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Cuzcatlan Salvadorian Cuisine
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2007-03

2911 De La Vina St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 682-5529

  • Category: Latin American
  • Hours: Mon-Thu 11:30am-8pm, Fri-Sat 11:30am-9pm, Sun 8:30am-9pm
  • Price: < $10
  • Serving: Lunch & Dinner
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Reviews by the General Public

Restaurant no longer exist, 7/1/2007
Reviewer: Ernesto from Torrance,CA
I took a drive to Santa Barbara exclusively to visit this restaurant but unfortunately it no longer exist. It is now called JAKE'S restaurant. Very disappointed.

Where can i find pupusas?, 5/23/2007
Reviewer: Jose from Santa Barbara
Sooo... where do i need to drive (south) to find pupusas around here??? ;)

Very Sad, 5/10/2007
Reviewer: Very Sad =o( from Santa Barbara, CA
I really loved this place...I can't believe they closed I will have to drive south to get some popusas =o(

Love Papusas!, 4/14/2007
Reviewer: Emily from Santa Barbara
Cuzcatlan is a lovely, mom and pop type restaurant. Definitely a hidden gem in SB (and a dying breed!). The papusas alone are worth the trip, but the rest of the food is good too. I like the platanos and the queso fundido. The service is always friendly, very family oriented and they always remember us. They are a true asset to the neighborhood. Try this place out!!

good food good service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, 3/13/2007
Reviewer: Hector David Barton from Altadena, ca
the only complaint is because i went overthere sunday march 10, 2007 they open by 11.30 am but the place was closed

Terrific......., 9/19/2006
Reviewer: Karina & Randy from Montclair, CA
Lovely mellow atmosphere! We LOVED the pupusas along with the fruit drinks!!! Fabulous, we highly recommend it to those of you who have never tried pupusas this is definitely the place to go.

a great gem, 5/2/2006
Reviewer: lemonjelly from santa barbara
Do not expect a romantic ambience for you and your date, this place has more a feel like a cafeteria at the end of its service for the day. But the food is good and extremely well-priced. Adults can try the fish and pork dishes. Kids will be happy with the $1.95 hamburger (or the hot dogs with "salvadorian dressing" that looks suspiciously like coleslaw! don't worry, it's good :). The flan/creme caramel is VERY good, don't go too late in the evening or they will be sold out. Other unique offerings are the homemade tortillas and pupusas (both chewy and delicious). In a town where cuisines beyond the standard Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Italian and Mexican don't often last long, I do my best to keep this place in business. I dine here often.

Very Good Food, 9/2/2005
Reviewer: xavi from santa barbara
This restaurant is great. This was the first time I had Salvadorean food other than pupusas and was not disappointed. The food is very fresh. I love trying food from different cultures and this place is one everyone should try. I was very satisfied.

delicious & different, 8/21/2005
Reviewer: Julie from Santa Barbara, CA
Food was very good & served very fresh and hot. Papusas, Plantains, their own chorizo, delicious beans, tasty tortillas. I'd definitely go back..And the papusa w/ loroco was especially good, since I'd never had that flavoring before. Nice, friendly staff, very informative.

South American adventure, 6/7/2005

I read the reviews about this restaurant before visiting from Phoenix. I wanted to have lunch at Cuscatlan an the way to the SB airpoint. They were delighted to serve us. My wife tried unique appetizer type pies (vegetarian) that were excellent and not to found anywhere else that I have seen. I had roasted pork on rice and beans which we excellent. They also have an interesting selection of South American beers. Casual and friendly. Only drawback is there is no table service.

GREAT FOOD!!!!!, 6/1/2005
Reviewer: Alitza from Reston,va

An endangered local treasure, 1/17/2005
Reviewer: Carolina from Santa Barbara
This charming, family owned restaurant serves delicious made-to-order specialities from El Salvador. The pupusas are a "must try" as other reviewers have mentioned, but don´t forget to sample the delectable frijoles, fried bananas, fresh fruit drinks, and homemade desserts. Although the atmosphere is casual, the service could not be more gracious and the menu and ambiance are decidedly family friendly. All in all, Cuzcatlan deserves much more business than it´s been getting of late. It´s the perfect spot for a quick lunch or leisurely family dinner. Don´t wait to give it a try!

Finally some SALVI PUPUSAS!!!!!, 10/1/2004
Reviewer: Karmina from USA
Is about time that there are pupusas here in Santa Barbara...I been craving them for a while ever since I left my native country El Salvador.....I recomend to everyone to try them they are really good yum, yum... :)Ahh and by the way that is not the onle salvadorean cuisine there is more to salvadorean food than just pupusas. Karmina ;)

Absolutely one of my favorites!, 6/28/2004
Reviewer: Eric from Montecito
This place rocks! Not only is the atmosphere wide open and relaxed, the staff is amazingly friendly and even educational. Almost every time I order something new I get all sorts of interesting information about what I am ordering. Until the other day, i didnt realize that cashews are part of the stem of a fruit. They make a delicious drink from the cashew fruit by the way. The loroco pupusa is among my favorite dishes there though I´ve not had anything i didnt like after 6 or 7 visits so far. The hot chocolate is interesting, thinner and less sweet than the traditional sugar-filled syrupy sludge most places serve. They also have an all you can eat salad bar though it could stand a greater variety. I highly reccomend

Love it!, 6/14/2004

We live close to Cuzcatlan and so we were really excited to try it. Now we eat there about once a week, dine in or take-out. All of their food is wonderful and unique. The papusas are the yummiest thing ever, the curtido is great, basically we love everything.

The pupusas rock!, 4/29/2004
Reviewer: Geri from Santa Barbara
The food is quite good, very reasonable and the staff very friendly. The main draw for going there are their pupusas, the mixed type is the best. They have great fried plantains and different types of drinks you normally wouldn´t find elsewhere -- like the cantaloupe drink (almost identical to the Filipino type). This restaurant has only been around for about 3 months and we´ve already been there about 4 times. One Friday night, they had a good guitarist with a nice voice playing Latin songs. Definitely check them out!

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