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Montecito Confections
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2014-06

1150 Coast Village Rd, Montecito
Phone: (805) 965-8150

Reviews by the General Public

Peg F, 8/14/2014
Reviewer: Peg from Santa Barbara, CA
Katie come back to Montecito. Loved your breakfast croissants, your quiches, etc etc.

Beatiful and very tasty wedding cake, 9/17/2010
Reviewer: Meghan Voisinet from Long Beach, CA
I hired Montecito Confections to make my wedding cake. The consultation went very smoothly - Katie knew exactly what I was describing. On the day of the wedding, I was so excited to see my cake...and it turned out beautifully! I received many comments on how tasty the cake was, some people even said it was the best wedding cake they've had. I was very happy with Montecito Confections, and I would recommend them to any of my friends/family.

Amazing Cake & Experience, 8/10/2010
Reviewer: Jennifer Phillips from Santa Barbara, CA
My friend John was the pastry chef at the beautiful El Encanto hotel before it closed, so when I was shopping for a wedding cake I called him and asked him who he recommended. I figured that he had all the knowledge I didn't and so I wasn't surprised at all when Montecito Confections made the most delicious and beautiful cakes I had ever seen or tasted. Congratulations Katie Scott (baker supreme) on not only being recommended by other fantastic chefs but also by your extremely satisfied customer!

great cakes !!!!, 7/30/2010
Reviewer: stan from Santa Barbara, CA
i was at an event and the cake was epic. A white cake with fresh raspberries, custard, fondant on the outside. the crumb of the cake was perfect. Being and executive chef , it was one of best cakes I ever ate

The Most Beautiful Wedding Cake ever!!!, 7/1/2010
Reviewer: Leslie Hess-Hewitt from Perkasie, Pa
Our wedding cake was the most elegant, beautiful cake ever! Our wedding was 2 years ago and friends and family still talk about it and tell us how delicious and pretty it was. Katie Scott was a pleasure to work with, she always promptly responded to my e-mails and phone calls. I recommend this bakery for every event. It was the best experience from the cake tasting to the day of the wedding. A bride and groom couldn't ask for such a nice experience during their special occasion. Five Stars all the way!!!

Wonderful Wedding Experience from start to finish!, 6/10/2010
Reviewer: Jennie from Carpinteria, CA
When you show up to a cake tasting and they greet you with a silver platter covered with about eight different types of mouth watering cake, you know you've found a good spot! Katie Scott was easy to deal with, always responded to my e-mails promptly, and created a beautiful cake that matched exactly a photo I had taken from a magazine. My husband and I agree that our wedding cake was the best cake we've ever had. Most of the guests at our reception made a point of telling us the same thing! In fact, despite over ordering to be safe, we didn't have any cake left at the end of the night. I will definitely be ordering from Montecito Confections in the future and I have recommended them to several brides-to-be.

Very happy bride!, 1/7/2010
Reviewer: Meridith A. from Jacksonville, FL
Oh my gosh, my wedding cake from Montecito Confections was the most delicious cake I've ever eaten! My sister-in-law is the one who found Montecito Confections for us, and began the process of placing the order. The owner, Katie Scott, helped us through our chaos (and yes, it was chaos) to come up with a delicious and beautiful cake. For the design, I just gave her pictures of my dress and asked her to come up with a simple design inspired by the dress. She did a beautiful job of translating that to the cake. For the taste, which for me is the best part, oh my gosh...heaven! We did three flavors: chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling and fresh raspberries, coconut cake with coconut filling, and vanilla bean cake with vanilla custard filling and fresh raspberries. EVERY one was delicious, thought the coconut was my hands down favorite. We ordered three times more cake than we needed for our guest count, and still finished every bite over the next few days. As for service, Katie was kind enough to FedEx samples to us (we planned the Montecito wedding from Florida) and delivered the cake to the wedding site exactly on time. I highly recommend this bakery!!!

Minimal service, disappointing cake, 10/19/2009
Reviewer: Maria Galvez from Santa Barbara, CA
The tiramisu cake I ordered from them was delicious, but unfortunately the appearance of the cake was quite disappointing (and I wish I could upload it to show people). I provided a picture of what I wanted it to look exactly like, and the result was quite lacking... the flowers (which were supposed to be blue) weren't even fully painted so they were a sloppy white/blue. Katie Scott was never prompt in returning my messages (I usually expect a response within 72 hours from vendors), except for when it pertained to her payment. I would warn brides to stay away from this vendor.

The best wedding cake EVER!, 9/23/2009
Reviewer: Alethia Calagias from Los Angeles, CA
I had a great experience with Montecito Confections! In the past, I've planned company events. So, I knew when planning my wedding what I wanted from my vendors. I was looking for an excellent product, prices that fit into my budget and someone who was organized. I called Montecito Confections on a recommendation from a wedding planner in Santa Barbara. From the start, Katie Scott (owner) and I connected. I made an unusual request - a four-tiered cake with cream-colored fondant, and our wedding guests names piped in icing on each layer. Our names (bride and groom) were on the top tier, and the rest of the guests' names cascaded around the layers. It was breathtaking! The cake arrived on time and it was perfect - absolutely perfect. It exceeded expectations. Since it was such a centerpiece, we had a special linen on the cake table and my florist decorated around it. Everyone had their picture taken with the cake. The kids were especially excited to see their names. And, the cake flavors were ahh-mazing! We saved one tier for later in the week - we enjoyed it with a family member who was unable to attend due to extraordinary circumstances. He was totally impressed - we saved the layer with his name on it and when we cut the cake, his name was on his piece! I recommend Montecito Confections for every type of cake and pastry. The staff is knowledgeable, punctual and sweet! (I've also placed orders for birthday cakes - each was outstanding!)

What you see may not be what you will get (Wedding Cake), 9/21/2009
Reviewer: Diane Quijada from Santa Barbara, CA
I order a wedding cake in June from Montecito Confections-from some of their pictures and did a tasting test. I was extremely excited because this cake was very special for my daughter and future son-in -law. I loved the picture of what I wanted-picked the flavors and paid top dollar for it. I told Katie that I would give her the words for the cake 1-2 weeks prior to the wedding. The picture of the cake that I chose had words written all over it-I never told this to my daughter as I wanted it to be a surprise to both of them. When the cake arrived it was nothing like the picture and was delivered within 10 minutes before my guests arrived. My coordinator realized that they spelled the brides name wrong and the cake was crooked. She called Katie and never received a returned call from her. We ended up turning the cake around and moving it so that the emphasis was off of the mistake. When I called Katie today I received alot excuses and that I must have made the name spelling of my daughter wrong because she would only have printed what was on her paper. I do know how to spell my daughter's name after all of these years. The cake was medioca at best. This situation was my only disappointment with this wedding. I would not recommend this vendor. I did put this wedding together in a period of 4 months and really searched out the better vendors from a recommeded list and suggestions. She did apoligize at the end of our conversation today. My daughters wedding day do I need to say more....

Cake tasting for a wedding, 1/23/2007
Reviewer: Carrie from Ventura,CA
As we pulled up I thought to myself what a cute place, my daughter, her fiance and her father were all there to do a cake tasting for her wedding cake. when we entered the store it looked clean but cluttered inside, we announced who we were and then escorted to some tables outside of the bakery that sat on a patio in the parking lot. We were brought out 3 small pieces of cake to sample, when we inquired about a couple others she did not have that available for tasting. There was a good selection of design books available but the cake tasting was a waste of time. I would recommend them providing more pieces when 4 people are present along with having a wider seclection. I hope the cake turns out to be wonderful but will not know that for a couple more months

great place for a fast, and *good*, lunch, 5/2/2006
Reviewer: lemonjelly from santa barbara
It's completely a hidden gem, not just in the building facade, but by the fact that many people think it's just a cake catering company. There's good lunch food to be had here. Very good lunch food! The sandwiches are made ahead of time, so all you have to do is walk in, point at the items you want behind the case, and it's promptly wrapped up and you're out the door. It's not fast food, though. The quality is high, and worth every penny if you want something decent, but have very little time. My favorite sandwich is the chicken salad, and my favorite dessert is the cream puff. Brownies are good too. A sandwich and dessert will set you back about $7, a deal considering the quality.

THIS BABY IS A GEM!, 3/4/2006
Reviewer: Dino Garner from Santa Barbara
I've never had better quiche . . . brownies . . . cake . . . cookies . . . or sandwiches! Funny thing is, every time I go in there with my BIG smile, they all reciprocate! The service is fast and accurate, and they always go out of their way for me. Ms. Scott is a first-rate pastry chef, owner, food wrangler, customer-service rep, etc. and never stops trying to please her customers. Did I mention how darned wonderful the food is?

Tasty Cake, horrible customer service, 9/29/2005
Reviewer: April05Bride from San Diego, CA
I was unlucky enough to have a wedding around the time Montecito Confections was undergoing a renovation. 2 weeks prior to my wedding I was completely unable to get ahold of anyone at the store. There were still critical details such as delivery time of the cake, decor, etc. to go over with the owner. We were not informed of the closure of the store due to the renovation. My husband and I left a total of 5 voicemails, and over 7 emails -over a 2 week period, that we were not returned. At the time we had also paid in full, so we were very nervous that we would not have a cake for our wedding, even though we had paid for it. We FINALLY heard from the owner five days before the wedding. She was very apologetic. However, when I went into the store the day before the wedding, she had no idea who I was, and for what event I was dropping flowers off for, even though we had discussed it days before. She then tried to upsell me on a 1-year anniversary cake! What nerve! I gave 2 stars because the cake did taste good. I would not personally recommend the bakery for a wedding cake because of the poor customer service experience we had, but I'm sure that dropping in for pastries, etc. would be fine.

excellent, 2/13/2005
Reviewer: Dacia from Goleta, CA
Montecito Confections made our wedding cake (as well as a mini anniversary cake a year later). It was fabulous, as was the service. I searched for the best cake I could find - this was it! I can always fiind something to complain about BUT not this time....I highly recommend this bakery.

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