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Xanadu French Bakery
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2015-01

1028 Coast Village Rd, Montecito
Phone: (805) 969-3550

Reviews by the General Public

Wonderful Food, coffee and Pasteries, 3/22/2015
Reviewer: Jimmy from Santa Barbara, CA
I so miss this wonderful place. I was very fond of their omelet breakfast. When working in the area, I'd try to sneak in to get something to eat or breakfast. If they have relocated it would be great to find out where they moved too. Jimmy O

Splendid!!!!, 2/26/2013
Reviewer: Jennifer from Santa Barbara, CA
I had lunch today at Xanadu and it was great!! It was my first time in and I will be returning again soon!! The food was delicious and the service was great!!! I give it 2 thumbs up!! :)

Sooo expensive, 9/12/2012
Reviewer: Leonard from Santa Barbara, CA
First, I'll put it on me.....Maybe I'm getting cheap in my old age. I walked in, looked at the large cookie case....the cookies looked good...upon seeing no prices, I asked about how much were the cookies. The clerk said about $1 each. Really? A dollar for one cookie. I don't think so. Just my opinion.

yikes!, 8/31/2012
Reviewer: Deborah from Santa Barbara, CA
Expensive for a coffee and cake. For the same price I would rather go to Coast Village Road in Montecito and have a white table cloth and be able to people watch rather than be in opposite the entrance of Vons in a strip mall. Therefore, no atmosphere however, the baked goods are nice. I agree with the other reviews here that the staff were attentive and efficient, shame about the attitude of the Boss/Manager.

mean and unpleasant customer service., 7/27/2012
Reviewer: Monica from Santa Barbara, CA
We been going there for close to 20 years, we knew the previous owner amd she was always friendly to our grandmother, we continued to visit her favorite bakery even after her passing...upto today we always were happy with the service and the all of their confections. My daughter and I walked in and after not been help and stand around looking for someone to help we finally got some stale pastries...and mean looks from this husky girl, how sad...we find some other place were to get friendly service and good pastries.

Chris's review , 5/27/2012
Reviewer: Kelly from Santa Barbara, CA
I love the food and I LOVE the staff. Definitely a great place to go for food. A very wide range of foods to try and there is dessert afterwards too! Yum! I just don't understand Chris's review. I've had the turkey Sandwich there and it's perfectly fine. I also don't understand why it's the "worst deli" he's ever been to. Xanadu bakery is a bakery not a deli. I'm just very confused!

GREAT service, GREAT food!!, 5/3/2012
Reviewer: Samantha from Santa Barbara, CA
This place is a slice of Montecito. I grew up going to the 19th hole at my country club for a snack or meal after practice and no place has ever matched my memory of their friendliness and attention to guest service quite like Xanadu. If you live in Montecito then you NEED to familiarize yourself with this bakery. I remember one person in particular who exemplified the exact attitude to make sure everyone knew they were in a quaint "neighborhood" bakery. He was well spoken with a soft voice but did not lack the charisma to start a conversation with even the eldest of guests. He was a tall fellow and most certainly related to the owners in some way because of his Persian look. The owner herself is a breath of fresh air compared to the other business people around this area. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

Poor service and Poor Sandwich, 5/2/2012
Reviewer: Chris from Santa Barbara, CA
The place seemed great when I first walked in to get a sandwich for lunch, kinda busy, people sitting and eating, cakes looked amazing. Then I tried to order a sandwich for lunch and was treated like an idiot for asking what was in the sandwich. Then I paid $11.84 for a turkey sandwich with mild cheddar, lettuce, yellow mustard, and mayo. While the bread was good the turkey might as well have been Oscar Meyer gelatin infused meat byproduct and the cheese was as close as American gets to cheddar. Positively the worst lunch experience I have ever had in Montecito and certainly the worst deli I have ever been to in Santa Barbara. Stay away if you are looking for lunch!

Good - could be much better, 3/18/2012
Reviewer: Greg from Santa Barbara, CA
Ordered three pastries - a fairly good Napolean, an odd tasting carrot cake which was not moist enough and had too much of some spice, and an ok custard eclair. Was glad to find the Napolean and custard eclair locally. Coffee was good and reasonably priced; service was fine from owner and help. Perhaps my expectations are unreasonable, but one would think Santa Barbara could have more exquisite bakery goods.

Great chocolate almond croissant!!, 3/9/2012
Reviewer: Alec Abajian from Santa Barbara, CA
I had the most delectable croissant I have ever had at Xanadu a couple days back. Had a great experience with great service and a lovely atmosphere, I will definitely be returning soon.

Oh the yummy smell, 1/2/2012
Reviewer: Nicole from Santa Barbara, CA
Walked by today and was taken in by the amazing aroma I smelled for so many years as a child. Talked to a construction worker who said the bakery will be up and running in the next few days, they were just testing out the ovens. Menus and bakery shelves all put together. I can't wait!!!

Great Tarts, 12/5/2011
Reviewer: Erica from Santa Barbara, CA
This place is under renovation it will open again third week in december.

Fabulous Omelettes, 1/4/2010
Reviewer: Brat from Napa Valley, CA
We always visit Xanadu when vacationing in Santa Barbara. The omelettes with French cheese and tomato are wonderful. I love all of the fruit that accompanies breakfast, too. The pastries here are fabulous. You can gain weight just by looking!! They allow our dog to join us on the patio which always makes our dining more enjoyable when we are traveling. Highly recommend Xanadu!

Pleasantly surprised, 9/8/2009
Reviewer: Dave from Santa Barbara, CA
We swore off of Xanadu due to the previous owners. We happened to catch a sign stating new owners and decided to give it a try over the weekend. My wife and I ordered omelets and were quite happy with them. There was a LOT of food on the plate. I commented to her there were not enough potatoes and too much fruit. She commented that there were too many potatoes and not enough fruit. I guess they got it right then :) The omelet was cooked thoroughly and not burnt. The staff were quite pleasant and the delivery to the table was nice. I am glad that the old owners are gone and we now have Xanadu as a place to go back to.

No word better then Amazing, 8/31/2009
Reviewer: sydney from Santa Barbara, CA
Bascially, i love xanadu! The other comment on the manager is terribly WRONG! he is a great guy who works long shifts. Not only is he hard working but hes very sweet, he doesnt stare, if he does its because a customer is calling for his attention. Even though they are wrong addressing the manager as Bad or labeling him at all, i agree when she says the food is great and the serivce is good!!!! The people are great and the owners are amazing! Thanks to the new owners, the place has been cleaned up and looks very lovely. the food as well has been great lately and amazing!

Manager BAD, 5/23/2009
Reviewer: Erika from Santa Barbara, CA
I would go frequently to Xanadu when the old owners owned it. Since the new people have owned it, the food has been the same and the servers are nice as always but the management is outright wrong! The man who i have heard people working there call him a manger is so rude. He glares at people while they are eating, then he talks in a different lady who has curly hair and looks right at the person also not okay. I have seen him in bad moods taking it out on employees which is also not good. I even have witnessed him talk firmly to them in front of the customers when it was a honest mistake. In my opinion you need to get rid of him because you will be loosing business. And i dont know how the employees stay there. I am shocked. But as i said the good is amazing dont get me wrong on that. And the service people are always helpful

Worst baked goods ever - how many days old??, 4/25/2009
Reviewer: Lee from Santa Barbara, CA
We picked up some mini cupcakes to take to a friend's for dessert. 2 toppings to decide from - the guy said to choose the sprinkles as the other ones were 2 days old but these were fresh that day(shouldn't they have been designated as "day old"?) When it came time to eat the cupcakes, they were inedible; extremely dry and the frosting tasted really weird (one kid said it tasted like licorice?!?) The 2 kids couldn't even stomach them! They all immediately were thrown away. Hate to think what the 2 day old ones were like...We will never be back!!

Rude Guy, 4/12/2009
Reviewer: Mark from Santa Barbara, CA
The food is good, and the kids who work there are sweet, but the owners are nasty and rude to their employees. This makes me automatically not like this restaurant. I ordered a burger, and the poor girl (who was really nice and on top of her work) wrote in the wrong order, and the furious manager made her pay for it out of her tips. It was an honest mistake. I found it appalling. Probably won't return unless the owners get some serious attitude/power trip adjustments.

Very Good Food for the Price, 3/9/2009
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Thinking of paying over $10 for a Montecito sandwich I was presently surprised it was only $6.50 with a great salad included. Food quality very good with a lot of fresh stuff. Highly Recommended. I did not try any of there many desserts also presented there. Staff friendly, food out quick, indoor and outdoor seating. Blenders close by.

great sandwiches, 11/18/2008
Reviewer: elizabeth from Santa Barbara, CA
had a lovely tasting dessert on the tables outside. The showcases looked colorful and pleasing. What a nice place

Fantastic , 11/7/2008
Reviewer: Meghan from Santa Barbara, CA
I really enjoy Xanadu and always love to go there for breakfast or to get yummy pastries. The service is always very friendly and fast. It seems to me that people who are complaining on this review are either impatient, snotty, or plain high-maintenance. Perhaps all of the above. No restaurant is perfect so grow up.

"I love this place!", 10/18/2008
Reviewer: Tom from Santa Barbara, CA
I went there on Saturday afternoon and I could tell they had been really busy. The people were so nice and they hurried to get ready for the next rush. I had a turkey sandwich that was fantastic and then I stayed for chocolate cake and coffee...both delicious! I highly recommend this bakery for a relaxing time, WIFI, good service and great food.

Never going back here., 10/14/2008
Reviewer: Bob from Santa Barbara, CA
I have never before experienced a "croissant" that had the density and consistency of a fritter. The French would be horrified. I don't think "French" should be in the name of this bakery. When their espresso machine malfunctioned and I was told to wait a couple minutes for the espresso I ordered (and paid for), I waited five before checking with them. They told me it was broken and apologized. I had to remind them that they could refund my money for the espresso.

There should be a law when using the words french bakery...., 9/29/2008
Reviewer: James from Santa Barbara, CA
This afternoon I had a few minutes to spare on my way to work and I thought a little coffee in the sunshine would be nice. Being in Montecito, I thought going to the local Starbucks would be a little too fast foodish so I looked for a nice coffee shop in this upscale neighborhood. "Xanadu French Bakery". Food alarms went off in my head. I thought a good espresso and a nice toasted sandwich,what a lovely start to my day. Nice decore, outside seating. I was delighted.I walked in and bins of beans lined the wall. "This is what I am looking for" I thought. The first warning signs were the massivly oversized pastries in the glass. I didn't at first recognize this as the service was promp and friendly but my questions about what was in the sandwiches was a mystery to the attendant.The double espresso I recieved will be remembered as the second worst I have ever had. It was luke warm, bitter, with absolutly no creme on top. I recieved the sandwich "Grilled ham and cheese with Swiss" and a side of fruit. The sandwich was poorly composed of over toasted bread, unmelted cheese with a slab of breakfast ham and lettuce. There was entirely too much yellow mustard on the sanwich to make it enjoyable. It did not end there. The fruit was sliced very roughly, Rind on and it was definatey not fresh. The honeydew was wilted and the watermelon mealy. On top were two slices of beaten orange twist that were even less attractive. My lunch turned into an instant togo meal. The atmosphere was nice and the service from the attendant positive even if she was unfamiliar with her product. The decor was appealing and similar to a traditional french bakery. However the product I was expecting was far from the mark. Perhaps it was an off day but the words "french bakery" were extremely misleading. Being a food service professional I rarely ever comment on negative dining experiences but I felt that this experience had to be commented on.

One of the best, 8/29/2008
Reviewer: Wendy J. from Santa Barbara, CA
This truly is one of the best places to eat in Santa Barbara. The food is soooo good and fairly priced. You get a generous amount of food no matter what you order and it is ready almost before you sit down. I have made it a habit to try and go at least once a week to try a new goody (the poppy seed rolls are addicting)! The staff is refreshingly young and friendly and the owner remembered me after I had only been there twice. It can get pretty packed on the weekends so I would recommend stopping by on your way to work in the morning.

Pretty good food for a bakery, but....the service is another, 8/15/2008
Reviewer: Ta from Santa Barbara
The food and pastries are...Good. The service is lacking! Today, Friday, August 15th, the young woman behind the counter was...well, the best I can describe her is "bratty". I think I am a pretty friendly person and she was just not receptive to kindness at all. It is too bad for her - not a nice way to treat people in a work environment or elsewhere. TRY TO SMILE A LITTLE AND MAKE THE EFFORT TO BE POLITE, IT IS NOT THAT DIFFICULT!

Great Food, Sour Service, 7/13/2008
Reviewer: Maribel from Oxnard
I used to drive 70 miles roundtrip just to eat here, until the new owners came along. Since the new owners started running the restaurant, I have only been back twice. Both times, the ladies at the counter made it seem like an inconvenience to help me. The older lady and a younger lady there are extremely rude and never smile. I went there on my birthday with family, and asked to have a table cleaned up outside. The response was that I "had to wait" because "as I could see" they were "really busy." Its a shame that these employees do not know the meaning customer service because the food is so good. They really should consider brushing up on their social skills.

another chocolate croissant conniseour, 2/24/2008
Reviewer: Annex from Santa Barbara
Okay, I think Annex (me) and who ever "JimStoic" is (read below) have got to meet because I too am a chocolate crossiant affectionado and have seen his reviews next to mine on the reviews of every bakery in SB. I agree with him: I got a chocolate croissant at Xanadu(I called Tutinni, and they were completely sold out). Very yeasty: before you bite into it you smell the gluey smell of yeast which means way too much yeast, not butter. The other pastries looked divine so I will come back to try something else.

Service has improved a ton, and breakfast is delicious, 2/18/2008
Reviewer: Heather from Santa Barbara, CA
Service at Xanadu's has really improved in the last few months. They make delicious latte's and the breakfasts are also delicious and satisfying. It is fun to get breakfast and sit outside in the nice patio setting in Montecito.

They got a star for answering the phone...., 1/6/2008
Reviewer: Sophie from Santa Barbara, CA
but that's it. I just called to ask if they have a traditional French cake for Epiphany and I got a rude, snappy response that cut me off in mid sentence. When I asked if the employee knew where I could find it, she nearly sang her words, "I have no-o idea." I swear I heard a smile in the silence that followed. If you want to know what they offer, best to go see for yourself!

The pastry are ok, but the services is awful, 10/22/2007
Reviewer: tina from santa barbara, ca
This bakery is on my way to work, so I had until today made it a habit to stop and get a croissant and coffee. However, today, the lady at the counter was so disrespectful and arogant. I dared to ask her to serve me, because it was apparent that what she was working on would take her longer. She asked me to wait my turn. I had been patiently waiting for 5 minutes. I explained to her that it seem her task at hand was going to take her longer and she answered me with, "I did not ask you to come here," "You don't have to come here" and with that she walked away from me. She did this in front of other customer which was more horrifying. Needless to say, I walked away empty handed and very distraught.

passable chocolate croissant, 8/14/2007
Reviewer: jimstoic from Santa Barbara
I am something of a connoisseur of chocolate croissants. I've tried them everywhere I can think of in Santa Barbara. The one I tried at Xanadu was heavy and hard. It was "passable" in at least two senses of the word. First, it was acceptable. It wasn't bad; it just wasn't very good. Second, it is possible to move beyond it. If you're dying for a chocolate croissant, this one will do the trick. If you want a truly superlative chocolate croissant experience, head for Tuttini or D'Angelo Bakery.

Always GOOD!, 4/24/2007
Reviewer: meg from Santa Barbara
I ocassonally go to Xanadu for breakfast and I always love it. I get the bacon and cheese omlete and it's wonderful- plus you get potatoes, toast, and a bunch of cut up fruit for only $5.95! I ate there today for the first time for lunch and got a chicken salad sandwich and it was fabulous! It's always quick, fairely priced and yummmmy!

Love their black forrest cake, 3/16/2007
Reviewer: Veronica from Santa Barbara
I tried it 7 years ago for my baby shower and since then me and my family order it for every special ocassion as a matter of fact today, I will pick up 1 for my son's Bithday. Black forrest cake fron Xanadu bakery is a family tradition that started 7 years ago. We drove all the way to Lompoc just to pick up a cake from Xanadu now we live in beautiful Santa Barbara. More reason not to miss having that cake. We like their other pastries they sell like the tiramisu the fruit torte, you name it every thing is delicious.

The new owners, 1/21/2007
Reviewer: Gordon Taylor from Kitchener,ON
The newer owners Rolf and Sonia, are awesome people,and will make the atmoshpere very friendly ,I've never actually have visited the the bakery yet....Hopefully this summer,but I have known Rolf for over twenty years. we have shared alot together evrthing from going to college together to visiting each other over the years,and even met each others family's, Sonia is a great woman, they make such a great couple!!! smart with business too, they are going to be a pleasure to be seeing every day!!!So anyways all the best ,from your Friends in Canada - Gordon and Sebastian

good breakfast, 12/2/2006
Reviewer: Michael Trivount from Montecito, CA
I go to Xanadu often for a great breakfast. Usually get an egg sandwich on crissont (good stuff). Pastries are tasty. The staff is hit or miss. Some very friendly and personable, others ignorant and forgetful. Has a small town feel with many regulars who know eachothers names

Bad cookies, 9/14/2006
Reviewer: Danielle from Montecito, CA
They have some good pastries and cakes, but I picked up some cookies, and they did not taste fresh at all. The people working there are really nice, so if you go, just don't get any cookies. Try the strawberry shortcake, or a creampuff.

top notch delicacies with fabulous service, 8/29/2006
Reviewer: Bobby Wheeler from Montreal, Canada
I visited Santa Barbara and discovered this pearl of a french bakery/deli nestled between Santa Barbara and Montecito. The food is absolutely out of this world at prices that are set way too low for what you get. The service is fast, professional and very friendly. To say the least your order always comes served with a smile. They serve breakfasts as well and are known to fill the place regularily.You may even sit at one of their tables outside. I liked it so much that I frequented Xanadu three times over a 1-week period. I strongly recommend it.

Delicious poppy seed rolls , 8/3/2006
Reviewer: L from Santa Barbara
I often stop there when I am driving by just to get my hands on those poppy seed rolls. They are so delicious.

Baked goods are poor, 3/27/2005

I have dropped in and given Xanadu a couple chances to impress me but it has always failed to do so. The eclairs and tarts are generally dry, bland, and seem like they have been sitting in the case since the morning. Maybe if you get there very early things are good, I have only been there in the afternoon.

it was fabulously good food for a decent price, 6/11/2004
Reviewer: Noel Guy from Simi valley, CA
The atmosphere was a little strange to me...would have changed a few things if it were my restauarant but overall, it was clean and functional. Yummy food, large portions and a huge variety!

Everything was great for me!, 1/21/2004

I had both, good service and good food. The atmosphere was great they had a variety of food to offer and plenty of seating.

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