather than working people. Also if you want to replace an item the look on their faces when you ask, not pleasant. Not ugly looking people though, just they are not pleasant. Wish they could change their attitute because the flavor in their food is good. Wish them well but I might not give them another try.

Great Food, Service Marginal - Check Out Recent Change
Reviewer: Joyce from Santa Barbara, CA
Food is very good (used to be fresher).....Salsas are excellent and therein lies the problem. They started serving chips a couple of years ago charging $2.00 for a modest amount....this in itself is very rare in Mexican restaurants and recently jacked that up to $2.50.....WOW!!! Back to the salsa's a serve-yourself salsa bar with one size container that holds about 1 tablespoon and is just wide enough to dip a french fry in. Not conducive for a happy chips and salsa experience. Very frustrating for a serious salsa aficionado. Management must have had a few or more complaints on this because they came up with the idea to issue a larger, user friendly disposable paper bowl and charge an additional $1.00 for just the paper bowl!!! Folks, this is a taqueria not the Taj Mahal. If you eat often at taquerias you expect to get in and out for less than $10.00. Now if you are at El Bajio and order chips you have spent $3.50 already so you have $6.50 remaining...that won't even buy you a burrito here. I am not certain why the management chooses to annoy and gouge its customers over something as simple and pleasing as chips and salsa but the word greed comes to mind. What else could it be? You don't have to be a food service expert to recognize that a modest amount of chips and salsa costs about 50 cents to produce at the very most including food, labor, and overhead. Selling it at $3.50..... You would expect to see finger prints from Wall Streeters all over this. If you elect to eat at El Bajio and do without the chips because of my incessant whining I hope you thoroughly enjoy your $8.50 burrito. Again, their food and salsas are VERY good. We have eaten here frequently over the past 7 years and now have found a better place on Milpas.

Best Mexican Restaurant in Santa Barbara County
Reviewer: Joy Anders from Carpinteria, CA
Their Carnitas tostadas, tortas, and burritos are so fresh and delicious. Actually everything we have tried is delicious. Their prices continue to go up but meat portions go down, but better than spending $$$ for food that isn't good. I recommend El Bajia to all we know.

Decent Food, Friendly Environment
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Food did not blow me away as much as some other Milpas places but it was decent, maybe I should have ordered something else. The people were friendly there and the food came out very quickly. No real parking lot, no soda fountain.

delicious as always!
Reviewer: Christine Cunningham from Santa Barbara, CA
After spending a windy afternoon on Cabrillo for the Art Walk- we came to enjoy a nice lunch and introduce our friends to El Bajio. After learning only sweet corn tamales were available on Sundays- we re-grouped and chose burritos for the kids and tacos and gorditas for the adults. Perfect as always! The watermelon water/agua frescas was delicious!!

Worst service ever!
Reviewer: J Sandval from Santa Barbara, CA
We have been going here for years because the food is really excellent. This Saturday we stop by with my family and spent over $80 and they got one order wrong but they would not exchange the the item since my nephew took a bite of the burrito. OMG, I have never seen received such rude and unprofessional service like this before. We will never go back because of this and all that we were asking for was to replace this simple order that they got wrong.

Signs of the times
Reviewer: Catherine from Santa Barbara, CA
April 2011 4 stars for portion size vs $$$. Hadn't been there is several months and was disappointed to find portion size of pork tostado about 1/3 less than usual, but same price...$8+ includes tax. I've been going to El Bajio for some years and have always enjoyed the friendliness, food and cleanliness. I will probably go back again, order something else and see how that goes. Otherwise... great fresh food.

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