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European Deli
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2011-05

149 N. Fairview Ave, Goleta
Phone: (805) 967-0785

  • Category: Deli, German
  • Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30am-6:30pm, Sat 8:30am- 3pm, Sun Closed
  • Price: < $10
  • Serving: Lunch & Dinner
  • Reservations: No
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Reviews by the General Public

Pleasant Surprise, 5/28/2010
Reviewer: Laura from Ojai, CA
Wasn't expecting this at all, but what a pleasant surprise. Tired of Panda, Mexican food and subs, I found this place and took a shot. I had the ruben and potato salad. Pricey but full servings, could have easily split with another person. Maybe the best potato salad and ruben I have had. But then, was so grateful for a change of pace. Liked the specialty food items for sale as well, plus the place was really clean!!

Be Selective, 2/15/2010
Reviewer: Cyril Muchenhirn from Santa Barbara, CA
The hot sandwiches are to die for. The Hot Roast Beef or the Patty Melt are by far my favorites, while the Turkey Club and Tuna Melt are less than satisfactory. It seems contradictory but if you order a hot sandwich or lunch, you are more likely to get it on time compared to a cold sandwich. This is not fiction, it is a proven fact. If you are with a large party, it is best to ask to be put on the same number rather than separate, as this ensures the timely delivery of your meals. If you like hamburgers, I suggest you order them a touch rarer than you usually like, because they do have a tendency to overcook patties. Of course the same is to be said for any of their luncheons. The potato salad is excellent, made from scratch daily. If you like pickles, ask for a sweet and sour spear because they only give them "to people who will eat them". I am a regular customer, and while they have their quirks they make excellent hearty lunches.

Hearty, good food, 1/17/2010
Reviewer: PJ from Santa Barbara, CA
I eat lunch here often. It is a little expensive for what you get but... The food always tastes fresh and it is good. The side of potato salad with a sandwhich is nice addition. The hot dishes are very filling and good. The tuna melt is expensive for a tuna sandwich. Overall a good meal.

a little touch of Germany in Goleta!, 10/3/2009
Reviewer: Ingrid from Lompoc, CA
It was a surprise to discover this touch of Germany in Goleta. I haven't actually eaten at the deli yet, but I've stopped in various times for the wonderful German luncheon meats. The shop is neat,clean, and very cute.The selection of German imports is great to see, and the staff is very friendly. I enjoyed visiting with the owner, and have tried her potato salad and rouladen. both were very yummy!

Just like Oma made!, 8/18/2009
Reviewer: Charlotte Klein from Goleta
In the mood for The perfect Reuben? Look no further, the chef/owner, Gisela, ( the lovely blonde lady cooking her heart out ) delivers nothing but top quality, authentic German fare. Her homemade potato salad and Rotkohl ( braised red cabbage ) is even better than my Oma made! Her daily specials and soups are all superbly authentic as well. The Bavarian ambiance is so charming, the female staff even wear dirndels! I never gush about a place, but I must say that the European Deli is spot on!

Best Sandwiches and Potato salad!, 5/4/2009
Reviewer: Mars Onstad from Santa Barbara, CA
I don't think any sandwich place in Santa Barbara is better.

Good Rueben, its gotten a lot better from my bad review, 2/6/2009
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Tried this place again as I don't like to write bad reviews(nor does the owner like to hear them apparently!) and it was good, tried the Rueben this time. There was a really nice easy to talk to girl behind the counter as opposed to a drier hispanic girl a year ago(dressed in a german dress!) when I went before. They have an assortment of European meats/cheeses for sale too. The interior is nice with a nice German mural on the wall and they have a nice newer menu up above the cash register now. If you are into European type sandwiches/food a good place to check out.

Best Reuben Sandwich Ever, 12/14/2008
Reviewer: Carol from Santa Barbara, CA
I have not had a Reuben sandwich in years, but when I saw it on the menu, I just had to try it. It was wonderful, everything perfect about it, especially the sourkraut. I can't wait to go back for more. And the people working there are very gracious about receiving customers. Nice touch, since most of Santa Barbara/Goleta seems to have lost that ability to appreciate customers.

Bad mood, 5/28/2008
Reviewer: Glenn G from Buellton Ca
I don't understand the good reviews. When I went here they argued over a coupon I had. The sandwiches were nothing special, something you could make at home with some lunch meat. There was no German flair there, it reminded me of someone cooking out of their cluttered garage with a teeny kitchen. Maybe I'll give it another try but I doubt it. They need to improve service and food first.

European Deli writes: I apoligize for the lack of responding, however, we have not had advertised with a coupon for several years and all of our campaigns have a deadline but we did accept it out of courtesy. In response to our lunch meat that can be had at home, all of our meats are fresh, most made in-house and by German Butchers with highest regard for quality,. No German Flair: Cookoo clock, deer horns, Hansel and Gratel pictures, handpainted German pictures by a German Painter, Hand Carved wood figurines from my hometown in Germany by "German" craftsman, a bathroom thats replicates a Bavarian outhouse. We get "daily" compliments on orginazation, cleanliness and design, unfortunately we cannot please everyone. Andre Neumann/General Partner
Wunderbar!!!, 8/17/2007
Reviewer: Heather from Goleta, CA
My boyfriend and I discovered this place about a year ago, and we can't stay away. Their food is excellent! Both of our families are European and enjoying lunch there reminds us of our grandparents, and our childhood! We love the imported marzipan and other candies, as well as the fresh deli meats that we can take home. Not to mention they have Best Cordon Bleu and Reuben sandwiches in town with perfect potato salad on the side!

Great little place, 4/27/2007
Reviewer: Foodie Dan from Santa Barbara
Authentic german deli food with sandwiches and lunch plates. I had the roast beef with saurkraut and grilled onions on toasted sourdough. They also have a little meat case with sausages, liverwurst and cheeses and a wall with german dry goods.The special was oxtail in a burgandy sauce. Try to find that anywhere in Santa Barbara! Now the food is slow to come out, especially at lunch time. They are busy making phone orders so if you walk in at lunch you might have to wait 15 min or so for your food. The german potato salad needs a little more oomp to it but it was passable. The bread and butter pickle spears are a nice touch. Im planning on going again to try the other wonderful looking food that I saw comming out of the kitchen. Schnitzel...Mmmmm!!!

Gets better every time!, 7/20/2006
Reviewer: Natalie from Goleta
I am a young local and I love this place. No one can touch their roast beef sandwich and potato salad. Their food and service have never let me down. This place gets better with every bite!

Best Sandwich I've had, 4/5/2006
Reviewer: Lindsey from Isla Vista, CA
I stumbled in there one time with a co-worker and ordered a Roasted Pork Sandwich. Best sandwich I've had in my life. The price was kinda steep if I recall correctly.

the food is great, 3/15/2006
Reviewer: Aia from Goleta
The European Deli is one of my favorite place to eat. I love their Roast beef sandwich and potato salad. nyummmm. Good food with an affordable price. Oh yeah try the Maltz Beer, alcohol free. My only negative thing to say is that one of the waitress is rude and unfriendly to the customer. It seems that a request from a customer is such a pain for her.

European Deli writes: Thanks for your feedback. Although this posting is old, there have been extensive staff changes as some were not obiding to policy in regards to customer service and corrections have been made. We strive for customer satisfaction and hope your next experience is exceptional. Our Roast Beef is very tasty, stop by and try our new Organic Wines and Beer on Tap. Andre Neumann/General Partner
Suprisingly Great, 11/3/2005
Reviewer: Paul from Goleta
I never even noticed it next to the Chicken Ranch and Panda Express but I am very happy I went there. The Reuben was fantastic and the bratwurst is fantastic. Make sure you try the knockwurst when they have it. The service is also extremely friendly and you also have the ability to purchase European goods to take home, not to mention raw bratwurst, frankfurters, and deli meats. Fantastic.

Delicious, 11/3/2005
Reviewer: The LoveGod from SB Baby
Try the Cordonbleu Sandwich with some of that mustard... orgasmic if I may say great service the german lady that works there is delightful and I love the food. 5/5 Stars for this leetsauce restaurant.

Best Roast Beef Sandwich, 12/27/2004
Reviewer: John from Montecito
Went to eat at this new German Deli last Week and WOW, great food and the atmosphere......It was like I entered a plane and flew to Germany and I was here. Very authentic, even the girl wearing the little German dresses!!! Had the Roast Beef and my friend the Reuben...You can taste the freshness in the meat, juices runnin down my chin and awesome potato salad, good selection of beer and great service. Definately recomend you go and check it out. ENJOY!!!

Nice Little German Deli, 10/2/2004
Reviewer: Annika from Summerland, CA
I had been to this place, but my aunt Ursula from Germany wanted to go so we did. She found quite a few items to use while she and my uncle visited. I ate a pretzel with cheese and we sat outside. It was a cute little place. Not too many "German" style places, so try this if you want a taste of Germany without the $800 plane ticket.

Taste of Germany, 7/31/2004

Nice deli,with lots of german goodies. We tried sausages,potato salad,ham,liverwurst all is authentic and good.We should try the lunch next time.Worth the stop when you are at Fairview.

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