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Tupelo Junction Cafe
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2017-11

1218 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 899-3100

Reviews by the General Public

Reviewer: Dave from Santa Barbara, CA
I've eaten here several times over the past few years, usually breakfast or brunch, and never had a bad meal. The same was true today. The service, however, was truly sub-par. It took forever to be served--and the place was maybe half-filled. When our food finally came, I asked the guy who brought it for some salsa. He acknowledged my request, then spaced it out. A second request to our waitress after several minutes of waiting did the trick. I asked if she could also bring me some jam. She brought butter instead. When we paid the bill, she disappeared with my Visa card for a good 10 minutes before the hostess eventually brought the voucher. I remember a time when Tupelo Junction offered both food and service that was, without exception, second-to-none. I hope my experience was aberrant and not the norm.

Not as good as it was, 3/5/2013
Reviewer: PR from Santa Barbara, CA
Went for a birthday breakfast. Have been here a few times before and the food was outstanding. Not this time. The french toast was not as it was. Kinda dry and average. Probably won't go back.

Not up to Par, 2/25/2013
Reviewer: Deb from Santa Barbara, CA
We have loved Tupelo Junction for breakfast and lunch since they opened. This past Saturday celebrating our anniversary we walked State St. looking for a dinner spot. Tupelo was not busy (6:30) and we were seated immediately. We waited a good 15 minutes for a server and during this time and the rest of the evening it was evident that the socializing between servers and hostess was more important than the customer. The meal. We started with Hush Puppies. The sauce was ymmuy but the Hush Puppies were dense, doughy and no flavor. Should have stuck with my usual Fried Green Tomatoes and Fried Pickles. My husband had the the Bloody Mary Ribs. The sauce and ribs tasted like a bottle of liquid smoke had been doused over them. The Apple Sauce was soupy. My Fried Chicken was crispy and not greasy, a good thing, but not seasoned. The greens were not seasoned as well. Definitely could have benefited from bacon or salt or even Bloody Mary mix. The mashed potatoes were ok but the side of gravy tasted like Tarragon or Chervil were added and just didn't belong. We asked if a manager was on duty and were told they had just left for the evening. Fortunately this was not our first trip to TJ or would would not be back.

Sad to say Tupelo needs to raise its service., 12/26/2012
Reviewer: Kevin from Santa Barbara, CA
We used to always go to Tupelo Junction our favorite restaurant. Tonight however was not good we will not be going back. When taking a plate from a customer it is always polite to ask if they have finished. Secondly the appetizers were served as if my being there was upsetting the placement of those items. Our meals had a gritty texture. I truly hope for their sake the owner can wake himself or herself up to realize there is a lot of competition in town and had better look after his or her clientele.

Thanksgiving disaster, 11/22/2012
Reviewer: Nancy from Santa Barbara, CA
We had Thanksgiving dinner reservations for 6pm. We arrived on time. The hostess was telling people with reservations that they were behind at least 45 minutes. I have a pet peeve about restaurants who do not honor reservations...especially on a holiday. We will never go there again.

Another nice meal!, 12/12/2011
Reviewer: Krista & Tony from Santa Barbara, CA
My husband and I ate at Tupelo Junction a couple of weeks ago; wanted to check out the new menu! The service was a definitely lacking but in their defense, they were slammed due to First Thursday (a couple of items that we ordered never showed up). I had the trout which I really liked; fresh/odorless and yummy pecan crust! My husband had the pulled pork sandwich which was very good but he was not blown away (and believe me, he has tried many of these at LOTS of spots). Anyway, we'll definitely be back...planning a birthday breakfast there soon.

Bad trout, unfortunately..., 12/11/2011
Reviewer: steve from Santa Barbara, CA
Decided to try Tupelo specifically for the fried chicken. "best in town"...or so I was told by the reservationist at Tupelo. I ordered the chicken, my wife the trout. The chicken was just OK, nothing at all memorable. Batter somewhat limp, actually the chicken was a bit tough as well. But the disaster was the trout. VERY fishy in both smell and taste. Trout is a delicate fish, that should never have this odor. Informed server who offered to substitute with another entree. We declined (time was a factor) and continued to eat the potatoes and "haricot verts" (green beans...jeesh!) which were fine. The "comp" was their removal of two glasses of wine from the bill, which was altogether fair. Overall, just an "OK" experience a best. Ambiance neutral at best. Given the other equally located & priced options in downtown SB, we will not be back.

painfully mediocre and over priced, 11/10/2011
Reviewer: Bre Bjorn from Santa Barbara, CA
The food was incredibly average and way over priced. It was $13 for a burger and an EXTRA $4 for a side of fries. I also got a was $7 for the drink and they actually charged us an extra $1 for the "rocks." a dollar for ice? they didnt charge us for the ice in our waters or iced teas... Also the server was not attentive. I don't mind paying more for great food or service, but i could have gotten a comparable meal for 1/3 of the price

Yum!, 10/9/2011
Reviewer: Cassie from Santa Barbara, CA
I've been there twice within the past few months. Both times, I got the French toast and it was delicious. I dragged my boyfriend with me the second time for breakfast on my birthday. The French toast is sliced baguettes dipped in something wonderfully vanilla with berry sauce and whip cream! YUM! The coffee there is very strong, not quite my style. But I'm picky, prefer a little coffee with my cream. The pumKin waffle is exactly what I'd expect thanksgiving to taste like in the morning. Food is a 5+ star rating. I've reccommended it to many people. Service is so-so. Nothing great, nothing awful. Not extremely attentive at re-filling waters or coffee either time. But the delicious food is enough to bring me back!

Greasy and cold, 9/28/2011
Reviewer: Beatriz from Santa Barbara, CA
Just had a late lunch at Tupelo (9/28/2011). In fact, we were the last couple in the door. I asked them if we would be "bum rushed" because we came in 10 minutes before they closed. We were assured we would be "just fine". We ordered the fried chicken salad which we sent back because it was lukewarm and tasted like it had been sitting around a while. The waitress seemed politely annoyed that we requested the same plate again. When the second fried chicken salad came to the table it was hot and flavorful. We also ordered the fried pickles as an appetizer, which, unfortunately came two minutes after our meal was served and ended up being beyond greasy. I think the friers were turned off and when we came in, they hurridely fired them up again. We also ordered the vegetarian bean dish which was flavorful, hot and well done. Overall, the staff, except for the busboy, seemed slightly irritated to have a customer walk in the door ten minutes before they shut down. The food was mediocre. Usually, we have experienced attentive service and delectable food. Not this time. Hope it was an aberration and not the beginning of a trend.

Quality has declined, 5/18/2011
Reviewer: Penny from Santa Barbara, CA
On May 17, 2011 at 2 pm I ordered one of my favorites, Smoked Bacon, Spinach, Carmelized Onion, Tomato & Gouda Cheese Scramble w/ House Potatoes. The white of the potatoes on my plate had an odd soy-brown color, as if the potatoes had been were fried hours earlier, went cold and were re-heated maybe a couple of times. In general the potatoes were overcooked until they were hard not a lovely crispy. The egg scramble was missing the bacon and the portion was very small. The biscuit was quite flat, hard (nearly but not quite stale) and probably baked at 6:30 am ---and I ordered it at 2 pm. Yes, I got indigestion. The server was pleasant, but due to the sloppy-diner quality of the food I was served, I am hesitant to return.

Always Delicious!, 9/2/2010
Reviewer: Katie from Los Angeles, CA
Everytime we visit Santa Barbara we try to lunch at Tupelo Junction - my husband who is from the south enjoys the fried green tomotaoes and fried pickles, their fried chicken salad is amazing. The staff always accomodate us - we have small children that can typically cause a hostess to groan upon our arrival, but not here. They greet you with a smile and let you know what a pleasure it is you have chosen Tupelo. It is so freshing! And a great meal to boot!

We enjoyed the food, pretty much, but. . , 8/28/2010
Reviewer: Steve from Santa Barbara, CA
Our party of five enjoyed lunch this afternoon: crab cakes, pulled pork sandwiches, fried green tomatoes, the best french toast this side of Paris. But people at Tupelo Junction: don't call that "blackened salmon" salad. If you don't want to blacken fish, because as the waitress explained, some customers thought it was too salty or too spicey, please don't call what you serve in its place, blackened salmon. There wasn't a trace of dusting. So if you look at the menu and think you're going to get a kick from the "blackened salmon," forget it. That was a real disappointment. The Tupelo should change the menu or blacken the fish. A little truth in advertising, please.

Best breakfast I've had in a long time!, 8/19/2010
Reviewer: Loren from Santa Barbara, CA
Absolutely delicious! Very cute and cozy atmosphere with a nice waitress. I had the wild mushroom asparagus and black truffle butter scramble and it was DIVINE.

Reviewer: Cindy from Santa Barbara, CA
Generous portions, delicious, fresh and served good and hot. Wait staff efficient and very polite. Well worth the money. Every employee was on their toes and hustling. Too bad these folks don't manage the Boathouse restaurant.

Imaginative breakfast, 6/10/2010
Reviewer: Brendon from Santa Barbara, CA
I went to Tupelo for my birthday & was very pleased with the food, service & drinks. From the Blood Mary with the crab claw to the truffle scamble, breakfast is done well at Tupelo. It is a shame that places like this are not busy while Cajun Kitchen & Sambo's have an hour is time for Santa Barbara to wake up!

best ever!, 3/17/2010
Reviewer: Ashley from Louisville,KY
Tupelo Junction Cafe is my all time favorite mouth waters whenever I think about the food. The service is great and the food warm, fresh, and cooked perfectly every time. I always have a delicious dessert (even with breakfast!) for a perfect sweet ending. Has been my favorite for almost 10 years now, love it!

Very Disappointed, 3/14/2010
Reviewer: Kathy from Santa Barbara, CA
Dinner here was very disappointing. My fish had an ammonia taste, the scallops were tough and rubbery and the ribs were tough. The desserts were good. Service was marginal. Don't stack the plates at the table.Went back after a long hiatus and will stay away again.

my favorite breakfast joint, 3/4/2010
Reviewer: Nick from Santa Barbara, CA
I'm a local and I've eaten at Tupelo many times over the years. Never have I had anything but a wonderful experience. Mostly I go for breakfast. They have the only Biscuits and Gravy in town worth mention! Personally, I find their biscuits a little too dense and dry. I prefer a lighter, fluffier biscuit but their gravy more than makes up for it! I think their secret is chipotle pepper. Their Pumkin Waffle and Vanilla French Toast are also both fantastic. Bloody Mary's are not my thing but my friends who like them rave about Tupelo's. The presentation is impressive with a large crab claw as a garnish. If you go for lunch you should try their Fried Chicken Salad. To those who question the authenticity of the southern style; I would agree that this is more of a California-Southern fussion. I traveled through the south every summer as a kid and really enjoyed the food but nothing else in this area comes close to matching my childhood memory of Hush Puppies!

Decent staff, strange SoCal interpretation of Southern food, 1/6/2010
Reviewer: Micheal from Hattiesburg, MS
Stopped by for Brunch the previous Sunday. Found the food was a strange fusion of Californian takes on what someone had heard was Southern dishes. I'm from Mississippi and have lived in Tupelo and have had a few of these dishes as handed down, but I've never seen half these ingredients before and the tastes were nothing close to the original. The food is good for a Californian concept, but bad for Southern cooking. So, locals here should enjoy, but not natives to the South.

Best post christmas breakfast ever!, 12/28/2009
Reviewer: Joan from Santa Barbara, CA
After having the whole family for Christmas dinner, we decided to venture out for breakfast the next morning. We decided on Tupelo. It had been a while since our last visit there and remember how good it was. We were not disappointed. We were warmly greeted by the hostess, our server came immediately with orange juice, and was very knowledgable about the menu. The food was AMAZING! My husband had the poached eggs with crab cakes which he is still talking about! I had decadent french toast, which was an incredible combination of berry syrup and vanilla. Such a wonderful and pleasant place - all of the employees were smiling, must be a great place to work. We can't wait to go back!

Disappointed Again, 12/17/2009
Reviewer: Nancy from Santa Barbara, CA
A group of friends ate lunch on Sunday afternoon. Very cute restaurant, great location next to the Granada. The southern food concept is good but cooking is poor. It will be my last time to eat at Tuplo Junction Cafe. The hamburger, BLT--greasy. The fried green tomatoes, a favorite southern dish of mine--greasy and over cooked. The potatoes were limp, oily and undercooked. The fried pickles are an interesting idea but ended up as green pools of grease on the plate. Time for a quality control and new cook?

fallen from grace, 12/2/2009
Reviewer: Libby from Santa Barbara, CA
This used to be my favorite place for breakfast, a fresh of breath air, quality. Now they have fallen off the wagon, cold biscuits and gelatinous gravy. What happened to the baby green lettuce? Why is there old dry Romain on my plate with my scramble. Not to mention the old tasting orange juice. I am almost afraid to eat there because every time we go they are empty, and I start asking my self how fresh the food really is. I want the old tupelo back, best breakfast in town come back to us!

Turkey Day/Anniversary dinner, 12/1/2009
Reviewer: Dr. Steve and Kathy Conrad from Phoenix, AZ
We wanted a really nice place to eat for our Thanksgiving/and our 10th Anniversary dinner. I found the Tupelo Junction Cafe on my own researching on the internet. What a great find! The food was wonderful....great price for the Turkey dinner...the Sounthern friend turkey was the best! Marissa was our waitress and she could have not been more attentive. When we arrived they remembered we were from the Phoenix nice! High recommendations to all.

Not quite there..., 10/10/2009
Reviewer: matt shanaberger from Santa Barbara, CA
Fried Green Tomatoes. Checked the off the list. Along with deep fried dill pickles. Those would be what most people call, 'Yeah I tried that food'. So, we did. What should bring you back is the hearty, Americana food. But, instead what drove us away was the always heavy-handed, overcooked food. Salmon dish was nearly dried out, Southern Shrimp and scallops suffered same fate. The one time I tried their 'famous cowboy steak' it took two tries to get medium rare right. Had it not been our third outing there we may have assumed the cook had a bad day or that our dishes sat under the heating light too long, but it isn't the first time. Overall, a great concept that falls short on execution. For the price, I would probably try elsewhere

This was a pleasant surprise. , 8/29/2009
Reviewer: Kelly from Portland, OR
I took the recommendation of a back teller and landed here for breakfast. The server greeted me with a smile and a pitcher of orange juice, she then brought water without having to be asked. I could not decide between two items, I asked her opinion and she gave it without telling me that " everything is good". The waffle was good. The texture wasn't what I expected, it could have been a little crunchier. She checked on me during my meal and was quick the bill.

Eh for breakfast, 8/10/2009
Reviewer: Sierra from Goleta, CA
The beignets served here are not beignets in the New Orleans sense of the word. They are fried dough, so I can't completely argue with the name, but I was disappointed. The food seems like CA interpreting the south, with the CA aspect winning out. The bacon scramble and chicken fried steak were good. The breakfast here is fine, but, in my opinion, way overrated.

Loved it!!!, 7/14/2009
Reviewer: Beverly from Santa Barbara, CA
We sat in the little elevated area in the back which gave us a nice view of the restaurant and on through out to State St. The food was imaginative and very tasty! I had the Applewood Smoked Bacon, Fried Green Tomato & Avocado BLT w/ Dill Pickle Potato Salad and it was fantastic. This little gem tucked in right next to the Granada is a winner and I am hoping that it stays open. It was rather empty at lunchtime, but it wasn't for lack of great food and great service.

Where's the crab cakes?, 7/6/2009
Reviewer: Tina L. from Santa Barbara, CA
We love coming here especially for the crab cake breakfast... It's the most unique item on the breakfast menu!! We've been disappointed the last three times we've come, though, because the crab cakes "haven't been delivered yet." :-( Suggestion: find a distributer you can count on so that your customers aren't disappointed. I guess from now on we'll have to call ahead before coming down.

Food a winner, service good enough, 5/31/2009
Reviewer: Mark from Santa Barbara, CA
One of our favorites, Tupelo got our business once again Saturday night. The food - fried green tomatoes, shrimp martini, fried chicken, shrimp and scallops and an apple tart - all hit the mark. The service was good, not great as it took a little bit to get started but after that they were fine. One disquieting note was the lack of diners. They are on the upper end of downtown, there is a recession and it was a weekend after a long weekend but it was maybe a quarter full. Hopefully that was an unusual event.

A Best Kept Secret in SB, 2/15/2009
Reviewer: Donna from Goleta, CA
My daughter, granddaughter, and I ended up at TJ today only because Esau's was full. I am so very delighted that there was no room at Esau's because TJ was an absolute delight. I am ashamed that up until now I haven't taken advantage of this little jewel (I've lived here for 30 years). We were given a table right away and coffee, juice, and water were all there waiting for us when we sat down. Apple Beignets were a good way to start the meal. We shared crab cakes and hash and a very decadent French Toast. The Beignets were a bit cold, but delicious. The crab cakes were good and the poached eggs, perfect, but the avocado salsa added a bitterness that took away from the overall taste. The French Toast was presented beautifully and was incredibly decadent with a tasty berry syrup/jam that really made the dish. Honestly, it was all too much for 2 women and a young child. We left behind one piece of French Toast and a bit of the crab hash too. The highlights: Good service, lovely presentation, great flavors, nice warm atmosphere. The lowlights: The avocado salsa, having to ask for coffee refills, and the price...$48.00 with no alcohol...A bit pricey for a Sunday breakfast. I will be back...a little wiser as to how to order.

Never Again!, 2/15/2009
Reviewer: Mol from Santa Barbara, CA
We were two of seven diners on Friday morning. On recommendation from the waitress, one of us had the crab cakes..what a mistake! Once our order had been taken we did not see our waitress again. The busboy brought our food and literally banged it down in front of us. There were several waitresses in the area but ours was no where in sight. The food was far from hot but we finally just gave up trying to attract anyones attention. The last straw was when our table was cleared while we were still eating. This was definitely my last trip to this restaurant as in the past I have found the staff to be rather rude and condescending but thought I should give it one more try before giving up on it! Never again!

waffles?, 2/5/2009
Reviewer: ? from Santa Barbara, CA
uhhm what happened to the waffles?? texture and flavor were not the same as they once used to be...i got them a second time to check it wasn't just a bad day...i noticed they're selling the mix though so maybe they changed the recipe for that?

Really Good, 1/5/2009
Reviewer: Sarah from Santa Barbara, CA
I went here with my husband for Sunday Brunch and it is really good. Though do be warned that it is pricey!!!! We had 1 mocha, and a breakfast item each and it was over $50.00- for three things no alcohol. I had the fried green tomato BLTA, and my husband had the crab cake hash, both very good. I love the quality but $15.00 for a sandwhich? I think their pricing is a little unrealistic, but it is always packed!

A refreshingly different restaurant in SB, 12/30/2008
Reviewer: Ta from Santa Barbara, CA
My husband and I dined at Tupelo for the first time recently and were very impressed! Very cute decor, attentive and friendly service and best of all, amazing food! I had a turkey sandwich with sweet potato fries which were paired perfectly with what I think was a dill aioli, YUM! My husband got applewood smoked bacon & eggs - best bacon ever! Overall - this is a great restaurant that uses quality products and pays attention to the details! We will be back again soon!

Best Vegan Breakfast!, 12/18/2008
Reviewer: js from Santa Barbara, CA
I went to tupelo on wed morning for breakfast...they have the most amazing rice and beans breakfast. Asked to be made with no butter and it was a delicious vegan breakfast! highly recommended!

Excellent, 12/18/2008
Reviewer: Krista and Tony from Santa Barbara, CA
No hackneyed gimmicks in the title here, Tupelo served up an excellent dinner for our party of five this past Wednesday evening. I was impressed with the variety of dishes on the menu and unless you're used to eating off the "dollar menu" the prices seem perfectly reasonable. I ordered the southern fried chicken and was delighted with it. This isn't drumsticks and wings here, mine was a large breast piece with only a small part of bone and was nicely crisped in savory seasonings. Served over a bed of mashed potatoes and corn and covered with a truly delectable gravy. An American classic wonderfully done. General comments on other dishes ordered in the party: Ribs, as good as the chicken. Salmon, very good. Red Beans and rice, different and very good as well. Mac'n cheese, my least favorite, not bad but just not to my taste. Desserts here are both unique and delicious. Service wise our waiter was perfect. Attentive but not hovering, very friendly and knowledgeable. Our food came out fast but not until we were finished with the appetizers, really , it couldn't have been better, everyone was immensely satisfied and I personally can't wait to go back. T

Overrated, 12/2/2008
Reviewer: Nicole from Santa Barbara, CA
Don't be fooled by the title of my review, I think Tupelo Junction is great just over rated. Its a wonderful place to get southern food with a twist. My favorite is the fried chicken! However, things are pricey and the service is spotty. Most of the times I've experienced great service, but twice that I've been the waiter and waitress were cold and ignored my table. Maybe because we look young or they thought we didn't have any money. Either way, this place is over all very good but not 5 stars in food or service.

book thanksgiving 2009 now, 11/28/2008
Reviewer: david m from san jose, CA
most amazing thanksgiving dinner on several levels - southern family atmosphere, great smells, hand made cajun vodka, contemporary southern thanksgiving fare, and awesome pumpkin ice cream pie with butterfinger gram cracker crust. Would come back to sb just to go again... seriously

Yummy, cant wait to go back and try something else!, 11/25/2008
Reviewer: Amanda Milholland from Lompoc, CA
I went here for the first for lunch and it took me forever to figure out what to get!I decided on the fried green tomatoes for an appetizer and a white cheddar burger with fried pickles! Everything was delicious and I cant wait to go back and try something else!

Always a Pleasure!, 11/16/2008
Reviewer: John Thyne from Santa Barbara, CA
Tupelo Junction is one of Santa Barbara's best restaurants any time of day! With every visit I remind myself to come back soon. Yesterday I was fortunate enough to remember during breakfast and was treated to the most gorgeous selection of fresh fruit featuring blackberries, red pear, blood orange + bananas, authentic chicken fried steak (that tastes like steak!) with a fantastic sausage gravy and a true southern biscuit. Great coffee, outstanding service and a wonderful State Street location rounded out the visit. I also must nod props to the incredible vegetarian red beans + rice for lunch (addictive with shallot oil!) and, surprisingly, a dinner I rarely order out but was incredibly impressed by: Tupelo's salmon is amazing!

good food, server not so much, 11/12/2008
Reviewer: Daniel from Santa Barbara, CA
I grew up in SB and ate here for the first time 11-11-08. I was impressed with the food but not the server. Her only redemption was the fact that the busboy picked up here slack. The busboy would have gotten a hearty tip if he didn't tell me when I asked, that it would be split between him and the server who was less than deserving. Lack of training maybe. As I was eating the server asked if she could take my plate. I think that was the only time I was asked anything by the server. The busboy was attentive and certainly the best part of the service. Would I go back...most likely not! Reason: 1) Bad service without the excuse of being busy, because the place was not busy, coupled with prices slightly higher than I like.

Best Breakfast in SB!!, 8/10/2008
Reviewer: Matt from Solvang
This is by far the best breakfast in Santa Barbara! My wife had scrambled eggs with black beans and tomatoes, with a delicately dressed side salad and amazing scone/muffin thing. I had the breakfast hash with poached eggs and crab- so good!! The bloody mary was awesome as well with chile and a crab leg! Do yourself a favor and come here on the weekend and relax with great food and good service!

Very much enjoyed it !!!, 8/9/2008
Reviewer: Bernie T from Ventura
No complaints !!! Enjoyed the food and the restaurant!!! I would definitely go back again anytime. We (wife, me, granddaughter and her girlfriend) drove up from Ventura for lunch and to show the girls some of Santa Barbara. Tupelo's was recommended by a friend and we will now recommend it to anyone!!

A night to forget!, 6/29/2008
Reviewer: Jonathan Schulkin from Goleta
I ordered the lobster potato and sweet corn chowder, it tasted fishy and had 1 piece of potato in it. My girlfriend ordered the fried green tomatoes and goat cheese and instead she was brought a plate of fried RED tomatoes!! 2 minutes after receiving our appetizers we were brought a plate of bread that had no flavor and was stale. 3 minutes after the bread was brought our entree's were brought to the table and placed to the side of our appetizer' much for having time to "enjoy" my appetizer. Though I tried to fight my way through the terrible chowder I gave up after another 5 minutes and dug into my entree. I got the burger with sweet potato fries and fried pickles. The fries were COLD, not from sitting for a few minutes next to me, but actually cold to the touch as if they had been cooked hours earlier. The fried pickles were also cold and soggy to boot. The burger itself however was decent. My girlfriend got the scallops and shrimp with jalepeno cheddar grits. The scallops were cooked well and the shrimp was cooked satisfactorily. However the grits were rubbery and had unidentifiable chunks in it that were definitely not jalepeno. Food aside, there is zero excuse for the horrible timing of these dishes! Bring my bread, then my appetizer, then give me a minimum of 15 minutes before my entree comes, so I can enjoy myself. The waitress was poorly trained and looked like a slob, perhaps a better dress code should be required! The one redeeming quality of the staff was the promptness of the bus boys refilling our water. For the price we paid we would have rather gone to Mcdonald's, where the food is better as is the service.

Will try again, 6/7/2008
Reviewer: Christine from Santa Barbara, CA
Was here for lunch last Sunday before a matinee at the Granada with my sister. First, our waitress was wonderful, as was the server/busboy. Attention right on all the marks but not overly done, and the place was busy too. I ordered the crab bloody mary and the mac-n-cheese dish. The bloody mary was good, the crab claw was worth the price, but the taste wasn't extraordinary. The mac-n-cheese however, was a macaroni soup (looked like milk "broth") with a huge dollop of melted cheddar on top. When I tried to mix it all together the cheese wouldn't mix with the broth which resulted in little bits of cheese among the soup. I love cheese, so the flavor was good, but I expected melted cheese with the pasta. Very strange. My sister loved her turkey sandwich (looked like Thanksgiving between slices of bread) so perhaps I'll try that next time. Oh, the fried green tomatoes were good. I will be back because there are so many other things on the menu that sound great.

Well Worth the Drive!, 6/6/2008
Reviewer: Sara from Northridge, CA
While visiting Santa Barbara recently, Tupelo Junction was recommended to our group of friends and we were not disappointed! As a "foodie", I have a fairly good palate and eye for good food. Taste and presentation are important. For breakfast, I ordered the crabcakes topped with poached eggs, guacamole and lemon-butter sauce and it was delicious! Also, the homemade berry jam was wonderful (can I get the recipe) on our toast (it was also good on the cornbread) and service was terrific. The wait staff was friendly and attentive. I enjoyed Tupelo so much that I recommended the restaurant to my friends who will be in Santa Barbara this weekend and will be disappointed if they don't go! Reservations are recommended.......the place is hopping!

Tupelo my heart, 2/24/2008
Reviewer: Ralph from Goleta
Following a friends recommendation I decided to make the drive from Goleta to visit Tupelo Junction on State Street for breakfast. I went with some friends who are notoriously picky about their food but fortunate for us Tupelo has quite the variety on their menu. Everything we ordered was fantastic and I especially recommend the burger seeing as the portion size was enough to satisfy my friend who has been known to swallow 4X4's from InNOut without breaking a sweat. Our server Margaret was fantastic as well and took care of my high maintenance friends with impeccable service and class. My only complaint was that I brought my girlfriend along and I wasn't able to ask our server for her phone number. I definitely recommend starting your day with Tupelo Junction as much as possible.

Amazing food, amateur service, 2/17/2008
Reviewer: Camille Mason from Santa Barbara/CA
I go to Tupelo frequently for both brunch and dinner. The food is always amazing, but can't say the same for the service. Owners, PLEASE higher some waitstaff with more experience. I was a server for years and know that it doesn't take much to do better than this. Your waitresses are without fail sullen and need to be reminded several times just to bring a water refill. Last time, I was one of our waitresses' 3 tables and she not only didn't bring my dressing out on the side as I asked, but didn't do it again once reminded! Patrons, do try the crab cake hash and fried won't be sorry.

Good food and courteous service for us, 2/15/2008
Reviewer: Patrick from Santa Barbara, CA
We have gone to Tupelo Junction three times for dinner in the last few months. It is a plain, uncrowded, unpretentious place, not unpleasant, and quiet when no music is playing. Each time we found the service courteous and patient, and the food much above average for the price in Santa Barbara. Our only objection was the thick-rimmed glasses used in the table setting and chosen I believe to give the restaurant a folksy look. The hot breads are excellent.

Mixed feelings, 1/21/2008
Reviewer: John from Santa Barbara
Our breakfast here was very nice, but..... Would it kill them to have one or two standard dishes on the menu for us old fuddy duddies who don't want truffled this or asparagus that? I wound up cobbling together a traditional breakfast by ordering 3 sides. They did accomodate this with a smile. Coffee is very good - service was very good - love the space - wasn't this an italian place a few years back? They've mastered the art of the up-sell here - watch your wallet! All in all, a positive experience and we'd return.

14$ for a BLT???, 1/6/2008
Reviewer: barb from Santa Barbara,ca
WHAT? Mark up indeed. At least you can toast the bread huh? Nope, it was not. I like the food here but come on, compare the chicken salad to the BLT and you will be sad you were the one who got the BLT for the same price! YES, BOTH ARE 14$. Come on girls, a BLT? It is not the wonderful bacon scramble or the Chicken Fried steak which were both great. I was sad for my friend who just wanted crispy bacon and good toast... sorry humming bird. Glad you liked the tea though. Think about those prices.

Good the second time, 1/5/2008
Reviewer: SB Restaurant Goer from Goleta, CA
I was actually suprised...I've been to Tupelo before and have never been impressed. I was completely satisfied this time and would definitely go back. The BLT was delicious. I shared that with a friend with some mac and cheese. The mimosa's were refreshing!

What Happened To Tupelo???, 12/5/2007
Reviewer: Lollie from Santa Barbara, CA
When TJ opened on Chapala the service was amazing! Everyone was raving about the wonderful atmosphere. Since moving to State years ago the service has steadily declined. I went for lunch last week and left unhappy. We were seated and watched as other parties were attended to while we still hadn't been asked for our drink order. We waited literally 15 minutes while various waitstaff walked by our table. Even acknowledging our presence with "I'll be right with you." would have helped but that didn't happen. The food is worth the wait, and unfortunately I think this is what keeps people coming back. It certainly isn't the service. Most of the waitstaff are young college girls. Work for your tips ladies!

Honestly..., 11/25/2007
Reviewer: Laura Lewis from Santa Barbara, CA
...this was a disappointment. Besides waiting a ridiculous amount of time to order drinks...or water for that matter - the food wasn't that much better. My husband and I ordered breakfast, and with our breakfast we also got a supply of egg shells and cold, hard house potatoes. The mixed drinks were a disappointment as well. But to end on a high note...their 'hush puppies' were some of the best we've tried locally.

Another great Thanksgiving dinner, 11/24/2007
Reviewer: Mike from Santa Barbara, CA
This was our second year for Thanksgiving at Tupelo Junction. For T-giving, they have a limited menu. The three of us opted for the traditional turkey dinner, "Turkey Two Ways." Delicious turkey, dressing, and mashed potatoes but we miss the sweet potatoes with a marshmellow topping that they had last year (Hint! for next year). We we so full we skipped dessert. Attentive service as always. Tupelo Junction is one of my favorites here in town.

too good to be true, 10/19/2007
Reviewer: Anthony Jefferson from Santa Barbara, CA
first time going there and i have to say that it was amazing. First of all, service was above everything i usually recieve. not being an attractive guy i was amazed the beautiful women even served me. Despite all that, food was great and i cant wait to go back there. Definately recommended by me... Anthony Jefferson

a needed change of pace, 8/26/2007
Reviewer: Carly from santa barbara, CA
the atmosphere is small but i love coming to this spot! usually only two tables available outside and definitely worth grabbing if you can. i feel as though some stuff is a few dollars overpriced, but it's worth it as i also feel that branching out here is always safe. the twist on some of the dishes is perfect and somehow always works out. service has always been nice, nothing overly amazing, but consistently attentive and timely. i've been hooked since my first visit and have taken out of towners here too. Tupelo is such a refreshing change of pace for SB...

YUM OH!, 7/1/2007
Reviewer: Jennifer Adler from Santa Barbara
I love this place. I've had great meals here and the service has always been very friendly, easy going and pleasant. I love the turkey sandwich and the sweet potato fries are to die for. I'll be back often.

Used to be so good...., 7/1/2007
Reviewer: Lynn from Santa Barbara, CA
I have eaten at Tupelo since the original smaller location on Chapala. It seems in over the last year or two the food, as well as the service have declined. I usually eat there about once a month with a friend of mine and the last two occasions we have had to practically beg for water and drink refills. The prices seem to have increased as the quality of the food has diminished as well. My friend's burger was barely cooked at all, and when it was brought back it looked as if it had been stepped on or something. What happened to a once great restaurant? There must be a new chef or owner. My favorite rice and beans dish also has arrived very lukewarm the last two times we ate there. I will miss what this place once was, but won't be going back. With all the competion in SB, they can't afford to ignore reviews.

Best Little Restaurant Ever!, 6/11/2007
Reviewer: Vanda Barcelos from Artesia, CA
My husband and I discovered this place a few years ago and have been stopping in each and every time we happen to be passing through Santa Barbara. In fact, we try and time our trips so that we make sure to eat at Tupelo! We have not yet had dinner there, but have never disappointed by their breakfast or lunch. My goal is to taste every item on their menu, but as each dish becomes my new favorite it is getting harder and harder not to order the same thing! On this last trip my husband and I both tried the lobster and sweet corn chowder soup. It was so wonderfully made and not short on lobster that I was sad to see the bottom my bowl as I happily scooped up each spoonful! My husband moved onto a lunch item, the BLT made with applewood smoked bacon and fried green tomatoes and the sweet potato fries. He loved it, so I had to have taste and I loved it too. As for me, I opted to have a breakfast dish (which I realize might be a little strange after soupÖ but oh well). My scramble made with bacon, caramelized onions, spinach and smoked Gouda was delicious! And the eggs were perfect Ė not runny and not dry. Accompanied by fresh, warm banana nut bread (so good it could have been dessert!), house potatoes, and a warm cup of coffee it quickly became my new favorite. Since we were in a mood to splurge we shared a warm apple pie and it was the perfect ending to a perfect meal. Service was fine. Our waitress seemed to always be around when we needed her. My only complaint was that they started to clear our table of the breakfast/lunch setting before we had left. They close between lunch and dinner and while I was still enjoying my last sip of coffee they started removing the flowers, salt & peppers shakers, etc. I felt a little more rushed at that point to get out. But other than that, service was good. Other items on the menu not to be missed are the breakfast Dungeness crab cakes and hash (Delicious!) and the vanilla dipped french toast! For lunch donít miss the char-grilled white cheddar burger which is fabulous! We canít wait to try this place for dinner one day!

Sooo Good, 6/3/2007
Reviewer: Megan from Santa Barbara,CA
Definately one of my favorite restraunts in town. The corn & main lobster chowder is sooo good, as well as the fried green tomatoes! It's a little pricey, but worth it sometimes. Especially on Thursdays from 5:30-7:30 cuz it's happy hour and appetizers are 2$ off.

busy on Sunday mornings, but worth it!, 5/20/2007
Reviewer: chee from sb
I went in to TJC at 11am on a Sunday morning, and the wait for 2 people was 15 minutes. The service was pretty attentive, despite the crowdedness/busyness of the day. My fried chicken salad was quite tasty...the chicken was slightly dried out and overcooked, but the tangy, creamy dressings made up for it. My friend's crabcake benedict was yummy was well...very little filler, lots of crab meat!

Not necessarily veggie friendly., 5/18/2007
Reviewer: Kristen from Carpinteria
I'm a vegetarian, and I was slightly disappointed in their lack of veggie options for lunch/dinner. I wanted the macaroni and cheese, but there was bacon in it. So I went for breakfast. The vanilla French toast with berry sauce had such a tart, almost sour sauce that my boyfriend's face puckered when he tried it. My pumpkin oatmeal waffle was pretty good though, but very heavy and sweet. It's a very cute place, and I'm sure the food is very good for lunch/dinner, but I wouldn't know since I don't eat most of it.

Fine night out all around, 4/1/2007
Reviewer: Mark from Agoura
Went to Tupelo Saturday night. We'd been there twice before and had yet to be disappointed. No disappointments for a third time. I have a few small complaints: While the service by our waitress was fine, no long waits, though never a real feeling of being special (hey, we had gone to the Palace Grill for lunch, it's a tough comparison but Tupelo has room for improvement). However, the real issue was the person doling out the rolls not only didn't get to our table, they didn't get to any table in the front of the restaurant. Maybe they got tired. The food was very good (fried green tomatoes for app, fried chicken and shrimp/scallops). My only issue was with the shrimp/scallops, which are sold as a spicy dish but was actually mild. I'm no chilihead, but if a dish is sold as having heat, bring the heat. The beignets are actually donut holes but they are awesome donut holes. Want a good night out, which is reasonably priced? The answer is Tupelo. As long as they get a new roll tosser.

Try it!, 3/29/2007
Reviewer: Julia from SLO
I love this place! I usually go just for breakfast but have recently been turned to dinner. Everything is amazing, the food delicious! The servers are very nice, friendly, accommodating, and well informed on the menu items. You have to try Tupelo if you have not already

Awesome food!!!!!!!, 3/3/2007
Reviewer: Jean Wells from Elizabethtown, Ky.
While visiting my son in LA, he drove me up to Santa Barbara for the day. We had dinner at Tupelo Junction Cafe. The cowboy steak was probably the best steak I have had anywhere. It was awesome and so were the side items. The waiter kept bringing us the mini-biscuits before and during our meal. They were out of this world good. My next trip to Santa Barbara will definitely include dinner at this great place. Oh, and the deserts were fabulous! Jean from Kentucky

Definitely stands out in SB!, 2/3/2007
Reviewer: Julie from Ventura, CA
If you are like me, you've been thinking that nearly ALL restaurants in Santa Barbara (while perfectly delicous) are starting to taste and feel the same. Tupelo blows everything else out of the water - it was so refreshing to eat fresh, innovative Southern-style food. Between us we had - the bacon/spinach/gouda scramble, fried chicken salad, and the macaroni. Also we tried the yummy fried green tomatoes and for dessert, the banana cream (served over a crisp peanut butter cookie). All very, very tasty!!! We kept marvelling how we'd never been here before. We will most definitely be back. Service was nice, too - not too overbearing, but attentive. Even the busboys were incredibly friendly. Loved it!

Unique, fun, and delicous, 12/22/2006
Reviewer: C. Redmond from Santa Barbara
Went here for breakfast last weekend with friends and was so impressed. I am not a breakfast person, in fact, I really don't care for it, but Tupelo Junction has a menu where you can choose from more traditional items to unique and fun southern dishes. I loved that they had turkey sandwiches with cream cheese and cranberries and pumpkin waffles with carmalized bananas. Also, their fried pickles are a treat. It really is a fun and unique place with super tasty "comfort food." The service was also very attentive and nice. I will be back over and over again and am very happy we gave it a shot!

The Whole Package!, 12/3/2006
Reviewer: Jennifer from Santa Barbara, CA
Tonight was my first experience with "Tupelo Junction". I was first hit with the lovely ambience of the place--muted lighting and white table cloths with a lit candle in the center. It was a quiet night (Sunday)at the restaurant which made for a very relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. The menu was quite impressive--even though I don't ever eat deep-fried, the creative spin on all of their traditional southern dishes made for an excellent variety of possible choices. I "settled" on the squash soup with pumpkin seeds for a starter and then graduated to a fried chicken salad with cornbread crumbs and buttermilk dressing. Both were fabulous. My only complaint being they could have been a bit more generous with the buttermilk dressing--but maybe I'm just a salad dressing slut! :) Our busboy and waitress were "on it" throughout the meal. There was also what appeared to be a wood-burning stove towards the back of the dining area adding an additional touch of coziness to this SB gem of a restaurant. Come one, come all--you will not be disappointed!

Thanksgiving Southern Style, 11/25/2006
Reviewer: Mike from Santa Barbara
Five of us went to Tupelo Junction on Thanksgiving Day for a wonderful dinner. As it was T-giving, the menu was limited to 3 choices for starters, 3 choices for entrees and 2 choices for dessert. Of course, one of the entree choices was a traditional turkey dinner. Absolutely delicious turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes with a marshmellow topping. The apple pie was a great dessert (we all shared a single one as it was pretty large). And the pumpkin cheesecake looked pretty darn good too! Service was perfect, too! P.S. We went back for a great breakfast today!

Best breakfast in town - OK dinner, 10/31/2006
Reviewer: Adam from Santa Barbara
IN my opinion this is the best place for breakfast in town. The variety of dishes is wonderful and they are always well prepared. The beniet's (sp?) are so delicious! But something happens here after dark. The food goes into hibernation and moves from fantastic to bland. The only thing decent on the dinner menu is the Fried Chicken. So I will stick with my scrambles and beniet and the occasional Bloody Mary.

Fab Food. Horrible Service., 10/18/2006
Reviewer: Brittany from Santa Barbara, CA
The food = amazing. I had a scramble with mushrooms, asparagus, and truffle cheese. AMAZING. The service? Horrible. The bus boy threw everything down on the table in a rush. They brought out one meal out of three and did not bring the other two people's meals out for fifteen minutes. Not only that, we had to ask them multiple times to bring the food out and where it was while the first person's food got cold. The server did not seem to care at all and acted extremely stupid about the whole thing. The least she could have done was apologize or check to see what was going on....she didn't do ANYTHING. So embarrassing....

Southern hospitality..., 10/15/2006
Reviewer: Mike from Santa Barbara
As recent transplants to SB, my wife and I came here for dinner last night. She had the fried chicken salad and I had the pork chops. Well presented, great tasting and plenty big (a prior reviewer complained about the portion sizes -- not us). We splurged for the chocolate beignets for dessert, sharing one order. Like all Southern food, you might want to bring an extra dose of Lipitor with you but it was delicious. Rich and tasty. We were admiring the other dishes going by.... Our server was excellent, attentive, and very pleasant. A very nice night out. Looking forward to getting there sometime for their breakfast.

Amazing food, great atmosphere, 9/27/2006
Reviewer: Burte from Berkeley, CA
Tupelo looks like a small cafe from outside, but inside it is a full size restaurant, very nicely decorated. We went there for a dinner. Got the mint drink, which was good, and the ribs, which was so delicious, especially the sauce on it mixed with white beans, the meat was so tender and perfectly grilled, still juicy. Just amazing. But the most fun part of the dinner was the mini-biscuits the waiter kept serving, they are unbelievably tasty. There are three types: cheese, pecan and bacon, and all three are just perfect. I am so fascinated with this restaurant, it will be a certain stop for me each time I go to Santa Barbara, and I am also looking forward to trying it for a breakfast, their breakfast menu looked very interesting. This place is an excellent choice of dining!

Delightful and Delicious, 9/1/2006
Reviewer: Gina and Paul from Carlsbad, CA
When we dined here for early dinner, they had a great bluegrass band playing live music, which created a fun and authentic atmosphere. The food - fried green tomatoes with goat cheese, lobster and corn chowder, fried chicken salad and fried chicken dinner - was all delicious. Fresh, nicely blended flavors, rich but not heavy. I would say this was a hit with the whole group. We've been visiting Santa Barbara for a month now and this was definitely an all-around favorite! A different menu, for a change. Service was attentive and timely. We'll be going back soon!

A decent drip down south, 8/25/2006
Reviewer: andrew joseph from goleta
Me and my friend had passed by this place one afternoon on state and found the idea of southern style food in SB to be curious. We eventually made our way there and were greeted promptly by the waitress. In a nutshell: the ambiance is good with southern music favs (i.e. Ray Charles) playing smoothly in the background, our server was warm and genuine, but the food was mediocre for the price. Our dishes were all $15+ and with their taste and presentation could easily have been featured on an Applebee's/generic "neighborhood" restaurant. However the fried green tomatoes with goat cheese were a highlight on what otherwise was a forgettable, albeit different dining experience.

good food, inconsistent service, 8/18/2006
Reviewer: Chee from santa barbara, ca
I've been to TJC twice...the first time it took about 45 minutes to get my food, and by the time it came to the table, it was kind of lukewarm. this was, however, at the height of saturday brunch. I went again today (a friday morning at 10:30), and my food came within 10 minutes and was of good temperature! the server was also much more responsive than in my previous visit. what a difference a weekday makes.

long wait, but pretty good stuff, 7/7/2006
Reviewer: cheecher from santa barbara, ca
I went to TJC on the 4th of July, so it was quite busy. After waiting 25 minutes for a table, my friend and I waited an additional 25 minutes for our food. Unfortunately, I had to rush to move my parking spot due to this long waiting. The staff could have definitely been more attentive to our needs, but the food was good enough to make up for it (though it was a bit lukewarm).

Way overpriced, 5/28/2006
Reviewer: Greg from Goleta, CA
I ordered a turkey sandwich w/ cranberry sauce... it cost like $13! The sandwich was small and unremarkable. You can get the same thing at Ruby's for half the price. I was still hungry when I left. The sandwich came with sweet potato fries, and the fries were both cold and so greasy that I had to try to wipe the grease off with my napkin. If the sandwich cost $6-7, I might say, eh, it's a basic lunch place, but for the astounding price of $13 I expect way more. Needless to say, I won't be eating there again.

Two thumbs up, 5/4/2006
Reviewer: lemonjelly from santa barbara
A friend once said to me, "What's the difference between a mediocre breakfast and a really good breakfast?" and before I would come up with a whole philosophy in my mind, she answered, "About 5 dollars." That's Tupelo Junction. Shell out the extra $5 and you are elevated from eating-to-live to living-to-eat. The Cafe is big and airy, and I see families, posh folk and hippies alike dining inside. I had the beignets with creme anglaise, my companion had the smoked salmon with cream cheese scrambled eggs. A gentle New Orleans meal with all the dirt and beads removed.

the best breakfast, 4/15/2006
Reviewer: Allison from Santa Barbara, CA
Tupelo Junction is the best place I have ever been for breakfast. The waiters are incredibily nice and accommodating, and the food is just amazing. This cafe has such a homey wonderful atmosphere, and I try to go back every weekend. I definitly reccomend tupelo if your looking for a comfort meal! try the pumpkin oatmeal waffles!

AMAZING, 3/25/2006
Reviewer: Caroline from Santa Barbara
This is easily one of the best restaurants in Santa Barbara, if not California.

Ok service. Bad food., 3/11/2006
Reviewer: Jennifer from Goleta, CA
The portions of the food at this restaurant are ridiculously small. I ordered the ribs and left hungry because it was hardly enough food to be considered dinner.

WONDERFUL, 2/5/2006
Reviewer: Marissa from Santa Barbara
I recently tried it for the first time....I am now a regular. I am amazed by the food and the service everytime a go there. I am impressed by the short wait for food, despite the how busy they are (especially on Saturdays and Sundays). All in all this place is amazing, I simply disagree with anything bad to be said. Thanks!

can we get our food please!!!!!!, 2/4/2006
Reviewer: pikou from santa barbara,CA
we tried this restaurant yesterday for the first time.We arrived and nobody came to greed us. After several long minutes finally we got a table. We placed our order and my kid'S chichen tenders arrived: 3 tiny bits of overcooked chicken in a big empty plate: no fries, no rice, no veggies, no mashed potatoes....No ketchup, waited 10 minutes for it to arrive.Finally my wif'es appetizer arrived.She waited for mine's to arrive but it was taking to long so she ate her's . She said it was good. Long after she was done we asked our server about MY appetizer...and we waited another 20 minutes. Since nothing arrived we called the server and asked her the check, we wanted to go since the long wait was getting too ridiculous. We paid for our cocktail(which were really good) and we paid for the chicken($6 by the way ...way overcharged).They did not charge us for my wife's appetizer as we were not happy about the whole experience. We noticed that peolple around us were also waiting for their food. Also when we asked the check the server told us that my entree was getting prepared but I was still waiting for my appetizer! We stayed 50 minutes in that place ...WITH NO FOOD TO EAT! BAD EXPERIENCE ALL ALONG.

Excellent service and food!, 1/10/2006
Reviewer: Jenny Slorah from Spokane, WA
I've visited Santa Barbara many times and have eaten at Tupelo Junction each time I've visited. The food is excellent and the service I've received has been superb! The owner Amy is very personal and the manager Sarah is delightful. The staff appears to be hard working and pleasant. Thanks Tupelo for providing a lovely place to dine and relax!

Outstanding food but the service doesn't match up, 9/26/2005
Reviewer: Thomas from Santa Barbara, CA
I have eaten at Tupelo Junction at each of their 3 locations in Santa Barbara and the service/attitude, which was once very good, has been on the decline. Although there were 3 of us, they only brought 2 bread plates. When we asked for another plate, it was dumped in the middle of the table instead of placed in the correct location. When the waiter brought our coffee, we had to ask for spoons and sugar. Dining is a complete experience, and good food alone isn't enough.

Great rehearsal dinner option, 9/16/2005
Reviewer: Amy Lee from Goleta, CA
I have always loved Tupelo Juntion and have followed them from one location to another. We love bringing family and friends to Tupelo for breakfast (the crab cakes are great). Later we discovered how great the dinners were too. Their new location now has the full bar and the martini's are top notch. My fiance and I have decided to have our rehearsal dinner at Tupelo and have found them to be very fair and reasonable throughout the booking process. Check them out - you won't be disappointed.

Breakfast and Lunch in the same meal!, 9/11/2005
Reviewer: Vanda from Artesia, CA
My husband and I recently stopped in at Tupelo's for "brunch" while visiting Santa Barbara. I ordered the Vanilla dipped French Toast with Berries and fresh Whipped Cream and he ordered the White Chedder Burger and Sweet Potato Fries. They were both very generous portions and so good that we couldn't stop sneaking bites off each others plates! The bread used for the french toast is spectacular and the berries are so fresh and sweet. The burger is wonderfully juicy, topped with the best white chedder around and topped with mesclun greens that are tossed in something (I can't put my finger on what the dressing is...) that just pulls the entire thing together beautifully! The plate also comes with fried pickles and though you may not think that would be good, I challenge you to taste for yourself and see just how good they can be. Dipped in their accompanying chipotle type sauce those pickles are to die for! And lets talk about the house coffee. It's freshly brewed Peet's Coffee (according to the menu) and it's great! The staff was well groomed (I always pay attention to that...), friendly and prompt. Our waitress always knew when to come by or look our way for indication that we needed something. This is my new favorite spot in SB... maybe in California... and it may be a long time before another can take it's place :)

Fabulous food and fantastic hosts! Thanks Peter!, 7/26/2005
Reviewer: Benson from Prescott, AZ
Whenever we visit our daughter at Westmont College we MUST come to Tupelo Junction Cafe. The food is fabulous--so creative--so yummy--my tastebuds can't say enough! Perhaps the best part of the meal is our visits with one of the owners, Peter, who is a delight! He is so kind and has such great suggestions and is a joy to "share" our breakfast,lunch or dinner with! It will be a happy time when our daughter graduates but bittersweet knowing we will not be able to visit Santa Barbara near as often as we would like and miss the company and flavors of TJC.

Tupelo is getting settled in their new location...Yummy Food, 7/12/2005
Reviewer: Cindy
I recently visited Tupelo after reading these reviews and I let the owner know that there had been a lot of complaints about service and pricing. She let me know that she was aware of these complaints and that she had hired more servers and recently held a meeting on service problems now that they are settled in at the much larger new location. She assured me that they are working very hard to keep up with the new volume serving over 350 people daily for breakfast & lunch. Also, she said she made price adjustments to the dinner menu and also brought on the lunch favorites (i.e. fried chicken salad) Yeah!!! I love Tupelo Junction and appreciate all their hard work. My meal was delicious and I was served by the owner herself...terrific service!!! I must go back for Dinner.

good but service sucks, 7/8/2005
Reviewer: Gabe from santa barbara
i too have been to tupelo many times for breakfast--and the service sucks! the food is so good that i have to ask my self if it´s worth it to brave the sucky service for the yummy food!!!???last time we waited 45 min for our food and watched EVERY table around us eat--the server seemed put out every time we asked about our food!!!

Please hire more staff, 7/3/2005
Reviewer: Monica from Santa Barbara
I would like to give a fair but accurate description of my experiences at Tupelo. My roomate and I love to have our breakfast at Tupelo, however, the last couple of times I wonder why I wasted my time at this restaurant - just hours before I have to go run the business at my own. It is very obvious that if all staff is running around like crazy, maybe they need more or more competent staff during the busy weekend hours. Just getting water took an awful long time, and trust me I do not try to be picky, but if I see tables left and right of me being served drinks by the same waitress, I wonder why I have to go thirsty - especially since we waited 25 minutes for a table. We were offered a starter, decided on a fruit plate, and never received it. We repeatedly asked for the missing side of jam and side of toast, and did not receive it until we were done eating!!! Anyways, the food has been good, this is why I keep coming back- despite slow, and sometimes horrible service. I wish management would take it upon themselves to bring service up to the prices, otherwise they might loose customers who actually enjoyed breakfast at Tupelo.

Not good at all for the price, 7/2/2005

I ordered the Grouper, big mistake! It was so undercooked and chewy. I did tell the waiter and all he did to compensate me was to give me a free glass of wine. I was pretty disappointed, I will not go to this restaurant again.

out of this WORLD!, 6/29/2005
Reviewer: phil + jenna = forever from santa barbara, CA
loved the food. REALLY loved the mimosas. the food was out of this world: very creative and delicious! slow but delightful service :) left drunk and happy.

Yes, expensive but good, 6/29/2005

I too went there. Simple lunch for two, no alcohol, $46.00 with tip. (Turkey Sandwich, Crab Cake Salad) The food was very, very good, but very pricey. But as a business person I am very much aware of rent, labor, insurance and everything else. I don´t think anybody in this business is getting rich-not to mention a lot of work.

I don´t get it..., 6/26/2005

Well I´ve tried Tupelo a handfull of times since they opened and I don´t get it. The food is very mediocre and expensive for what you get...breakfast, lunch or dinner. The place is always busy though...?? I don´t get it...

Great Food - Inflated Prices, 6/25/2005
Reviewer: Allison from santa barbara
TJ is my absolute favorite place for dinner in SB. However, since they reopened year (2005) the prices are SKY HIGH! I would go a lot more often if I didn´t have to drop nearly $100 for dinner for 2 - and that´s without wine.

Will travel for food!, 6/15/2005
Reviewer: Jennyfire from San Luis Obispo, CA
I´ve had the opportunity to eat at Tupelo several times. I must say, that each experience has been met with excellent service, a warm, inviting atmosphere, and the best food in Santa Barbara! Tupelo settles for nothing but the best. Their ingredients are fresh and it makes such a difference. There´s simply no comparison. Thank you, Tupelo, for giving me yet another reason to travel to Santa Barbara!

Day and Night at Tupelo~, 6/9/2005
Reviewer: Tom from Santa Barbara
Tupelo Junction has been my favorite restaurant since the good ole days on Chapala street. I´ve flowed with the changes and I must give kudos to the new manager Carlyn who I remember being my waitress even back then. If ever there is a crisis, the manager must handle it because I have never encountered a problem. She seems capable, confident and someone who really enjoys her job. I must say I´m a bit surprised at the nightime reviews but I wish the entire team continued success as they continue to grow as a happening spot in such a great town.

best breakfast in town!, 6/9/2005
Reviewer: k from santa barbara
Hands down the best breakfast place in town! I haven´t been there for lunch or dinner yet, but have heard rumors or fabulous dining then too! The pumpkin waffles (sounds strange, tastes A-mazing) and the lobster crab cakes with! Give it a try, I think you´ll feel the same way I do!

Fun food!, 5/31/2005

We were here twice during our weekend stay, both times we had the same waitress. I won´t judge the service based on our experience with her, but she seemed overwhelmed. But I can´t say enough about the food, although my family thinks my biscuits and gravy are better. Aside from that we loved it all! The granola is the best. The scramble with bacon, carmelized onions and gouda cheese...the flavors were perfect together. The pumkin/oatmeal waffles with the carmelized bananas...oh my gosh. And the french toast... A must try!

By far, the best little cafe you can find in Santa Barbara, 5/23/2005
Reviewer: Andre from Santa Monica, CA
This is one my fiancee and I agree on without conflict! The menu is creative but not radical. The food quality is always fantastic, fresh and cooked just right. Basics are the hardest to do well and they never fail to impress. We were very excited to see they now serve dinner too! Last time we visited SB we came to TJC for breakfast AND dinner in the same day, we love it so much. The southern flair on American cuisine is fun and nostalgiac (me being from New Orleans, originally), but most importantly, it´s done´s not a just a "theme" there....My fiancee highly recommends the fried-chicken salad and I feel their vanilla french toast is pretty amazingly decadent...I´ve tried quite a few things on their breakfast menu and have yet to be disappointed. The service has ALWAYS been extremely impressive, in fact one thing that cements this little cafe as our favorite.

Don´t get me wrong..., 5/14/2005
Reviewer: Gerta from Georgia...Seriously
I LOVE grits. Love ´em. Nothing better. But gimme a break. Papaya pine nut grits mousse? Gritty Beef Wellington? Cactus grits sorbet? Grits pie? Country fried grits??? GRITS STEW! Peanut butter and grits sandwiches? Fried green grits??? Enough with the grits already!!!! Left me with a hankering for some corned beef and cabbage. Steak sure is good, though. FIVE STARS!!!

Hype, 3/25/2005
Reviewer: Amanda from Santa Monica
Cute atmosphere but this restaurant is overrated. The fritters were good however the breakfast menu was not very unique.

A bonus at the end of a long journey...., 11/5/2004
Reviewer: Nancy from Texas
I can´t get past the amazing waffles and love those big, cheerful red mugs of coffee, that always friendly spirit of service with its relaxed atmosphere where a simple plate becomes art, a gift for the eye as well as the palate..... only a few of the things that keep me returning each time I visit Santa Barbara. Wish I lived closer!


I have been going to Tupelo Junction for awhile now. I am there every weekend. I keep going back because the food is amazing and the service is great. I have seen a few other negative reviews on here and I simply do not agree with what has been said. I have seen nothing but good things from Tupelo Junction.

great food terrible service, 10/8/2004
Reviewer: Jenny from santa barbara
I love the food here but the service is awful. The wait staff seem oblivious to helping eachother and you sit there feeling totally ignored. The food has always been great but the service causes us to forego this restaurant on most weekend mornings and weekday lunches. they really need to shape up.

Horrible Service, 8/18/2004
Reviewer: Patricia from Santa Barbara
The gentleman that was our server was so spastic that we ended up cutting our meal short. He neglected our kids and did not even bother to ask if they needed anything. On top of that our food was cold!

YUMMY!, 8/10/2004

What a delicious twist on breakfast! I truly wished my stomach was capable of putting away more food, because I wanted to eat everything on the menu! The beignets (forgive my spelling) are heavenly, as are the eggs and waffles! Didn´t have a problem with service as the other reviews mentioned.

Wonderful food, terrible service, 4/10/2004

I would haved rated TJC a 5, but the lack of service kept me back. I´d advise the owners to remind the staff of what´s called the "Two minute rule" ... once the meal has been delivered, within two minutes a follow-up is in order. We only saw our server (who seemed pretty uninterested in being there) once - when he took our order. The guy who cleared our tables complied to the refill request on our drinks, of course that was only after we were through now with dinner.

Great Experience, 3/26/2004

We loved the restaurant. The food was delicious and the service was great. I felt like I was dining in a close friend´s home and was part of the family

inventive food; terrible service, 2/24/2004

The first thing to know about TJ is that they seem to prioritize breakfast. Thus, do not go for dinner later than 7:30 or you will get terrible, bored service and they will try to rush you out the door. Actually, you will always get terrible service - I never really look for the ´please tend to my every whim´ experience but I have to say that the wait staff is, shall we say, uneven. I have eaten here (both locations) 4 times and the last sent me over the edge - I would need to receive some sort of advance guarantee that I would not be treated rudely before I would agree to return. Note to owners: the menu - inventive and strong as it is - does not in itself make for a great trip to a restaurant.

Delish!, 1/18/2004

I love this restaurant. The food is creative, tasty and consistent. You must try the fried green tomatoes and the free range turkey sandwich! Very delish.

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