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Beachbreak Cafe
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2015-03

324 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 962-2889

Reviews by the General Public

Food good, service needs work, 3/2/2015
Reviewer: Matt from Santa Barbara, CA
Finally decided to give this place a try. Service is spotty, tables kind of dirty, menus absolutely stink as if they were wiped down with a mildew laden rag. Seriously hard to get excited about what to order when dealing with such a sour smell. Told our server and she gave us the "are you serious?" look. Anyway once we finally were able to place our order the food came out promptly and was actually quite good. I had a scramble with tomatoes\onions\gouda which was good except the cheese was graded and just thrown on top, not melted....Wife had the corned beef hash which was really nice, home made rustic style with nice hints of clove. Potatoes were very good. Biscuit was ok.

Yummmmmy French Toast, 3/25/2013
Reviewer: John from Santa Barbara, CA
We had the french toast which was excellent! We went on a busy Sunday and it seemed a little unorganized. There was not a hostess so most of the customers waiting for help seemed a little confused as to what was going on. The servers are friendly and have there hands full. I would go back to eat at this restaurant.

Beachbreak Rocks! , 2/21/2013
Reviewer: Michele from Santa Barbara, CA
Went back to Beachbreak Café because I love their food and vibe, but the platinum blonde waitress who was kind of rude turned me off a little. Turns out she is no longer there! I had the sweetest waitress, Jamie, who said that the other waitress no longer works there. Yeay! Everything was very pleasant and my food was so good (a large Cobb salad with tons of fresh ingredients and mouth watering garlic bread) I was in heaven. Great prices, great people, great food. Thank you!

Are you kidding?, 8/19/2012
Reviewer: Santiago from Santa Barbara, CA
The food at the Beachbreak Cafe is awesome. However the service is good if you don't get the blonde girl. I would have to agree with some of the other reviews about her. She needs to retire. If you are the owner of this restaurant let me tell you that she is bringing your establishment down. This place has so much potential and is being ruined by one person. Besides that the bus boy was awesome and the pancakes are always my favorite. I come here often and I am sick of something so small ruining such an awesome local restaurant!

Awesome food, horrible attitude from server., 7/22/2012
Reviewer: Rebecca from San Diego, CA
Visited on the recommendation of a friend, will go back because the food was terrific, however if we have the same server, it'd be pretty easy to just walk out. Had the Chilaquiles, my husband had French Toast and if we could have, we would have ate more. Our server was a tall, bleached blonde with a major chip on her shoulder. She was indifferent, no personality, inpatient and really looked like she'd rather be somewhere else. Someone like that shouldn't be in the service industry. It's a shame that her attitude soured our experience.

Hits the spot, 5/21/2012
Reviewer: Gabriel from Santa Barbara, CA
Now this place is one mutha phucka that I AIN'T burning down, it was bomb! I had the Monte Cristo, which wasn't the largest breakfast sandwich I've seen, but it was wonderful and mosdef pleased my taste buds to the max. I don't see why people complain about the coffee, it was delicious! The beautiful brunette and the rest of the staff that attended my successful breakfast endeavor this morning were very polite and know how to treat customers with courtesy. Anyone that complains about this place is most likely a stuck-up, high-maintenance braggart that society should avoid. I will definitely be coming back again.

LOCAL Cuisine!, 11/6/2011
Reviewer: Dawn from Santa Barbara, CA
This restaurant is true "Santa Barbara Funky" with a stupendously delicious menu built on local faire. Add to that some seriously great hospitality and service. My favorite meal is breakfast and I eat mostly vegetarian dishes with an egg now and again. Their veggies are top notch! They use local produce and prepare it to perfection. I am in their neighborhood quite often and cannot pass by the restaurant without stopping in for a bite. Literally . . . my mouth starts watering at the sight of the place! Do check it out and you will see that they obliterate the competition!

Love it!, 10/9/2011
Reviewer: Cassie from Santa Barbara, CA
First, in response to the previous comment; the tall blonde waitress is not rude at all. She's got spunk and attitude and is a complete delight to anyone who is not a completely stuck up snob. I love this place, it's one of my favorite to go to breakfast to. Joe is awesome, also. I've gotten to know him through waitressing at a local Italian restaurant he frequents. Also, i work at a local radio station and we were broadcastin live next door outside of what was then World of Magic and Joe brought over some menus and ha a waitress take our order and bring us food for free. Breakfast is always delicious, I love the Hawaiian french toast. And the coffee is just perfect. You can't go wrong here. The waitress with the blue eyes...Kendra I want to call her? so sweet and accommodating, as well as the host staff always is.

Tall Blonde Waitress, 2/4/2011
Reviewer: Jay from Santa Barbara, CA
Went to Beachbreak for the first time this afternoon with my boyfriend. The busboy took our drink orders and the tall blonde waitress took our order after we waited for quite a while. She never returned to check on us and never refilled our drinks. We were one of only three tables and the waitress was the loudest person in the restaurant. When she came to collect our plates, she rudely called us both "quitters" for not finishing our food and dropped the bill. I am a waitress myself and found the service to be incredibly unpleasant, rude and careless. The busboy was the best part of our experience and I regret having not handed him the tip directly, as he did the most work.

Bad food, good service, 12/23/2010
Reviewer: rachel from Santa Barbara, CA
I went because a co-worker had been raving about the place. I got my favorite breakfast dish; corned beef hash. I think I took about two bites and I lost my appetite. The waitress was very friendly and attentive. On the good side, my roommate said the muffin he had there was one of the best muffin's he ever tasted. With that in mind and reading some of the other reviews, I think I should give it another shot, but just avoid the corned beef hash!

Don't get the muffins, 11/21/2010
Reviewer: Peter Devin from Santa Barbara, CA
Breakfast at 10am on a Sunday. The place was really busy. Outdoor seating is nice. Decor is dated. BUT, the muffin they served was so hard inside that it could have been used as a baseball!

Bad cornbeef hash, 11/1/2010
Reviewer: Hash Man from Santa Barbara, CA
what are you doing, I went this past weekend and got what i always get the Cornbeef hash for years. So when it came i said what is this the hash was all gray and hidden on the bottom of the plate, so i had to dig for this very small portion. It was not hash at all or just was rotten. The nice waitress came over and she said it is hash but we have been getting it from a new vendor. This new vendor most be giving them rotten cornbeef cause it was gray and sour. Will go back but not for the hash.

Awesome Salmon Tacos!, 8/18/2010
Reviewer: Chris from Santa Barbara, CA
Thank you for a great lunch experience today! I sat outside on the patio, nice breeze, good view, and it was very pleasant. I had the Salmon Fish Tacos and they were EXCELLENT! Deeelicious! Thanks!

worst service I've ever had, 8/5/2010
Reviewer: Loren from Santa Barbara, CA
I went to lunch here today, the food was pretty good but the blonde waitress I had was awful, rude, and inattentive. The busboy took our drink order and did everything the waitress was supposed to do, besides taking the food order. The one time she did refill our drinks she just slammed them on our table without saying a word. When she gave us the bill it took her over 20 minutes and we ended up having to give it to the bus boy. And she wasn't even that busy! The salmon sandwich was good and would be the only reason I would come back. If you ever eat here, AVOID THE TALL BLONDE WAITRESS

Afternoon delight!, 3/9/2010
Reviewer: Lorna from Las Vegas Nevada
What a pleasant surprise from this unassuming breakfast & lunch cafe. The server was extremely pleasant and helpful our glasses were never allowed to go empty. As we usually do we asked for suggestions on what to order and spoke with Joe the owner. We tried a selection of different items including their specialty Hawaiian French Toast, served with a lovely selection of fresh seasonal fruit and dusted with powdered sugar it was a delight. The chicken tacos were my favorite, served with a very fresh garden salad it was tasty and crisp not like so many places that serve a salad which consists of some limp iceberg lettuce and dressing. We also ordered the turkey Parmesan sandwich and the Dave Carter sandwich named after a friend of the owner! The portions were good, the sides of fries and onion rings were tasty and well cooked. All in all a great experience I would definately recommend it and will be back when next in Santa Barbara

Great variety for breakfast...great coffee, 11/4/2009
Reviewer: Chuck Benwitt from Santa Barbara, CA
Try the Hawaiian "French Toast"...really good, the short stack was more than enough. The menu choices are numerous and show that they are really creative. The prices are fair, and the service was a little slow, but so what? It's not a "fast food joint" All in all a good place to eat and a little different than most.

Good food, decent service, but AWFUL coffee, 10/25/2009
Reviewer: Lucy P. from Santa Barbara, CA
This place is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner now, but I just go there for breakfast. The food is pretty good (you know, standard breakfast fare) but the coffee is horrendous. I don't know if it's the coffee they use or how they brew it, but it's bad enough that I now prefer to go elsewhere for my weekend breakfast outings.

decent breakfast- worst service, 10/14/2009
Reviewer: james from Santa Barbara, CA
I have been here a few times on and off since I have lived in SB, the food is always just OK. This last time when I came for breakfast I experienced the worst attitude from a server I have ever had at any restaurant I have ever dined at. ( and I eat out almost everyday!) I won't go in to details for there are so many remarks this girl server said to me that had so much attitude she was rude. I mean at one point I had the thought "aren't I the paying customer?" anytime I asked for anything this server would not anwser the question instead she would walk away rolling her eyes and sighing under her breath. Wait a minute isn't that a server's job to take orders and bring what customer wants? You would have thought I was asking for a million dollars the way she reacted. The sad part is I have seen this server at other local restaurants, maybe she is just burnt out as a server, but she needs a serious attitude adjustment. Putting the service aside this place does have the best hawaiian french toast and chocolate chip pancakes in Santa Barbara.

The best french toast in town, 9/19/2008
Reviewer: Kristin Lashley from Santa Barbara, CA
By far the best french toast in town and the fruit is fresh. The service was great and our server had a beautiful smile. I highly recommend this restaurant for breakfast!

YUUUUUUM!!, 9/10/2008
Reviewer: Edward from Santa Barbara, CA
Wow, I came to this place a couple years ago and stumbled upon it again as I was biking around the area. I forgot just how delicious and friggin huge their omelettes are. Service was great and the food...ahhh the food. I will be back! Thanks for an awesome start to the day!

Best Diner Food In Town, 6/8/2008
Reviewer: Mike from Santa Barbara
Nothing gourmet here but the food comes to you hot and with a smile. Great place to bring friends and grub. My vegetarian friend said the food looked "pretty". Prices are low and the portions are generous. I've never had a bad meal here. Cajun Kitchen...they've stolen your thunder.

Such high hopes, but was let down!, 5/15/2008
Reviewer: Jean Morse from Santa Barbara
Living temorarily in Santa Barbara and decided to give this place a try after reading the good reviews, but we were so disappointed. Perhaps I went on an off day or maybe the waitstaff has changed but we did not have a good experience at all. After seating ourselves, we had to wait a few minutes to get menus which should have been my first clue. The menu looked pretty good and there were ots of choices. We were just about to give up on any sort of waitress when, after 10 minutes she finally came over. We ordered a breakfast meal of scrambled eggs, 2 pancakes, and bacon, a turkey club sandwich with fries and a small milk. There were only about 4 other people eating here at the time but our food took at least 15 minutes to come out, which is a little long for such a quick and easy meal. My club sandwich was good and fries were hot, but the pancakes and eggs tasted odd. How can anyone screw up pancakes? I don't know but they had a very weird flavor. Only a few bites of that meal was eaten. When I finally received my bill, I thought that $23.55 was a little high for the food we ordered. I noticed that the small milk was $2.25, I had been charged twice for taxes, and she charged me for splitting the pancake meal. What? $2.25 for less than 7 ounces of milk. I could have gone to Starbucks and gotten a grande milk for that much. I asked about the tax and she said that the tax is always shown twice (NO!) And I saw nowhere on the menu where it said there would be charge for splitting meal. The food was mediocre at best and the staff was well below par. I would gladly pay more than $23.55 for a good meal but this definately was a complete waste of time and money. There are so many other great places to go have a good meal here in SB.

great food, great atmosphere for the locals and tourist , 11/10/2007
Reviewer: fermin arias from santa barbara,ca
I dine here frequently and the food is consistantly great. even with the expansion the restaurant it still feels cozy and very friendly.The waiters are friendly and attentive and make you feel comfortable. The added bonus is now they are open for dinner as well as breafast and lunch and the prices for the quality can't be beat.

Pricing and Phone Etiquette, 11/8/2007
Reviewer: Jessica from Torrance, CA
I too was overcharged on my breakfast but worse than that, when I called back later that same day to a)let our waitress know that she'd overcharged me (mistakes happen, I understand that but if nobody points it out then how are they going to get fixed?) and b)to ask it I needed reservations for dinner or not (it's a nice little place I thought I'd bring a friend for dinner) the guy who answered the phone was so rude to me and questioned me, didn't I know I was calling a breakfast place & that they were busy?? I never even got a chance to ask my question. Well that's too busy for me to come back for dinner I guess...lesson to be learned - don't be rude on the phone!

Great local spot, 11/7/2007
Reviewer: XM from SB
Based on info from John's blog, we went there for dinner last night. It was good and affordable, you can't beat a top sirloin dinner with soup or salad, fresh perfectly cooked veggies, baked potato w/all the fixings for $8.95!!! Decent wine list, we had Summerland Chard which is really good! It looks like a great place for a happy hour! And the young male waiter was attentive and took good care of us.

Fabulous and Consistant !!, 11/1/2007
Reviewer: Laura Rosales from Santa Barbara
WOW !! Finally a place in Santa Barbara where the food is the same great quality every time you order it. I come in at least once a week and am always met by a cheery staff and food so good it keeps you coming back. Try the buttermilk pancakes and you'll be hooked, great lunch menu as well. An added bonus, the waitress ALWAYS remembers the way I like my pancakes served (well done). They get busy (with good reason), but the quality and friendly atmosphere are well worth a few extra minutes. It's great to have a place us locals can go to and get good food and service each time. Keep it up guys !!

Menu pricing, 10/31/2007
Reviewer: fletch from santa barbara
I like this place ,food and service are both great.I was also charged two dollars more than the menu price.I think they put out lots of coupons and are trying to recoup a little.I think it is a great place for breakfast or lunch.

Yuck, 10/30/2007
Reviewer: JT from Santa Barbara, CA
What a disappointment. I came here with a friend for the first time today and had a very bad experience. To start things off, there were food chunks on the inside rim of my drink. I ordered a chicken pesto sandwich, and when it arrived (after watching the other customers who came after us receive their food), it was barely lukewarm and the bread wasn't even toasted. So, after sending that back, and getting another one made, our server added a few extra dollars onto our orders that was more than listed on the menu. This place is recommended to those who want to drink out of dirty glasses, eat cold food, and get overcharged in the end.

incredible pancakes!!!!, 10/21/2007
Reviewer: Foodie Dan from Santa barbara
My family tried this place for the first time and I was very impressed. The pancakes are very good, our waitress said it was a family recipe. My benedict was good but the hollondaise needed a little more lemon and salt. The atmosphere is casual but fun. We will be back!

Great Food & Service, 8/24/2007
Reviewer: Peter M Robertson from Santa Barbara, CA
Shared a late brunch meal with friends 18-Aug-07. We arrived within 45-minutes or so before closing... we all thot the service was stellar given the end of the shifts were near. The FOOD was especially delicious... generous proportions but not too generous that you couldn't clean your plate!!! We were slightly bummed when we learned an order that included their onion rings could not be accommodated because they were OUT! So we gotta go back and try those!

Great Improvements, 7/26/2007
Reviewer: Susie Michaels from Goleta, Ca
The new place looks great! You have the best french toast in town!

Yummy Breakfast, 7/4/2007
Reviewer: Jon from Santa Barbara
Ate here on a Busy 4th of July morning. Service was excellent and the food as good. Portions are not oversized which is nice. Haskells scramble was really tasty.Server could not have been nicer and always on top of coffee etc.Looks like they are expanding as the outside area was larger(seating in front of the old bike place)My only comment was that we were seated inside and at 11 am it was warm inside. Could use some better ventilation as the kitchen is open to the interior of the restaurant. I will definitley be back and refer friends !

Bummer..., 6/7/2007
Reviewer: M G from Santa Barbara, CA
I brought a couple of my friends from out of town to this joint. Horrible place for service. Maybe it was just the day or we got a shift change, but we waited 20 minutes for menus. The food was alright. I guess it would be your standard diner food. Plus, it was a little on the expensive side as well. I wouldn't go out of my way to go here again.

YES!!!!, 5/17/2007
Reviewer: Michelle from Ventura, CA
The last time my boyfriend and I spent a weekend in SB we heard about this little place. We totally loved it and we are coming back tomorrow for breakfast again!! I have been waiting to come back for some time now and I finally get to have my hawaiian french toast again! YES!!!! Thanks guys!

A Fabulous Place to Eat!!!, 4/15/2007
Reviewer: Marie from Ventura, CA
The Beachbreak Cafe puts the sound yum in the word yummy! The food is absolutely fantastic. The coffee is very delicious and the wait staff keeps your cup full. I was amazed by the great portions and very reasonable prices. So far I've eaten at this place twice during my trips to Santa Barbara. The Beachbreak cafe is now my number one pick when I'm in the mood for fresh coffee, smiling faces, and a delicious meal. I'm hooked. It is obvious that the owner cares a lot about quality, freshness, innovation and good service. They put their meals together in a very creative way and the flavor combinations are out of this world! Bravo Beachbreak Cafe for a its own unique delectable flair that reflects real Santa Barbara style.

Food has Much improved, 12/27/2006
Reviewer: Bruce from Santa Barbara, ca
The previous place in this location was not as good. The food here has gotten much better. The Coffee certainly needs work though. We applaud the usually Dog friendly attitude, but have found it inconsistant.

Best in Town, 12/17/2006
Reviewer: Elisabeth from Santa Barbara
It is always like coming home. I think by now we ate through the whole menu, and it was all first class, not one disappointment. Only one time a waitress seemed to be stressed, but there was also a long line of hungry people waiting.

Excellent food and "service with a smile", 8/31/2006
Reviewer: Sue Schweikhardt from Kalama, Washington
We are from the Pacific Northwest and love to visit Santa Barbara. We never miss a breakfast at the Beachbreak where the food is delicious(try the veggie benedict) and the staff is friendly and "down to earth". Don't miss this one.

best local breakfast spot!, 3/25/2006
Reviewer: Jayne from Santa Barbara
I always love going to beachbreak for well priced quality food. The french toast is great and i am always welcomed with a smile and friendly service.

Incredible Food with the Personal Touch, 2/7/2006
Reviewer: Christine Dixon from San Diego, CA
On our annual drive from San Diego to San Louis Obispo, my two daughters, four granddaughters and I planned a stop at Beachbreak Cafe (which we found on this website) on Superbowl Sunday, 2006. The directions were incorrect, so we were way off target on State Street. I called the restaurant at 12:45 and the owner answered and said that they were closing at 1:00 for the big game. We were quite disappointed...until he graciously gave me directions and said they would stay open until we arrived and would make sure we got what we came for. And boy, did we! We had a variety of breakfast and lunch foods and EVERYTHING was AMAZING! The food was phenomenal, the atmosphere was awesome, and the service superb. A new tradition has been begun - we'll go back whenever we get the chance. If you don't try this place, you'll be missing out.

Comfort Food That Makes You Feel So Good , 11/7/2005
Reviewer: Santa Barbara Dianne from Santa Barbara, CA
First, I want to thank the owner, Joe (who, BTW, I knew from Jr.High School) for giving SB a place where people can enjoy breakfast into the afternoon. I ordered the King's Hawaiian Bread French Toast and was extremely pleased with every bite. My friend ordered the Tri-Tips and Eggs and the sample he gave me was just incredible. I highly recommend this place especially for those that enjoy a "greasy-spoon" type of diner but with a very stylish and fun atmosphere. Also, the service was attentive and sincerely friendly.

Nice, mellow breakfast & lunch, 8/17/2005
Reviewer: Jennifer from Rochester, NY
Enjoyed the food & atmosphere of this low-key place. Fruit pancakes were the best!! It's nice to see a fairly new breakfast place that isn't trying to be too upscale in SB! Also enjoyed burgers outside one Sunday & listened to some live local music. We couldn't have asked for a better time!

Veggie benedict....the way to go!, 6/20/2005
Reviewer: local from Santa Barbara
The veggie benedict is the best in town. There´s avocado, grilled onions and sauteed mushrooms. I get it every time I go there. Tastes great...oh and they have flavored coffee (vanilla nut) for those of us who like a little something different in the morning.

Best French Toast EVER!, 6/16/2005
Reviewer: Paula from Santa Barbara, CA
I love french toast and fruit, drizzled w/syrup and butter so I am constantly on a quest for the best (Brown Pelican´s is overpriced and whimpy). Well my search is over! The Beachbreak Cafe uses thick Hawaiian sweet bread - Genius!! The fruit is fresh, plentiful and very delicious and the waitress told me they cut it to order (nectarines, kiwi, melons, strawberries, etc.) The syrup comes warm - Brilliant!! I was in heaven with every bite and thoroughly satisfied. Great coffee, wonderful service, and comfortable atmosphere really topped it off. Thank you for ending my search and satisfying my palate! I´m definitely hooked.

Delicious food/great atmosphere, 5/29/2005
Reviewer: Sheri from Santa Barbara
The Beachbreak Cafe has become my favorite breakfast spot! Their omelettes are delicious. The flavored coffee is a treat! The staff are friendly and provide excellant service. I am looking forward to the Sunday music events that start today!

Greasy food & diesel tasting coffee, 5/7/2005

Bad coffee at a Santa Barbara breakfast joint is tough to tolerate. I sent my first cup bad thinking it was perhaps from an unlucky pot. The next cup was the same. Water would just have to do, unfortunately the coffee was just the beginning. I ordered a quesadilla that on the menu appeared to come with black olives, peppers and a few other choice items. When it arrived it was just cheese which tasted like it came from a can. I asked the waitress about the other ingredients from the menu so she went back to get the rest of the breakfast. Round two consisted of various diced vegetables in a pool of oil. The tortilla did not survive the dousing, nor did my stomach.

local bliss, 4/28/2005

I ate breakfast at the Beachbreak Cafe about 4 weeks ago on a trip from Newport Beach. The food was great but I was mostly impressed by the staff. The waitresses were awesome. It is hard to come by a restaurant where the servers are very real. They all were very nice but not overly shmoozy and they were all very relaxed. I love the atmosphere and when I come up from Newport I will make it a point to come to the Beachbreak Cafe.

Excellent!, 4/14/2005
Reviewer: Local girl from Santa Barbara, California--thank you very much!
I know a good chicken terriyaki sandwich when I taste one and this was by far the best one in town! The Beachbreak´s Hawaiian Chicken sandwich is far from skimpy and cooked to perfection. It has enough condiments and adornments to be sweet and tastey but not so saucey that it gets all over your hands. All that is served on a nicely grilled french roll with a very fresh green salad or fries. I normally stick to breakfast at the Beachbreak--excellent eats as well--and I´m so glad I ventured out into the lunch menu. Well worth it!

Great Breakfast!!! , 4/11/2005
Reviewer: Michael from Summerland,CA
Food is outstanding and service is too.

great place to come chill on a sunny patio, 4/1/2005

I came here for breakfast last week, and not only was the food outstanding, Every waitress made their way over to greet me and smile, and see if I needed anything. The music was good, the atmosphere was good, and I left with a huge smile on my face! I will definitely go back!!!!

Hidden in the Rough, 3/22/2005

Contrary to other reviews the service here is great. You can count on the same wait staff to be here daily. If you are a little patient during the busy time you are rewarded with just as fine of a meal as if you were the only one in the restaurant. Consider this place when you need that hardy breakfast before a long day or just need a mellow meal in the sun with out the tourist streaming by and gawking at you on State Street.

hidden treasure in SB, 2/4/2005
Reviewer: stephen from Sausalito, CA
Living in the bay area, we hear so much talk regarding the restaurant scene, yet it seems difficult to find a good cafe for breakfast/lunch in my neighborhood. On a recent trip south, I found exactly that in Santa Barbara. My visit to The Beachbreak Cafe (actually, both visits, as I couldn´t resist stopping in on my return trip) was exactly what I was hoping to find: great food, great service, great value, and a fantastic host/owner - my new SB buddy - Joe Lyons. The Beachbreak will certainly be a required stop on every visit to SoCal from now on. Hey Joe, how about opening The Beachbreak II in Sausalito?

Funky-casual little gem, 2/3/2005
Reviewer: John Dickson from Santa Barbara, CA
This funky-casual little cafe is new - and a gem. It´s off the beaten path, yet right downtown. A surprising list of quality sandwiches on the lunch menu. The "Dave Carter" sandwich was terrific. The owner, Joe Lyons, is very nice and has brought in a great chef. Word will get out quickly. 5 stars.

Great new spot, 12/23/2004
Reviewer: Kevin from SB
Great place. The line as Esau´s was way too long, so my girlfriend and I decided to check it out. We were seated in a booth by the front window, and there´s also a patio in front that looked nice. The waitress immediately came over and took our order (I like that). The food also came quick and was awesome. Scrambled Eggs and Tri-Tip for me and Hawaiian French Toast (!) for her. It was also a nice surprise to find out they serve SB Roasting Co. coffee. We´re definitely going back.

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