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Isla Vista Bakery Cafe
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2008-03

6558 Pardall Rd, Isla Vista
Phone: (805) 685-1924

Reviews by the General Public

IV's Finest, 5/23/2008
Reviewer: D. Dewey from Santa Barbara
It's unfortunate to hear that IV Bakery is closing. It was by far the best place in IV to get a turnover and coffee! It will be missed!!

Sad..., 3/15/2008
Reviewer: Brandon from Goleta
Too bad the bakery closed down. Used to love their sandwiches and they were very nice, as has been said. Wish they could have gotten more business... sad.

for the sake of the nicest man in the world..., 4/9/2007
Reviewer: chee from santa barbara, ca
I was torn between getting a pastry from the IV Bakery Cafe and the IV Coop, but due to my loyalties to the nicest man in the world, I decided to splurge (calorically-speaking) on a blueberry turnover. It was airy and light in texture, and the blueberry filling wasn't overly sweet nor overwhelming. It was the perfect mid-morning pick-me-up. Hamed even offered to heat up the turnover for me...what a guy!

Hamed is sooooo nice, 2/28/2007
Reviewer: Jennifer from Goleta
Everything is made to order and tasty. Hamed is a genuine and sweet guy. Love him! Definitely will go back

IV's Sandwich Shop, 1/5/2007
Reviewer: Mark from Santa Barbara, CA
If you haven't discovered this place by your Sophomore year, youre missing out

Great food, best service!, 11/11/2006
Reviewer: Tiffany from Oxnard, CA
I found this place during my freshman year when I wanted some apple pie ... and I haven't ever left. Hamed is very friendly (you can chat about almost anything under the sun), considerate (he always makes sure to pack my food in easy-to-carry containers), and generous (loads the works on each sandwich he makes.) My friends have called his food "the Heaven on this Earth", and I must say I quite agree. This is one place you'll definitely need to check out before you leave this town! It's no wonder it's been around for almost 20 years. :)

Excellent Service with great food, 10/20/2006
Reviewer: nari from State College, PA
He makes some really great custom sandwiches and some of his baked treats, while I was in IV for about 2 yrs several times I would stop by for bkfst and coffee. Great hot chocolate too for those rainy misty afternoons!

what food?, 7/27/2006
Reviewer: james from san francisco ca
well I am a student at sfsu and I came to iv to visit and I was really digging a cinnamon roll. But for some reason even though I was still hung over, when I saw the amount of flies in his store I got grossed out and left his store. What a waiste of my time.

Best turkey-avocado sandwich, the most fantastic shop owner!, 7/20/2006
Reviewer: Burte from Goleta
This place doesn't show itself much from outside but once you start ordering #15 turkey,avocado, bacon sandwich you get addicted. The person who bakes everything (yes, all those great cookies, best and best chocolate croissants, eclairs, and soooo delicious strawberry tarts, and even the sandwich bread) is simply the greatest shop owner in IV. I love the wheat bread he uses for the sandwich, and everything is made right there in front of you from the freshest vegetables. I was so amazed with the strawberry tarts, they were chocolate covered at the sides and the cream of it was delicious, besides he said he especially waited for the naturally sweet strawberries to make them. Just excellent. And he can even have a discussion with you on nanoparticles while preparing your food! The most delicious, enjoyable and fantastic place in IV.

The Best Sandwich in IV/Goleta! and the best deal!, 4/23/2006
Reviewer: Joe from Goleta
After reading the reviews and being a big fan of turkey, avocado, and bacon on my sandwich I gave it a try. The reviews are correct, this place rocks! The owner is a truly friendly guy and really makes an effort in his service and quality which shows. The sandwiches are great. fresh ingredients (real roamine lettuce, not cheap iceberg filler that you find elsewhere) the avocado is hand cut, from a fresh avo, not some spread type stuff and the bread is baked fresh (the wheat is my favorite). In fact I ended up with a whole fresh avo on my "large" size sandwich along with a very generous serving of turkey, bacon, and fresh veggies. This was enough of a sandwich to split between 2 happy customers. He also has a special with a "small" (bigger, more filling, and high quality than anyplace else) sandwich, with chips and a drink for around $4.85, a great deal. Highly Recomended!

The Man of IV, 3/8/2006
Reviewer: Nicole Tucker from Isla Vista
He told me that I was 'the best person he'd ever met' After only 5 minutes of me being in there. Therefore, he knows what he's talking about. In all seriousness, he's the nicest guy ever and the food is way good!

best sandwitch in iv, if not sb, 9/24/2005
Reviewer: james from santa barbara
the #12 turkey and avocado sandwitch is awesome. fresh chopped romaine hearts (not shredded lettuce) avocado scooped right out of a halved avocado (not mashed into paste that's brown and crusty), and wheat bread baked in house so good you can't tell it's not white, and your chice of dressing (ranch is great) makes this place great. and the guy is a little crazy, and he may not remember my sandwitch ( i've gone in at least 20 times ) but it's hard to find amaizing freshly prepared sandwitches like this anywhere for the price in sb. make this your regular sando shop.

Cake at the Isla Vista Bakery, 5/14/2005

We ordered our wedding cake from Hamed of the Isla Vista Bakery. Everyone present at the reception agreed that the beautiful cake that he made and delivered was the most delicious cake one could hope for at a wedding reception. The decoration was superb, the icing light and delicious, both the chocolate and almond cakes were perfect as far as moisture, texture, and flavor. Service was great, price reasonable, the baker a true artisan. Highly recommend working with Hamed.

Authenitc stuff from ??, 11/24/2004

While I don´t know where he´s from, he´s the hardest working man in IV, Santa Barbara Country, and possibly CA (apologies to the governator, who I´m sure is driving his Humvee to work as we speak). All I know is he´s the frendliest man you´ll ever meet and makes the fattest sandwich this side of the sun. Enjoy!!!!!

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