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Las Brisas Mexican Seafood Grill
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2005

414 N. Milpas St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 883-1710

Reviews by the General Public

Where did the cooks go?, 7/30/2007
Reviewer: Shrimp lover from santa barbara
I was so sad to find out that this restaurant closed. I havenít been able to find camarones a la diabla that even compare to this restaurant. Please let me know what happened to this restaurant and where the cooks went.

My favorite Mexican Restaurant, 12/19/2006
Reviewer: Johnny from Stanford, CA
Every time I drive home from college in Stanford, CA I stop at Las Brisas to lift up my spirits. The food is hands down delicious, finger-licking, "I just had the best meal I've had in a long time" amazing. It really is Mexican food at its finest for a cheap price. The lobster is legit with all the right spices. The owners love what they do and it shows in how they treat their restaurant and its customers. A hidden treasure in Santa Barbara. Discover Las Brisas!

We call the owner Mom for god's sake, 12/18/2006
Reviewer: BShays from Santa Barbara, CA
As a local, i've had my fair share of Mexican food but I haven't gone to every place. This is my favorite by far though. I've been addicted to Las Brisas ever since the day we strolled in. This may seem ridiculous but they have the best Coca Cola in town hands down. I've probably taken 20 people for their first time and they agree. She's just got that syrup/soda combo on the gun down man. I always drink too much before i eat. Gotta remember to stop doing that. I was surprised to read bad reviews since i've never waited long for food (in fact it's almost too fast sometimes) and i've only had one dish i wasn't crazy about (wasn't bad, just not my thang). I advise attacking the infamous SHRIMP TACOS. I get those and only those. In fact i have a problem. They're so freakin' good. Just go there and get 2 shimp tacos and maybe beans and rice on the side if your real hungry.

agreed with last reviewer, 10/3/2006
Reviewer: Brandon from Santa Barbara
las brisas is totally legit... always awesome food, the fajitas are amazing... from someone who is a taco shop afficionado, from cabo san lucas to san fransico, las brisas excells in quality and accomedation... the service can be lacking at times, but here that is not a lack of competency... the food is brilliant.. i wandered in here (exploring all the mexican places in SB/Milpas) and asked for a specific breakfast burrito (a non menu item) and myself and my buddies all said it was the best breakfast burrito they'd ever tasted... i've had problems with service here, but the general philosophy and quality makes this the PLACE to eat in SB... lobster is fantastic, as is everything else... no frills here, no expectations except awesome food at a Great price, in an honest and down to earth environment... Las Brisas is the new place to entertain friends from out of town... beats out (for me) the wonderful Opal, Elements, and, though entirely! different Sevilla... this place desirves all respect

Amazing ... the best mexican food in Santa Barbara, 7/13/2006
Reviewer: Kevin Moraine from Santa Barbara, CA
While not the fanciest, or most famous mexican restaurant on a street filled with competition, Las Brisas simply has the best food. Every time I eat there, I am amazed at not only the quality of the food, but the breadth and depth of the menu - especially the dinner menu. This restaurant boasts dishes that I have never seen in other mexican restaurants. All dishes are modestly priced. Take a chance - you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Great Restaurant!, 5/1/2006
Reviewer: Gus from Santa Barbara, CA
We live in the neighborhood and this is one of our favorite restaurants. Inexpensive (if you order off the lunch menu - which you can do anytime of day), outstanding food and friendly service. Some of the staff there knows me and my husband by name.

I keep going back-time and time again, 12/26/2005
Reviewer: Frequent Diner from Santa Barbara
Super, super, mexican food, ample portions, well prepared, very resonable prices, served by friendly people.

Reviewer: matthew from santa barbara
i work on milpas st, and i had never eaten here before. i went with a few co-workers, and i must say, this is by far one of the most authentic mexican restaurants in sb! the carnitas torta is excellent (soft bread, tender carnitas), and the fish tacos are completely out of this world! we also ordered a few pitchers of sangria, not the best, but all in all, im definitely a new regular.

Rancid, 6/1/2005

I went for the first time, and ordered a fish taco, since they claimed to be a seafood grill. It was fishy, rancid and totally inedible. The chips were stale, and tasted a little rancid too. The tortillas were cold. It was the first (and so far only) time I have ever sent food back in a restaurant. At least they were gracious about it: They asked if I wanted another one, but I declined. I don´t know whether it was an off day and someone forgot to change the oil in the fryer or clean the grill (for like a month?) but with so many other tasty Mexican places on Milpas, I´ll be getting my fish tacos elsewhere.

Excellent menu, 11/13/2004

I ordered the garlic shrimp. It was great. It came with rice, vegetables, guacamole, and tortillas. They also have watermelon aqua fresca. My teacher told me about this place. They have these neat chairs that are carved and painted. The prices are reasonable.

Outstanding!! I will return!!!, 11/8/2004

When you walk into Las Brisas, Santa Barbara immediately you know this a family owned business. The tables and chairs add to the atmosphere of the restaurant. The service was exceptional and the food was EXCELLENT!!!! The menu covered everything from seafood to Mexican food. I had a "Las Brisas Lobster" and I can not stop raving about it to friends and family. My wife had Chile Relleno and it was excellent. When I am in the Santa Barbara area I will make sure to visit Las Brisas and I recommend it to anyone who wants great service and food.

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