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TJ's Grill
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2005

955 Embarcadero Del Mar, Isla Vista
Phone: (805) 968-2646

Reviews by the General Public

Man I Miss This Place, 10/8/2007
Reviewer: EvanG from Los Angeles, CA
Man I just miss this place so much. Popcorn chicken was the one thing that made my life shine brighter. And yeah, the best was when the place was empty and he would still ring the bell!

Baconbuga, 9/27/2005
Reviewer: Dean from Santa Barbara
Well, at least they were 5 stars... with much woe and a heavy heart I must let you all know that "Baconbuga" has gone out of business, and replaced with an express sushi place... Like IV needed more sushi places.

TJ's Helped Me Get Through College, 8/5/2005
Reviewer: Cameron from Santa Barbara, CA
It's been a while since I've been to TJ's, but when I went to UCSB this place was like me and my friends' secret spot we thought that no one knew about. Well, apparently everyone knows that the food here is fantastic. I've seen many restaurants in IV come and go but I'm very glad that TJ's remains. The teriyaki chicken meal is great and the TJ's burger is probably the best burger in Goleta. But the real secret to this place is their unbelievable chili fries. Yes, TJ's is a little gem of Isla Vista, and I hope it stays around for quite a while longer

edible food, 3/1/2005
Reviewer: chrisshhhhh from i.v
eat the popcorn chicken. everything else will make you wish you ate the poporn chicken

ring the damn bell! , 1/12/2005
Reviewer: j corral from your mom´s house
i love how the asian dude always rings the bell no matter what. it is basically his wife in the back cooking yet he still insists on ringing that F´n bell, now thats what i call service...

ORGASMIC, 10/12/2004
Reviewer: Brian from UCSB
I swear. That fisrt year, eating from the dining commons. You know, VEGETARIAN and ANTI-NORMAL FOOD. I swear, the frequent big hunk of TJ´S hot cheesy juicy meat kept me alive. TJ´S is amazing. Prices are higher than a fast food place, but lower than a restaurant, and they´re some of the best burgers I´ve EVER eaten. (Yes, far better than IN N Out, and the fries rule too.)

Damn good, 6/7/2004
Reviewer: Student from Isla Vista
You wouldn´t expect it from the looks outside, but you can getsome good food for cheap inside. I really shouldn´t write this just because I dont want this place to catch on and make them raise their proces. I recomend the chicken plate or the philly cheese steak. Whatever that man and his wife make some damn good food.

great food...burgers to popcorn chicken, 6/2/2004
Reviewer: Jason from IV, CA
If you´re hungry and in IV eat at TJ´s! At least once...their TJ burger is amazing and the popcorn chicken is one of the best buck/food ratio in all of SB.

The Best!!, 5/30/2004
Reviewer: Mike from Goleta, Ca
Best dam burger in the world!!!

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